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My ONEnDONE performance (contains spoilers)

I played along as well, though I didn't think I'd actually post the results, hence this post in the general forum.
Oh and... this post will contain a lot of spoilers for those still interested in starting.

So the results are:

Year Coach Record Playoffs Top Passer 2017 P. Vaughn 4-12 None C. Taylor (3572) 2016 P. Vaughn 11-5 Division FC. Taylor (3937) 2015 P. Vaughn 8-8 None C. Taylor (1598) 2014 P. Vaughn 11-5 Division FC. Taylor (3175) 2013 M. Bates 14-2 ConferenceC. Taylor (3383) 2012 M. Bates 7-9 None C. Taylor (2709) 2011 M. Bates 10-6 Division FC. Taylor (3739) 2010 M. Bates 8-8 Wild Card C. Taylor (2832) 2009 M. Bates 7-9 None C. Taylor (2390) 2008 D. Cooper 2-14 None C. Taylor (2670) 2007 D. Cooper 0-16 None S. Bellisari (1742) Year Top Rusher Top Receiver Top Tackler 2017 O. Winters (893) H. Powell (1183) Z. Swift (100) 2016 O. Winters (1307) H. Powell (1355) Z. Swift (100) 2015 O. Winters (1138) H. Powell (793) Z. Swift (96) 2014 O. Winters (1131) H. Powell (1020) J. Krueger (98) 2013 O. Winters (873) H. Powell (1292) J. Krueger (80) 2012 O. Winters (1253) H. Powell (863) D. Hines (71) 2011 O. Winters (1511) H. Powell (1112) J. Krueger (80) 2010 O. Winters (1477) H. Powell (1344) J. Krueger (90) 2009 O. Winters (1031) H. Powell (832) Z. Swift (113) 2008 O. Winters (1371) H. Powell (722) D. Hines (82) 2007 J. Foster (674) C. Petkovich (488) E. Lindberg (121)

Good for 132 points barring any miscalculations.

Some draft picks:

104 Bryan Clemons, OT (the best player of the draft, 307 KRB, 886 KRO, 1.1 SPct, sadly an OLineman which I still don't think is quite that important when you have high cohesion)

106 Harris Powell, WR (if only he would have turned out as well as he looked, selceting Powell this early instead of two of the other 3 WR that turn out to be pretty much as good as he is, is probably the reason why I did not have more succes, but he's not as bad as I might make him sound, just not a value pick that high, 10516 yards on 667 receptions (1148 targets) and 81 tds against just 56 drops is allright. He was only thrown to 31.0 % of the time, and never more than 132 times a year (never missed a game during his 10 years... would have expected a bit more there)

112 Chris Taylor, QB (and he, well... he is the other reason, if only Detroit had not taken Peter Briggs at 111, who knows, what might have been.. I probably would not have traded up to get Taylor and might have gotten Mayhem later or even better Herman Mirer or Chris Norgrad much much later. Still, chris has a 87,8 carrer rating and passed for 30005 yards, 220/135 td/ints and was sacked/knocked down 213/125 times on 4227 attempts.)

202 O.J. Winters, RB (the best pick I made, basically it was him or Tyrus Torres or an URFA, luckily he was all I expected him to be and more. Also lining up as WR some of the time he ran fpr 11985 yards on 2811 carries for 4.26 ypc, 61tds, 21 fumbles (5 recovered), and 618 receptions on 800 targets for 4949 yards (6.19 per target, 8.01 per completion), 41 tds and 16 drops. His best receiving years were the final two years of this challenge, probably due to strongly detoriating WR outside of powell: during those two years he was thrown to 209 times (163 catches), 1428 yards, 10 tds and 4 drops.)

212 William Caldwell, DE (Not the DE I should have taken here, could have gotten better later... 54.5 Sacks (4.4 PRPct), 336 Tackles (7.3%)

219 Robbie Ramon, CB (sadly never becoming the big play guy he was for someone else... still, had he been selected in the 4th round I would have liked him, and his 19 carrer interceptions (best year was 2011 with 7 ints), his career long PDPct however was not all that great, coming in at 78.6)

301 Deion Hines, OLB (not quite what I hoped for, 1.9 PRPct, 11.5 TkPCT, 33 Sacks, 579 tackles, 8 int, 13 FF, 2 FReTD)

304 Roderick Barker, CB (the second best draft pick I made, while an honest soul and not one to steel that many balls (22 career ints), he was quite an accomplished defender, hist best year of 26 passes defended came in 2010, good enough for a 85.8 PdPct. I blame myself and my gameplan (which I did not change after setting it up initially for his slightly below solid 79.7 carrer PDPct.)

307 Floyd Hicks, DT (I had high hopes for him, sadly those vanished as quickly as his ability and his potential... quickly becoming our backup NT and then our heaviest cheerleader)

401 Jonathan Krueger, OLB (coming in at 216 pounds this WLB looked like a sure Pass Rush Technican, well, surprinsingly, that was not to be, though his run defense really came to shine and continued to grow, standing at 84 in his 11th year. Playing as the WLB in a 3-4 he was able to become the Defensive Player of the Year in 2013, when he was finally allowed to actually play WLB in passing situations, for his career he put up 778 tackles, 247 assists, 54.5 sacks, 76 hurries, a measly 2.9 PRPct and an okay TkPct of 12.2. He also had 10 Ints, 10 fumble recoveries and 21 FF.

402 Myron Riti, DE (Solid Run Defense, Solid Pass Rush Technique.. not quite playing at my optimistic expectations: 46 Sacks (3.9 %), 359 Tackles (7.7 %)

424 Archie Tchaikovski, G (a nice little boom, sadly as soon as he had reached his peak, he started to decline... 210 KRB, 611 KRO, 34.4%; 0.9 SPct)

519 Dennis Norris, T (actually a solid player, 187 KRB, 545 KRO, 34.3%; 0.8 SPct)

601 Marcel Maloney, FB (should have converted him to TE or at least played him there a lot more than I did, not much of a blocker, even worse a runner, at his prime he was a very good receiver: 391 targ, 300 ctch, 2332 yards, 19td, 11 drp; best year yardswise was 2017 with 61/47/417; also has 52 KRB/178 KRO/ 29.2 PCt)

707 Omar Burton, DE (sadly never mastered the Pass Rush Technique as well as I would had hoped, but his Run Defense got much better than expected... also lined up at WLB early in his career in passing situations. 272 Tackles (6.4 %), 34.5 Sacks (3.5%), 2 INT)

716 Mel Abdullah, C (solid player, not quite the breakout I hoped for, but steady. 229 KRB, 697 KRO, 32.9 BPct, 0.8 SPct)

UFA Trevor Gomez, S (he was all we could have expectd and so much more, had 11 Int in 2012 in only 9 Starts (albeit he was in for 511 PPly), our career INT and PDPct Leader with 34 and 80.9%, also had 84 Defn, 661 Tackles.

UFA Zack Swift, ILB (He too exceeded expectations, sadly I had him as our SILB early on, and he did not see the field as much as he should have, still, a solid performer 729 Tackles (15.6%))

UFA Darrell Brody, DT (a huge surprise, he became our best pass rusher during the middle years, and that as a NT... never a good run defender (260 tackles, 5.8 %), but his 36.5 Sacks (4.4%) make up for it.

UFA Brandon Blake, K (I think he was the best Kicker of this sad draft. is rated 71/71 in his 11th year, and has 98 in kicking accuracy)

UFA Billy Armstrong, WR (well... he was our 5th WR that never got to play (966 Career Receiving Yards, but he also was our main Punt Returner: 282 returns for 2710 yards (9.6 avg) and 4 TDs.)

UFA Frankie Wilkins, CB (saw the field as nickel and dime back, also our main kick returner, 323 KR for 7844 Yards (24.3 AVG), 3 TD)

UFA Jon Gibson, RB (he had the skills I wanted, high breakaway speed and hole recognition... was our backup and did ok 1232 carries, 4978 yards (4.04 avg), 26 td, 26 fumbles (7 recovered))

Then there were a couple more mid-late draftpicks, that did ok for what they were, but all in all, I really did kind of miss on the WR/QB. Though I think the WR one was more critical overall.

If I had the nerve to do it again with this draft, which I don't really have, I would do a lot of things differently, starting with the first round picks, which would be completely changed. Instead of them I probably would wind up with Briggs and 3 WR, selected in the twenties, maybe even the second best rated CB... otherwise, I'm not too unhappy with my later picks (missed on a couple of OLinemen, and sadly also on the best DE in the draft, that was selected late in the 6th round and far off my radar.

Oh well, I sure hope that there'll be another one of those challenges (maybe with a minimum salary cap and without increases, which would make it a lot less bothersome to renegotiate the contracts every couple of years.)

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