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Ben E Lou
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What are the key bars for staff?

I got this question via PM from an experienced GM, so I thought I'd answer it here.

Originally Posted by A Veteran FOF MP GM
what ARE the key bars for the coaches?
I have heard debates about this for years and I still dont know exactly what to think about it

The Coordinators need scouting and that's it?
or is this young talent bar important enough to worry about?
Ive stopped believing that the system they run matters much at all if you have a playbook that works...and the play calling bar cant be that important if you are making your own gameplans and not using rex...right?

The Head Coach needs discipline and the interview bar
and thats it? or does scouting matter there too?

I have a live staff draft this weekend in another league and Id like to get things right

im also curious how high the settings should be set in your staff draft utility

a lot of questions....i know
your input would be appreciated

Player Development and Young Talent--These matter, but it's difficult to quantify by how much. I've definitely observed more improvement in players when the coordinators and/or coaches are high here. Hard to balance how important it is, though. My thinking is that these are significantly more important than most people think.

Motivation and Discipline: both are quite important for head coaches.

Play Calling: This DOES matter, and quite a bit. It's not "how good Rex is." It's a modifier to the success/failure calculations of the plays on his side of the ball. Every. Single. Play. This bears repeating because I see this confusion often with regard to " calling must only affect you if you hit Rex." No. If your OC has terrible play calling, every play--no matter if called by rex or you or your game plan--gets a negative hit. If he has great play calling, you get a bonus. (Same is true for defensive plays and DC.)

Scouting: Very important for coordinators, but as mentioned, play calling *definitely* is critical for them, and young talent/player development are probably more important than people give them credit for being. Also, this isn't AS important for the HC, but having it there does help some. It impacts how you see players who have high scout variance. To be clear, there are LOTS of players for whom this doesn't really matter. When a player has a low scout variance rating, EVERYONE sees him pretty much the same, even if he's a rookie. For this reason, I strongly suspect that the majority of FOF MP GMs overvalue this rating. It's quite useful for high scout variance guys, but you have to consider how large is the subset of players who are both good AND have high scouting variance. Perhaps that intersection isn't all that great.

Interviewing: If you do interviews, the HC interviewing bar is critical to the accuracy of the Overrated/Underrated stuff. For coordinators, this bar the primary determinant of the blue-bar range on that side of the ball. (HC and opposite coordinator also play into this, though not nearly as much.) In other words, if your OC has a 100 in interviewing, you might see blue bar ranges of something like 70-85 for all offensive players, but if he's a 0, you could see a range as wide as something like 55-100 if the HC/DC/AC also have poor interviewing.
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Thanks for this Ben, much appreciated!
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Thank you, I had skimmed enough threads to find some of this info, but it actually will be really helpful for those looking for this information to have it in this one thread.
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Old 10-29-2022, 12:29 PM   #4
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I made a comprehensive board that lists the important staff 'reputation' bars for each staff position. I was tired of having to look for that information in the help files every time I was drafting new staff members.

Here is the link :

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hope that helps!


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Grandcoeur, I noticed that the AC interviewing is "Yess", which makes me wonder if you meant "Less"?
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Hey, that's a spelling mistake on my part. Based on the help file, 'Interview Ability matters more to head coaches and assistant coaches'. The AC interviewing should therefore read as a 'yes'. Thank you for pointing it out.

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