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December 1736
The two Silesia provinces becomes cores. My infamy is now gone. Now I just need my monarch to die so I can start some wars.

February 1738
One of my allies is attacked. Toulouse is attacked by Dauphine. Dauphine is allied with Chapagne, Nevers and Muscowy. I care not about French allies...

March 1738
I diplo-annex Milan, giving me a direct presence in Italy. I wasn't planning on diplo-annexing any more, but I with the clock ticking down, I'm not going to worry about my relations with my vassals. In fact, I do have a plan for them....mwahaha...

My infamy jumps to 4, but is still falling at 0.25 per year.

April 1739
School charter (Event). Gain a University in Manhattan.

June 1741
Naval Tech to 33. Can build Heavy Frigate.

November 1741
Emil II has died. He was the Holy Roman Emperor from November 5th, 1704 to November 4th, 1741.

August Wilhelm I (A: 8, M: 7, D: 7) is the new Emperor. He has proclaimed that one way or the other, the Holy Roman Empire will be whole.

March 1742
Colonize the East Indies province of Demak.

Found Indian Trade Company (National Decision). +200 ducets, +1 Merchant, gain Shipyard in Warmia. For the rest of the game: +1 Merchants a year, +10% Merchant chance, +10% Compete chance, +5% Nat. Trade Income, +4 Trade Tech Investment.

My tech got high enough for me to colonize so far way, and I jumped at it so that I could do the national decision.

Pass Joint-Stock Companies Act. Merchantilism +1. For the rest of the game: +2% Trade Eff., +3% Compete chance. (+4% Merchant cost, but I turned that off).

May 1742
I canceled my alliance with Lüneburg, then canceled Military access, and then canceled my vassalization. The then DoWed them (Trier guaranteed them).

June 1742
I annex Lüneburg.

August 1742
I demand Trier to be my vassal. They accept. My infamy is now 10.8. (started out at around 2). That didn't work out as well as I thought it might.

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September 1742
Colonial Expansion (National Decision). -3 Infamy Limit, -3% Colonist cost, +3% Colonial Growth.

October 1744
Land Tech to 36. Can build Latin Dragoons and Latin Hussars.

January 1745
It really is hard to be expansionist in the HRE. As much as I have expanded, and despite the CBs you get as Holy Roman Emperor, the "Unlawful Imperial Province" does hinder your ability to expand and form Germany. That's why I've been pushing to the Imperial reforms, it's just not happening, and I don't get Imperial Authority nearly enough to try more than few times. I learned a lot about being in the HRE from this dynasty. Had I known it all, I would have tried to be far more diplomatic. It seems my expansionism and the fractured religious element (half of the HRE are Catholic, the other half is Protestant, with a few being Reformed) is preventing the measures from going forward.

It'd be easier if the Emperor never got the "Unlawful Imperial Province" penalty. Much easier, so not sure I'd want that, but it would be interesting to see a large Emperor suddenly get voted out, and then have a ton of unlawful provinces to deal with.

At least I broke up France. That's win by itself.

July 1745
I declare a Colonialism war on Norway to remove them from North America.

August 1745
Mazovia did not answer out call.....they will pay.

Freisland and Sicily have entered the wars.

December 1746
Brabant annexes Freisland.

January 1747
Mazovia agrees to be my vassal and pays 425 ducets. 25.5 Prestige, 4 Infamy.

February 1747
Norway cedes Mahican and Beothuk, and pays 250 ducets. 2.6 Prestige, 2 Infamy. My infamy is now 15.9.

July 1747
As I thought, Freisland is given to us. I release.

I decide to release a few others as well. With only about 70 years left, I'm not going to conquest and diplo-annex my way to a unified Germany or HRE. Instead, I'm going to spend money, money, money or improving my relations with HRE nations, and use my military to subdue those who are not part of the HRE. Brunswick, Portugal and Great Britain are the major colonial players.

With releasing Milan, Oldenburg and Münster, my infamy is now 0.

September 1747
With the Imperial Authority I get from releasing a few HRE nations, I try the Hofgericht reform again, and it passes. +2 yearly Cultural tradition, +0.01 Infamy.

There are 5 more reforms, with each costing 50 Authority. Even if they all pass on the first time, that would cost 250 Authority. Not sure where I'll get that from. Having monarchs rule for 50-60 years (instead of ~20) really cuts into the amount of authority you gain.

November 1749
I declare war on Austria. Nationalism CB. Genoa, Burgundy and Naxos side with Austria. Austria has been in a decades long war with Muscowy and are very weak.

January 1750
Naxos offers White Peace and I take it.

May 1750
Genoa wants a white peace and I take it.

July 1750
Burgundy renounces some claims and gives 125 ducets. 1.6 Prestige, 0 Infamy.

August 1750
Founding Father in Winnebago (Event). Someone in the colonies wants them to be free....bah, he can't do any harm. +3 Local Revolt risk, +20% Local Tax.

September 1750
Austria becomes the Papal controller.....not for long.

October 1750
I've looked all over and don't see any Austrian colonies. I'm stuck at 99%. The Ledger says Austria has just under 40k troops. They must be in Muscowy somewhere. Time to go hunting...

January 1571
Founding Father in Missouri. He can't do any harm either.

June 1751
Took out 2k in Vologda. The ledger has them down to 22k. They have taken a lot of Muscowy provinces. I wonder if that's what's holding this up. I help out Muscowy and start taking back provinces for them.....Prussia and Muscowy working...together?

December 1751
All of my allies are giving White Peace to Austria. Lot of good that'll do, I hold all of Austria's provinces.

January 1752
Land Tech to 42. Can now build Fort 5.

May 1752
I found the main Austrian force deep inside Muscowy. Naval Tech to 35. Can now build Indianman.

September 1752
Finally catch up with the main Austrian force. They were cornered in the south of Muscowy. By the time I got to them, attrition had done most of my work for me.

November 1752
Colonial Company founded (Event). 2 colonists appear in Jicarilla (middle of North America). Nice, a bit of help in expanding west.

Austria's army has been eliminated. Still at 99%. Must be these Muscowy provinces.

February 1753
Hmmm....ledger said "0" for Austria's forces. All of their provinces are under my control, but somehow a cavalry unit magically appears in Muscowy...(Methinks the AI loaded up the console and typed in a cheat code)

December 1753
Corrupt Governor in Neue Hamburg. Replace him and repay the people. gain 1 revoltrisk in Neue Hamburg, lose 100 ducets, -1 Local Revolt risk for rest of the game.

Austria eliminated from Muscowy. I hoping I could annex them, but it won't let me. Says the cost of their provinces is too great. Ugh, total BS. Ok, I just Linz, Ostmarch, Pressburg and Krain. 0 Prestige, 8 Infamy.

That makes my Infamy 8, but thanks to some of my provinces becoming cores, even though I took 4 from Austria, I'm still losing Infamy every year (-0.69).
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January 1757
Canadian Quest for Independence (Event). Canada gains cores on Ottawa, Algonquin, Nunavik, Cree, Sault, Abitbi, Moose Cree, Ojibwa, Attawapiskat. Lose 1 colonist (didn't have any! Ha!) 2 Colonials rise up.

April 1757
Land Tech goes to 43. White Coat, Blue Coat, Redcoat and Frederickian Infantry.

September 1757
Naval Tech to 37. Build Archipelgo Frigate.

January 1579
Declared war on Austria. Nationalism again. Modena, Burgundy, Aragon and Genoa join in.

July 1759
Burgundy is given a White Peace.
Genoa is given a White Peace.

September 1759
Gov Tech to 41. Another Idea. I take Bill of Rights. -2 Revolt Risk.

October 1759
Couldn't do much with Aragon. They would have given me two provinces in Africa, but would have taken 8 Infamy. I just tell them to concede defeat and they do. 5 Prestige.

November 1759
Naval Tech to 38. Can build Threedecker.

December 1759
Modena takes White Peace.

January 1760
Enact Prussian Military Reforms (National Decision). Land Attrition -10%, Discipline +20% (for the rest of the game)

February 1760
Still can't annex. I take Graz, Sopron, Somogy and Szolnok, leaving Austria with just Wien. 75 ducets. 0.8 Prestige, 14.0 Infamy. Since only 1 of them is an imperial province, my infamy will keep dropping. But at 17.7, it'll take some time.

January 1762
I see that Mexico has been is in the North West of North America. From Alaska to Seattle.

May 1762
The colonies in North America now border Brunswick's colonies.

April 1764
Mazovia accepts our offer for diplo-annexation. They are not imperial provinces, so after that initial bump in Infamy (now to 17.9), there's no monthly penalty.

February 1765
Declared war on Austria. Nationalism. Several nations come to Austria's aid. Cologne, Burgundy, Genoa, Hesse, Modena and Sicily. Of course, I bring my horde.

Bavaria comes in by way of an alliance with Sicily.

July 1765
Annex Austria. 20 Prestige, 4 Infamy.

Bavaria accept peace. 650 ducets. 5.6 Prestige, 0 Infamy

August 1765
Burgundy and Genoa White Peace.

December 1765
Peace with Cologne. They will release Hannover and pay 425 ducets. 5.8 Prestige, 0 Infamy.

January 1766
Modena accepts White Peace.

March 1766
Hesse accepts a deal to become Protestant. White Peace with Sicily ending the war.
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Europe 1767
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North America - 1767
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September 1767
Louisiana's Quest for Independence. (Event). Louisiana gains cores on a dozen provinces, lose 1 colonist and 6 colonials rise up in Stadacona.

April 1768
Land Tech to 47. Can build Royal Mortar.

October 1769
We discovered a spy from Bohemia. I declare war.

Lorraine comes to their aid. Venice, Ferrara and Armagnac refuse my call. I will not forget this.

November 1770
Bohemia will cede Moravia (connecting Prussia with the Austrian provinces I took). Pay 1200 ducets and convert to Protestant. 24.7 Prestige, 4 Infamy.

Now my infamy rises 0.01 per year. It's at 24.1. I release Anhalt to get it down to 22.1, but then I forgot it was a core already so it's not going to save me any yearly infamy. Whoops.

January 1776
Gov Tech to 47. Constitutional Republic available.

September 1777
American Quest for Independence (Event). Cores all over the place. lose 5 colonists. I Promote Cultural Unity in Manhattan and Neue Hamburg and America loses its core in both provinces.

September 1778
I was given the province of Trent, and release it as Tirol. Infamy down to 20.4.

January 1779
I'm pretty much just coasting to the end now. My goals were to control the Papacy, but I convert to Protestant pretty early. To be the Holy Roman Emperor and I've had the spot locked up for centuries now. To create Prussia, which I've done. And to trade, and while ti was tough for the first few hundred years, my merchants have been dominating the CoTs for quite some time. I wasn't planning on being expanionist, but I ended up doing that anyway.

The Austrian provinces don't become cores until the beginning of the 1800s, so there won't be much time to do much after that.
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July 1780
Land Tech to 50. Fort 6.

October 1781
I Claim the throne of Muscowy. Because why not?

May 1782
Switzerland has attacked an ally and I answer the call. (And I plan to just let my vassals handle it.)

October 1782
Burgundy gets a White Peace.

December 1782
Dauphine gets a White Peace.

June 1783
Switzerland annuls several treaties and pays 300 ducets. 6.1 Prestige, 0 Infamy.

October 1783
We lost our claim on Muscowy's throne.

April 1786
Since my Infamy is holding at 20.x, my merchants have been getting booted out of CoTs left and right. I'm down to having 5 merchants in 3 CoTs It was 6 CoTs.

August 1788
Switzerland is again attacking my allies. This time they will pay.

November 1788
Gov Tech to 50. Another Idea. Scientific Revolution. Tech Cost -10%.

June 1789
Land Tech to 52. Latin Cuirassiers.

October 1789
Switzerland annuls a few treaties and gives 125 ducets. Not much I can do to them without taking Infamy.

May 1790
Brunswick is losing the American south west. the UPCA has been formed and are taking all of their provinces the area.

May 1792
Gov Tech to 51. Enlightened Despotism.

April 1793
Land Tech to 53. Carabiners, Uhlan Cavalry, Reformed Latin Hussars, Flying Battery.

September 1800
Land Tech to 55. Impulse Infantry, Square Infantry

June 1801
Land Tech to 56. Drill Infantry, Jaeger Infantry.

January 1802
Brazil in formed in Africa. Heh.

Paraguay is also formed, pretty much where Brazil should be. Peru is formed where it's supposed to be, and Louisiana is formed in Mexico.

January 1804
Linz, Ostmarch, Pressburg and Krain are now cores. My Infamy (18.0) will now start dropping a lot faster (1.24 per year).

June 1804
Land Tech to 58. Mixed Order Infantry, Latin Chasseur

September 1805
Gov Tech to 55, Bureaucratic Despotism.

October 1806
Land Tech to 59. Latin Lancers, Napoleonic Square.

January 1807
Gov Tech to 57. Revolutionary Republic.

July 1807
Emperor August Wilhelm I is dead. He ruled from November 4th, 1741 until July 13th, 1807.

His heir, Albrecht I, takes the throne. A:4, D:3, M:7.

A pretender rises. 7 regiments rebel in Memel in support of Benjamin von Bimback.

The pretender is crushed.

April 1808
Britain is dealing with a lot revolts. Cornwall has been liberated. THey have Cornwall and Gwynedd.

February 1809
The Scientific Revolution Continues (Event). Government is Vital. -2.5% cost to Gov Tech.

March 1810
Graz, Sopron, Somogy and Szolnok become cores. I also have Sopron, Somogy and Szolnok join the Holy Roman Empire.

July 1810
Emperor Albrecht I is dead. He ruled only for 3 years, from July 13, 1807 to June 28, 1810.

A Regency Council will rule until Heinrich I (8 years old) becomes of age. A:3, D:6,M:6

September 1812
I diplo-annex Lorraine. If the conversion to Vicky 2 goes well (which I doubt), I'm going to need that province to form Germany so I might as well take it now.

May 1814
Plock and Mazoria become cores and join the Holy Roman Empire.

December 1814
Gov Tech to 61. Another Idea and Revolutionary Empire. Espirit de Corps. +25% Discipline.

August 1815
Wien becomes a core.

April 1816
And Wales once again is free! I guarantee the independence of Wales and Cornwall.

July 1816
Heinrich I von Hessen officially takes the throne.

March 1818
The USA is formed in Quebec. They take two of Britain's provinces (they had been controlled by rebels for awhile), ine from Denmark, but they took one of mine! That does not rock!

October 1818
Peace terms with the USA. They will renounce all claims on my provinces (they can keep their claims on Britain's though). They pay me 25 ducets. They can keep the province of Innu, but they are now my vassal. 12.7 Prestige, 3 Infamy.

November 1820
Gov Tech to 65. Another Idea. Improved Foraging. -50% Land Attrition. Not that it really matters.

January 1821
Moravia becomes a core.
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Europe 1821
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North America 1821
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Tried a few versions of the converter and none of them would work. Read through some of the thread on Paradox's web site and it's still a work in progress. I thought maybe it would produce something playable, but no.

So, that ends this dynasty. Achieved most of my goals. This was the first game I've played all the way through as a Holy Roman Empire nation since I think the first expansion. Being Emperor gives tons of bonuses, but a lot of penalties and limitations. And not being Emperor must really make you feel claustrophobic. It was fun, but don't think I'll do that again.
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That's a shame re: the converter, but this was a great read.
Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.
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Agreed, enjoyed reading along.

Thank you!
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This thread is probably as much to blame as anything for me picking up HOI 2 over the weekend ... so thanks for that (I think ).

Might as well throw out a question too, since the games are so similar. How was Vicky 1? It should run on my nearly antiquated computer, son thought it looked interesting but I don't recall whether it was a bug fest or not.
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Not a bug fest, it's pretty stable. Like most Paradox games, once they get an expansion or two into it, they become pretty solid.

Here's the dynasty I did for a Vicky 1 game last year. Once More Unto The Breach: Prussia (V:R) - Front Office Football Central

The biggest issue, and for the most part, only issue, I had with Vicky 1 is that the POPs don't change on their own. You have to split them or promote/demote them yourself. That gets very, very tedious. And very time consuming should you have a large nation. Aside from that (and you only really need to do it once in awhile), it's a fun game. More focused on economics than the other Paradox titles.

(Insert standard warning of a steep learning).
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I actually got the latest version of the convertor to work....well, "work". It produces the right provinces, most of the right nations (A dozen or two are wrong, such as Castille is now Finland, Wales is Scotland, Muscowy is Russia but that's at least explainable).

I could go through and try to edit the save file, but the convertor is still incomplete. All of the nations are absolute monarchies is just one example. Perhaps in several months, this dynasty will be reborn.
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Old 05-19-2011, 07:15 PM   #66
Abe Sargent
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A good read!
Check one of my current weekly Magic columns!


As of 8/15/13, my old column at StarCityGames is BACK TO WEEKLY BABY!
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