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Carolina Panthers : 1985-??

It all started when I found a copy of Front Office Football 2007 on my hard drive, long ignored, and with it the draft files and NFL rosters from every season, lovingly curated by nilodor.

I sat down to play through every season from 1985 onwards, to see how different history might have been.

Why '85? Well, this was the year my parents got their aerial fixed so that we could get Channel Four in the UK, the upstart channel that showed American Football, and other stuff too.

It was like a magic portal in to another dimension had opened. A dimension filled with colourful giants, with immense strength, speed and grace. The teams had exotic names like Buccaneers, Patriots, Oilers and Bengals.

I was hooked immediately, and every bit of my pocket money was spent on whatever I could find relating to the game. Books, magazines, cards, caps, games. I learned the players name, imagined the games not covered in the meagre 60 minute highlight show. I listened to live broadcasts on a Sunday night through Armed Forces Radio, and sometimes if the Niners were playing, woke at 2am to listen to Jack Buck and Hank Stram call the Monday Night Game through a radio hidden under my pillow.

Firing up the game with high expectations, there was a moment of disappointment. Uncomfortable disappointment. There were the rosters, there were my heroes (Montana, Rice, Craig, Lott) but who was that on our schedule?

Seattle? Not Minnesota, who the 49ers opened with in 1985, a 28-21 defeat that signalled that the SuperBowl winners were going to have a hard time repeating. But the Seahawks. And there again, in Week 14.

Oakland, Carolina, Arizona and the Chargers in Anaheim ... not what I was expecting from a 1985 rerun.

Those expansion team rosters were just terrible - this was defintely going to make it easy for the Colts and the Titans to find an easy path to the playoffs with Jacksonville and Houston in their division. Wait ... Warren Moon and the Titans?

How did this happen?

I know that it is all about the game and it's rigid 32 team structure, but how could I make sense of this in 1985's terms? Should I overlook it as an abberration? Perhaps just keep my fingers crossed that Jim fixes this in his exciting collaboration with Out of the Park Development?

Or embrace it.

Embrace it and tell the story of why this happened and how this new branch in our history unfolded in the coming years. With Jerry Rice safely on the roster with Joe Montana, I could take comfort in some of the certainties of my replay . But what would it be like to be an expansion team without an expansion draft?

I didn't take the easy path - I could have taken the Jaguars or Texans played through with an expansion divisional rival, and a likely game against the Ravens thrown in each year.

No. How about Carolina? Winless in my 1985 replay ...

How about Carolina ...

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Sounds of static, snatches of music. The unmistakeable sound from moving through the frequencies on an AM radio.

ANNOUNCER : … we contacted the senator's office, but he declined to comment.

You are listening to WCTZ Charlotte on 873 AM, the first for Sports Talk across the Carolinas.

IDENT : WCTZ Drivetime with Kenny and The Bear.

THE BEAR : Hello out there. Charlotte, Greensboro, Myrtle Beach ... across the Carolinas. It's 5 o'clock, it's Monday December 23rd 1985 and it's time for Drivetime here on WCTZ.

And what do we have to talk about tonight? Well our top story tonight is simply this ... it happened, the final game, the final nail ... Carolina Panthers football has achieved notoriety and infamy after just one season. 16 games, 16 defeats. Our question today is should we rename the team from the Panthers to the Kittens?

KENNY : Ha ha, I hear what you are saying Bear, but I've been scratched up by a Kitten but I don't think these Panthers would trouble a butterfly. Panthers? How about the Cotton Puffs?

THE BEAR : We joke, of course, we hate the situation and we know there are some good people who worked hard to bring professional football to Charlotte, but you've got to ask - when will football arrive? Because this ain't football, folks.

KENNY : Do you know I got asked yesterday by my buddy whether I thought the Panthers would win a game next season, and I told him "this is the NFL, baby, and that means Not 'Effin Likely".

THE BEAR : Alright alright, who is to blame, Kenny? 16 games, 16 losses, and in very few of those games were we even in with a chance at half-time.

KENNY : Well, I blame the NFL and Pete Rozelle himself. He got so scared by the USFL, the lawsuit and all their money and he panicked and gave a team to every city that threatened to fall in with Trump. First he gave the green-light to Tennessee to move out of Houston, St Louis to move out to Arizona and the Chargers to move back to LA, and then Baltimore and Houston came calling to ask for their NFL teams back. 28 became 30 and next thing you know Jacksonville and Charlotte have an ownership group, investment, a stadium, and then a team!

THE BEAR : It was very fast. In May we had just the Tar Heels and by July we had the N-F-L. They brought with them a lot of money though, the new owners.

KENNY : A lot of money for the lawyers fighting the USFL and none for their teams to sign decent football players.

THE BEAR : Yes, it was sudden - too late for the draft and free agency, the league was 32 teams strong. Well 28 strong, and four that could barely lift weights.

KENNY : And the realignment? I mean Seattle forcing a move to the NFC? The Colts out of the East? I mean I know it made no sense to have Tampa Bay in the Central and Atlanta in the West, but in a moment the league ignored tradition and changed our game.

THE BEAR : Four new teams, Kenny, and there wasn't the talent to go around.

KENNY : Four new teams and no expansion draft. I mean how are you supposed to build a team from the left-overs in Training Camp. I think every win by the expansion teams was a little miracle in itself.

THE BEAR : Don't go forgetting Al Davis.

KENNY : Al 'freakin Davis. Of course. Midnight, 30th June. He announces the team is moving back to Oakland. Back to Oakland! He's not done being sued for moving them out of Oakland in the first place, and he wants to go back. Did you forget your keys, Al?

THE BEAR : Maybe he left the gas on at home?

KENNY : Maybe he didn't like the neighbourhood in LA.

THE BEAR : But you got to love the sound of the 'Oakland Raiders'.

KENNY : Oh, yeah - now that is tradition. That's them done for sure, I can't see them ever leaving that city now. They know where their home is.

THE BEAR : We knew the Panthers didn't have much of a chance at the beginning of the year, and maybe things will be different in the future, but I hoped for at least two wins. Maybe three.

KENNY : Nah-ah. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Nuthin'. No wins. And we played like we deserved less than that.

THE BEAR : True true. The one thing that makes me feel better about our situation is that the Texans didn't win a game either, and they got to play Jacksonville twice this year.

KENNY : Jaguars, Texans, Ravens, Panthers - four names that scare exactly no one in the NFL.

THE BEAR : Except for the Giants.

KENNY : Ha ha, the Giants!

THE BEAR : Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Leonard Marshall, Phil Simms, Joe Morris …

KENNY : The New York Football Giants

THE BEAR : Bill Parcells and his 10-0 record, down in Jacksonville.

KENNY : Still my favourite moment of the year. His face, his face. Mouth open. Speechless. I mean have you ever seen Parcells speechless?

THE BEAR : 19-14 the Jaguars win it, their second victory ever, putting the Mighty Giants in to the same bracket as the Houston Texans.

KENNY : I mean the shock, the humiliation, they lost to a bunch of Division 1-AA rejects, and then they can't do anything right. Washington, Minnesota, Philadelphia, all defeats.

THE BEAR : They lose the division, and now they got to play the Packers in the wild-card. Green Bay in the snow next week instead of a week off getting ready for, I don't know, the Redskins or the Saints or something. Awful. The embarrassment!

KENNY : What's the name of their Defensive Co-ordinator? Billy-tick?

THE BEAR : Bill Belichick

KENNY : Belly-wig?

THE BEAR : Belichick

KENNY : Whatever, it don't matter. Parcells looked so mad at him, he will be coaching Junior College in Wyoming next season and we won't hear from him again after these playoffs. I'm as sure of that as I am of anything.

THE BEAR : OK, I have Ted from Raleigh on the line. Ted, what do you think of them Panthers?

TED : Panthers? I think if we signed that pink cartoon panther he'd probably make the roster ahead of these guys.

KENNY : At least that cat is pretty cool under pressure. Our QB fumbled snaps every time a team showed blitz.

TED : The offensive line wasn't going to stop it.

THE BEAR : We're talking about Retzlaff? Dennis Retzlaff? 14 interceptions. 8 touchdown passes.

TED : I heard he was on a pay to play contract, so he didn't want to get hurt.

KENNY : Pay or play contract, I think, and he chose the pay, because he certainly couldn't play.

TED : This team really sucked, and I'm glad the season is over. Every contract has expired, right, so the owners better not re-sign any of them and get some guys who really care next season.

KENNY : Some of these guys looked like they'd never been in uniform before.

TED : Yeah, yeah - 100%. I mean I'll go next season, because we see some great players down here. Just none of them wear blue and silver.

THE BEAR : Thanks for the call Ted. Now is that Jay in Roanoke?

JAY : Hey there.

THE BEAR : Hello Jay, what do you think of the Panthers?

JAY : Yeah, they are so bad. Some days it was funny - guys falling over each other, when the corner forgot to put on his helmet and walked off the field to get it leaving his man open. If you see their games as comedy, then it was worth every cent.

KENNY : I was crying some weeks, but I wasn't laughing.

JAY : Do you think they'd let us play Houston the day before the SuperBowl, just to see which team actually sucks the most?

KENNY : The problem is that it might never end. Nuthin' - nuthin' in quadruple overtime. They might still be going when Rozelle flips the coin in New Orleans the following day.

JAY : It would be a good way to give something back to the fans. I think we could take Houston. Udeze was a good player, they aren't going to get past him in the secondary.

THE BEAR : Rickey Udeze? Strong safety out of Indiana? You are right, he was one helluva player. Carried the defense on his own some weeks.

KENNY : Shoulda carried them to the bus station and sent them all home.

THE BEAR : Thanks for your call Jay. Now we've got Larry in Rowan County. Larry, how bad were the Panthers?

LARRY : Hi, Kenny, Bear - first time long time. I love the show.

THE BEAR : Very nice of you to say that, I promise I won't cut you off.

LARRY : Ha, well my point is this. Jerry Richardson, the owner.

KENNY : Yes, that's the man, Richardson. He owns some restaurants, grew up here.

LARRY : He seems like a good man, loves the area, makes his home here. He's not some guy who made his money some place else who wants to buy in to a glamourous NFL team, like that guy at the Niners. He's one of us, right?

KENNY : Yes, one of us. I saw him at the games, head in his hands, living and mostly dying with every numbskull play.

LARRY : Right, he is Carolina through and through. My question why did he do this to us? I mean we're a punchline to every New York or LA comic right now. People won't have any respect for us.

KENNY : It's a good point. Richardson knows the game, as well. He was a receiver in Baltimore in '59.

LARRY : That right? Has he still got his cleats? I think he can probably play better than the chumps we had out wide this year.

THE BEAR : And there it is people, football is done for now. In the next hour we will talk about rumours of an NBA team coming to Charlotte and we ask is there anything that Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson can't do after he tells CBS that he plans to play professional baseball and football in 1986.


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NEWS REPORTER : ... surgeons were able to save his arm in spite of horrendous gun shot wounds. The young man, McKissick, told this station he is just glad to be alive after the nightmare shooting, and says that he has no anger or desire for revenge. He told me he plans a career in politics to serve his community, once he has recovered.

NEWS ANCHOR : That is an admirable young man. Remember the name of Floyd McKissick.

And that's the news hour on 10th January 1986, good night.

IDENT : WCTZ 873 AM, the finest Sports Radio station in the Carolinas.

THE BEAR : Hello there sports fans, it's time for Drivetime with Kenny and the Bear on this cold January evening.

IDENT : From Elizabeth City to Charleston, from Asheville to Wilmington, this is Kenny and The Bear with all of the best sports talk across the Carolinas.

THE BEAR : It may be cold here, but it's going to be heating up in the NFL this weekend as we reach Conference Championship Sunday. Four teams fighting to make it to New Orleans, Louisiana for SuperBowl XX. The San Francisco 49ers host the Philadelphia Eagles with both their championship and their unbeaten record on the line, whilst in Denver, John Elway and the Broncos take on the AFC surprise package, the Indianapolis Colts. We want to hear your views later in the show, we want you to tell us who you think will win.

KENNY : I know who I think will win.

THE BEAR : Kenny, you are always sure, even when you are mistaken.

KENNY : That's my job, Bear, that's my job.

THE BEAR : OK, let's get in to this then. Starting in the NFC the 49ers and Eagles will surprise no one that they have reached this stage.

KENNY : It's been business-as-usual for Bill Walsh and the Niners. Montana to Rice has been an easy connection all season long and they coasted through last week's game against the Packers.

THE BEAR : Green Bay, of course, who had performed a miracle with an overtime victory over the Giants on Wild-Card weekend, had no magic left.

KENNY : Miracle you say? The Giants played terribly down the stretch, going 2-5. I'm telling you I think Parcells might be out in New York.

THE BEAR : He has survived so far.

KENNY : Sure, but tell me this - ever heard of a loveable loser from New York?

THE BEAR : Are you saying Parcells is loveable? KENNY : No, I'm saying that New Yorkers don't like losing, and that's all they got through November and December.

THE BEAR : It was Philadelphia who capitalised on the Giants slide, winning the NFC East.

KENNY : Nice pivot, Bear. That division was tough. I mean the Cowboys lost 9 games this year but apart from Minnesota and Arizona when it didn't count at the end, 7 of them were against teams who made the playoffs.

THE BEAR : But they needed to beat teams who did make the playoffs.
KENNY : They beat Washington twice.

THE BEAR : I don't know about the Redskins, they weren't much without Joe Thiesmann in there.

KENNY : Did you see the angle his leg was pointing in after that hit by Lawrence Taylor.

THE BEAR : He suffered a bad knee injury in Week 2 and missed a few games, then got benched in favour of Jay Schroeder, but he came out to take a few snaps at the end of the game in Week 17 and took a heavy hit.

KENNY : Snap is the right word Bear.

THE BEAR : There is still no word from the Redskins about their veteran quarterback's injury, and we are two weeks down the road from that game. Their season ended the following week in New Orleans, leaving just the Eagles standing from a very tough division.

KENNY : Very tough division with the 'easy' AFC South on their schedules this year, and I wonder if maybe their records and our expectations were inflated because of that.

THE BEAR : Good point, Kenny, but maybe if you spend all season taking shots from Philadelphia, Dallas and New York defenses, you've been softened up for your opponents in the playoffs.

KENNY : Sure, I'd much rather be rolling over the Lions, Buccs, Vikings or Falcons on a regular basis in my division.

THE BEAR : Niners over Packers, Eagles past the Saints last weekend. Bringing us up to date here for the NFC Championship.

KENNY : And how great is this game going to be? Montana vs Jaworski. Rice vs Earnest Jackson. Ronnie Lott vs Andre Waters. Man those guys can hit.

THE BEAR : I love that big kid on the line out of Tennessee.

KENNY : Reggie White? That rookie looks All Time to me. He is raw, but he made a huge sack to stop the Saints fightback last week. He took the air out of quarterback and the sound out of the SuperDome. All Time, I tell ya.

THE BEAR : He certainly has promise. Did you see what he did to Payton and McMahon up in Chicago earlier in the year.

KENNY : De-stroyed. Made Richard Dent look like a teddy bear. Man those Bears were awful this year.

THE BEAR : This time last year they were in the NFC Championship Game.

KENNY : And McMahon was like Joe Namath, promising that this was their year. Except his guarantees were like my brother-in-law's Nicaraguan investment schemes. Not worth the paper they were written on.

THE BEAR : Who will win Sunday? KENNY : The Eagles, 100%. This kid Rice will struggle. If they play zone then he will rip them apart, but the Eagles won't - they'll play man-to-man and get pressure on Montana. I guarantee that.

THE BEAR : And in the AFC we have the Broncos and the Colts. Denver lost 5 games, but they started really well. 7-0 until they met the 49ers. They lost 33-7 and finished the year 4-5, just snatching the division from Oakland.

KENNY : Tough division though. The Chargers and Chiefs were no pushover. Both were in the play-off hunt until the very final week. The Patriots almost beat the Broncos last week though - Tony Eason was great, his 68 yard touchdown pass gave them a 17-13 lead and at that point I was ready to write off Elway.

THE BEAR : Sometimes you need a bit of luck, and after Gerard Willhite fumbled inside the 10, it looked like it was New England luck.

KENNY : But the ball popped right in to the air and the Broncos' back caught it and ran in untouched to re-take the lead. That will probably be the biggest, most famous fumble in Denver's history.

THE BEAR : It was such a physical game, the Patriots couldn't find any more to hit back with and the Broncos won 23-17.

KENNY : I think that's the closest a team in the AFC will come to Denver. The Colts are a lucky team. Lucky to be in the same division as Tennessee, Jacksonville and Houston. That's six wins right their.

THE BEAR : Five this year, Tennessee beat them in Week 14.

KENNY : Oh yeah? Who else did they beat?

THE BEAR : They took wins against the Chargers and Cowboys at home.

KENNY : Neither are playoff teams.

THE BEAR : No, but they beat the Eagles 27-13.

KENNY : One lucky shot. Remember the Broncos beat them 35-6 in Week 4 and I am expecting a similar result on Sunday.

THE BEAR : The number one seed Pittsburgh Steelers might tell you a different story. That defeat sent shockwaves through Three Rivers.

KENNY : 3 point playoff wins over the Raiders and Steelers don't impress me. Who have the Steelers got anyway? Bradshaw, Swann, 'Mean Joe Greene'? Not any more. In that AFC every team won some and lost some in the final few weeks; only the Steelers won games they shouldn't have in December and lost a game they shouldda won in January. Season over, you've got to win your last three or four games otherwise everyone remembers you as a failure.

THE BEAR : Chuck Noll's four SuperBowls might be evidence that he is no failure.

KENNY : But that was a while ago, the game has moved on. I like this guy Reeves in Denver and he has a defensive genius there, Wade Phillips. It is Broncos all the way for me, the Colts will be lucky to stay within two touchdowns.

THE BEAR : OK, there you have it folks, we expect an Eagles-Broncos SuperBowl in New Orleans and the kid Jerry Rice that everyone else thinks will be a Hall of Famer some day, is going to be humbled by the Eagles defense.
KENNY : He's not as good as Lofton in Green Bay - stats don't lie. 1500+ yards and man could that Packer put up yards after the catch. Rice is the product of a system.

THE BEAR : Big talk from Kenny, and you'll hear more from him after these messages from our sponsors. Hey Ken, to give you a heads up I want to know from you whether Leonard Burton from SC or Joe Milinichik from NC State will go in the first round, as some are predicting.
KENNY : Definitely yes, and I'll tell you why in a minute.

IDENT : WCTZ 873 AM, Carolina Sports Talk Radio ...
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NEWS ANCHOR : and whilst the hamster remains at large, police are urging residents to remain alert. And that's the news on Monday January 27th.

IDENT : WCTZ Carolina, 873 AM, the first station on your dial for Sports Talk Radio in Charlotte. Drivetime with Kenny and The Bear.

THE BEAR : Hello good people of the Carolinas, this is Kenny.

KENNY : Hello.

THE BEAR : And I am the Bear. Today's top story can anyone beat the 49ers? After a dominant season Joe Montana and the Niners capped it off with a 38-28 SuperBowl victory over the Denver Broncos in SuperBowl XX.

KENNY : It was another snoozer, though, Bear.

THE BEAR : It was indeed, not much doubt about the result, it seems that America's Biggest Game is destined never to be America's Best Game.

KENNY : The adverts were, yet again, the highlight.

THE BEAR : That being said, watching Bill Walsh craft another master gameplan to complete a perfect season must have held some interest?

KENNY : Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, these guys are all just products of a system, but the man behind the system - he is the genius.

THE BEAR : That is two SuperBowl's in succession, they have lost just five games in the last three seasons, whilst winning 51, and they have three of the last five SuperBowls.

KENNY : Team. Of. The. Eighties.

THE BEAR : Is it too early to say that?

KENNY : No, I just said it. We have 5 more seasons in the 80s and no one is going to come close to them. I promise you.

THE BEAR : In this new era of free agency, that is a big claim. I mean we don't know what difference that will make.

KENNY : I doubt free agency is going to make a big difference. I expect the owners will find ways to keep player contracts down. It's in each of their interests, and the players will be the losers.

THE BEAR : Maybe that's another show, but lets look back at the Niners run to the title. After going unbeaten in the regular season, they beat Green Bay to set up an NFC title game with Philadelphia.

KENNY : Buddy Ryan and the Eagles.

THE BEAR : The Eagles Head Coach who of course dramatically walked out on the Chicago Bears last February.

KENNY : That got ugly in a hurry, didn't it. Ryan and his defense got in to a, er, celebratory mood on the flight back home to Chicago after the last NFC Championship Game. Ditka objected - he wanted everyone to be sullen like he is, but Ryan wouldn't be quiet. Eventually Buddy wouldn't stand it any longer and in front of the whole team he calls out the offense for failing to score.

THE BEAR : What was the quote? "We have a defense filled with legends and an offense who need a map to find the end zone."

KENNY : Ditka fired him on the spot.

THE BEAR : Buddy says he quit.

KENNY : There was no coming back from that one, and the whole team imploded.

THE BEAR : Buddy gets a job with the Eagles, they go 13-3 and face the 49ers again. And at 31-23 close to the end of the third quarter it appeared Buddy was going to lost out yet again.

KENNY : Look out, here comes Jaws.

THE BEAR : Ron Jaworski, the Eagles QB wasn't done and he tied the game with a touchdown and two point conversion as the quarter ended. Defense's then dominated, and after two consecutive sacks deep in their own territory, Jaworski was stopped in the end zone by Jeff Stover for a two-point safety.

KENNY : Buddy Ryan looked ready to cut Leonard Mitchell on the spot for missing his blocking assignments on two crucial plays, back to back.

THE BEAR : The Niners saw out the game, setting up a final with the Broncos.

KENNY : The Colts made them work for it, though. 10-9 going in to the final quarter, but the Broncos defense stepped up to the task and held Schlichter to just 6 plays in the final quarter.

THE BEAR : The SuperBowl was a blowout though, the Niners took a 21-7 lead early, and Montana sealed MVP yet again with 276 yards passing, 4 touchdowns and no interceptions.

KENNY : Perhaps the most dominant back-to-back pair of seasons in NFL history.

THE BEAR : So, our question, listeners, is can anyone stop them?

KENNY : Yes, of course they can.

THE BEAR : Really, is this not a dynasty in the making? They could play at this level for another five years.

KENNY : I'm not saying they are going to be a bad team in years to come. I'm just saying that you still have to have a lot of luck, avoid injuries, get good calls from the officials and avoid hot teams in the playoffs to have continued success, year after year. They won't always get that luck.

THE BEAR : Who is going to stop them? Philadelphia?

KENNY : Maybe, although they are going to need to find a young quarterback soon.

THE BEAR : The Giants?

KENNY : You know I don't like the Giants. They will be nothing more than first round playoff casualties.

THE BEAR : Surely no one in their division?

KENNY : No, no, not Arizona, Seattle or Los Angeles. That's 5 or 6 wins a year guaranteed.

THE BEAR : Then who?

KENNY : New Orleans maybe?

THE BEAR : New Orleans? One winning season in their entire history, and you think they are going to topple the team of the Eighties?

KENNY : I don't know. I was running out of teams and I didn't want to say the Cowboys.

THE BEAR : You know Bum Phillips left and his son too, in spite of making the playoffs.

KENNY : OK, OK - the Redskins?

THE BEAR : Do they have a quarterback?

KENNY : OK, so the NFC doesn't look that good. All good teams, but not elite, you are right.

THE BEAR : Now we are talking, though. The AFC is filled with teams who are dangerous.

KENNY : Lots of teams were in the hunt for the final playoff spots. You've got the kid Marino at Miami, Eason at New England, O'Brien at New Jersey and Kelly at Buffalo now. Four gunslingers all in one division. I really like what Kelly could do if you could put a team around him. And the rookie Bruce Smith.

THE BEAR : First pick in the draft last year.

KENNY : Yes, he is really very good. He makes quarterbacks and half-backs disappear with those long arms and terrific release from the line.

THE BEAR : OK, and we both like Denver in spite of this last defeat.

KENNY : And then the North is going to give you a tough game, with the Steelers, Browns and Bengals.

THE BEAR : But do you know who I like?

KENNY : Not Oakland?

THE BEAR : No. Tennessee.

KENNY : Tenneseee!!! 6-10 Tennessee!!!

THE BEAR : Yes, this new Head Coach, Jerry Glanville, he's exciting. Warren Moon.

KENNY : They guy from Canada?

THE BEAR : Yes, he has got an amazing arm, he just needs someone to catch that ball and I think they could have a dominant team.

KENNY : Just how late were you up celebrating the game last night? Because you seem to be delirious.

THE BEAR : OK, then, give me one team of your own. Five more years in the eighties, give me the name of a team that will make the playoffs every year, maybe two or three division titles and then reach the SuperBowl.

KENNY : Well, I'm going to go back to the East.

THE BEAR : Marino, you're going with Marino?

KENNY : No, no I'm not. Tony Eason and the Patriots will bring a dynasty to New England. He will become known as the greatest quarterback in history. They will play in Tony Eason Stadium in years to come.

THE BEAR : For real? Eason?

KENNY : It's a dead cert.

THE BEAR : I don't see the Patriots ever making a SuperBowl, let alone winning enough for a dynasty. The pressure is too much up there from the Boston sports fans. You have to be Larry Bird to survive.

KENNY : Raymond Berry - Hall of Fame Head Coach. I see it now.

THE BEAR : I honestly believe that Carolina will win a Championship before New England does.

KENNY : Really? The Panthers? You heard what they did with their first round draft pick this week, right?

THE BEAR : Yes, smart move.

KENNY : Smart move? They have the second pick in the NFL Draft, a chance to bring in a genuine star to right this ship and they trade it to Chicago!

THE BEAR : Yes they did, and what they got in return

KENNY : What they got in return was not a star

THE BEAR : Well I heard that they were trying to get a deal sorted for Richard Dent, but the Bears didn't want to lose cap space, whatever that means.

KENNY : Something to do with his long-term contract and bonus money the Bears would have to eat.

THE BEAR : Right, so the Panthers knew the Bears wanted to get up the draft so they swapped first round picks this year and took the Bears first round pick next year.

KENNY : Next year! We will be 0-16 and the Bears will be 13-3 and our second round pick will be mighty close to this extra pick we get. Is that worth trading down five spots this year.

THE BEAR : I heard the Panthers may not be done at that. They've said if they can stockpile other picks in later drafts they would be happy to switch out of 7th place too.

KENNY : They are going to miss out on my boy Jim Everett, and when he goes in to the Hall of Fame they will be very sorry indeed.

THE BEAR : We'll be back after these messages.
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Great start so far. Really engrossing stuff!
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