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Draft Lists

Alright, I'm a real noob when it comes to the OOTP draft lists in game, I usually use StatsLab or something similar.

I looked at the OOTP "manual" but it's still confuses me. Can someone walk me through it? What is the And/Or for? Seems like I should be able to just list players and it takes who's available, but the And/Or really confuses me.
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Young Drachma
Dark Cloud
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From the OOTP manual on and/or:

Using AND and OR
Each draft slot is connected with a drop-down containing the words "And" and "Or." These can be used to give some logic to your draft list, especially in cases where you have multiple picks in a single round. When draft list slots are connected with AND, the computer will attempt to draft as many of those players as possible in the selected round.

So, if you have 3 players listed, and 2 picks in the round, it will try to draft two of the three players. Players connected with OR will be automatically removed from the list as soon as one of the chained players is selected.

So then if you do what most of us do and just one preference list for an entire draft using Round 1 and then copy that list to future can set and/or to get the best available guy in that round without having to set it individually for each round. It's setup how it is assuming you're setting a different draft list for each round, but like I said..most of us are just doing a Round 1 list, loading a bunch of players into it and then copying that list for all rounds. Just makes life easier, as it's akin to a draft board rather than trying to set a 10th round preference list or whatever for each individual round.

I used to have OOTPUtilities installed in this league, then I moved the league to a different domain of mine and I haven't reinstalled. We never used it for the draft, but most of that is due to 1) my schedule and 2) the fact that we're drafting every other week in this league compared to a slow-cook league where maybe it happens less frequently.

One of these days, I'll get OOTPUtilities installed again for us though, because I liked having it.

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