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Post The Emerald City Project - Save Our Sonics (DDSPB2)

June 8th 2010 - 7:34 pm

I sat alone at a table in a local pub, casually drinking my sorrows away. Many people would say I was just being melodramatic, but it felt like I'd lost everything in these last years. I really am being melodramatic to be honest. I’m barely a year into being able to vote. Yet both loves of my life have been taken away from me. I bleed Sonic green, had since I was five years old. Gary Payton was my childhood hero. In 1996 when they went to the championship game it was euphoric, I nearly died of heartbreak when they lost. I thought there couldn’t be a worse feeling then that, well until they were literally taken from me. I was angry, distraught that someone could take the team from my life like that, I was bitter to the NBA.

So sitting in the pub, only giving attention to a beer I held casually in my hand, I was startled when a roar came up all around me. Confused and quite startled I looked towards the area that held everyone’s attention.

“The NBA has today announced that the move of George Shinn’s franchise, the New Orleans Hornets, has been cleared by the NBA movement committee. This process has been very under the radar trying to avoid some backlash from the fans in New Orleans. The destination that has been cleared for relocation has just been announced as Seattle…”

Stunned by what I heard the rest of the interview didn’t really matter. Shinn had appeared on screen. I wasn’t listening torn between my still lingering grief, the surprise announcement on the screen, and the feeling of betrayal and bitterness from the previous interaction in Seattle from the NBA.

Not knowing what to feel I stood to leave. That was probably the most fateful thing I ever did, because when I got out into the street I bumped intoa man who would forever change my life. My name is Wesley Asper, this is my story.

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June 8th 2010 - 7:51 pm

Barely paying attention I happened to bump into a man on the street. Not very polite of me really, but I had a lot on my mind.

“I’m sorry, I’m in a bit of a stupor,” I didn’t really want to look at the man, my face had too much emotion on it to look a stranger in the eye. I turned to walk away but realized the man had a hand on my shoulder.

“Hello kid, my name is George Shinn. I happen to be in need of some new employees. As a sorry for bumping into you how about you come to an interview,” Shinn was smiling at me as I spoke. Wait… he said his name was George Shinn. I must have looked surprised because he had an even bigger smile on his face. “Why don’t you come with me and we can sit down and have a talk alright, let me give you an impromptu interview,” I just shrugged, what did I have to lose?

“Well if you’re the man bringing home the Sonics, I’ll definitely agree to an interview,” with a crooked smile I followed George back into the bar, and ended up heading into a private section I hadn’t noticed in my depressed state.

“What do you do kid?” he asked with some interest, obviously weighing me against his standards. I didn’t really know how to answer him. I was only just getting ready to head into university at Oregon. I was thinking of doing some general studies maybe going into statistics, or even broadcasting. I told him this and he perked up a bit. I continued on lacking some worries such as telling him to much about myself. I just talked, and as I talked his smile continued to grow.

“I think I have the perfect idea. You say you’re a big fan of the Sonics right?” I nodded. “Well I have a proposition for you, since I was going to announce a contest to bring in a rookie general manager next week with some born and bred Washington flavor, I’d just like to offer that position to you right now,” I stared in complete disbelief.

“What do you mean?” I’m to stunned to really process this right now, to much beer in my system, to much strain on my emotions for one day. He only smiles and shrugs at me, like this is an obvious thing to accept. I guess it really is but I ask him again anyways to make sure I heard him right, to prevent another blow to my confidence.

“Well there are some stipulations in the contest but the jist of it all is a three year conditional contract with two option years that are dependant on the completion of some objectives. The first year you’ll need to be under the cap, and in the playoffs. The second year you’ll also have the added stipulations of winning fifty games, and sustaining some continuity in the roster. Oh yes almost forgot that we want you to find a local boy to play for the team for it’s first couple of years back, but he actually needs to be roster worthy,” He smiles as if it’s still a no brainer. Can I really jump into this with barely any knowledge of the situation.

“I’ll accept the terms if I can pick the new coach and his staff,” it was the beer talking, really it was all the beer. He mulls it over and shrugs. I’m not even there anymore, I’m on autopilot now.

“Well I suppose that’s fair, but only to a three year contract and try and keep the salary reasonable please somewhere under 7 million or so,” we both stand and shake hands. I head on my way home after, not really absorbing much of any outside stimulus. I’m in shock really. Wonderful, wonderful shock.

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Hey thanks Jestor. Well as you can see I can't really do without CP3. Gotta get into the playoffs some how. haha
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June 16th 2010 - 12:23 pm

I really don’t know what I was expecting to be honest. I thought it was a big joke but nearly a week into and no one has said jokes on me yet. I’m really only absorbing what’s happening now. I need a coaching staff to help me sift through all of the draft reports and decide who we need to look at for the 11th pick in this year’s draft. I’ve only really seen two or three coaches who look promising. I need an experienced well rounded coach. I set up a couple of appointments. Nearly instantly I get a call back from one Mike Dunleavy Senior.

“I want to say right now Wesley that I’m the guy you need,” I smile at this man’s brashness, being up front is nice but this just seems desperate. I think that’s something that we need. I need desperate.

“You know what I like the enthusiasm but I think we need to meet for an interview. How’s the 21st?” he doesn’t respond quickly, throwing the idea back and forth in the back of his mind. I hear a chuckle from his side of the line.

“Alright, that’ll give you enough time to cancel all the other interviews then right? I’d like about 4 million over the next three years on this contract, and I need some solid player’s coaches. I think I might even be able to bring in some championship experience for you. In five days you’ll have your coaching team Mr. Asper,” I don’t really like this man. Nope, scratch that if he gets me to the playoffs these next two years I’ll love this guy. So I agree with him, tell him to get this “championship” experience and bring him to lunch also. I’ll handle everything else I tell him.

After that phone call I get another call. It’s from Ernie Grunfield, he’s calling to offer me Josh Howard’s team option for a couple of utility pieces and a future second. I mull it over and decide I need the savings badly so in a moment of desperation I pull the trigger on a very dubious deal.

Washington Receives:

SF Julian Wright
PF Darius Songalia
SG Morris Peterson
2011 2nd Rd. Pick

Seattle Receives:

SF Josh Howard
2010 2nd Rd. Pick

Winner : Washington

This is pretty much completely in the favor of the Wizards although I convinced him to send us the second round pick for this year. I get out of nearly 14 million dollars, which is huge if I want to stay on for the duration of this first contract.

It’s really affecting me, these stipulations on me. This team wasn’t even in the 9th spot in the west last year. They were 13 wins behind the 8th seed. I know it was a very different year last year and CP3 was injured but still it’s insane to comprehend. I keep looking around for deals, considering I need to find a player from Washington to come an play here. I really didn’t have much basis for comparison considering my knowledge is pretty out of date, I could really only think of one player and that is SF Adam Morrison, who is pretty hot garbage lately. I’m desperate at this point, maybe the coach I’ve all but hired has some ideas. I guess one can only hope.
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June 21st 2010 - 2:37 pm

Well Mike was right, when I saw who he had brought to our table I was amazed. Paul Westhead the King of “The System” and the only coach to win both an NBA and WNBA championship. He wasn’t a very great player’s coach but he is perfect offset to Dunleavy. There asking price was ridiculous, a combined 5 million dollars between the two, and they even had the gall to call me out on the trade for cap space. I told them I’d make up for it, I just needed a target. After that came a very well thought out attack for a Washington native. They both had a couple of players from around this area, guys like PG Aaron Brooks, PG Rodney Stuckey, F Marvin Williams, SF Terrence Williams, and of course SF Adam Morrison. I frowned because out of all those guys only one would fit into the roster, and I didn’t really have much to offer for him. So well we ate I mulled over my options, produced to prepared contracts, and took down the numbers of there recommended 2nd and 3rd assistants. I was handing my destiny over to Mike. I could only provide the ammunition.

With that thought in mind I made a few calls felt out what they wanted for each guy, and really didn’t come away with much enthusiasm. Other Gm’s knew of my “objectives” and they were going to take advantage of them. I hung up the phone and reviewed what assets I had.

Projected Roster:
PG Chris Paul
SG Darren Collison
SF Peja Stojakovic
PF David West
C Emeka Okafor
6th Marcus Thornton
7th Josh Howard (Unlikely)
8th James Posey

Everyone but CP3 and Okafor are tradable. This is for different reasons really, CP3 is our only chance at getting into the playoffs, and Okafor has a toxic contract. I’ll have to think on what to do, were are still going to be over the cap by 5 million dollars or so after the draft. I might have to pawn off West to the highest bidder with the best savings. It’s probably not the best idea but he is really the only one who I can find value on. I better start looking into the draft, I need some great value at the 11th pick.

June 26th 2010 - 6:01 am

I need to get an early start, it’s time for some one on one interviews and to see the fifteen guys I invited to the workout perform. I look over the list once more as I wait for the official sanctioned day of activity to begin.

Prospects at Workout:

SF Paul George
PF Greg Monroe
SG Avery Bradley
PF Ed Davis
C Solomon Alabi
C Hassan Whiteside
PG Armon Johnson
PF Gani Lawal
SG Landry Fields
SF Stanley Robinson
SF Devin Ebanks
PG Grevis Vasquez
C Demarcus Cousins
SG Eric Bledsoe
SG James Anderson

Honestly I don’t know I invited a couple of the guys. Cousins is far to good to fall to eleven, and I’ve only got two second round picks but most of the people I selected are from that round. The two guys who stood out the most were Monroe and George. I hope that one of them falls to me otherwise I may go after Seattle native Avery Bradley. With the second round picks I’m looking at best player available, which seems to be Soloman Alabi, Gani Lawal, and Stanley Robinson.

After the workouts I make a call to New Jersey, inquiring about Terrence Williams. I don’t get rebuffed, instead they seem open to the prospect saying he has had some issues in the organization. I begin building an offer, quite a large one I might add and submit it to them. I get glowing results.

New Jersey Receives:

SF James Posey
PG Darren Collison
SG Marcus Thornton
2010 2nd Rd. Pick (SEA)

Seattle Receives:

SG Terrence Williams
SG Courtney Lee
PG Keyon Dooling
2010 2nd Rd. Pick (NJ)

Winner: New Jersey

Seattle overpays for a bit of cap space and two solid swingmen. They give up a very good young point guard and a prolific scorer to pawn off the large contract of the still effective Posey.

I may have given up a bit too much, but now I feel a little bit better off. I should have enough cap space cleared and I brought in a native son. Everything is going much better today. In two days the draft starts, and it’ll determine if I sink or swim as an NBA GM.

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June 28th 2010 - 5:17 pm

Well the draft is under way and I’m nervous. I’ve decided it’s George, then Monroe, and if both are gone by the 11th pick then I’ll trade down. The picks continue to roll in. PG John Wall is the first overall pick which I think is a mistake, Cousins should’ve gone as the number one overall. Evan Turner is picked next which is still baffling, considering the Sixers need a solid big man. Finally the Nets pick him at 3rd. There definitely on the rise with Brook Lopez and Cousins in place for the front court. The next two picks are both swingmen Wes Johnson and Al-Farouq Aminu to the T-Wolves and Kings respectively. After that I tune out, listening to a few different offers from teams after David West. Then the 8th pick is called out and it’s Paul George. I begin to panic a little, hoping everyone passes on Greg Monroe. My prays are answered as we send in our card and bring him into the Sonic green sea.

The second round brought me a few gifts, the first being big defensive center Soloman Alabi, the second was a bit of a surprise for everyone. I got a call from Orlando asking us if we would like to make a trade, I became curious and said I’d hear them out. They asked us to select and then trade Devin Ebanks to them for Stanley Robinson who they picked at 29 in the first round. I agree to it and make the trade happen.

Orlando Receives:

SF Devin Ebanks

Seattle Receives:

SF Stanley Robinson

Winner: Draw

Both teams come out with the guy they wanted. Stanley is older and more developed, where Devin is all potential. The big difference is the cost and both GM’s are happy with the trade.

The entire draft passes without too many surprises. I renounce all claims on any free agents and then terminate both Josh Howard and Keyon Dooling’s contracts. I then look at the cap and realize, I may not be able to fill the roster and stay under the cap. Shoot I thought I’d be in the clear. Time to deliberate on what I’m going to do. I stay at the office late reviewing the roster.

Projected Roster
PG Chris Paul
SG Courtney Lee
SF Peja Stojakovic
PF David West
C Emeka Okafor
6th Greg Monroe
7th Terrence Williams
8th Stanley Robinson
9th Soloman Alabi

I need to make some changes and I think that David West may have to go. I need a backup point guard badly, and a few other spare parts. Time to see what’s out there.

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Love the idea! Following along
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