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(interactive dynasty) FIGHT! the Fighting Game RPG

Someone suggested I use the FIGHT! RPG to do an interactive dynasty, to show off the game, so I've created this thread to do an interactive dynasty. We can do this one of two ways, either I can run the fights myself, or we can actually do it round by round with the players. Don't worry if you don't know how to play this RPG or create characters/moves, I can create characters based off your feedback and guide you on how to play the game.

Here's an idea of the game world, so you can come up with ideas (This is a setting I wrote specifically for the Arenas/Campaign Supplement I wrote for the game.)

Kings of the City

Thunder City.

How can one describe it, except to perhaps compare it to a voracious maw? The city takes everything it can in, and screams for more.

More money.

Bigger buildings.

More prominent politicians.

Thunder City is larger than life.

But there are two sides to that legend. There's the high life... lived in penthouse apartments, top restaurants, high level museums and exclusive clubs.

But the lower life is just as legendary. Many drifters and runaways make their way to Thunder City, hoping to build themselves a better life. The lucky ones are chewed up and spit out. The unlucky ones… just disappear.

It was once said that the reason that the crime families of Thunder City hadn't taken over the whole region was the fact that they could never get along with each other. There was always some new drug to push on its residents, or someone wanted to take over someone else's brothel, or perhaps that most usual cause of disputes, that one person had "disrespected" another family.

The Thunderball crime syndicate was but a minor player in this bubbling broth of the city. They carved out a niche. That niche was the Kings of the City tournament. It had started as an informal tournament amongst members to prove their fighting ability. Then,someone had the idea to open it up to the city... to show the Thunderball syndicate's abilities.

Every year, the Thunderball syndicate would send out an open invite to all the dojos and fellow crime syndicates. The best fighters in the city were given the opportunity to show their skills. Not only was the chance to show off their skills a lure... but the prize money made everyone's eyes light up as well.

The deals and the negotiations that took place during the tournament kept the Thunderball syndicate a player in the underworld. They made a healthy profit off the bets posted during the tournament, and earned enough favors amongst the high and mighty, the wealthy and jaded who enjoyed the fights.

The "Might Makes Right" mantra of the arena bled into the Thunderball syndicate itself. Their leader, Alex Danielson, had trained in several martial arts in his youth, and he even won two Kings of the City tournaments (although some said he bribed or threatened opponents into taking a fall).

Five years ago, the Kings of the City tournament saw a new entrant, one unlike anyone who had ever entered the tournament before. A fighter with an impossibly powerful fighting style, whose face was hidden to one and all under a red tiger mask. He had come, not to accumulate money by winning the tournament, nor the honor of victory, but to accumulate power.

His speed was legendary. His strength, frightening. Those who were unworthy, he just beat senseless quickly and painfully. Those who gave him even a modicum of challenge were dissected.

More than one fighter who faced Red Tiger in the tournament that year never fought again. His Ultimate Tiger Rush attack was a blur of precise, powerful and unerringly painful strikes that left opponents unconscious and bleeding on the floor.

By the time his last fight was announced, his victory was assured. No one would take wagers on his opponent. Instead, they wagered if he would survive. When it was over, Red Tiger was once again victorious.

When the syndicate awarded him the prize, he immediately cashed in his favor reward with the syndicate. "The blood in the Thunderball Crime Syndicate has grown weak. You can no longer claim to be fighters... now, the syndicate is only fit to watch them, a parasitic leech draining the lifeblood of those who step out to fight for their amusement.

The city needs new blood, new energy restoring this city to power. That power I represent. If our esteemed host is wise... he will step aside. If, however, he thinks his rudimentary skills are up to proving me wrong, then he can step on the fighter's field and show me the blood of the Thunderball Crime Syndicate still runs hot!"

Danielson knew that he was outclassed. His skills had indeed softened in his time away from fighting. However, he could not let Red Tiger's words pass unchallenged, for to do so would prove them correct.

The fight was amazing. Though Danielson's skills had decreased, he still had the power of many years as a fighter, and Red Tiger was pushed harder than any fighter before had done.

But the tiger's mask he wore showed an almost feral glee. Here was an opponent worth fighting. Here was an opponent worthy of battle!

Eventually, the rust on Danielson's skills cost him. And then, his punishment began. Red Tiger seemed intent on inflicting every bit of pain that he could on his opponent's body. Several times, Danielson was surely only one or two punches away from a fall.

Each time, Red Tiger would step back and let his opponent recover before restarting the unholy dance. The cheering, gambling crowd grew silent, as it became clear that this was no fight.

It was the closest thing to an execution.

Danielson's bleeding body, like so many others, finally lay upon the concrete. He attempted to get up... to continue fighting... but Red Tiger turned away.

"Your stamina is great. Your heart,worthy. But you have become enamored with worldly things. I let you live today, in hope that someday, you will find skills to match your heart and pride. Then we will battle again."

The crowd was silent, as the now former crime boss of the Thunderball Syndicate crawled away.

In the last five years, Red Tiger has not fought, although the rules of the Kings of the City tournament state that he has the right to challenge any champion, should he find them worthy.

Red Tiger's reign has caused explosive growth in the Thunderball Crime Syndicate. No longer focused on being an unknown player, they have become
frighteningly open about their activities.

They have absorbed several other crime syndicates, becoming the unquestioned power in Thunder City, and that voracious maw with the face of a tiger looks all around for more prey to cast down.

As the calendar crosses over into a muggy and hot August, he smiles. His senses tell them there is something coming, a gathering storm... would he finally find the battle he's seeking? Is there a true challenger in this group of martial artists, would-be thugs, and brawlers?

Is there someone who is destined to be the KING OF THE CITY, and give him the true battle he wishes?
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Here's some suggested characters (again, from the campaign setting I wrote for the Arenas Supplement, just to give an idea of what to create for the dynasty)

Suggested Starting Power Level: 1-2
Suggested Finishing Power Level: 4-5

Campaign Mood: Gritty, but not grim. The fighters can make a significant improvement to the city by the end.

Finishers? No.
Weapons? Blunt only.

Super Moves: Not until PL 3.

Fighting Style: 2D arenas for scheduled fights, freeform for unscheduled fights or Thug Thrashing.

Boss: Red Tiger (PL 5).

Sub-Boss: Black Hyena (Alex Donaldson under a mask).

Selected Other Fighters:

Hoss (gang boxer seeking redemption)

Master Tsui (Ex-master of Alex Donaldson, looking to pull his student back to the path of righteousness).

Kai Lin (Daughter of a gang crime boss, wanting to prove her ability).

Matt Clown (Giant juggling clown. Yes, he’s a clown – a 6’10”, 400 pound clown. Do you want to tell him he can’t be a clown?).

Graveyard (Enforcer for the Salvetti crime family).

Masamune: A master of the sword (but with no edge, so it’s a legal weapon in the tournament).

Jerry: A rogue cop entering the tournament in an attempt to take the
Thunderball Syndicate down.

Kichiro: A former Karate student, entering the tournament for the money
to pay off his gambling debts.

So, it's like the early street fighter games where characters are powerful martial artists, but not uber-fighters like the current editions.
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To create a character for this, this is what I need to know.

A) Character Name
B) Appearance (Like, Ryu would be: Man in a white karate gi with the arms torn off, and wears a black headband
C) Fighting Style (This is fluff, but it'll help me in creating special maneuvers: Again, Ryu would be "One of the last practitioners of Shotokan-Anatsuken"
D) Why does your character fight (Ryu trains to become the ultimate Martial Artist, and unlock all the secrets of Shotokan-Anatsuken)

Character Creation Options:


There are three main attributes in this game


The stat range is from -1 (Weak), 0 (Fighting World Average), 1 (Good), 2 (Great)

Choose 1 of two options for your character:

Balanced: Two of the stats are 1 (Good), the third is 0 Average (arrange as you want)
Unbalanced: Choose one stat to be -1 (Weak), one stat to be 0 (Average), and one stat to be 2 (Great)

What kind of martial arts skills does he have (Just give me a couple descriptors, are they good at beating up packs of thugs, is he very good at defensive skills, etcetera.)

What kind of skills do they have OUTSIDE the ring? (Like for example are they a policeman, a gang boss, etcetera)

Name a couple things that seperate them from others (for example, Matt Clown above is Big and Intimidating)

And describe a couple special maneuvers they might have. (If you're really good at fighting games, you can suggest what kinda controller commands would be needed to do the fighting move. The game offers a modular move building system that can create anything from a tiny fireball to a giant meteor, just that the giant meteor will be harder to pull off)
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surprised this didn't get any takers...sounds interesting.
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I look forward to the complete version of the game

run 3

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