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Ben E Lou
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Originally Posted by corbes View Post
Haven't seen mini-greenhouses before but am intrigued and will look into further...
There are tons of them on Amazon in a ton of sizes. I simply picked the largest size that will fit in the one specific spot on my deck that is acceptable to She Who Must Be Obeyed. I'm not looking to use it to extend my growing season on the back end--just to start seeds early without having them inside on freezing nights. In the end it *might* even save me a little money because I'll be starting everything from seeds instead of buying seedlings/small plants. (And of course, if it turns out that some of my seed-started plants don't do well in March, I can still just buy stuff in late April/early May to supplement whatever didn't make it.)

There are larger ones that can be put directly in the garden if you're looking to protect a particular section. These things scale upward in size/cost quite granularly from around 30 bucks, all the way to a few thousand if you want to have a bona fide big ol' greenhouse on your land. And there are so many options that--at least for the size I went with--you can just filter on 4-star reviews or better and still have multiple options. (I started with around seven 4-star-plus options in the size range I wanted and narrowed it down from there.)

My situation is that there's a power outlet on the deck right by the "acceptable" spot, and I've read that simply putting a small space heater on the bottom shelf at a low temperature is quite effective as a fail-safe on nights where there's a really hard freeze. We did have a few 20-degree nights and some snow in March last year, and I already own what seems to be the perfect space heater for those situations. (Automatic turn-off if it gets tipped over, ability to blow air that's as cool as 70 degrees, etc.) Point being, it makes more sense for me to just have it on the back deck than to get a larger one.
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