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A small offering: FOF contracts spreadsheet

LINK (Google Docs)
When I renegotiate, I often find myself doing the same sort of calculations over and over. So I created a spreadsheet that does some calculations I consider useful for me, and lays it out in an easy-to-see way.

This way, I know how a hypothetical offer stacks up to what the player is demanding. And when a player rejects a lowball offer, I have the last contract offered to him saved in the spreadsheet to go back and refer to. For your convenience...

Really self-explanatory...but for the sake of completeness.
0) Make a copy of the file to your own Google Docs/Drive, or download it as a spreadsheet.
1) Enter the requested total bonus, length of contract, total value, and year 1 salary in the ORANGE cells.
2) Enter your proposed contract's total bonus, length, total value, and salary breakdown in the GRAY cells.

The "year 1%" compares the player's requested year 1 bonus+salary with the same from your offer. It doesn't factor in any previous bonus still being paid out.

The "overall %" compares the total value of your offer compared with the total value of the requested offer - with the requested offer adjusted if the contract lengths between offered & requested are different.

The BLUE cells offer two suggestions: bonus and salary. The suggested bonus just gives exactly what the player wants adjusted by any difference in contract length. The suggested salary assumes equal salary every year (it's what I usually try to do...) and uses a target "overall %" depending on how much you want to lowball. Note that it uses your desired offered bonus (in the gray) and *not* the suggested bonus to do its calculation.


Copy & paste the whole block of cells to add another player.
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Awesome, thanks aston!
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