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Dynastic cycle question

If one is in MP leagues, the cream tends to rise to the top. And thusly the bottom of the draft order. This is supposed to allow the worse teams/gms the chance to improve their roster at an incrementally greater rate than the playoff teams. So my question is how does a team who fails to achieve in the regular season, ever catch up to teams who make the playoffs and draft 70s in the back of the first round that cost fractions of what players drafted in the top 10 cost? Most of you have experienced a franchise cycling between bad and good, and I assume you have also witnessed franchises that seem to always be competing due to good drafting/GMing etc. Is there hope for the bottom of the barrel or is this just Darwinism in effect?

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Unfortunately the only cure for this is to git gud as the kids say.
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There's another low key factor at work in favor of lesser teams/managers. The ace drafter is constantly grabbing quality guys in round 5 of the draft, and those of us who really don't get drafting are not. Their teams rapidly get crowded with decent players who now ask for real money, and they get cap-strapped and have to shed those players. FOF has a pretty substantial cohesion factor, and the team that has fewer quality players coming in gets a backdoor bonus by being able to retain guys longer, and might out-cohesion the ace drafters in time.
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