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Oh I remember another criticism of the allpass: that it's a cap workaround/exploit, and I'd like to voice my support for Tzach's position that any focused way of building a team is a cap workaround. The cap is there to make it purposefully difficult for teams to spend everywhere, so everyone but the AI is using a their version of workaround. Would it be an exploit for me to spend all my money on D-line while spending close to league minimum on LBs? I think most people see that as normal cap management.

PLUS: my army of 0 Runblock, 50ovr passblocking maniacs gets paid annoyingly well thank you very much. Starters want starter money. RB though, yeah I don't pay those guys anything.

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and another thing: no one's mentioned yet Tzach's latest IHOF season was obviously in some small part due to divine intervention on dice rolls. Don't deny the holy spirit's role in this.

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I love this thread. I'm glad to have your all-pass offense in the IHOF. Even though we're buddies I'm going to try to destroy you every chance I get.

To the haters: I bet american football looks a lot more like tzach's brand in 70 years. Suspend a little disbelief. You must be a joy to watch a sci-fi movie with.

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Originally Posted by Dawgfan19 View Post
also could not help but notice you ignored my research regarding the lack of defensive game planning in IHOF. You're making the assumption the pass cannot be defended when teams are running a buzz. Makes no sense.
People are way too happy about letting the AI do their game planning. News flash (no wait, I'm just stating the obvious): the AI just randomly draws up a defensive game plan when you hit recommend.
As such, to be able to compete with avid game planners, you have to put some effort in it (and then make sure you actually keep using the right game plans ), it should and will make a difference.
So if people want another patch, it should be an attempt to fix the AI for actually doing a decent job of suggesting game plans for those (I suspect this applies to the majority of FOF players) who don't want to (or have the time to) micromanage game plans, especially on defense. I mean, when you have shiny big red bars on defense, you fully expect that defense to play like a top5 defense and not see a stacked defense rank bottom3 in total yards allowed.

That and please have player contract demands in SP and MP be based on the same logic. I'm all for having a tough cap in MP, but at least give the (human FOF) player a chance to actually offer contracts that will reasonably be considered, or give some feedback why a contract that was taken into consideration was turned down and especially not have them turn down contracts that are by all measures better than their own demands.
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