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Cool thing happened in sp fof

I'm hiring a new defensive coordinator and searching through the names. A former player in a real player roster set retires and enters coaching. He happens to be the best fit for my team.

When I look at the name I realize it is a former player I coached in junior high in real life about 15 years ago give or take. He has since went on to college and bounced around the NFL for awhile. I hired him in FOF of course.

Just kind of weird to think of a kid from real life a long time ago, popping up in my fake FOF universe and being the best coaching option for me in FOF.

What are the odds?
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Seriously though, those kind of things are awesome when they happen.
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I think null is when the odds are something like anything greater than >0.001%, and I'm not even sure if 'null' is the correct term, but you know what I mean. Technically, I think the odds of the name itself appearing in your league (or universe, as you wrote) aren't necessarily high, unless it's a really oddball name- and I don't know what it is, but I'm guessing it's fairly normal...?

What is really unusual however is that the name did appear and that you were the one to recognize, or observe, it. In that case it becomes exponentially less likely, concerning the odds. And the odds become even greater when you factor in the scenario (in the game) that you describe, and it essentially becomes almost a near impossibility, like a giant meteor hitting the earth...actually maybe even greater of an impossibility than that!

I just started playing FOF8 about 2 weeks ago, and one of my initial intrigues was the randomized, computer generated names. You know, looking for names I might recognize somehow (like you did), or simply laughing at some of the goofy combinations that popped up. For instance, my starting RB was named Colton Thuc (a Filipino name, I think), which is kinda normal maybe- but I didn't really like it, and since he was going to be on my team I decided to change it, ostensibly, for the better. This decision did run counter to my discretion towards fair, legitimate randomization (But hey, I still remember the original name, right?), but being my starting RB (and a rookie draft pick too) I really felt he needed a cool name, like Herschel Walker, Christian Okoye, or Walter Payton (some of my favorites from back in the day). So I changed his last name to Theery, a play off the word 'theory' as an ode to computer theory (or whatever, not that I actually thought too much about it- it just kinda popped up randomly anyways...LOL), and as the season progressed awhile, I eventually nicknamed him 'Blurry'.

Anyways, here's some goofy and/or sublime names from my randomly generated FOF8 universe (wonder if any are the same in yours...?)- Clay Hemingway, Dakota Carpenter (my starting FS, and he kicks ass), Dixon Whipple, Ken Maumalanga (that's actually a Tongan name, like Chris Maumalanga, who played in the NFL), Johnny Velevis, Santiago Keith (the number 1 rated QB in my league at the end of the first season with 4,338 yards (second best) and a 101.0 QB rating), Tim Kawai (from Paris, KY), and lastly (since I'm fatiguing while writing this essay), how about Eugene Al-Rudaini (the only Muslim name I've noticed during game play, after a brief scroll through names- LOL).

One more thing...the Super Bowl (FO Championship Bowl) in my league took place in Visalia, CA, in a non-existent stadium filled with 50,500 fans. What are the odds of that?
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