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Izulde Jestor Hits The Ice: EHM Freeware

You've heard of his numerous basketball exploits. Some of you have seen his slow-running baseball antics. Now, one of the most famous GMs in sports, Izulde Jestor, is taking on hockey.

After numerous interviews around the league, Jestor has finally chosen to sign with...

The Nashville Predators, a team I became a casual fan of while attending a national marketing competition, won out over the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs (different girls), and the Calgary Flames, who were my childhood favorite team.

Ultimately it came down to the Predators being the worst team of the batch and their not having won a Stanley Cup.

This is my first time writing an EHM freeware dynasty, so I don't know how this is going to go or if I'll stick with it. I've played seasons upon seasons upon seasons offline though through the years.

First thing I do is clear out my staff, firing one of our scrub scouts and physiologists and try to hire a super scout and super physio.

While we're doing that, a brief look at the roster.

Mike Dunham
He's been our starting goalie for the last three seasons and the 29 year old is solid enough. Signed to a 5 year, $2.875 mil. deal so we might trade him before his ugly contract becomes too much.

Thomas Vokoun
Our goalie of the future, the 24 year old rookie assigned to an affordable, 4 year $800,000 a season salary may well be our starter this season. He's a step below Dunham, but it's not like we're going to be good any time soon, so might as well throw him in the fire. ...Weird, he's listed as a rookie even though he's been our #2 goalie the last few years.

Andy Delmore
24. Unremarkable, but this former Flyer will be a starter anyway. That's how weak we are in the backline. No, I don't know if that's the proper term, but I'm using it anyway. Does have a nice shot.

Mark Eaton
Decent checker, but again, unremarkable 24 year old. Played for us last year and the Flyers the year before that. Hmm, I see what the old management did there with Delmore and Eaton. They make a solid offensive/defensive pairing.

Cale Hulse
27 year old is a nasty hitter with good checking and positioning. He'll have a role on our third line, which I intend to make the hit and grind line. Keep in mind, I know absolutely nothing about what to set each line and never paid attention to it before, so yeah.

Kimmo Timonen
Offensive oriented 26 year old and a Finn. It's a tossup in my opinion as to whether he or Delmore is the better offensive guy. He's been with us since 1998, or the beginning of the franchise. That alone will probably give him the edge over Delmore.

Karlis Skrastins
26 year old scrub, save for th4 penalty game. Definite trade bait, in my opinion.

Bill Houlder
The old man of the backline at 36 years old and our best defensive defender even given his age. The very definition of journeyman, he's played for 7 different teams in his lengthy career, including two stints with Tampa Bay.

I'll do the forwards later. Have some stuff to do. I may make a trade before my next post, to save myself having to write up on some of the forwards.
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Excellent! It's been a long time since I've played the freeware version so forgive me in the future if I make any comments or questions that don't make sense (been playing the 2007 version since it was released).

Good luck with the Preds and looking forward to seeing how you shape the roster.
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Damn, I forgot this was still out there as freeware (and had no clue there was apparently a 2010/11 update file released).

My son has been on a kick this week about at least messing around with some of the freeware versions (like TEW 05) of games he's seen me play for years. This would be a good addition & might keep him from badgering me for at least an extra day or two.
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So yeah, I made a trade.

Nashville Predators receive
L Simon Gagne

Philadelphia Flyers receive
G Mike Dunham
L Cliff Ronning
G Brian Finley*
D Dan Hamhuis*

What this means for the Predators
Nashville needs a young stud player to build around on offense, so they grab Gagne from the Flyers, building on a Philadelphia trend started before Izulde Jestor took over. He'll be an excellent sniper alongside David Legwand at center as part of an exciting young first line foundation for the Predators.

What this means for the Flyers
For Philadelphia, this was about adding veterans to their dreamed of Stanley Cup run. Dunham gives them another veteran goalie to work in their rotation and Ronning has team captain potential writ large on him in addition to being a second line. Finley has some potential as a #2 goalie and Hamhuis might register a pulse somewhere.

Winner: Nashville
If this ends up in a Flyers' Cup title, it's a good move. Otherwise it seems a bit of a cheap sell by Philadelphia for a cornerstone player.

Only thing is, the 21 year old Simon says he's unhappy to leave Philadelphia, the team that drafted him. Here's to hoping he can discover a new happiness in Nashville.

Simon Gagne
Our present and future on the left first line. I expect him to be our lead goal-scorer and hope he can some day be a franchise player.

David Gosselin
Call-up from our AHL franchise, just to fill in the numbers.

Stu Grimson
Mean streak hitter and fighter. Listed as our team captain even though that's not going to fly. 36 years old and on an annoying 3 year contract. $1.1 mil a year isn't bad, though.

Scott Hartnell
Previous management saw him as a bluechip prospect. Taken #6 overall last year's draft and played right away. To be honest, I'm not so sure about him and might deal him.

Vitali Yachmenev
26 year old has average all around skills, save for some quality positioning and penalty ratings, so he'll see some time for sure.

Greg Johnson
Decent all around 30 year old veteran. We'll ship him out to a team that's in need of veteran help. Really nice skater.

Denis Arkhipov
Like Hartnell, a prospect who's probably overvalued by the previous regime. A third round selection, one that I wouldn't mind seeing moved as well.

Tom Fitzgerald
32 year old hit and grind line veteran.

David Legwand
Our 20 year old now and future starring center. I can't wait to see him and Gagne on the ice together. It's going to be awesome.

Right Wing
Martin Erat
Good skater for a 19 year old, but see Arkhipov and Hartnell, as probably overrated prospects by prior regime. We'll see what happens, though.

Scott Walker
Decent all around 27 year old. 4 years, $1.6 mil. a year and our first line right wing. We'll probably hang on to him, though of course we'd eventually like to upgrade here.

Petr Tenkrat
24 year old is a good skater, but very ordinary.

Vladimir Orszgah
See Tenkrat, only not as good a skater.

Chris Mason is summoned from the Admirals to be the #2 goalie.

First Line

Second Line

Third Line

Fourth Line

Lot of right wings being talked up in trade chatter the first couple days of this offseason. Mark Recchi rumored to Toronto, Todd Harvey to Minnesota, Owen Nolan to Carolina.

I won't post all the trade rumors, but I'll just say they're one of my favorite parts of EHM.

Oh, our superscout and physio both signed.

Doesn't take long for Roman Cechmanek, one of the three quality Flyers' goalies after the Gagne trade, to get rumored, to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia does make another trade, but it's prospect scrub for scrub with Toronto. Yawn.

Stu Grimson wants to be considered a regular player and his attitude takes a hit because he's a minor league. Okay, sure. He's getting PT so regular player is fine.

Bill Houlder announces this will be his last season.

Training Camp
I'm thrilled to see Simon Gagne and David Legwand report to camp in good shape. That's the way to get bonus points with me. Unfortunately, all of our centers not named Legwand come into camp in crappy shape. That's unacceptable.

I'm going to go ahead and offer Simon Gagne to a 3 year, $2.2 million a year contract extension with $733k bonus like he wants.

I set most of my forwards to attack, most of my defensemen to defense, and my goalies to goalie. I set training 50% on ice, 40% personal, 10% special teams. This is the first time I've ever toyed with training in all my years of EHM, so I don't know if it's right or not.

Pavel Skrbak wants clarification on his future status. Sorry, buddy, you're a minor league.

Simon Gagne signs his extension a few days later. I should have tried for more years, but considering how sad he was to leave Philly, I decide not to get cute.

Pretty big trade on August 30th.

Edmonton Oilers receive
L Markus Naslund

Vancouver Canucks receive
C Todd Marchant
D Jason Smith
L Jared Smyth

What this means for the Oilers
Naslund, 28, is a 35-40 goal scorer, good for 55-70 points a season. Actually it'll probably be slightly more as I intend on bumping scoring up. The dead puck era, as I dub the early 2000s, is kind of boring. The default is 120, so let's try 140. I might also reset the individual records, not sure yet. In any case, a star player for the Oilers.

What this means for the Canucks
Marchant is a 28 year old enforcer center. Jason Smith is a 28 year old defensive defender and pretty decent in the back half. Sucks on offense though. Smyth is a scrubby prospect.

Winner: Oilers
Let me point out how huge this pickup is for the Oilers. Naslund is the highest ranked shooter on the team and it's a way to take some major pressure off youngsters Anson Carter and Ryan Smyth. Who knows, maybe this is the move that pushes Edmonton into the playoffs?

I spend some time hunting around, trying to find out where it was the expectations were for each team. Lo and behold, I find them in the depth charts. Awesome. Let's review that Flyers deal again.

Hmm. I thought they were a Stanley Cup hopeful but they're trying to make the playoffs on a consistent basis. Cliff Ronning is the #2 LW behind John LeClair, the same spot Gagne had. Mike Dunham is the #3 goalie, but acquiring him means they can afford to move out Roman Cechmanek, their borderline #1 goalie, who is the oldest at 30, and the most expensive at $3.33 million a season.

Reviewing Edmonton/Vancouver for the Canucks, Todd Marchant is the #4 center, Jason Smith the #3 defender, Jared Smyth not even on the depth chart, though he's on the team. So a fourth line center, a second line defender, and a scrub for a brilliant goalscorer. Hmm. Evidently Vancouver really believes in their youngster left wingers Daniel Sedin, Jan Hlavac, and Harold Druken.

The other trade that crosses the wire isn't as big, but it may be worth looking at.

Chicago Blackhawks receive
D Karel Rachunek
R Chris Neil

Ottawa Senators receive
R Kyle Calder
Chicago Blackhawks 2002 4th round pick

What this means for the Blackhawks
Rachunek, 22, looks like a respectable defensive prospect. Neil is an enforcer right wing, whose best ability is in fighting. Also 22, he's the 4th right wing and Rachunek looks pretty buried. My guess is he'll hit the AHL this year and work on refining his game. Or at least that's what I'd do.

What this means for the Senators
Calder, now a #3 right wing with Ottawa, is an interesting 22 year old prospect. He's a major upgrade on the third string RW over 32 year old Jody Hull, and between Calder and Marian Hossa, the Senators are looking pretty good on the right side. The 4th round pick from a Chicago team that doesn't look too exciting is only gravy.

Winner: Ottawa
The best player and a pick, even late, = full of win.

We lose $575,497 in the month of August. Considering we had no games, I'll take that.

I'm slowly remembering my way around this game and I'm remembering how much I loved it.

As a bonus before we head into September:

Rumors, rumors!

Simon Sadface Gagne
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Travis: Glad to have you along. Feel free to ask questions! It's been years since I've really delved into it, so I'm having to gradually remember things as well, as you saw from the previous post and expectations.

Jon: Yeah it'd be a good one to add. I know very little about hockey and have almost no interest in the NHL, but this game was one of the most addicting of its time for me. No 2010-11 rosters here, just the default 2001 rosters.

Oh, and the * in the lines post above is where I made changes from what the CPU recommended.
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The fun thing about the trade rumors in EHM is that they mimic real life. Some of the trade rumors will make sense. Others, such as the Columbus Blue Jackets, the newest NHL franchise, reportedly wanting a 33 year old defender, are quite silly, but I can very easily some CBJ fan going, "d00d, we totally need Teppo Numminen!!!1!!11"

Chicago 3 Nashville 4
Woot! Simon Gagne unofficially scores his first goal in a Predators uniform and it's the game winner. Props to Karlis Skrastins getting two assists, but it's Petr Tenkrat, with his 9 rating, who's the first star. Skrastins doesn't even merit one of the three stars, although it's a Predators sweep.

D Cale Hulse is day-to-day with a wrist injury. He'll be out a couple days, so we'll see if he can play through it.

There's also positional trade rumors in EHM, such as the Buffalo Sabres wanting a right wing.

First trade rumor involving us - Vitali Yachemenev, Greg Johnson, and scrub prospect Mikko Lehtonen to San Jose for Owen Nolan. The 29 year old would be our new first line RW, but the trade would seriously hurt our depth, and Nolan comes with a $5.25 million a year for 4 years price tag, which is more than double what Simon Gagne, our current wage owner at $2.2 million, is making.

Also factoring in is our Insecure finances. Our team budget is $31.6 million and change. $23.6 million and change right now is devoted to player salaries. We're in the green $3.24 million and change, which is too thin a margin to take on another $3 million in salaries.

Detroit 3 Nashville 1
Well, I didn't expect us to win this road game after we beat the Blackhawks on the road. David Legwand scores our lone goal, with Simon Gagne and Scott Walker getting assists. Good. Let that top line get used to playing with each other.

C Keith Primeau of the Flyers earns Player of the Week. I wish they didn't do that for preseason games, but it is what it is. I won't report other exhibition PotWs unless it's a Predator.

Nashville 4 Detroit 2
Way to go Vitali Yachemenev. He rewards my faith in him with two goals in this one, earning the first star. 10 rating Greg Johnson, another trade rumoree, earns the second star. Sean Avery beat Scott Hartnell in a fight. C'mon Scott. You got do better than that. It's only preseason, but getting a win in our first game at home against an elite team is a great feeling.

Mattias Ohlund has been the subject of a few trade rumors lately - to Boston and Pittsburgh. The Bruins do pull off a trade, but it's not for Ohlund. In fact, Boston's the one giving up the big name.

Phoenix Coyotes receive
LW Bill Guerin
Boston Bruins 2003 4th round pick

Boston Bruins receive
D Drake Berehowsky
G Steve Belanger

What this means for the Coyotes
Phoenix, rumored to be seeking center help, instead nabs the 30 year old Guerin, in the final year of a contract paying him $5.1 million a year. He's a Group II restricted free agent, which I don't understand, but I assume it has something to do with the compensation pick system for losing free agents that I vaguely remember from playing this game back in the day. Anyway, Guerin is a solid all-around talent, though his positioning could be better. He's tenatively the #1 RW on the depth chart, certainly ahead of 36 year old Claude Lemieux and another mentor for 24 year old Shane Doan. The Coyotes now have a trio of solid right wings, IMO.

What this means for the Bruins
$1.45 million for 3 years is a great contract for the 29 year old Berehowsky, who projects as the #2 best defense in the Bruins organization now, so it's a major update in the back half of the ice. Belanger is already the #5 goalie and he's only 18, so he could very well be a goaltender to watch for the future. On the other hand, their RW situation is looking a bit hairy now. Glen Murray is also an expiring contract and Martin Lapointe is overpaid at $5.5 million a year for four years. Still, good on the Bruins to get something for Guerin while they could.

Winner: Draw
Both sides got something of value in the trade and it'll be worth watching to see how the two teams do in the playoff chase.

Dallas and Detroit trade prospects that no one cares about.

Nashville 4 Columbus 1
An expected home win. Scott Walker, Greg Johnson, and David Legwand all score their second preseason goals. It seems to me like that first line is really clicking.

Nashville 3 Tampa Bay 0
A shutout for Tomas Vokoun and goal #3 for Greg Johnson and Scott Walker. Johnson had two points in the game, assisting on Martin Erat's second goal.

Mattias Ohlund is rumored to Pittsburgh again. The first rumor was C Robert Lang and D Andy Schneider for Ohlund and Vancouver's 5th round pick in 2003. The latest rumor is LW Martin Straka for Ohlund and Vancouver's 2003 3rd round pick.

Now Chicago is part of the Mattias Ohlund rumor mill, joining Pittsburgh and Boston.

Tampa Bay 2 Nashville 4
Two goals for Martin Erat in this one. He's off to a flier for sure. Greg Johnson gets 2 points, including his fourth preseason goal.

The Atlanta Thrashers pick up 24 year old C Marty Reasoner from the Oilers for a scrub prospect. Reasoner's the #6 center, but considering Ray Ferraro (37), Bob Corkum (33), and Tony Hrkac (35), are all ancient, there's plenty of opportunity for Reasoner to shoot up the organizational chart very soon. Basically it was a trade of unhappy players.

Tampa Bay 4 Nashville 0
Revenge for the Lightning. We sucked.

Marty Reasoner scored a goal in his Thrashers exhibition debut. Go Marty!

Toronto and Boston trade scrubs.

But there's a more interesting trade.

New York Rangers receive
D Steve Staios

Edmonton Oilers receive
D Dave Karpa

Let's just do a straight comparison. Karpa's 30, Staois is 28. Karpa's the better fighter and is stronger, but Staois is better in every other category and at $850k is almost half the price of Karpa's $1.6 million. I'm calling this a win for the Rangers, and I don't see why Edmonton made the switch-out.

Columbus 3 Nashville 1
Well, our hot preseason start is withering on the vine. Probably because I haven't given Chris Mason a start in goal yet.

D Pavel Skrbek thinks he should be a regular player even though he's a minor league bum. Yeah, okay. If you're going to have that attitude, off you go.

But before that trade gets processed, the waiver draft hits. I won't bore you with the details of everyone I protect.

Mike Dunham gets claimed by the Atlanta Thrashers and they unprotect Damian Rhodes. Interesting. Bet Philadelphia is kicking themselves they didn't trade one of their goalies when they had the chance.

Anaheim - Patrick Poulin
Calgary - Denny Lambert
Los Angeles - Chris Dingman
Florida - Marek Malik
Boston - Andreas Lilja

Let's see. Do I want to add Felix Potvin's 30 year old, $3 million salary for the next two seasons? He's my probable #1 goalie if I claim him. Hmm. On second thought, no. I'll pass. On the other hand, I will claim 25 year old D Wade Belak from the Toronto Maple Leafs, who looks cheap at
$705k in his final season and is a Group II RFA. I'll unprotect Bill Houlder, gambling that nobody wants him for a one year rental.

..Well shit. Washington Capitals claim him. Oops.

Pittsburgh - Todd Warriner
Phoenix - Peter Schaefer
San Jose - Brad May
Buffalo - Kent Manderville
Carolina - Jarkko Ruutu
Atlanta - Steve Webb

And now for the trade we just did.

Nashville Predators receive
RW Sergei Krivokrasov
Anaheim Mighty Ducks 2002 5th round pick

Anaheim Mighty Ducks receive
D Pavel Skrbek

What this means for the Predators
Krivokrasov, 31, is now Nashville's best offensive right wing and he'll likely slot in on the second line since Scott Walker did so well with the first line in preseason. He'll also take over on the first power play line. $600,000 for the next two years is pretty darn cheap, even though he's weak on the defensive end. Tremendous skater.

What this means for the Mighty Ducks
Anaheim wants young players, and at 23, Skrbek certainly fits the bill. But it isn't all swimmingly for the Ducks, as Pavel has a long, long way to go before he can fly up Anaheim's depth chart. The real reason for this deal was to get rid of the unhappy Krivokrasov and make 24 year old Mike LeClerc the #1 RW on the depth chart.

Winner: Predators
Great value for Nashville, who didn't consider Skrbek as part of their future plans.

Oh and by the way, Wade Belak is a defensive hardass who outhustled everyone to take Bill Houlder's spot on the first line and the first shorthanded line. Maybe we'll end up giving him a contract extension in the end after all.

Given Krivakrasov's status in the organization, I decide to name him a core player. I'll also let Stu Grimson keep his captaincy for now.

No Predators in the best by position rankings. Not that I'm surprised, although I'm hoping Simon Gagne makes his way there someday.

We're rumored to be trading Vitali Yechemenev and our 3rd round pick in 2003 to the New Jersey Devils for Jay Pandolfo. That's not happening even as a straight up trade.

We lost almost $1.69 mil. last month. Not good.

Stanley Cup Hopefuls
Colorado Avalanche
Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings
New Jersey Devils
Ottawa Senators
St. Louis Blues

We're one of the umpteen teams listed as trying to be a legitimate, consistent playoff franchise. The Senators on the shortlist for the Stanley Cup I don't see. In my mind, the Cup is going to either Detroit or Colorado, but stranger things have happened.
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Colorado beat the Coyotes 5-3 in Phoenix in the NHL opener. Bill Guerin scored a goal and got an assist in his official Phoenix debut. Rob Blake got his 300th assist.

I've decided, incidentally, to leave the individual records in place. No one will beat The Great One, but it'll be cool to see if anyone can come closeish.

There's a couple player for pick trades. Andreas Johansson, an ordinary 28 year old defenseman, is traded from the Rangers to the Capitals for Washington's third round pick in the 2002 draft.

Buffalo gets the same round pick, but in the 2004 draft and from Florida, for Vaclav Varada, a 22 year old defensive forward who is a fourth line right wing and restricted free agent.

I like it for Florida, hate it for Washington.

First game!! @ Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh 6 Nashville 4
Boo. The last goal was an empty netter. Sergei Krivokrasov and Simon Gagne both score in their official Predators debut and each nets 2 points.

Basketball flashbacks, as we've a back-to-back, hosting the Penguins. Chris Mason will get the start in the net.

Nashville 1 Pittsburgh 2
Sergei Krivokrasov gets his second goal, on a power play, but we got outshot 49-25. It's gonna be a long season I fear.

Bill Guerin is named Player of the Week. Already paying off for Phoenix, even though the Coyotes are 1-1.

Team captain Stu Grimson meets with Denis Arkhipov because Arkhipov has been pissy and sucky.

Oh and a bunch of old dudes have been reaching milestones, like Zigmund Palffy with his 500th point and somebody else getting a 300th assist, but who cares? They're not long for this universe anyway.

Markus Naslund gets his first goal for Edmonton in a 4-1 home win over Colorado. The Oilers are now 1-1, with a game in hand on the teams above them. Yes, I know it's early, but this game makes it so damn easy to track the players and storylines that intrigue me.

Phoenix, by the way, has sucked. They're 1-2-0-1. The last 1 is an overtime loss, which I guess is worth a point. I only vaguely remember when the NHL made that change.

Add Minnesota to the latest team in the Mattias Ohlund rumors. He's 25 and an upcoming Group II RFA, so I see the attraction.

3 points for Cliff Ronning in a 4-0 win for Philly over Toronto. 1 goal, 2 assists.

New York Rangers' Steve McKenna gets suspended 10 games for injuring Brad Bombardier.

Henrik Sedin trade rumors are heating up. Linked to Phoenix, Chicago, and the Islanders. His brother, Daniel Sedin, has been rumored to New Jersey and the Kings. Sedins breakup impending?

Finally we get to play again after a lot of sitting around and waiting. We play the Capitals. Gee, no easy breaks here.

Nashville 4 Washington 2
Hooray! Our first win! Andy Delmore gets two points, including an empty net goal that adds the insurance score we need. One thing I've noticed is that our passing has been below 70% each of our first three games.

Unfortunately, I can't any team statistic rankings anywhere other than SH% and PP% on the standings. Hmm, consider that a disappointment. I'd really like to know where we rank in passing % as a team. To be honest, I don't know how to better it either. Positioning? Playmaking? Stick handling? Skating? Some combo of the three?

We have three guys rated 70 or better in stick handling, four/five in playmaking, and 9 in positioning. I'm going to take a gander and say stickhandling has a lot to do with it. But I haven't scouted anybody so I don't want to make blind stabs either. On the other hand, scouting costs money. Damned if you do, damned if you don't type situation.

I'll stay put for now.

I'm noticing most teams are in the 80s for passing when I do sim games, so clearly passing is a problem for us.

Kings are now rumored to be interested in both Sedin boys.

Nashville 3 Tampa Bay 4
Ugh. Vincent Lecavalier scores the last two goals of the game, his first two of the year, to lead the Lightning's comeback win over us. Very, very disappointing. We did get up to 76% passing, for whatever that's worth. We still get a point, though, because it's an OT loss.

Sergei Krivokrasov gets a chat with the team captain, and Greg Johnson and Simon Gagne looked out of place on the ice last week. That's not a good feeling, to know your intended future star sniper isn't syncing with your team.

Chicago Blackhawk Tony Amonte wins Player of the Week, a key part in the Blackhawks' respectable 3-2 start.

Henrik Sedin rumored again to the Kings.

Nashville 3 Los Angeles 1
Credit this win to solid goaltending from Tomas Vokoun and two points from Scott Walker - his second goal and an assist on team captain Stu Grimson's first goal of the year. 69% passing.

Okay that's it. ..Or maybe not. I can't find any attribute on the Fhockey forums that corresponds to passing. Boo.

Now we're linked to Mattias Ohlund along with a third round pick for.. hmm. Really? A couple of prospects I don't care about?

Vaclav Varada didn't last long with Florida. He's flipped to the Toronto Maple Leafs for TO's third round pick in the 2003 hit.

So I try making the exact offer we're rumored for. The Canucks reject it. That's cool. We really can't afford the extra salary anyway.

Detroit 2 Nashville 5
Well, this was an unexpected road win. Scott Walker with three points on a goal and two assists. Dude has been straight up balla the last two games.

Nashville 1 San Jose 1
I'll take the tie. Scott Walker with his team-high 4th goal. Doing work on that first line! I'll especially take the tie because the Sharks are 5-0 heading into this game.

Markus Naslund is Player of the Week. Loved that trade for Edmonton and the Oilers are right at .500 at 4-4.

Add Carolina to the ever growing Mattias Ohlund rumor list.

The Mattias Ohlund and 3rd to us rumor pops up again, but this time it involves Vitali Yachmenev and a couple prospects. We'll pass. We really can't afford it.

Phoenix joins the Henrik Sedin rumor mill. I know I'm reporting on Vancouver players here, but they're the ones with the most buzz right now.

Nashville 3 Vancouver 4
Grr. At least it wasn't an implosion this time. Martin Erat our lead point scorer in the game with a goal and an assist.

Denis Arkhipov again needs a meeting with Le Capitan. I'm getting a little sick of that business, so let's see if anyone's interested in him. But first...

Colorado 3 Nashville 2
The Avalanche are Cup contenders so no shame in this year. Simon Gagne with both our goals. We got raped on the shorthanded game, allowing two power play goals that proved the difference.

Nashville Predators receive
C Chris Drury
Colorado Avalanche 2004 5th round pick

Colorado Avalanche receive
C Denis Arkhipov
R Adam Hall*
D Tomas Slovak*

What this means for the Predators
Nashville is trying to raise its overall talent level by sending out its prospects as deal boosters. 25 year old Drury is immediately the Predators' best center right now and he'll immediately step into the first line, the first power play line, and the first shorthand unit. In fact, he's the Predators' best player period. The 5th round pick is only a bonus.

What this means for the Avalanche
Colorado clears out Drury's $2.3 million a year contract and get more playing time for Stephane Yelle. Arkhipov is a cheap one year 22 year old prospect, probably worth more for his restricted status than anything else. The 18 year old Slovak instantly becomes Colorado's top defensive prospect and probably one of the major reasons for the deal, for the future. Hall is a throw-in.

Winner: Nashville
Eventually the Predators' accumulation of better players will pay off in more wins and playoff berths. It just hasn't happened yet.

San Jose Sharks on an 8 game undefeated run. We're rumored to trade Vitali Yechemenev to the Rangers for prospects. Simon Gagne gets a chat with the captain. Minnesota rumored on Henrik Sedin.

Roman Chechmanek is picking up rumor steam. The Kings (twice), Panthers, and Canucks have all been cited as destinations. The Thrashers, too, before Atlanta sniped Mike Dunham in the waiver draft.

Nashville 4 Florida 5
I want to punch something. 3 points for Chris Drury in his Preds debut - a goal and 2 assists, but we once again lose at the end. I think that's the third game this season that's happened.

Ryan Johnson is traded to Carolina for the Hurricanes' 2002 3rd round pick. Florida busy collecting picks it seems. I don't feel like looking up Johnson so I won't.

Brenden Morrow of Dallas is Player of the Week. Stars are 6-3-1-1. Too bad they're in the same division as San Jose, which is still unbeaten at 6-0-3.

Minnesota again rumored for Henrik Sedin.

Halloween, a night I'm used to starting pro basketball. Instead, it's the end of the first month of the regular season. We're hosting Chicago, and I really want to beat the Blackhawks. I need to know I'm doing something right here.

Nashville 4 Chicago 2
A goal a game so far for Chris Drury. Cale Hulse comes out with two assists for our game points leader. I must be doing something okay.

$1.76 mil. profit the first month. Great to see!

Brett Hull of the Detroit Red Wings is Player of the Month, Vaclav Nedorost of the Colorado Avalanche Rookie of the Month.

Stephen Peat of the Capitals suspended 12 games for hurting somebody. Good thing Jason Blake got picked up from the Islanders for the 2003 3rd rounder. Oh wait, they don't play the same position. Never mind.

So we're back to $3.2 million in cash. I'm going to wait to scout, though, even if that's the first thing you're supposed to do.

So after 11 games, we're 4-5-1-1, which gives us 10 points and has us out of the playoff chase at the moment, as 14 points is the price of admission. We're third in our division, behind Detroit and St. Louis. San Jose is still 6-0-3 and unbeaten, but they're a point behind Dallas because the Stars have played three more games than the Sharks.

Nice rebound by the Coyotes. They're 6-4-1-1 and one of the 14 point teams in the playoffs. 7-4-0-1 (Remember, OTL is the last one in the way I do it) Edmonton is tied with Colorado for their division, but 14 point Vancouver has one less game played.

In the East, Carolina is somehow 7-2-1, but it's the Toronto Maple Leafs who are the talk of the NHL with their 8-2-0-1 mark for 17 points, the East's top seed. They're also 7 points ahead in their division, as 5-6 Montreal is the second place team. Yeah. That's not something I expected. San Jose's unbeaten streak at least makes some sense.
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Denis Arkhipov scores a goal for Colorado in their 4-3 win over Vancouver on November 1st. San Jose beats Pitt 5-4 to keep the unbeaten streak going to 10 games.

New York Rangers 1 Nashville 3
Our power-play kill unit still sucks, but we get the win due largely to Scott Walker's two assists. Firs time we've won two in a row this season. Awesome to finally get some wins going. Theoren Fleury got his 1,000th career point against us. Cool. I remember I loved him with the Flames back in the day.

Here's another Mattias Ohlund to us rumor.

Nashville 1 Anaheim 2
68% passing. Ugh. How the hell do I get it up? We really should have won this game.

Alexei Kovalev of the Penguins the Player of the Week. Vaclav Varada is traded for the third time this year, now shipped to the Flames for a 2002 third round pick.

A late surge gives the Sharks a 4-4 tie @ Vancouver to preserve the now 12 game unbeaten streak.

New York Islanders 4 Nashville 2
So much for that brief glimmer of hope. 65% passing to 89% for the Islanders. Help, anyone?

Scott Hartnell's chatted up by our too busy captain. Looks like I may need to make trades at some point.

New Jersey 4 Nashville 1
Back to back = doom. We got up to 71% passing, but the Devils were 90%.

San Jose wins in St. Louis. 13.

Mattias Ohlund to Nashville rumor #9000.

...The Columbus Blue Jackets of all teams, beats San Jose 5-4 to hand the Sharks their first loss of the year. Wow. Then again, the Sharks were on the road and on the back end of a doubleheader. Understandable, but still a shit team to stop the streak to.

[b]Roman Chechmanek[/b to Buffalo rumor. Petr Sykora has been trade rumored a lot lately too - Carolina, Boston, Toronto. Out of our price range, though.

Boston 4 Nashville 0
Now we're just plain not scoring. Not defending. We just suck.

Teemu Selanne of San Jose is Player of the Week, despite the Sharks having lost two straight after a thirteen game unbeaten streak.

Ottawa and Washington are riding 7 and 6 unbeaten streaks. Wake me up when they reach double-digits. Pittsburgh on the Mattias Ohlund possible destination list if they weren't already.

Simon Gagne just isn't happy here. He misses Philadelphia. I hate to trade him, but we may have to.

Washington's Chris Simon with a 12 game suspension. Kings rumored for Mattias Ohlund.

Atlanta 1 Nashville 3
Finally a win. Martin Erat with a goal and a point. Simon Gagne's up to 6 goals, our team high. He also has the team high in points with 15.

I think Sergei Krivokrasov needs to go. He's not happy here and he has a team worst -8. I'll give him a few more games, though.

Nashville 2 Columbus 0
Sergei Krivokrasov and Scott Walker with the goals. At least we can beat the shitty teams. Two wins in a row, whoop, whoop.

I'm not going to report prospect for prospect trades, I've decided. They don't interest me.

Chicago in the Mattias Ohlund rumor mill. Honestly, is there a team he hasn't been linked to?

Nashville 2 Detroit 2
How's this for a great tie? Steve Yzerman scores two goals, both assisted by Brendan Shanahan and Brett Hull, and we rally for the tie off Simon Gagne and Andy Delmore goals.

Those two goals help Steve Yzerman to Player of the Week. Ottawa's now on a 9 game win streak. I'll pay attention now.

Detroit 3 Nashville 1
Disappointing, but understandable. Chris Drury with our lone goal.

8 game unbeaten streak for Detroit.

10 for Ottawa.

Nashville 6 Phoenix 4
Big game for Sergei Krivokrasov with two goals to bring his season total to 7. Scott Walker and David Legwand each pick up two points. Nice win, especially since we were down 4-3 at one point.

Prospects and a 2nd round pick from Colorado for Scott Hartnell, rumor mill? How about no.

Edmonton on the Petr Sykora rumor wagon. New Jersey 9 games unbeaten.

11 for Ottawa, 5-1 whipping of Flames. 10 for New Jersey. I think 10 for Detroit now too, though I might be mistaken.

Nashville 3 Chicago 3
Simon Gagne and Chris Drury with two points each. Sergei Krivokrasov now has 3 goals in two games. A bit disappointed, but at least it wasn't a loss.

..Shit. Team captain Stu Grimson tries talking to Sergei Krivokrasov and Double K tells him to fuck off. I have a headache now.

12 for Ottawa, road win over Montreal. 11 for New Jersey, a much more impressive road win over San Jose.

Marc Savard Player of the Week. Too bad Calgary sucks hard, with 22 points in 26 games. By comparison, we have 20 in 22 games.

Tampa Bay 3 Nashville 3
Make that 21 in 23 after we let the Lightning flash back to a tie. Heh. Oh look, Sergei Krivokrasov is now our team leader in goals scored with 9. What to do, what to do.

Vancouver's lost 7 in a row. Trade rumors have quieted down, but it looks like now's the time they need to shake it up. Or maybe not 7 in a row lost, but 7 in a row without a win.

I've decided I won't do player for pick trade mentions either. They're the only trades where it doesn't link to the player, and the guy involved usually isn't worth all that much anyway. There's also a bug where the transaction doesn't get listed in the player's history, so the V.V. dude who's been traded a gajillion times won't show as being traded even once.

Nashville 5 Edmonton 4
This is why it's so damn hard to mull trading Sergei Krivokrasov. Another two goal game to be at 11, three points overall, said point total matched by David Legwand. And we beat a pretty damn good team in the Oilers.

Marc Moro wants to be considered a regular player. I care not.

Matt Johnson of Minnesota with a 9 game suspension.

Marc Crawford fired as head coach of Vancouver, to be replaced by Ted Nolan. If my memory of prior plays are correct, Crawford will then be the next coach hired after someone else gets canned.

New Jersey's at 12 unbeaten now I think.

Buffalo again rumored for Roman Chechmanek.

St. Lous 4 Nashville 5 (OT)
Do the Snoopy Dance as Chris Drury and Simon Gagne each score 2 goals, both netting a Predators season high 4 points in a game. Whoot! A road win against the Blues makes it all the better. Maybe they just needed some time to gel.

The Canucks win Ted Nolan's debut, 5-3 at home vs. Toronto.

$644k profit last month. Every little bit helps.

John LeClair of Philadelphia is Player of the Month, Ilya Kovalchuk of Atlanta Rookie of the Month.

We've got to play through the games on the 1st of the month before I can save, so we're on the back end of a doubleheader, facing off against the Blues on our ice.

Before that happens, New Jersey ties San Jose for longest season unbeaten streak at 13 games, hosting the Islanders to a 6-1 cornholing.

Nashville 1 St. Louis 5
Considering Chris Mason started in goal, this result surprises no one.

10-11-4-1 (Just one OT loss so far) gives us 25 points and temporary possession of the #8 seed. 24 point Phoenix has two games in hand, though, so the Coyotes will probably gallop past us.

18-6-2-1 Detroit has 39 points, tops in the West and the NHL, as hot shotting New Jersey has 37 points at 17-4-3. Ottawa's streak made them 14-6-1-3 and at 32 points, they've taken the division lead away from Toronto with two games in hand on the Maple Leafs to boot.

I promise to get some contextualizing statistics up next post, but for now I'm headed to bed. ...At almost 4 am. Damn this addicting freeware game.
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Okay guys I know this sounds bad but I have never played EHM. Where is a reliable safe download link for the Free game?
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Originally Posted by cubboyroy1826 View Post
Okay guys I know this sounds bad but I have never played EHM. Where is a reliable safe download link for the Free game?

Fhockey - Home of Eastside Hockey Manager
Like Steam? Join the FOFC Steam group here:

Need an FOFC Alternative? Try the forum over in the FOFC Steam group.
Direct link to the group above or Google FOFConSteam.

FOFC Steam has group chat available at all times.

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Thanks for the assist in helping cubboyroy score the freeware EHM, PilotMan.

So, Jaromir Jagr of the Capitals, who I remember from his Penguins days, is tied with John LeClair of Philadelphia for the goals lead with 19. Martin Straka, who *is* still in Pittsburgh, leads in assists with 23. Jagr and Petr Sykora are tied for the points lead with 38.. and Sykora's trade rumored left and right. Things that make you go hmm.

The top four +/- guys are all from the Flyers, led by LeClair and Eric Desjardins. Ottawa's Radek Bonk is balla with 8 power play goals, teammate Martin Havlat tied with Milan Hejduk tied in power play assist lead with 12. Those assist totals mean those two are tied for PP points with 16.

D Rob Blake of Colorado has the highest average rating at 8.88, one of an appropriate 8 players to be 8 or higher. Correct that - 8 position players who ranked 8 or higher. There's also 7 goalies who have that honor, led by Dominik Hasek of Detroit's 8.86. Tomas Vokoun is among that with an 8.05 average rating. Hasek's 2.20 goals allowed average has him #1 amongst starting goalies, though a couple of backups - Carolina's Arturs Irbe (1.96 - 10 starts) and Philly's Brian Boucher (2.09 - 5 starts) better him.

So who other than Vokoun is rocking socks?


Okay, so Sergei Krivokrasov is our goals scored leader with 11, Simon Gagne the only other double digit guy with 10. Gagne also leads us in assists with 16, followed by three guys with 13 (Chris Drury, Scott Walker, and David Legwand). Needless to say, it's Gagne as our clear points leader with 26, followed by Walker with 21 and Drury with 20.

Walker's our highest average rating at 7.58, one of five Predators at 7 or above. #2 is waiver draft pickup Wade Belak, making me feel better about sacrificing Bill Houlder.

So yeah, we're about where we are, a mediocre team who is probably playing a small bit above our heads.

We're rumored for Arturs Irbe for two scrubs and Vitali Yachmenev. If he wasn't 34 and on a 4 year, $2.3 million a year contract, I'd seriously consider it, cuz the old man got some skills.

I'm going to skip all the team captain meeting mentions too, unless we get a repeat offender or unless it's serious.

I can't help it. Jason Blake traded again, now to Toronto for a third round pick.

Jaromir Jagr wins Player of the Week to no one's surprise. Dude has been on fire lately.

14 unbeaten streak for the Devils.

Vancouver 3 Nashville 3
Nice job of Karlis Skrastins to save our asses with a late goal. Chris Drury with a goal and an assist.

Edmonton in the Petr Sykora rumors. Personally, I think New Jersey's nuts if they trade him, but that's just me.

15 games unbeaten for New Jersey.

Calgary 2 Nashville 4
Here's Tom Fitzgerald of all people with 2 goals, impressing the hell out of me. Petr Tenkrat and Sergei Krivokrasov pick up 2 points each, including Krivokrasov with his team high 12th goal.

16 games unbeaten for New Jersey.

Edmonton 3 Nashville 5
Surprise road win on the back end of a doubleheader - Vitali Yachmenev of the oft-rumored trade block nets 2 goals and Simon Gagne picks up 3 assists, including on Scott Walker's 10th goal of the year.

Vancouver 7 games unbeaten. Yeah, that's not even half what the Devils are doing. Amateurs.

Marc Moro whines again. This is me so over it and trading him to Anaheim for the Mighty Ducks' 2003 3rd round pick.

17 games unbeaten for New Jersey.

Vitali Yachmenev rumored traded to Islanders for scrub package. Not happening.

Jeremy Roenick of the Flyers Player of the Week.

Minnesota 3 Nashville 0
Ridiculous. No two ways about it. Then again, we stole a couple wins we shouldn't have, so I can't get too pissed.

18 games unbeaten for the Devils. Very impressive. I'm tempted to make a Colin White joke for Pumpy, but I know shit about the NHL these days. Guess that makes me an asswhite.

Nashville 4 New York Rangers 2
Chris Drury picks up his 10th goal of the year and Scott Walker, Andy Delmore, and Kimmo Timonen all get two points each to counteract Theoren Fleury's 2 goals. Andy Delmore reached his career high in points already with 15. I laugh at his press conference about seeing his idols breaking records and now he is too. At least we won.

Calgary in the Henrik Sedin rumor mill now.

Nashville 7 Calgary 2
Holy shit! Season high for Predators for goals scored! David Legwand with 4 points - a goal and 3 assists. Other goal scorers - Karlis Skrastins, Andy Delmore, Simon Gagne, Stu Grimson, Chris Drury, and Sergei Krivokrasov. Beautiful, beautiful win.

19 unbeaten for the Devils.

Buffalo the inverse - 5 game winless streak.

Nashville 4 St. Louis 4
I'll take the tie against a superior Blues side, especially on a back-to-back. David Legwand is on fire again with a goal and 2 assists. That's 7 points in just two games.

Oilers on a 7 game winless streak. Don Hay fired as Flames head coach and sure enough, Marc Crawford is the hire. Detroit's Luc Robitaille wins Player of the Week.

Trade Offer
Nashville Predators receive
C Marcel Hossa
G Olivier Michaud

Montreal Canadiens receive
L Scott Hartnell
Nashville Predators 2002 4th round pick

Seriously? An up and coming 19 year old for prospects? Where's my Hell No button?

But since the Habs are in the mood for talking...

I send prospect Jordin Tootoo and our 5th round pick in the upcoming draft for D Sheldon Souray, who I like a little better than Mark Eaton, who by the way, has the lowest average rating on the team at 5.73. Souray, 25, comes in at 6.58 and will replace Eaton on the second line, second power play, and short handed second line.

Montreal 2 Nashville 4
Sheldon Souray gets an assist in his Predators debut, against his former team, but the real story is Vitali Yachmenev getting 3 points on a goal and two assists. The trade was worth it just for this road win alone.

21 game unbeaten streak for the Devils, who also do us the favor of beating Phoenix 6-2.

Craig Button fired as Flames GM. Gerry Sheehan hired in his place. Daniel Sedin rumored to the Islanders.

Toronto 4 Nashville 3
Bleh. Back end of a doubleheader which meant Chris Mason in goal. All three of our scores came on power plays, which I guess is a good thing, considering we had 3?

Devils streak finally ends at 21 games, a 5-3 road loss to the Florida Panthers.

Philadelphia 4 Nashville 3
Ugh, ugh. OT loss so it's a point, but still damned annoying. I'm so mad I don't care about Vitali Yachmenev's 11th goal of the season.

Milan Hejduk of Colorado earns Player of the Week. Cliff Ronning get his 500th assist. Carolina's winless in last 6.

Henrik Sedin rumored to Florida, Roman Cechmanek to Kings gossip.

Nashville 3 Colorado 5
Two power play goals allowed after the 40th minute and we blow a 3-2 lead.

Boston the latest in the revived Henrik Sedin trade rumors. We've had a few waiver claims throughout the season, but I'm too lazy to start tracking them midseason.

Hot damn, Calgary on a 12 game winless streak. My childhood faves just can't get it sorted. Is Jarome Ignalia available?

Nashville 3 Anaheim 4
Good grief. Two power play goals allowed that proves the difference maker in this one. A game we had no business losing. Any Delmore career high in 6 goals. I care not.

Colorado 4 Nashville 2
Back-to-back and on the road against better opponent = loss. Blah. 3 game losing streak.

Mark Eaton is mad about his lack of PT. I need to think about this some more. Our shorthanded situation has sucked.

Colorado 9 games unbeaten. Yawn. Dallas 8 games unbeaten.

Mike York of the Rangers wins Player of the Week.

The good news is, even with the losing skid, we've got the #7 seed in the West right now through 39 games. We're 15-14-6-4 (4 OT losses) for 40 points. 38 points is the lowest playoff seeding, belonging to game in hand Vancouver. Beyond the Canucks, though, we're looking in great form to make the playoffs this year, provided we can turn this thing around.

New Jersey's tied with Philly for the division and East lead with 55 points, even with their amazing streak, but the Devils have 2 games in hand on the Flyers.

If I remember right, one of my favorite parts of EHM comes up next month. I'm so jazzed, both to be holding down a playoff spot roughly halfway through the year, and to finally be reaching that exciting part of the year.
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Great read so far as usual. So what ever happened to this game? Sounds or looks like it was ahead of its time.
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Long story short, Riz signed on to SI Games and they released a couple commercial versions of EHM that were deeper (but not to my personal taste). Piracy, unfortunately, killed the series.
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Okay I downloaded the Setup file version 1.16 but I am not sure how to update with the 1.17 and 1.18 files? When I unzip the file and try to extract it to the EHM file I still open the game and get 1.16 for the version. I am sure I am doing something simple wrong. Any ideas?
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Nevermind I figured it out.
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One last question. What add-ons would you guys recommend for the Freeware version of the game?
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Honestly I'd stick with 1.16. I believe 1.17 and 1.18 have issues with them that caused most people to go with 1.16.

I haven't used add-ons myself so can't say.
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Now you tell
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$595.8k profit last month. We now have $4.517 mil in cash, but $2.468 mil. in the red for the year, probably because of the staff I dumped.

Jaromir Jagr and Ilya Kovalchuk repeat as Player and Rookie of the Month respectively.

Mark Eaton's bitching about PT again. We're 1-3 without him in the lineup, so he finally wins his argument. Too bad Sheldon Souray would have to clear waivers to get to Milwaukee.

Nashville 3 Vancouver 3
Another late goal allowed, along with two power play goals. Simon Gagne nets two goals of his own, but it's still frustrating not to win a game we should have.

Dallas 9 game unbeaten streak. New Jersey still has 21 as the season record, and since we just started, universe record.

World Junior Championships (U20)
Here we go! One of my favorite parts of the EHM season. We have three prospects going, but I don't care. I didn't draft those guys so it doesn't matter. I'm all about finding the hot new guys I want to pick for my team.

Sweden's the favorite to win it all.

Ottawa is the latest Petr Sykora rumor. 8 game unbeaten streak for Colorado. A couple of fat contract extensions, the most critical of which is Evgeni Nabokov signing a 4 year, $3.5 million per deal with the San Jose Sharks.

Curt Fraser out as Atlanta head coach. George Burnett takes over, breaking the cycle that predicted Don Hay as the new Thrashers top man.

Chicago 4 Nashville 1
Another two power play goals allowed. I don't know what we need to do in order to kill the power play, but this is definitely hurting our playoff hopes, not to mention being super annoying.

4 year, $9.5 million per for Keith Tkachuk of the St. Louis Blues and a whopping $11 million a year for two years for Paul Kariya of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Put that in perspective - our entire team payroll is $26.1 million, so Keith and Paul, each by themselves, would make almost half our payroll and the two combined would leave us only $6 million for everyone else.

Ryan Hammond of the US gets a hat track in the opening game against Belarus. The Ohio State right wing is ranked #116 in the CSB rankings. Germany's Bastian Barkai scores two goals in his own opener, though I forget against who. The left wing is ranked #25 overall and will definitely be in our sights for a first round pick. Both players go on the short list.

Nashville 9 Buffalo 0
That's one way to get our frustrations out! Two goals each for Sergei Krivokrasov and Chris Drury, the latter also assisting on two for a total of four points. Scott Walker, David Legwand, Vitali Yachmenev, Simon Gagne, and Martin Erat were the other scorers in this record-setting victory. One of those goals was Krivokrasov's 100th. Mark Eaton got a career high in points with 12 after an assist.

$6 million a year, 3 year deal for Byron Dafoe of the Boston Bruins. Eric Lindros has managed to stay healthy shockingly and wins Player of the Week. $6.5 mil, 1 year for Brian Boucher and the Flyers. A comparatively cheap $5 mil, 1 year for Jarome Ignalia with the Flames.

Steve Ludzik fired by the Lightning as head coach. Atlanta sacked their GM but I care more about the coaches than I do the GMs. Al Arbour is hired in Tampa Bay. Don Hay and Craig Button, the former Flames head coach and GM, are still jobless.

I try to see if Calgary can be talked into parting with Ignalia. Sadly, no.

Kjell Bystrom of Sweden catches our attention after the 6-3 win over Norway on Day Two. 2 goals and 2 assists for 4 points. He's ranked #67 left wing.

Vancouver 7 Nashville 2

$7.5 million a year for 5 years for Radek Bonk, who got a nice extension from the Senators, even though he doesn't seem all that thrilled in Ottawa. Money talks, though.

Calgary 4 Nashville 1
Now we're not just getting beat, we're getting beat bad, and by bad teams.

Finland/Sweden, Slovakia/Germany, Russia/Japan, Canada/Czech for the U-20 QFs. USA got screwed by Germany for a quarterfinal spot.

Edmonton 4 Nashville 3
Two assists for David Legwand, but we're in the need of a major shakeup, I think.

Finland pulls off a major 5-4 upset of Sweden. Kjell Bystrom gets his 5th goal of the tournament and an assist, but it isn't enough.

Slovakia edges Germany 5-4 and there's a number of good looking prospects on the Slovak team - Vratislav Jedlicka, Ondrej Turczany (#17), and Borek Prucha (#108). Can't find Jedlicka in the rankings, so perhaps he just missed draft eligibility this year.

Oh look, the Canadiens making the same stupid trade offer as before. Go away, Montreal.

Russia beats Japan 6-3, which is no surprise. Canada finishes the Czechs 6-3 behind three power play goals.

Finland/Canada and Russia/Slovakia semi-finals. I'm betting on Canada/Slovakia final with Slovakia winning it all.

Calgary linked to Henrik Sedin.

San Jose 5 Nashville 3
Slide continues. I don't like Scott Walker's name because it's the same as an asshole governor of Wisconsin who needs to be recalled. Greg Johnson with his 100th goal. I don't care.

Darcy Tucker of the Maple Leafs wins Player of the Week, but everyone ignores that because they're talking about...

Nashville Predators receive
R Petr Sykora

New Jersey Devils receive
R Scott Walker
L Scott Hartnell
R Petr Tenkrat
R Timofei Shiskanov
D Jonas Andersson

What this means for the Predators
Nashville wasn't one of the destinations for Sykora, which makes this deal stunning. The Predators have been in a swoon and they aggressively react by acquiring Sykora, who recently signed a $3.4 million, one year extension. Set alongside Chris Drury, Nashville now has a pair of young franchise forwards to build around.

What this means for the Devils
Sykora surprisingly didn't get a longer deal which may have played into New Jersey's willingness to trade him. So what did the Devils get? A promising 19 year old left winger in Hartnell, a capable veteran in Walker, another young player in Tenkrat, Nashville's best prospect in Andersson, who recently played for Sweden in the World Junior Championships, and another prospect in Shiskanov. Walker and Tenkrat will be the Devils' #2 and #3 right wings, Hartnell the #4 left wing.

Winner: Draw
Nashville gets another star talent to go with Drury, while New Jersey gets the kind of depth that could very well deliver them the Cup. The Devils are now believed to be happy with all of their position situations.

Canada knocks out Finland 6-3. Four players with three goals so far this tournament. That's some serious balance. But Russia prevents me from a perfect Final and also upsets my champion pick Slovakia 6-3. Gregor Merkulov snags three points, including goals 4 and 5. Don't see him in the ranking list either.

Now Sheldon Souray is upset about PT. He and [b]Mark Eaton[/b just can't co-exist it seems.

Finland sneaks past Slovakia 5-4 to win the Junior World bronze medal.

Steve Yzerman gets his 1,000th assist and Brendan Shanahan gets 1,000th point in the same game. Pretty damn cool. Would have been even more awesome if the two happened on the same play, but alas it didn't.

Nashville 3 Calgary 4
2 points for Petr Sykora in his Preds debut, but another god damned loss. And it wasn't even an OT loss.

Canada wins the World Junior title, beating Russia 6-4.

David Legwand gets career high in goals and points. I don't care. I'm depressed. I forgot how much I suck at this game.

I shortlist all the top point scorers from the Junior World Championship in addition to those I've already listed, and send our elite scout to check them out.

Phoenix 5 Nashville 4
OT loss. 3 assists and a goal for Simon Gagne, but who cares? It's another defeat. It's also Gagne's career high in assists with 33.

It's the 18th. Let's pause here before we lose again and I get bitchslapped by media criticism and get even more Eeyore.
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Sorry for another thread jack but I was wondering if there was a strategy guide out like there is for FM?
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Fhockey - Home of Eastside Hockey Manager has some stuff.
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Petr Sykora is named to the All-Star Game as part of Team World, but it seems like such a hollow victory right now.

Nashville 9 Boston 2
That helps. A lot. Sergei Krivokrasov sets a team season high with 5 points on 2 goals and 3 assists, David Legwand gets 2 goals and 2 assists, and Andy Delmore and Petr Sykora each dish out 3 assists. That's a new career high in assists for Legwand with 28.

We're rumored to be sending Vitali Yachmenev to the Flyers for Ruslan Fedotenko and a 3rd round pick. I'm not liking it. We're much stronger on the right wing than the left wing.

Craig Conroy Player of the Week. Too bad Calgary sucks.

Nashville 5 Chicago 3
A goal and an assist each for Petr Sykora and Chris Drury. Maybe a little home cooking and some adjustment time is what we needed. I'm pleased to report that Sykora is loving it here in Nashville. He's the clear #1 guy and he's flourishing in that role.

St. Louis 8 games unbeaten.

Trade reported.

Edmonton Oilers receive
C Alyn McCauley
Toronto Maple Leafs 2003 4th round pick

Toronto Maple Leafs receive
D Sean Brown
L Jason Chimera
C Dan Baum

What this means for the Oilers
The 24 year old McCauley brings defensive punch to the Oilers' center position, which they lacked in a major way before picking him up. It's a shrewd acquisition to fill a void.

What this means for the Maple Leafs
A stay at home defenseman, the 25 year old Brown's best attribute isn't so much his defense, it's his obscenely cheap $800,000 a year for the next 6 years contract. Chimera, 22, doesn't excite, but considering Shayne Corson and Gary Roberts are both 35, the Leafs needed some sort of youth injection here. Baum is a scrub prospect.

Winner: Edmonton
The Markus Nasland trade has worked out ridiculously well for the Oilers (23 goals, 28 assists, 51 points, +2, 7.53 rating - which is #1 in goals, assists, and points, and #2 in average rating on the team), and this one has all the potential of being another great deal. Nice long-term financial move by Toronto, but now their defense at center is looking weak.

Nashville 4 Atlanta 2
Goal and assist each for Petr Sykora and Chris Drury, 2 assists for Kimmo Timonen. Admittedly we're not winning against great competition, but we're still winning.

Detroit 4 Nashville 3
Blowing 3-1 leads piss me off. Even against a Cup contender on the road.

9 game unbeaten for St. Louis. Edmonton's 2-0 since their deal.

Nashville 2 Colorado 2
We outshot them 4-0 in OT, but couldn't pull off the win.

Head coach Barry Trotz tells the news media he loves prospect R Owen Garrow. Yeah, like we're getting the #9 prospect. Then again, the rankings have shifted from the junior world championships.

Kjell Bystorm - #67 - #68 (-1) - 3* prospect by SS - regular
Ryan Hammond - #116 - #121 (-5) - 2* prospect by SS - core
Bastian Barkai - #25 - #28 (-3) - 3* prospect by SS - regular
Vratislav Jedlicka - ? - #47 - 3* prospect by SS - regular
Ondrej Turczany - #17 - #17 (Unchanged) - 3* prospect by SS - regular
Borek Prucha - #108 - #110 (-2) - 3* prospect by SS - minor leaguer
Greg Murkulov - ? - #44 - 2* prospect by SS - regular

The star system is on a 1-5 basis and the minor/regular/core are projected max ceiling roles by the scout. Hammond's interesting in that he's a 2* prospect, probably because of bad consistency, but his 86 shooting potential is likely what makes him a core player projection.

Things to keep in mind - even super scouts will disagree, so it helps to be able to have two or three scouts rotate through the draft prospects so you can triangulate them.

Also, I should have scouted my own team so I'd have an idea of what prospects might play well with the current guys on my squad. This is why the #1 rule of freeware EHM is to scout your own team ASAP and then other teams, so you can get a sense of who would fit where chemistrywise, because chemistry plays a major, major role in your team's success.

I should add that I have done none of these things, instead going after talent upgrades and hoping for the best.

I've scouted more players than the ones listed here, including the guy who's currently ranked the #2 prospect, and who my SS thinks is a franchise player in the making, but I wanted to focus on the World Junior Championship guys.

I'll do a fuller look at the prospect shortlist next post.

Mike Grier wins Player of the Week. Panthers on 7 game winless streak.

Dallas 4 Nashville 3 (OT)
Disappointing OT loss. We allowed 3 power play goals. Way to piss away Vitali Yachmenev's 2 goals and assist.

I just realized Sergei Krivokrasov played for the Predators in the first two years of the franchise's existence, so we brought him back home. Pretty cool, even if he hates being here.

Alain Vigneault is out as Canadiens coach. Brian Sutter takes over.

Anaheim 3 Nashville 2
Just couldn't rally, despite Petr Sykora's goal and assist.

So we're now 19-21-8-7 with 53 points, which ties us for the 7 spot with Vancouver, but the Canucks have 2 games in hand on us and will probably pass us up. Anaheim, who we just lost to, has a game in hand as well, but they're 3 points off the pace at 50. Don't count out Phoenix and Los Angeles making a charge, either, as the Coyotes and Kings have 4 games in hand on us and 46 points, a 7 point differential that can easily be made up with 3 wins and a tie/OT loss.

The trade deadline is drawing near, I think, so we're going to have to make some difficult choices. Do we make the push and try to get in the postseason, deal off some of our veterans, such as Krivokrasov, and stockpile for the future, or do we sit tight with what we have?

If the season ended today, we'd face either Detroit or Colorado in the playoffs. I'd rather the Avalanche - I feel like we match up better against them than the Red Wings.

55 games down. 27 more to go.
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870k profit last month.

Canadiens offer us a straight up trade of D Karlis Skrastins for D Stephane Quintal. I think about it for a moment, but Quintal is 33 years old and owed $1.95 mil. for the next 3 years.

Pierre Turgeon of Dallas is Player of the Month, Pascal Dupuis Rookie of the Month.

Los Angeles 3 Nashville 3
Another blown 3-1 lead, but at least it wasn't a loss. Petr Sykora in all 3 scores with a goal and 2 assists. He's really helped elevate our team.

And one of the long rumored players is finally traded.

Phoenix Coyotes receive
G Roman Cechmanek

Philadelphia Flyers receive
D Matthew Spiller
C Krys Kolanos

What this means for the Coyotes
$3.3 million a year for 4 years is quite a long contract for Cechmanek, but he's a starter quality goalie, who, most significantly, is a comparatively spring chicken 30 to Sean Burke's 35. Two starter capable goalies is critical for both the postseason push and the playoffs. Great going for it move while ensuring staying strong the next few seasons.

What this means for the Flyers
20 year old Kolanos is some much needed youth at center when everyone else is 30+. Spiller is a whatever prospect. Nice salary reduction for Philadelphia, too.

Winner: Draw
Benefits for each team, but the measure of this trade for the Coyotes will be if they can get into the playoffs the next few years.

Alain Gosselin is praised by Barry Trotz and he does look like a great offensive defenseman so we add him to the list.

We also execute a trade

Nashville Predators receive
D Zdeno Chara

Ottawa Senators receive
D Sheldon Souray
R Denis Platonov
C Oliver Setzinger
C Gustav Grasberg

What this means for the Predators
Chara, 24, immediately becomes Nashville's top defenseman on the defensive side of things, and the Predators' best overall D. Picking him up at his reasonable $1.1 million a year for the next 3 years also allows for team worst +/- Mark Eaton to finally be pushed out of the regular lineup. 1st line/2nd line PP/1st line SH for Chara.

What this means for the Senators
Chara was -8 and Ottawa is just picking up prospects here to see if any of them pan out. The Senators appear to be high on Grasberg and they're hoping to get some sort of pick compensation from impending RFA Souray, who should also see some ice time again.

Winner: Nashville
The reason the Predators are in this playoff hunt is because of GM Izulde Jestor's aggressive pursuit of talent, and this is another case of it.

Oliver Setzinger is thrilled about getting his rights traded to the Senators. Glad to make you happy, Ollie.

Pierre Turgeon of the Stars wins Player of the Week.

Columbus 0 Nashville 3
Simon Gagne gets in all 3 points with a goal and two assists. I think this is the first shutout we've had in a long time, maybe even all season. Zdeno Chara paying off already. Gagne gets point 60 today, setting a new season career high.

Mattias Ohlund trade rumors are back on after months of silence. Montreal's the new speculated destination.

Alexei Vasiliev wants to be a regular player. Not happening, buddy.

6 game losing streak for the Rangers.

Nashville 3 Columbus 3
Disappointing tie against a team we should have beaten handily, but it's another blown 3-1 lead. Petr Sykora now has 47 assists, a career high. We're rumored for Mattias Ohlund.

North America 13 World 8
A goal and 2 assists for Petr Sykora, but the North Americans embarrassed the overseas players. Keith Tkachuk (St. Louis Blues) continues his fantastic season, winning MVP.

The defenseman rumors continue, us now linked to Bryce Salvador of St. Louis.

Rod Brind'Amour of Carolina wins Player of the Week.

Power just went out and we're getting major thunderstorm coming in sounds like, so I'll take a break here.
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Trade to report.

Edmonton Oilers receive
C Robert Lang

Pittsburgh Penguins receive
LW Ethan Moreau
D Alexei Semenov

What this means for the Oilers
Lang, 31, fills Edmonton's gaping need for a legitimate, offense-first, first line center. It's another impressive acquisition by a club that is quickly becoming one of the most interesting of the season.

What this means for the Penguins
The 26 year old Moreau is a nasty hitter and a defense first player. Had some attitude issues with the Oilers that made him expendable. Semenov is a vanilla 20 year old prospect.

Winner: Edmonton
Another stellar trade by the Oilers, filling one of their few holes and getting rid of a chemistry problem in the process. Brilliant what they're doing in Edmonton.

Nashville 4 Phoenix 5
...A game we absolutely had to win and we blow it in the 51st minute, giving up a power play goal. Not happy, not happy at all.

Sergei Krisokrasov with a career high 49 points, but whatever. Edmonton creams Vancouver 8-4 and I'm starting to thin the Oilers are possible West contenders.

Dave King fired as Blue Jackets head coach, Alain Vigenault hired to take his place. 7 game winless streak for Minnesota.

Daniel Sedin rumored to Islanders.

Devastating blow to Carolina, losing Jeff O'Neill for 5 months to injury. They're still a probable lock for the playoffs, but I think any hope of making noise just went out the door.

Nashville 6 San Jose 3
A goal and 2 assists for Petr Sykora, 3 assists for Chris Drury. Good rebound effort.

8 game winless streak for Columbus, the head coach change having done nothing.

I've decided I'm only going to note head coach firings. GM firings just don't interest me. Maybe I already said that. Anyway Scott Gomez of the Devils wins Player of the Week.

Nashville 2 Carolina 1
A rare win with Chris Mason in goal. We really should look at upgrading our #2 goalie situation, but on the other hand, I feel like our basic core is still young, so we shouldn't make any hasty moves.

Nashville 6 Detroit 3
We just went off in the third period, scoring three goals to win this one going away. Karlis Skrastins deserves a lot of credit, scoring the game-tying goal and assisting on two other goals for a team high 3 points.

Daniel Sedin rumored to Atlanta.

Washington 4 Nashville 3
Tough OT loss, but it was on a back to back, so I'm not too upset about it. Adam Oates burned us with a hat trick. Petr Sykora set a new season high with 82 points, which currently leads the entire league in points by 1 over Jaromir Jagr, Martin Straka, and Keith Tkachuk.

Barry Trotz praises Jean-Francois Lafontaine. Sure, we'll scout him.

12 game win streak for New Jersey. So much for missing the NHL points leader.

Mark Eaton is bitching about ice time. I trade him to the Thrashers for an upcoming 2nd round pick, where he'll possibly figure in the first line.

Nashville 3 Minnesota 3
Nice work by Simon Gagne, who scores two third period goals to take us from a 1-3 deficit to a 3-3 tie and avoid an embarrassing home loss.

Robert Lang wins Player of the Week. Hell of a way to make an impact on your new team, Robbie.

14 game unbeaten streak for New Jersey.

Nashville 2 Los Angeles 3
We allow 2 power play goals and our rally fails.

That loss now has us out of the playoffs, with the team ahead of us holding the same # of points (65), but a game in hand.

That team? Yep, that's right.

The Phoenix Coyotes.
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