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We are 13 point favorites heading up to Washington.

JR RB Dave Darden ran for 1285 yards last year and is again averaging over 100 yards per game. He is battling a foot injury, but we'll expect to see him in the lineup.

SR WR Merlin Kunz is a big play return man who is now the lead receiver.

SR DT Tim Mili has posted back-to-back double digit sack seasons. He is one of the premier defensive players in the nation.
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We have a 3 and out on the opening drive.

Washington doesn't get anything going on their first possession. 3 plays and punt.

Rattay is off to a tough start: 1-5 for 12 yards. Punt.

Kunz makes a catch on 3rd and 7 despite being hit hard by Bruschi.
FB Seth Banducci is off to a good start for the Huskies. 2 rushes for 20 yards.
The drive ends at the 19, kicker on to put 3 on the board. Yep. 3-0, 5:01 left in the quarter.

The offense still stinks, another 3 and out.

OLB Fred Mitchell gets a rare LB sack.
DT Jack Farmer joins in the fun.

Dawson hasn't gotten anything going in the opening quarter. 4 rushes for one yard.
An interception is called back due to defensive holding.
We get our first big play of the game when Brewer takes a short pass on 3rd and three and shakes free for 28 yards. Down to the UW 15.
Voight drops an easy TD.
Dawson now has 6 carries for -2 yards.
38 yard field goal attempt is good. Nice job, Ellis. 3-3, 11:54 left in the half.

RB Tom Harris runs for 21 yards out to midfield.
The Huskies are cutting us up right now, running with ease.
DE Phil Patten records a sack.
43 yard field goal. 6-3 with 8:28 left in the half.

Jackson goes up to get a pass on 3rd and 3. Gain of 7 on his first catch of the day.
Dawson drops a pitch on 3rd and 1. Punt.

DE Ronald Smith gets a sack on 3rd and 4 to force a punt.

Our anemic offense really needs to get going.
4th and 2 at their 49. Rattay stays in and hits Brewer for 6.
Fazande picks up 7 on a 3rd down completion.
Washington is whistled for roughing the passer. 1st down at their 13.
Rattay connects with Jackson for a 14 yard touchdown. 10-6, 0:28 left in the half.

Halftime Notes:
- Offense was pretty stagnant until the final drive. We only have 152 yards.
- Dawson isn't running well. He is still a little nicked up from last week - is he a guy I'm going to have to baby with injuries for the next few years?
- Rattay isn't having a very good game, but his receivers haven't helped him out much so far.
- No turnovers in the game yet. I suspect that will go a long way to determining the winner.

DE Ronald Smith is whistled for roughing the passer to start the 2nd half.
Dave Darden runs for 4 on 3rd and 3.
Darden gets 7 on a reception on 3rd and 7.
Kunz was wide open, but stumbled and the pass was incomplete.
4th and 3 from our 41. Nugent completes a pass to the fullback for 6.
DT Jack Farmer gets a sack on 3rd and 1.
47 yard field goal attempt is short. Way to go, Farmer!

OLB Jeff Dalton is disrupting our ground game today.
Voight picks up 13, most of it after the catch.
Next pass Rattay throws one deep into coverage, but Gary Brewer really made a super play on the ball in the air. 43 yard gain, down at the Huskies 20.
Nothing more from there and Ellis is in for a 39 yard attempt. Short. Short????

Washington is again on the move, picking up first down on the ground and through the air.
QB Nugent and Darden miscommunicate on a 3rd and 5. Washington punts from our 40 and leaves us with the ball on the 4.

Rattay hits Dawson on 3rd and 2, but end up with no yards on the pass. Dawson just sucks today. Punt.

Joe Banducci forces a fumble, but Washington recovers.
3 and out. Punt.

A completion to Jackson is called back on a holding violation.
DT Mili records a sack. Horrible 3 plays there.

The defense deflects a pass at the line and SS Noland King comes up with the interception! We get the ball at our 33. Good start to the 4th quarter.

Another sack for Mili.
Gary Brewer has been the only bright spot on offense. 3rd and 21, Rattay throws for about half of the yards and Brewer gets the rest. 26 yards, up to midfield.
Rattay is picked on a deep out to Voight.

Nugent to Kunz for 9 on 3rd and 7.
A holding call puts Washington with a 1st and 20.
Kunz gets 42 on the next pass, as our FS Keith Thomas comes up lame.
We get away with a huge hold on Kunz to save a TD. Now 3rd and 10 on our 40.
Kunz picks up 9 on a reverse. 4th and 1 at our 31. What should Washington do?
They go for it, but screw up a screen pass that had our defense fooled.

Jackson picks up 11 on a reverse. Which is good, because our QBs can't get the ball in his hands today.
We punt from the 50. Rattay is 14-30 for 184 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT.

3 and out for Washington. I would love to run some clock on our next possession.

3 and out.

Gain of 27. Washington is at our 36. Once again a home team that is a heavy underdog is down 4 and driving for a win in the closing minutes of a game.
We should have more time to work with this time. Screen to Darden gets 35, 1st and goal for UW.
1 yard TD to Kunz. 13-10, 2:57 left in the game.

We return the kick to the 26.
Rattay is sacked, loss of 6.
Sacked again, loss of 7.
Interception on 4th down.
Well, at least Rattay looked strong on the last possession. When is Edwards due back?

The defense gets their backbone again now that it means nothing. 3 and out. Punt.
J.R. Jackson returns the punt for 31 yards, ball at the Bruin 47 and 0:27 seconds to play. One timeout left.

Holy crap. Rattay finds Jackson, who splits two defenders and is angling for the end zone! CB Charles Siani runs him down at the 13. Timeout, 0:21 left to play.
And we spike the ball?
Ellis makes a 31 yard field goal to tie the game with 0:08 left in regulation.

We force a fumble on the kickoff! There is a big scrum ...

The refs say that Washington recovered. Shoot, there was still one second to play and we would have had a shot at a 35 yard field goal. Our guys in the pile have to win that ball if Washington wants to hand us the game like that.
ILB Ben Arthur was injured - forearm - and he won't be seeing the overtime.

DT Dat Cash gets a sack on first down, but it is only a loss of one.
The defense was surly. 3 plays for -2 yards, 45 yard field goal on the way. Their veteran kicker knocks it in. 16-13.

RB Dwayne Baker runs for 11.
In regulation we had 31 rushes for 33 yards, so this is a revelation.
Baker gets 14 and a TD on the next carry! 19-16, we escape.
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#1 falls for the 2nd straight week. Washington State, who is also undefeated, went into Oregon and smoked them 34-9.

USC escaped at home against Cal 29-25.

And Stanford is now 5-1 after winning at Arizona behind 187 yards and 2 TDs from SR Eddie Treu.

Despite the extra session, both UCLA and UW barely cracked 300 yards. We got bailed out by a punt return, plain and simple.

Rattay finished 16-36 for 237 yards. 1 TD, 2 INT, sacked 4 times.

Gannon Dawson had 20 carries for 41 yards. Seemed pretty soft ... hopefully he toughens up as he matures.

WR Jackson only caught 3 of 14 passes thrown at him, a horrible number. But he did haul in a big one with time running down.

As noted earlier, Gary Brewer had a good day at the office. 7 catches for 125 yards.

Dave Darden was the leading rusher and receiver for Washington. Their offense is just not that good.

Our backup center allowed 3 sacks. Granted, he was going against a premier defensive tackle, but not a good showing for him.

Ronald Smith continues to impress. 4 tackles, 1 solo, 2 stuffs, 2 hurries.

DT Jack Farmer had a pair of sacks.
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We have another bye week before starting a tough three game stretch.

Arizona upended Oregon. Both of those teams now have two losses.

Washington State continued their run with a 30-24 home win against Oregon State. Their SS Barnett had FOUR interceptions in the game.

Updated Rankings:
1. Wisconsin 8-0
2. LSU 7-1
3. Washington State 7-0
4. Miami (FL) 7-0
5. Pittsburgh 8-0
6. UCLA 5-1
7. Mississippi St 6-1
8. Texas Tech 6-0
9. Tennessee 7-1
10. Georgia Tech 6-1
11. Oregon 5-2

13. Stanford
21. USC
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QB Edwards and LB Wilson are back, but CB McAllister is still suspended. Hopefully we are ready to get back to the offensive efficiency we had earlier in the year.

Our health is good, just about everyone is ready to play. The only exception is DE Phil Patten, who will get the week off.

Huge game this week against undefeated Washington State.
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Washington State preview:

QB Eric Williams is a decent bet to go pro after the year. He has been a starter since he walked in the door and has improved every year. He finished with 4002 yards last year with 31 TDs, but 24 interceptions. This year the interceptions are way down: 20-5 on the season. His completion % is up nearly 8 percent to 66.

SO RB Ken Mahdavi is obscured by some of the elite runners in the conference, but he has quietly averaged 100 yards per game this season.

The WR tandem of Andre Wilkerson and Joey Odom is nearly as strong as our top two. Wilkerson has 40 grabs for 630 yards, while Odom has 38 for 577.

OG Donnie Badon is likely to be on the All-Conference teams. He already has 15 pancakes and 10 key run blocks.

The defense is not nearly as loaded as the offense, but it has been good enough to beat everyone on the schedule so far. SS Kevin Barnett has NINE interceptions already and is likely the defensive player of the year at this point.

They are getting amazing play on special teams. William Blades already has FIVE touchdowns on the year. Unreal - the guy is pretty much a stiff at cornerback, but he makes things happen in the return game. He was the #1743 recruit in the nation coming out of school.

The scouts say the key matchup here will be QB Williams against our secondary, which is #2 in the nation in pass defense. I'm inclined to agree.

We are listed as three point favorites at home. I think with the return of Edwards that we will win this game.
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100,089 on hand. There is a buzz in the air for this one.

Mahdavi converts a 3rd down with a 19 yard run.
Washington State runs a fake punt on 4th and 6 from their 46. No good. Wow, gutsy call early in the game.

RB Dwayne Baker gets the call (perhaps out of respect for his OT performance two weeks ago?) and gets 11 on his first carry.
Edwards completes a pass to Jackson, who is then leveled by ILB Ken Lenon. Fumble! WSU ball, as Lenon picks it up and advances it 17 yards.

3 and out, defense looks pretty good so far.

Dawson runs for 21 on his first carry.
Another fumble by a WR! This time it is Mike Voight. WSU recovers it at their 48.
This is starting to feel like the Oregon State game, although we are on the wrong side of the turnovers.

DT Jared Burford steamrolls through the offensive line and sacks Williams for a 10 yard loss.
3rd and 20 - incomplete. Holding on the defense. This is like a broken record over the last two years. J.R. Jackson is whistled.
DE Joe Banducci leaves the game with a foot injury. We were already short one defensive end, so this is a concern.
Williams and Odom connect for 23 yards on 3rd and 17. First completion of the day for Williams after an 0-4 start.
Another defensive holding call. I'm right on the verge of being thrown out of this game.
The defense finally gets off the field after stopping WSU at the 9. 27 yard field goal is good, 3-0, 4:40 left in the quarter.

We have had four runs, each for 10+ yards, after Dawson opens the drive with back-to-back first downs.
8 on the next touch for Dawson.
ILB Lenon makes another big play, registering a sack on Edwards to force a 3rd and 17 back at the 42.

ILB Bryant Bruschi makes a big play for the defense. He penetrates and meets the ballcarrier, wrapping up and forcing a fumble. SS Taz Simms grabs the loose ball and runs it back to the 8 yard line.

Two carries for Dawson and we have our first score. 7-3, 0:08 left in the quarter.
Dawson has seven carries for 62 yards so far. He looks healthy today.

Williams is finding a groove on this drive. He starts with 3 straight completions, advancing the ball up near the 50.
Another defensive holding call on Jackson on a failed 3rd down. I'm going apeshit on the sidelines but somehow avoid being ejected.
Williams is in the zone. They have driven down to the 7, 68 yards and not one of them on the ground.
3rd and goal from the 7, the pass is completed for 5 yards but holding is called on the offense. Accept the penalty or decline, setting up 4th and goal from the 2?
We decline. Williams stays in and throws a TD pass to Odom. I hate this game at moments like that. 10-7, 10:10 left in the half.

DT C.J. Sawyer sacks Edwards on first down.
3 and out. Edwards is 3-7 for 35 yards right now.
Dogshit punt by Harry Dayne. 26 yards, returned for 17 yards to our 30.

Defense is rude to the Cougars. 3 plays, 4 yards.
44 yard field goal is good. 13-7, 6:56 left in the half.

Edwards refuses to throw the ball away on 2nd and 2, gets sacked to lose 9.

One play drive for Washington State. Williams to Wilkerson, 61 yards. 20-7 and we are in trouble. 5:20 left in the half.

Nice play to start the drive. Edwards executes a screen pass to perfection, sucking in the defense before releasing it to Gannon Dawson. He goes for 61 yards, from 20 to 20 (OK , 19).
Another sack allowed - DT C.J. Sawyer rolls up Edwards.
Voight drops a pass on 3rd down.
Ellis misses a 44 yard field goal. Just disgusting.

Williams to Morris for 28 yards, into Bruin territory.
The home crowd is very anxious right now.
25 yards to TE Dale Harrison. Down at the 17.
15 more to Mahdavi, at the 2. Williams is carving us up.
Williams to Mahdavi for a TD. 27-7, 1:12 left to play.

Bowens gives us a spark with a return out to the 49.
QB John Rattay makes his first appearance and completes an 11 yard pass to Brewer.
10 more yards to Brewer, to the 30. Timeout. 0:34 to play in the half.
We complete a pair of short passes and SS Kevin Barnett makes sure there are no yards after the catch. Out of timeouts, looks like a 44 yard field goal attempt.
Ellis misses again. I hate him. We'll be looking for kickers again in the offseason.

Halftime Notes:
Offense lost confidence after the early turnovers. Edwards is 6-14 for 108 yards and it will be on him to try and rally us in this game.
HB Gannon Dawson has 136 of our 180 total yards. But down 20, I don't see him getting a ton of touches.
WSU hasn't established a ground game, but it doesn't matter.

RB Baker gets 17 yards to start the 2nd half.
Incomplete, incomplete, sack. Edwards looks like he is very rusty.

Williams just misses Wilkerson on a play that could have been the backbreaker. Punt.

Edwards finds Brewer on 3rd and 11, and they combine for 22.
Add on 45 more yards for Brewer, as he takes the ball down to the 8 yard line.
3rd and goal from the 3, screen to Dawson, who is tackled right at the goal line. Signal? Down at the 1/2 foot line. Wish we had replay.
And we call in Ellis for a field goal? Are they nuts? And it is blocked. Oh my god.

15 yard run for Mahdavi, who only had 20 on his first 10 carries.
Williams keeps on rolling: 21-31 for 281 yards and the numbers are climbing.
43 yard field goal attempt - short.
Offsides on UCLA, drive continues. And I have been ejected for the 2nd time in 3 years.
4th and goal from the 3. They kick this time. Good.
Motion penalty on offense. Now a 26 yarder is good. 30-7, 0:34 left in the quarter.

Brewer isn't going down meekly like the rest of the team. He again makes things happen after a catch and has himself a 42 yard reception after beating two defenders.
Back to back completions to Voight for 10 and 19 have us at the 4.
Voight dives for a 4 yard reception. Touchdown. And Voight also catches the 2 point attempt. 30-15, 13:43 left in the game.

3 and out for the Cougars.

14 yard pickup for the FB Hagood Morris, keyed by a Nick Moore block.
Moore is called for holding two plays later.
Edwards and Dawson again execute a screen pass for big rewards. 42 yards, down at the one. Edwards is now over 300 yards (16-27, 312). Both Dawson and Brewer are over 100 yards now.
Dawson loses 7 on the next carry. Ugh.
But Voight is open and Edwards finds him for the 2nd time today.
2 point conversion to Jackson. 30-23, 9:06 to play.

DT Jack Farmer lays out a WR on a dump off pass and knocks the ball loose. He then recovers the ball, diving on it at the 25!

A holding call removes a first down. 2nd and 15 from the 30.
Rattay comes in and fires it to TE Gene Fortunato for 17.
The WSU defense stuffs a pair of short passes inside the 10.
4th and 4 from the 8, 6:43 to play.
Ellis kicks a 25 yard field goal. But I have the feeling that WSU just escaped and that was our best chance to win the game (yes, I know we could only tie on that possession without going for 2). 30-26, 6:11 remains.

WSU comes out running, picking up 30 yards and a pair of first downs.
3rd and 9, Williams to Wilkerson for 15. Clutch play, we were just helpless to stop perfect execution at a key moment.
Another first down - we are running out of time and they are running out of yards before the end zone.
The drive ends at the 8, with WSU setting up for a field goal. Good. 33-26, 0:45 left. Over five minutes off the clock.

J.R. Jackson takes the kick in the end zone, but isn't going to kneel. He runs it out to the 33.
Edwards just misses an open Brewer on 2nd down.
On 4th and 10 Stablein wins a battle for position on a high, deep pass. 43 yard gain, 0:10 left and we are at the 24.
Final pass is incomplete. Tough game all around. Credit the Cougars for winning it, rather than us flat pissing it away as we have in several of our losses over the last few years.
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And the game is not allowing me to save. I believe I had a save prior to this game.

Question for those following along - if I have to replay the game do I replay it enough times to ensure I lose again to WSU in the interest of fairness? Or just play it again and whatever happens happens?
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Originally Posted by hoopsguy
And the game is not allowing me to save. I believe I had a save prior to this game.

Question for those following along - if I have to replay the game do I replay it enough times to ensure I lose again to WSU in the interest of fairness? Or just play it again and whatever happens happens?
Id say just sim it again until you lose, no need to watch it again..but id say you still need to lose
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I did have a save from right before the game so only have to re-sim until I get a loss. Shouldn't be too hard, right? They are undefeated and #3 in the nation.

And on the 3rd try WSU gets over 29-26 behind 200 yards receiving and 2 TDs for their wideout Odom.

Knowing that we were going to take a loss there, I just wanted to come out of the game without injuries and we basically achieved that. Now on to the rest of the season ...
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Oregon, thanks to the re-sim, won last week and is #10 in the nation as we head to their stadium. We are #9.

QB transfer Chuck Burford has put together a nice season for them so far. 18 TDs, 5 INTs, completing about 60% of his passes for just under 300 yards a game.

JR RB Alonzo DeCarlo is probably the 4th best running back in the conference (Tonnemaker, Lee, and Treu ahead of him) but he is still a dyanamite runner (16/20). With 73 yards rushing today he will have his 2nd 1,000 yard season.

WR Sean Bishop is finally set to graduate after this year. He gave us fits last year. He is averaging 100 yards receiving per game, although his touchdowns are not on pace to match the 10 from last season.

The offensive line is not particularly good. We have to win the battle in the trenches.

Defensively, they will be without their best cornerback, Ken Tauscher (broken neck). MLB Charley Mack is the leader of the defense with 62 tackles.

We are listed as two point favorites. I think we will have to score 27 points to win this one - the game against WSU has dinged my confidence in this defense.
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We open with 3 runs plays before watching Edwards get sacked.
RB Dwayne Baker nearly breaks one, settling for a 24 yard gain.
15 for Dawson.
16 for Baker.
Rattay throws a 14 yard TD pass to Ben Jackson. Those were the only yards through the air on an 84 yard drive. 7-0, 11:08 left in the quarter.

DeCarlo runs for 16 on his first touch.
But only 2 on his next two carries, sandwiches around an incompletion. Punt.

Dawson goes for 27 on the first carry of our 2nd drive.
Edwards and Voight connect for 7 on 3rd and 6.
Then Edwards finds Jackson on a deep out for 30. Edwards drags one foot inbounds, nice work on the sideline.
Dwayne Baker runs it in from 14 yards out. 14-0, 5:39 left in the quarter.
Both running backs are over 50 yards already.

We again give up a big gainer to DeCarlo on the first play - 14 this time.
DE Ronald Smith makes back to back stops on runs to his side.
Burford picks up a 3rd and 8, 13 yards to Bishop.
FS Greg Moore ends the drive with an interception. He returns it out to our 37.

Rattay throws a bomb and WR Mike Voight wins the battle for the ball. Gain of 41.
A 22 yard TD pass to Brewer is called back for offensive holding.
We have a 3rd and 3 before being whistled for a motion penalty.
Ellis has to come in for a 38 yard field goal and he makes it. 17-0, 14:08 left in the half.

We stuff a reverse on 3rd and 9. Three and out.

FB Hagood Morris runs through an arm tackle to collect 19 yards.
OG John Perryman clears out his half of the line on a 13 yard carry for Dawson.
Edwards finds Ben Jackson at the five, and Jackson bowls over the defender while running into the end zone. 24-0, 10:24 left in the half.

SS Taz Simms is making more than his share of tackles in the first half.
Burford connects with WR Willie Edwards for a spectacular 18 yard catch on 3rd and 10.
Burford is having a good drive, moving the chains with a mix of short and intermediate passes.
DeCarlo runs it in from 5 yards out. 24-7, 5:48 left in the half.

WR Mike Voight fights for yards on a 14 yard completion.
C Nick Moore is called for holding.
We move up for a 3rd and 1 after back-to-back completions.
2 yard pass to Voight. 1st down.
Dawson gets 3 on a 3rd and 1, inside the 20.
Edwards throws a beautiful ball to WR Bill Stablein, 19 yard TD pass away from two defenders. 31-7, 1:13 left in the half.

3 and out for the Ducks, we may have one last scoring chance in the half.
We take over at our 41 with 0:21 left.

Halftime Notes:
393 yards in the first half - quite a statement.
The defense is doing a good job as well. Oregon has a talented group of skill players, but no one has really gone off (DeCarlo has 16 carries for 70 yards).
8 for 9 on 3rd down conversions. This isn't sustainable. We have already lost one 24 point halftime lead, so I hope we step on the throat early in the 3rd.

3 and out. QB Burford has four straight incomplete passes.

Edwards is sacked, good coverage downfield.
We have to punt after getting 11 of the 15 required on 3rd down.

3 and out. No completions. Punt.

J.R. Jackson has an 18 yard punt return, we set up near the 50.
Back-to-back completions to Gary Brewer for a total of 40 yards.
We are stopped inside the 20. 30 yard field goal for Ellis. 34-7, 8:25 left in the quarter.

And there is the first really big play for Oregon. DeCarlo gets outside, hurdles a would-be-tackler and powers his way for a 51 yard run. Tackled at the 37.
Burford finally completes a pass for a first down on a 3rd and 4 play.
The Ducks are whistled for holding on 2nd and 8 from the 20.
Ronald Smith makes a pair of tackles after short gains to end the drive.
A 44 yard field goal attempt is no good.

Edwards hates to give up on a play, which leads to sacks. Another one here.
But Baker picks up 16 on a 3rd and 14 play. And the Oregon coach is verklempt.
Both of our RBs are between 95-99 yards.
Rattay is in for a 3rd and 1, and picks up 17 on a nice pass out to Voight.
Oregon forces a field goal attempt. 36 yards for Ellis. Nice to see him so automatic in a game where it is meaningless ... 37-7, 0:25 left in the quarter.

3rd and 10, QB Burford is flushed out but completes a pass to Bishop while on the run. Bishop shakes a clumsy tackle and is off to the races. MLB Scott Wilson takes a great angle to run him down but only after a 50 yard gain. Down at the 13.
13 yard TD pass. 37-14, 12:45 left in the game.

C Nick Moore opens a monster hold and Baker dashes for 25. He now has 123 yards on 9 carries.
Jackson goes over 100 yards for the game with a 15 yard catch.
We punt from their 33 ... interesting.

DeCarlo is up to 150 yards after a gain of 15.
DT Jack Farmer strips the ball on a WR screen and recovers the fumble.

3 and out. Again we punt from their 32 - what is up with our kicker?

Another 50 yard gain for Oregon, although they haven't scored on any of them. This time it is Burford to WR Willie Edwards on a post pattern and perfect pass. Down to the 28.
19 yard TD pass to Bishop. 37-20 after a failed 2 point conversion. 2:57 left in the game.

Ben Arthur recovers the onside.
Since both of our backup runners are getting carries, I'm going to assume that Dawson got hurt at some point early in the 2nd half.
We punt.

A sack by DT Jared Burford is wiped out by a defensive holding call. The refs are really throwing the laundry at us regularly late in this game.
Makeup call - holding pulls back a 5 yard TD for the Ducks.
DE Mark Dickerson sacks Burford.
Bishop gets a late TD, nice grab for a 20 yard completion. 37-27, time expired.

Good win, not happy with the late points/yards allowed but we did what we needed to do on the road this game. Our #2 RB was very solid.
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Wow. Washington State just clobbered Arizona. 62-0. Four more TD passes for Williams.

More importantly, Washington went on the road to get a 27-21 at USC! And I see a QB besides Greisen listed on the passing leaders for USC, so I suspect an injury to the super freshman.

Conference Standings:
1. Oregon 6-0
2. Cal 3-2
2. Stanford 3-2
2. UCLA 3-2
2. Arizona 3-2
6. Oregon 3-3
7. USC 2-3
8. Washington 2-4
8. Oregon St 2-4
10. Arizona St 0-5
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Oregon recap:
I'm very pleased with a zero turnover game.

Dwayne Baker was a stud this game. I would love to be able to count on that kind of productivity but I suspect it won't be there most of the time.

Our big 3 receivers (Brewer, Jackson, Voight) combined for 18 catches - each had 9-10 passes thrown his way. Defenses have to pick their poison with this group and Stablein is a terrific 4th option.

K Ellis had a nice game.

There are no defensive stats that jump off the page.
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We are listed as nine point road favorites at Arizona. Their statistics are not overly impressive: #61 offense and #100 defense. But they have a stud on each side of the ball in Tonnemaker and Tate.

Floyd Tonnemaker has played in 16 games in his career - the first 15 were 100+ yard games. But Washington State held him to 76 last week. Although he is not considered as polished a runner as some others, I consider him to be the most productive runner that I have had to coach against in 8 seasons of Pac 10 play.

QB Willie Heinrich is a 4th year starter who has no one to throw to this year.

DT Damien Tate is set to graduate as well and we will not miss him. He has 31 sacks in his college career and is likely to set new highs for tackles and sacks this season.

OLB John Heap leads the team in tackles. He will also be gone after this season. Arizona may be in some trouble next year.
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Tonnemaker gains 15 on his first carry.
But Heinrich throws 3 straight incomplete passes. Punt.
Good play for them, we fumble the return. They recover.

10 on next carry, 17 after that. This is just disturbing.
We celebrate like madmen when we stop him for zero yards. Greg Moore for Pope!
Tonnemaker runs it in on 3rd and goal from the 6. 7-0, 9:55 left in quarter.

DT Damien Tate comes up with a tackle on a screen pass 14 yards downfield. He covers some serious ground.
He gets a sack two plays later.

Ugh - 3rd and 12 and Heinrich completes his first pass in six attempts. For 47 yards.
We need McCallister back, as our pass coverage has really suffered without him.
We stop them at the 35 as they are determined to pass instead of pound Floyd.

Dawson runs for 19.
We punt on 4th and 1 from our 48.
And stick them on the 4 yard line.

FS Greg Moore goes out complaining of stomach pains. Not likely to return.
They pick up a pair of first downs before punting.

Edwards to Dawson, 26 yards on a screen. Dawson really does a good job following his blockers on screen passes. I'll have to look up his receiving yards on the year.
The drive dies on their 36. Punt.
Again the Wildcats start from their 4.

Our backup FS Jerry Brock leaves with a groin injury. So we are down to 3rd string at that position.
Punt. It is a short one and we start at their 47.

QB John Rattay finds Mike Voight for a 29 yard pickup.
Edwards connects with Jackson for 18 yards and a touchdown. 7-7, 10:14 left in the half.

Arizona fumbles the kickoff and we recover it. The offense will set up at the 27.

Edwards is sacked, fumbles, and we lose possession. Bummer.

The defense has responded to Tonnemaker. He now has 10 carries for 43 yards, or about -6 on his last 5 carries.
3 and out. Punt.

We punt after 3 uneventful plays.
The punt sucks. 26 yards, 28 yard return. Arizona is at our 28.

The Wildcats are called for unnecessary roughness on 1st down.
And J.R. Jackson picks off a pass on 3rd and 27. A good runback puts the ball on their 34 yard line.
Tonnemaker is now down to 12 carries for 37 yards. DE-FENSE!

One play drive - Edwards to Brewer on a blown assignment. 34 yards. 14-7, 5:17 left in the half.

The Arizona backup QB is in for a prolonged stretch. Did they pull the starter? Unknown injury?
Either way, it is working as Barry Fiss is picking up 3rd downs for them.
They finally are halted at the 16. A 34 yard field goal is good. 14-10, 0:36 left in the half.

Halftime Notes:
Arizona has held the ball for just over 19 minutes.
We are doing a good job against the run, but aren't really running well either.
3rd down conversions: Us 0-5, Them 6-12. If we improve in this area without losing the turnover battle we should win this game.

2nd play from scrimmage, Edwards sees that Brewer has beat his man and lays out the ball perfectly. 61 yard TD! Penalty on the play - against the defense. 21-10, 13:57 left in the quarter.

DT Jared Burford records a sack - believe that is #6 on the year.
3 and out.
The punt is returned to our 47.

Edwards with a great play fake on 3rd and 1, then he throws it up for Ben Jackson to run under. 29 yard gain.
Next play, 15 yards for a TD to Mike Voight. 28-10, 10:39 left in the quarter.
Edwards is 11-15 for 235 yards and 4 TD passes.

QB Fiss it intercepted after throwing into coverage. Offense starts at the Wildcats 39.

3 runs, DT Tate stuffs a pair of them. Punt. Looks like we missed an opportunity to land the death blow.

We punt on 4th and 1 from the 49. This time I absolutely think it is the right decision.
Dayne leaves them stuck on the 9.

We get a bad spot and Arizona has a first down on a 3rd and 7 pass.
Arizona's backup RB Jeff Sims has run the ball better than Tonnemaker today, although he only has 1/2 the carries.
23 rushes for 66 for Tonnemaker. 12 for 54 for Sims.
They punt from their 32. Another kicker without a big leg.

Edwards connects with Brewer for a very tough grab. 33 yards. He has 6 catches for 164 yards and 2 TDs on the day, perhaps the best of his career.
Edwards is sacked, setting up a 3rd and 19.
He throws one up high and Edwards skies to make the catch for 20 yards!
Roughing the passer on the next play, inside the 10.
Dawson puts the ball on the ground, but OG Perryman recovers it.
We end up kicking a 23 yard field goal. Or not - it is blocked.

OLB Hank Swilling leaves with an elbow injury. Hate to see an injury late in a game like this.
Hate to see Tonnemaker gain 17 on 3rd down. But it was 3rd and 18. That kind of day for him. 27 carries for 87 yards now. Punt.

Well that was a bad drive for Edwards - incomplete, incomplete, picked. At least it was a deep ball that was air mailed and no return.

Holding on Arizona - they have gotten the worst of the refs today.
8 penalties for 58 yards, compared to 2 for 15 on us.
3 and out. Punt on 4th and 24.

We are in run-out-the-clock mode with under 3 minutes to play.
We move the chains once before being forced to punt.
25 yard return on a 38 yard kick. Every once in awhile Dayne has a stinker and they are short and returnable.

DT Jack Farmer gets himself a sack.
Defensive holding on an incomplete pass on 3rd and long.
DT Jared Burford leaves the game grabbing his lower back. Please don't be serious ...
DE Joe Banducci gets a sack on the last play of the game. His 2nd of the day.

Very nice game by the D. Held Tonnemaker to 87, 2nd straight sub-100 yard game after 15 straight to start his career.

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USC is back in the rankings at #18 after a 24-17 road win at Oregon. Greisen again not at the QB spot. Buwahahaha.

Washington State continues their undefeated run - think they have just about clinched the conference championship and a playoff appearance.

We only had 3 rushing first downs - that is a pretty brutal number. 73 total rushing yards.

Edwards: 17-27 for 327 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. Nice game.
Brewer: 6 catches for 164 yards and 2 TDs. Even better.

Hank Swilling had 6 tackles, 1 assist, and 3 stuffs. Throw in a pass defended and he had the best game defensively in a strong overall effort by the unit.

ILB Scott Wilson had 4 tackles, 2 stuffs, and an interception.
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The three undefeated team (Wisconsin, Washington State, and Pittsburgh) all remain undefeated. We are 8th - need to keep winning to get an at-large spot as the Cougars aren't going to let us sneak up on the conference title.

CB Elijah McAllister is back from his suspension. For a change, we don't have anyone out due to bad grades.

We would like to sit Burford, who appears to have slipped a disk in his back.

We will have to sit FS Greg Moore, whose bruised kidney is not going to allow him to play without serious pain.

Another FS, Keith Thomas, is still recovering from a dislocated clavicle. He is durable like Randy Collins, so I'm sure he will heal fast and never look back.
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We are 15 point favorites for our game hosting Stanford. The Cardinal just dropped out of the Top 25 after their 3rd loss of the year.

We are well aware of Eddie Treu, who is #13 and climbing on the all-time rushing charts (8th year of career). He is a good bet to finish no worse than 9th.

The three WR set of Mike Pointer (JR), Mark Jordan (SR), and Ted Moss (JR) is awfully good. They don't have a great QB this year, but look out for these guys when they catch the ball.

Left tackle Ed Robinson was a beast last year and hasn't tailed off much in his senior year. 18 pancakes so far on the season.

Nose tackle Virgil Gilliam has 8 sacks. The tall (6-7) sophomore will be around for at least one more year to terrorize Pac 10 QBs.

Stanford also has a pretty decent secondary.
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Another sellout at the Rose Bowl - I could get used to this. 100,089 on hand.

Gain of 13 for Treu on his first carry, a sweep to the left.
10 on the 2nd carry.
But only 2 on 3rd and 10. Punt.

Some people have questioned the toughness of Gannon Dawson, like his head coach.
But he is out to prove something today. He gains 11 on a 3rd and 6.
We give him 5 carries on the drive (for 25 yards) but the passing is inept. Punt.

3 and out for the Cardinal.

Gain of 15 for FB Hagood Morris. He has done a nice job in spot duty during his career.
RB Dwayne Baker leaves the game with a groin injury.
Sack for DT Gilliam. Punt.

QB Michael Horn gets his 1st completion on his 6th attempt.
18 for Treu.
SS Noland King leave the game.
QB Horn is now hitting his stride. 4 straight completions, this one for 30 against our depleted secondary. Down to the 5.
Eddie makes it look easy. 7-0, 3:56 left in the quarter.

J.R. Jackson returns the kick out to the 41.
RB Quentin Christian makes his first appearance of the year (perhaps that name would mean something to Nip/Tuck fans?)
WR Mike Voight takes a big hit while gaining 12 on a 3rd and 7.
18 yard run for Jimmy Bacon.
20 yard TD for for Bacon. We have already had 6 guys carry the ball. 7-7, 0:33 left in the quarter.

3 and out. The defense stuffs Treu twice.

Bacon gets stung, fumbles the ball. Stanford ball on our 11.
Is Dawson hurt? Backups are getting all the carries.

Treu is stopped for 1 on 3rd and 2. 4th and 1 from our 2.
Screen pass is incoplete, thanks to heavy pressure.

3 and out. No sign of Dawson. Wuss.
Dayne clobbers the punt. 61 yards, 3 yard return.

One of their backup running backs picks up 37. Down at our 30.
30 yard TD pass to Ted Moss. 14-7, 8:38 left in the half.

If we are missing our top two backs, I hope we mix up our play calling. 18 runs, 6 passes so far.
A 55 yard pass play is brought back on a holding penalty on G McAddley. Dumbass.
Edwards is undettered. We run the same play and end up with an 89 yard TD pass. 10 extra yards for Edwards and Voight thanks to the penalty. I love one play drives 14-14, 7:45 left in the half.

Horn has now completed 8 in a row.
Streak ends when he misses a wide open guy on 3rd and 3.
Another incompletion on 4th down, courtesy of a drop.
We have the ball at our 47.

Jimmy Bacon has never gotten this many carries in his career. 9 for 43 so far after picking up a 3rd and 1.
We keep pounding on the ground with marginal guys and it eventually catches up to us.
But on 4th down Edwards completes a pass to Stablein for 8.
A defensive holding penalty gives us 1st and goal on the 5.
1 yard TD pass to Jackson on 3rd and goal at the 1. 21-14, 0:21 left in the half.

The kick is returned to the 43. Enough time to set up a field goal?
Yep, 41 yard completion.
34 yard field goal. 21-17 as time expires in the half.

Halftime Notes:
We are actually running the ball pretty well with our dorks. But I would prefer a little more passing: 24-15 run/pass mix so far.
The defense hasn't given us much so far, allowing 274 first half yards. We didn't take away either the run or the pass.
Outside of the 89 yard pass we have 44 yards passing.

J.R. Jackson has a huge runback to start the 2nd half. Down to the Stanford 15.
Edwards leaves the game with what appears to be a calf injury. We are really shorthanded today.
3 straight runs - very unimaginative playcalling and expected results.
Due to a penalty, Ellis has to boot a 48 yarder. Which he does. 24-17, perhaps his most clutch kick of the year? I think he hit one to force OT, but this one is in the team photo. 12:45 left in the half.

Stanford is whistled for holding.
But a 25 yard pass makes up those yards.
Horn is over 200 yards and is just chewing us up since his slow start.
Treu runs for 6 on 3rd and 13. They punt from our 36.
We'll start at the 4.

3 and out. This is really lame. Punt.
QB John Rattay is a better option than these stiffs.
35 yard punt, 21 yard return, they are on our 35.

The defense stones them, -2 yards on 3 plays. Punt.

On 3rd and 10 Rattay finds Brewer on a deep ball for 33 yards. Play fake worked because we have run it so damn much with losers in the backfield.
A screen from Fazande to "loser" Bacon picks up 22 on 3rd and 17.
We are forced to punt from the Stanford 36.

Another huge run for their backup tailback, Dhani Hoaglin. 45 yards. Wow, this guy has come out of nowhere to hurt us today. 4 carries for 81 yards.
Screen pass to the TE for 6 on 3rd and 5.
WR Troy Rakestraw, who had the big grab at the end of the half, makes a one-handed catch on 3rd and 11. Gain of 16. 1st and goal at the 9.
Incomplete on 3rd and goal from the 4.
They take a 22 yard field goal to end a 10 play drive. 24-20, 13:10 left in the game.

Another one play drive, as Brewer catches the ball and jumps right over the safety! No one is going to get him. 76 yards. 31-20, 12:44 to play.
Rattay is now 2-7 for 109 yards. Brewer is again over 100 yards.

A 20 yard run gives Treu 119 yards on his 27th carry of the day.
3rd and 7, WR Mark Jordan eludes a cornerback and runs it in from 42 yards out on a dump off pass. Failed two point conversion, 31-26 with 10:13 left.

Rattay is intercepted on a screen pass. Stanford will start on the 49 yard line.

We blow up an option play on 3rd and 4 from the 26.
45 yard field goal is good. 31-29, 6:27 left in the game.

No way we are running out the clock.
Brewer makes a clutch grab for 13 on 3rd and 8, despite an oncoming safety.
But RB Christian fumbles after a 7 yard pickup on a screen and Stanford recovers. Once again they have the ball at midfield. 4:15 to play.

On 3rd and 10 Horn completes a 51 yard TD pass to a wide open Rakestraw. Does anyone want to cover him today? We won't get an opportunity to the rest of the way, as he broke his finger spiking the ball in the end zone. We stop the conversion attempt. 35-31, 3:19 left to play.

Interception by Fazande - our 4th turnover of the day. Stanford ball at our 43. Under 3 to play.

3 and out. We still have time for a rally, but I don't trust the personnel.
We'll have to go 95 yards as the punt leaves us at the 5 with under 2 to play.

10 yard completion to Brewer.
0 yard completion to Stablein.
Sack, no loss of yards?
20 yard completion to Stablein. Out to the 35, 2 timeouts and 27 seconds to play.
Incomplete - just about done ...
Screen for 11 to Bacon.
Incomplete and out of time.

4 turnovers, and defense allowing about 550 yards = home loss. Really bad one, as that probably sinks our chances of being in the playoffs even if we beat USC.
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USC escaped on the road against Arizona State, 23-21. We are now both 7-3 heading into our meeting.

Outrushed 213-80. Not good.
Outgained 548-508.
0 sacks, 0 turnovers forced. 3 sacks allowed, committed 4 turnovers. Very, very not good.

Looking at these stats make me want to puke. Moving on to the next game. Hope that the injury situation is not too serious.
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Award Finalists are out:

QB - Chuck Burford (ORE), Eric Williams (WSU)
HB - Floyd Tonnemaker (ARI)
WR - Jeff Buttone (OSU), Ben Jackson (UCLA)
TE - None
OL - Antonio Johnson (ORE)
DL - Tim Mili (WASH)
LB - None
DB - Kevin Barnett (WSU), Keith Bland (STAN), Fred Edmunds (WASH), Marques Herring (ARI), Jacquez King (STAN)
K - Michael Anderson (USC)
P - Kareem Clemons (CAL), Sonny Thomas (ASU)
Return - William Blades (WSU), Mike Hall (ARI)

POY - Eric Williams (WSU)
DPOY - Kevin Barnett (WSU), Keith Bland (STAN), Tim Mili (WASH)
COY - Steve Gilmore (WSU)

I'm surprised not to see at least one more running back on the list and a little surprised at the depth of the defensive backs. I knew there were some good ones in conference but I didn't expect to see 30% of the finalists come from our conference.
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We have a week off to heal and get ready to beat USC.

QB Harry Edwards had a lower leg laceration, but is going to play.

HB Gannon Dawson is 100%

DT Jared Burford is still battling an injury. We aren't in the playoffs and this is USC. He is playing.

Ditto Greg Moore, who has never beaten USC in his four years. Bruised kidney be damned.

There are a couple of other names, but everyone is playing in this game.

We are ranked #17, USC is ranked #19. Both teams are playing for pride and hoping to get a slightly better bowl game.
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Still 3 undefeated teams - glad we have a playoff system to take care of this. Wisky, Washington State, and Pitt hold down the top 3 spots. I'll update the rankings after the regular season is complete.

Looks like the reason Greisen was playing for USC earlier in the year was because of an injury to redshirt freshman John McAdoo. He was the #3 recruit in the nation the year before and is already really good. So Greisen gave up 3 years of starting for us to back this guy up. Perfect. In six games McAdoo has an 11-3 TD/INT ratio and has thrown for 1834 yards.

The Trojans have a menacing two-back attack. JR Solomon VanWagner has 1,00 yards for the 2nd straight season, although his YPC is down over a yard from last year (to 4.45). SO Jerry King is just as good. He has one start in two years, but still has compiled almost 1700 yards and 18 TDs in a backup role. Both of these guys were Top 10 players coming out of HS.

The WR position is not as loaded - we have a talent edge here. Bill Phillips is a holdover from my recruiting. He has almost 3,000 yards for his career despite having all of 9 yards as a freshman. But he hasn't thrived this year with the new QB. SO Jay Lucas torched us last year. A short (5-8), thick (194 pounds) receiver who has some burst after the catch.

USC also has the best 1-2 punch on the O-Line that we have seen. OT James Blue is a four year starter with 19 key run blocks a year after compiling 24 pancakes. C Jameel Isenbarger, another senior, will compete with our guy for all-conference honors.

Defensively, this is not a vintage USC team. SR DT Marc Burks leads the team in sacks with 4. He is a fearsome run stopper. True freshman MLB Jesse Watts is the leading tackler with 59. I expect him to be a top talent in the conference, thanks to his combination of natural ability and unbelievable work habits.

USC has a pair of freshman safeties with terrific potential, but we have to take advantage of them this year. But Willie Smith and Jerry Jansen will be heard from.

Overall, I really think we have to get a win this year while their defense is still young. Because USC is going to be a bear next season with all of their young talent.
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We are listed as 3 point favorites at home.

It is a sellout crowd today. 100,089 on a slightly overcast day.

We hold USC to one first down before they punt from near midfield.
And we are pinned on our 2.

Edwards is intercepted on his first pass by Willie Smith! That is his 8th pick of the season. USC ball at our 4.

One yard drive - VonWagner runs it in. 7-0, 11:14 to play in the quarter.

Edwards finally gets a completion on his 4th attempt. 11 to Brewer on 3rd and 10.
FB LeShon Toomer fumbles, but we recover.
Dawson runs for 18 on his first carry. That is what I like to see!
Defensive holding on USC on 3rd and 14, after an incomplete? Love it!
And a 31 yard TD pass to Brewer on the next play. 7-7, 7:49 left in the quarter.

DE Phil Patten has a toe injury and is out for the duration.
DT Jared Burford kills the QB on 3rd and 8. Punt.

A tripping penalty pushes us way back to a 2nd and 27.
Edwards and Jackson connect for 26 on the next play.
But Dawson is stuffed on a sweep, losing 4. We punt. Argh.

DT Burford leaves the game with an injury - knew that could happen playing hurt but a big loss ...
USC has to punt.
J.R. Jackson retursn the punt 31 yards, down to the USC 35.

Gannon Dawson limps off the field. Darn it ... this guy is a frigging gimp. We need a feature back!
Dwayne Baker runs for 8. Hopefully he will do for today.
Incomplete pass on 3rd and 3 from the 17.
Ellis kicks a 35 yard field goal. 10-7, 0:38 left in the quarter.

Ellis shanks the kickoff. Ball at the 40.
McAdoo connects with Lucas for 25.
Holding on USC on 3rd and 12, we decline.
44 yard field goal by their stud kicker. 10-10, 13:07 left in the half.

J.R. Jackson runs the kick back to our 40.
Edwards connects with Voight who is off to the races! But he is finally brought down at the 9 by a linebacker? He will get ribbed about this after the game.
Edwards hits Jackson in the end zone. Tough catch with the defender mugging him. We decline the penalty. 17-10, 11:30 left in the half.

3 and out for the men of Troy.

We answer in kind. 3 plays and a punt.

McAdoo runs back to back draw plays - weird play calling. Did they think they had picked up something on film?
Lucas has another big reception - 28 this time.
VanWagner runs for 20. He is giving us trouble, while we are controlling King.
The fullback carries it 9 yards, down to the 2.
We stop them for -1 yards on the next 3 plays.
21 yard field goal is good. 17-13, 3:57 left in the half.

Rattay throws an incomplete pass on 3rd and 3. Punt.

OLB Hank Swilling gets a sack and forces a fumble, but USC recovers.
They make up 15 of the 18 yards, but have to punt.

And USC gets an interception when a WR falls down on a crossing pattern. 31 yard return for a TD! But a missed extra point leave it at 19-17, 1:12 left in the half.

We run out the clock without mounting a threat.

Halftime Notes:
Our offense basically gave them 14 points.
Our ground game is gone once again, with 3rd stringer Bacon getting too many touches.
If the defense plays at the same level in the 2nd half I think we will win this game.
Down 2 points while down 2 turnovers.

Edwards is sacked on first play of the half.
Jackson drops a pass.
He makes up for it with a 29 yard reception on 3rd and 16.
Next play, 31 yard pass to Brewer. Down at the 12.
Tripping penalty pushes us back - we should probably not run the ball. Seriously.
14 to Brewer, getting back most of the yards.
Rattay throws a TD pass to Brewer on 3rd down from the 4. Two point conversion is good, 25-19, 11:34 to play in quarter.

USC returns the kick for a score. First return of the year for the Trojans - Craig Douglass with the score. They are getting creative in finding ways to win without an offense. 26-25, 11:16 to play in the quarter.

Back-to-back first down completions to Jackson.
We are whistled for holding.
Rattay connects with Voight for 26 on 3rd and 22. A stiff-arm got him the extra yards for the first down. He is now well over 100 yards.
Gain of 20 by Brewer. 100+ for him as well.
Rattay with a 16 yard screen TD pass to Bacon. 89 yards of passing on the drive and 1 yard rushing.
2 point conversion is no good. 31-26, 6:15 left in the quarter.

King runs for 24 into our territory, keyed by a block by the tight end.
The drive is stopped on our 25.
Anderson kicks a 43 yard field goal. 31-29, 3:05 left in the quarter.

3 and out, as we try to run twice. Mistake. Punt.

USC starts with a holding penalty.
3 and out.

3 and out on 3 incomplete passes. Not a good sign. Punt.

19 yard run for VonWagner on 3rd and 1. Great block by the fullback.
TE Charlie Hill can't get a foot in bounds on a deep pass play on 3rd and 10. Punt.
We'll start from our 10.

A defensive holding call isn't enough to stop us from gaining 3 on 3rd down.
Nor 15 on the next play.
Screen passes are the best way to get yards for Bacon - 14 this time.
The defense breaks up a pass on 3rd and 5 from their 39. Punt - touchback.

Defensive holding - 1st down.
McAdoo picks up 16 on 3rd and 10 on a floater to VanWagner.
4th and 1 for UCS from the 46. Incomplete pass.
Penalty flag ....

Against them. Our ball near midfield with 6 to play.

Jackson drops a pass on 3rd down after we waste two plays on runs earlier. Punt.

They start at their 11, 4:34 to play.
Gain of 12 to Lucas on 3rd and 10. McAdoo isn't having a good game, but has picked up some 3rd downs this quarter.
VanWagner breaks through the secondary and is off to the races.
Nope, finally dragged down but a 45 yard run and into field goal range at our 31. 2:30 to play.
3 straight incompletions - big field goal attempt here.
But they go for it? Huh? We stop it for one yard and take over with 90 seconds to play.

3 straight carries for Bacon. I'm just glad he didn't fumble. Punt.

USC had to burn a pair of timeouts. They have one left and the ball on their 16 with 0:41 to play.
Incomplete pass.
Way incomplete pass.
Busted play, scramble for 6.
Reception for 8, final TO. 0:04 to play, 70 yards to go.
They don't get 70 yards.


It took a moron decision on 4th down, declining a 48 yard field goal attempt with a great kicker, but we got a win. I know that I've lost games based on flawed logic in the game so I'll take this win and celebrate.
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We have become a very one-dimensional team down the stretch with Gannon Dawson running like Dawson Leery.

We really mesed up McAdoo, who finished 12-31 for 152 yards.

Another game where we forced zero turnovers - it is pretty hard to win games against good teams when that happens.

Our big 3 receivers all had at least 96 yards receiving.

C Nick Moore had 2 key run blocks and 3 pancakes. Hard to get those run blocks when the guys carrying the ball stink ...

I will cut Jimmy Bacon if he is still on my roster at the start of next season. No doubt about it.
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Top 10 heading into conference championship games:
1. Wisconsin 12-0
2. Washington State 11-0
3. Pittsburgh 11-0
4. Mississippi State 10-1
5. LSU 9-2
6. Oklahoma 9-2
7. Texas Christian 10-1 - starting to turn into a powerhouse the last couple of seasons
8. Miami (FL) 9-2
9. Georgia 9-2
10. Georgia Tech 9-2

Others of Note:
14. Miami (OH) 10-1 - these guys are back in rankings as well
16. UCLA - highest ranked 3 loss team
23. Cal
24. USC - highest ranked 4 loss team
25. Oregon

Final Pac 10 standings:
1. Washington State 8-0
2. California 6-2
3. UCLA 5-3
4. Oregon 4-4
4. Stanford 4-4
4. Southern Cal 4-4
7. Oregon State 3-5
7. Arizona 3-5
9. Washington 2-6
10. Arizona State 1-7
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Award winners are in:

1st Team All-Americans:
OT Antonio Johnson (ORE)
DT Tim Mili (WASH)
CB Keith Bland (STAN)
CB Marquez Herring (ARI)
SS Kevin Barnett (WSU) - just flat robbed on DPOY
COY Steve Gilmour (WSU)

2nd Team All-Americans:
WR Ben Jackson (UCLA) - very cool, 12 TDs is biggest reason
CB Jacquez King (STAN) - 3 of 4 CBs on 1st and 2nd teams

3rd Team All-Americans:
QB Eric Williams (WSU)
SS Fred Edmunds (WASH)
P Sonny Thomas (ASU)

1st Team All-Conference:
WR Ben Jackson - 62 receptions, 1,097 yards, 12 TDs
C Nick Moore - 23 run blocks, 19 pancakes, 2 sacks allowed
DE Ronald Smith - 35 tackles, 5 sacks, 14 run stuffs, 0 INT

2nd Team All-Conference:
WR Gary Brewer - 66 receptions, 1,059 yards, 8 TDs

3rd Team All-Conference:
QB Harold Edwards - 2,197 yards, 24-5 TD/INT, 180.2 rating
DT Jared Burford - 19 tackles, 7 sacks, 2 stuffs, 0 INT
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We end the season ranked #16 and will face Iowa in the El Paso Bowl.

Playoff seedings:
#1 Wisconsin vs #16 Florida Atlantic
#2 Washington State vs #15 UTEP
#3 Pittsburgh vs #14 Boise State
#4 Oklahoma vs #13 Miami (OH)
#5 Georgia vs #12 Miami (FL)
#6 TCU vs #11 Texas Tech - wow, TCU at #6???
#7 Mississippi State vs #10 Texas
#8 Boston College vs #9 LSU
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Wisconsin -29 vs Florida Atlantic
WSU -10 vs UTEP (seems low)
Pitt -21 vs Boise St
Oklahoma -17 vs Miami (OH)
Georgia -16 vs Miami (FL) (seems high)
TCU +11 vs Texas Tech (about what I expected)
Mississippi St +8 vs Texas (hmm)
Boston College +3 vs LSU

Wisky 22-0
WSU 45-13
Pitt 27-23
Oklahoma 33-24
Miami (FL) 30-27
Texas Tech 16-6
Texas 31-17
Boston College 30-26
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On the USC win of course
The tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut by the lawnmower.
It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black.
Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people.
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ya no kidding hoops, huge win for you! The next question is are you going to continue with the new patch or start over?
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Unless I have to start over with running the new patch, I was planning to install it upon completing this year and go with 1.04 for next season.
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That works for me, just cause i like following along, but i havent decided on what to do with my longhorns... in my game, im attached, but want to play for real with the new patch..... decesions, decesions
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Iowa has a stud freshman RB named Mike Williams who will get a lot of attention from our defense. He has run for 1212 yards in 11 games and scored 12 times. LT Paul Slaughter is a monster in the run game, with 27 key run blocks.

Defensively, they have a great name in Latorio Watkins as the leading tackler (73). He also has four sacks as a linebacker, which is a monster performance compared to what I'm used to seeing from our linebackers. Good secondary as well.

We are listed as 17 point favorites. Too big a spread, but I do like us to win the game against the 7-4 Squawkeyes.
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Wisconsin (+8) vs Boston College - huh?

Washington State (+10) vs Texas - big number for an undefeated team with good QB, but makes more sense than the last one

Pittsburgh (E) vs Texas Tech - none of the undefeated teams is a favorite.

Oklahoma (-14) vs Miami (FL) - too big a number for my tastes with both teams having a lot of talent.
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J.R. Jackson almost takes the opening kick the distance. He is brought down at the Iowa 15.
Iowa grabs the facemask on each of 1st two plays.
HB Gannon Dawson takes it outside and turns the corner for a TD from the 2. 7-0, 13:40 left in the quarter.

And Iowa answers with an even better kick return, to our 4 yard line. Weird start to this one - not very happy with the coverage team just giving it away here.
3 plays = -2 yards for Iowa, including a drop on 3rd down.
24 yard field goal is good, 7-3 with 11:27 left in the quarter.

We pick up one first down on the next drive before being forced to punt.

Iowa has some success on the ground on the next drive. Williams picks up a pair of 1st downs and the QB Taylor scrambles for one as well.
Iowa runs it in .... 47 of 60 yards on that drive were through the air and rest were a screen pass to the RB. 10-7, 6:29 left in the quarter.

We take a short kick back to the 50 yard line.
Edwards gets mauled by a blitz on 3rd down and we have to punt.
Iowa will start at the 5.

Iowa is still finding success on the ground, although they have lost two OGs to injuries.
And they punt after one first down.
Short punt, we take it back to the 27.

Rattay sucks on this drive - he is 0-4 so far.
Ellis makes a 30 yard field goal. 10-10, 14:33 left in the half.

Defense forces a 3 and out.

Rattay gets his 1st completion to Jackson on 3rd and 4 to move the chains.
Edwards connects with Brewer for a 25 yard TD pass. 17-10, 10:54 left in the half.

On first down, Bowens intercepts the pass and returns it all the way to the Iowa 10.

Iowa is called for an offside violation - 6th penalty of the half.
Edward connects with Voight for a 5 yard TD pass. 24-10, 9:18 left in the half.

3 and out. Defense is doing a good job of shutting down the passing game.
Monster punt - 75 yards with no return, we are back at our 9.

Dawson runs for 20 to start the drive.
Rattay hits Jackson for 25 yards, with extra yards tacked on for roughing the passer.
4th and goal on the 1. Ellis is on and hits a 19 yard field goal. 27-10, 3:40 left in the half.

Another monster kick return for Iowa, tackled again at the 4.
QB Johnny Taylor runs it in on a busted play. 27-17, 2:45 left in the half.
Neither team is doing much to earn their points today - 5 TD drives shorter than 50 yards so far.

3 and out for the offense.

Gain of 22 on a pass to TE Gagliano. Into long field goal range ...
DT Jared Burford records a sack and forces a fumble, but the Squawks recover.
A holding penalty erases a 23 yard play down to the 1.
Taylor runs for 17 - he is really hurting us on the ground.
They miss a 34 yard field goal near the end of the half.

Halftime Notes:
- Coverage is abyssmal.
- Dawson looks healthy and good: 15 carries for 79 yards.
- Defense is doing a pretty good job, need to slow down the running QB a little bit but other than that they have been a victim of special teams miscues.
- Penalties have been miserable for Iowa.

Iowa loses another lineman on 1st carry of the half.
The have to punt quickly.

One play drive - Edwards to Voight for 60. 34-17, 11:37 left in the quarter.

FS Greg Moore has played his last snap in a Bruins uniform. He has a badly injured finger.
Iowa is not able to advance the football and must punt.

Edwards is sacked by the safety on 3rd down. Punt.

3 and out for Iowa, who started with decent field position.
We will not have same luxury, as punt is downed at our 9.

RB Dwayne Baker is hit and fumbles on a screen pass. The defense picks it up and runs it in. 34-24, 5:25 left in the quarter.
Our defense is just getting screwed. This may be the weakest 24 points of all time.

Dawson runs for 16, now has 100 yards on 18 carries.
Edwards is sacked again, by Lontario who is everywhere right now.
We have to punt.

A holding penalty against Iowa erases a 59 yard gain to the TE Thom Gagliano.

Edwards fooled the CB with a pump-fake and collected a 54 yard pass play to Jackson. Huge gain!
But the drive dies in the red zone. Ellis kicks a 34 yard field goal. 37-24, 12:25 left to play.

CB Elijah McCallister leaves the game with a toe injury.
An option play to Mike Williams gains 25 yards.
Iowa's drive ends at our 35 and they punt.

Gain of 17 to FB Hagood Morris - I'm happy to see him make a play in his final college game.
Rattay hits Voight for a 27 yard gain. He joins Jackson over 100 yards on the day.
Edwards finishes the drive with his 4th TD pass of the day - 9 yards to Jackson. 43-24 after failed 2 point conversion, 5:42 left in the game.

Iowa returns a punt 42 yards, into our territory with less than 4 to play.

QB Taylor has been very ineffective through the air: 9-27 for 70 yards and 1 INT.
They punt from our 36.

RB Jimmy Bacon runs for 55 yards - where was that when our guys were hurt?

Another monster runback for Iowa after a field goal, down inside the 5 again. Something is really messed up with this happening 3 times in one game.

Final score: UCLA 48, Iowa 32. They cover with the late TD. 4 scores on drives of less than 15 yards - such junk.
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BC 34-31 over Wisconsin.
Washington State 24-19 over Texas.
Pittsburgh 25-19 over Texas Tech.
Oklahoma 36-17 over Miami (FL).

Could we have a title game rematch from last year when Oklahoma bent Pittsburgh over?
Two undefeated teams left - WSU and Pitt.
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As far as our game goes, a nice final game for Harold Edwards. Despite his propensity for being sacked and struggling with grades, he gave us a good final year. 16-23 for 218 yards with 4 TDs and 0 picks today.

Ronald Smith continues to be a force on D without accumulating sacks. 2 tackles, 2 stuffs, 3 hurries.

I'll profile what we are losing at the end of the year and then apply the patch before moving into recruiting.
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Oklahoma (-6) vs Boston College
Washington State (+1) vs Pittsburgh

Oklahoma 64, BC 21
Washington State 73, Pittsburgh 38 (WOW!)

Championship Game:
Oklahoma State (-13) vs Washington State (zero respect)

Oklahoma 25-24 over Washington State.

Congratulations to the Sooners for winning back-to-back championships. First time I have seen that in this game in eight years. Hard to do in a four-round playoff format.
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Outgoing Seniors:
QB Harold Edwards - Finally a full-time starter as a senior after splitting time for 3 seasons. Career numbers of 7,199 yards and 57-26 TD/INT ratio for rating of 142.8. Would have been higher if he was not sacked 73 times ... We will miss him but hope Ratty is able to take over next year without much drop-off. Terrific senior year with 28-5 TD/INT ratio and 182.7 rating.

RB Jimmy Bacon - Fine as far as 3rd RB options go for a middle-of-road team but we hope to have better than him when we get the program really rolling. Had 43 of his 51 total college carries this year. Good clubhouse guy, but noted fumbler (3 in 43 carries).

FB Hagood Morris - Starter for first 3 years in career before giving way to LaShon Toomer this year. Offered excellent depth, satisfactory starter. No complaints, we wish him well in his future endeavors.

WR Dan Brown - 17 of his 27 career catches were before I took over the program. Caught a 24 yard TD pass the only time a ball was thrown to him in his senior year. Not much talent, not a great loss.

WR Gary Brewer - a great talent, #1 WR in his HS senior class. Four year starter who struggled with grades early in his career. Started all 39 games he played, finished with 216 catches for 3194 yards and 21 TDs. Very strong senior year, only 1000 yard season (1,089) with 0 drops and 9 TDs. We like him a great deal and will miss him.

WR Bill Stablein - got a lot more playing time as an underclassman, good WR who was victim of a numbers game. Had 5 TDs in his 16 catches this year. Believes he should have had a bigger role this season. We believe he was wrong. Finished with 111 catches for 1,569 yards and 13 TDs for his career.

OG Bill Lee - Was pressed into starting duty as a junior, which was not good for UCLA or our skill position players. Allowed 15 sacks in 10 games that year. Only got in one game this season, and of course allowed a sack. He realizes he was lucky to receive a letter at UCLA and showed that appreciation by always going hard in practice. Not well, but hard.

C Ron Brown - never played a snap. Somehow was on scholarship. Kind of an urban legend, but not in a good way.

DE Joe Banducci - good player, 3+ year starter who had 16 sacks and 13 forced fumbles in his tenure. We have a replacment in Patten, but he is still a loss.

DT Dat Cash - I hope never to have another guy ranked #2174 in his class start a pair of games as a senior. I hope never to have a guy ranked that low see our roster as an upperclassman. Dat got a sack this year. Kind of like a 40 year old virgin scoring a model.

ILB Jerry McCullough - Starter his first three years, but tackles declined every year as talent around him got better. 239 tackles for career is a solid number. Glad that he was able to accept a lesser role this year with the same class he showed when he was BMOC.

FS Greg Moore - 3+ year starter. Finished with 184 tackles, 10 INTs, 10 passes defended, and a pair of TDs. Good player who we always hoped would be a little bit better. Had some durability challenges that slowed him, especially during his senior year.

SS Noland King - starter as underclassman, provided solid depth his last two seasons. Finished with 173 tackles. Hailed from Chicago, which is a plus in my book.

SS Joe Lusk - Almost non-existant as an upperclassman after being part-time starter his first two seasons. Would have played more if he had stayed awake in position meetings.

P Harry Dayne - Four year starter. Stats were not great, but I never had any complaints about him. Rarely felt like he was costing us games or excessive field position.

Juniors who might leave (no announcements, just speculating)
WR Ben Jackson
C Nick Moore
DE Ronald Smith
WR Mike Voight (redshirt SO)

I'm hoping all of these guys come back - Jackson is most likely to bail. We are already losing a couple of decent WRs and another good DE, so those losses would hurt. I don't like our depth at center enough to be happy about replacing Moore.
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Here is the player card for Harold Edwards:

Harold Edwards, Quarterback
California-LA Brown Bears
Ideal Wt:
HS Ranking:
Pos Ranking:
#3 QB
Position Ratings
Passing Accuracy:
Passing Touch:
Punt Return:
Kick Return:
Athletic Ratings
Arm Strength:
Work Ethic:
Personal Bests


Passing yards:

Longest pass:


Game Logs
WeekOppResAttCompComp%YdsYds/ATDIntLngSackRatR YdsYPCR TDs
Passing Statistics
Rushing Statistics
Turnover Statistics
Scouting Report
Good coaching could help him develop accuracy at a top notch level. His potential arm strength has coaches salivating. Scrambling ability will never get to the point where it sets him apart. With a little more time, his instincts will allow him to rise above the others in crunch time.
Player Awards
Named Third Team All-Pacific Ten (2012)
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Harold finished up the year #12 in QB rating and #8 in TD passes.

Ben Jackson finished #16 in receiving yards (hurts giving away games to playoff teams) and 4th in TD receptions. Yep, I'm definitely worried about him leaving.

Nick Moore finished tied for 9th in the nation in key run blocks.

Ronald Smith finished tied for 5th in stuffs.

OK, onto the new year.
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I lied ... one more player card. I present Ronald Smith.

Ronald Smith, Defensive End
California-LA Brown Bears
Ideal Wt:
HS Ranking:
Pos Ranking:
#1 DE
Position Ratings
Pass Rush Moves:
Point of Attack:
Athletic Ratings
Arm Strength:
Work Ethic:
Personal Bests





Game Logs
Defensive Statistics
Scouting Report
Once he improves his swim move, he will be one of the top pass rushers in the nation. When he reaches the top of his game, he'll be one of the best run stuffers you'll ever see. He's a relentless, physical player who should turn out to be a tremendous tackler. He has the potential to be one of the strongest players in the country.
Player Awards
Named Second Team All-Pacific Ten (2010)
Named First Team All-Pacific Ten (2012)
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Team Performance: B
Talent: A
Recruiting: B (unusual for my teams)
Board Expectations: A
Prestige: A
Overall: A

Prestige is up to 68 - believe that is another two point jump.

Coaching moves:
- Texas has hired a new head man.
- So has TCU, who I believe has been pretty successful; they raided Florida State, who has not been any great shakes yet.
- We lose our stud Defensive Coordinator Ben Liddiard to Utah. Good hire by them; we will be hard-pressed to replace him.
- Oregon State fired their head coach, pulled in a guy from the Auburn staff to help them get the program going.

Rutgers, Minnesota, Nebraska (would be tempting if we were not on mission from God), Navy, South Bend (wow, if there was not already a 'destroy the franchise' dynasty going ...), Akron, Eastern Michigan, Colorado State, Stanford (they have given us trouble - perhaps at a later date after I build up these guys a little more), Alabama, Utah State, and ...

Southern Cal. I turn it down. But I am very, very amused.

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Underclassmen considering draft (in addition to Pac 10 players, will also list the 2 time defending champs Oklahoma):

SS Kevin Barnett (WASH) - nothing more to prove after monster year last season, unless he needs to win DPOY

OG Marcus Baxter (OSU)

QB Chuck Burford (ORE)

RB Alonzo DeCarlo (ORE)

TE Charles Hill (USC)

WR Ben Jackson (UCLA) - please stay, dude.

TE Alyn Johnson (USC) - 2nd TE from USC

OLB Bobby Rambo (OKL)

OT Jim Sanford (ASU)

RB Solomon VanWagner (USC)

WR Andre Wilkerson (WSU)

QB Eric Williams (WSU)

SS Hakim Wohlabaugh (CAL)

WR Sylvester Yeast (OKL)

Good news - only one guy thinking about bailing on us.
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UCLA HOF players from last class:
WR Gary Brewer
ILB Jerry McCullough
QB Harold Edwards

Each is the first player from their position to be inducted. Congratulations to all.
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Our special teams coach decides to test the market. Not that we have had tremendous seasons under him. Our DC I could understand - this guy is not getting re-inked unless the market is just wretched.

We recognize that we are likely taking a step back on the defense with the hiring of Will Clanton, but the talent pool is not terribly deep and we do not yet have the budget to bring in the best of everything. Lets see where this goes.
Excellent motivator, good at scouting and developing DL. Average at LB, average at gameplan, average scout of DB, but good at developing them. 525K is the request.

We find a slightly cheaper special teams coach to chase as well. Our first guy elects to work at Nebraska, but we get our 2nd choice in Donnie Knight.
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Transfers - we see that Quincy Greisen is leaving USC. Perfect - of course he no longer has any interest in playing for us. Nor does anyone who is transferring. I hate this part of the game quite a bit.

We are looking at losing RS FR FS Harper Holt (I believe we only went after him after he stayed 10 interest after we snubbed him for 5+ weeks) and RS FR FS Vaughan Knapp (same deal). I knew we didn't need help at this position at the time.

We offer a scholarship to Greisen just to see if we can beat the system for once. But he heads to Fresno State. Holt goes to BYU. Knapp is off to Boise State.
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Position review heading into recruiting:

QB - SO John Rattay has his grades up to 2.22 right now. Hopefully he keeps applying himself in the classroom. In the event he doesn't, we need a backup. We will graduate one senior, but none of the #2 - #4 options really should see playing time on a good team.

HB - JR Gannon Dawson has the grades, but durability issues. We again need a backup as the backup options are weak across the board. Two of them are also due to graduate. Need position.

FB - Only two on roster and neither are applying for Mensa. Need position.

WR - Only four on roster, Jackson is flirting heavily with pros. Big need position with one more guy slated for graduation after season as well. We feel like we may have gotten a steal last year with WR Kai Olsen (#545 recruit). Hope our OC is not smoking crack and that he continues to stuy hard (2.04 GPA)

TE - Two guys graduating, need depth and some talent. Fortunato has two years left, is our starter.

OT - 3 guys graduating, so need to start recruiting here.

OG - Decent depth, only one senior.

C - Glad to have Nick back. Our backup option is decent, but could use a young player this year or next.

DE - Led by Ronald Smith, we have 3 decent or better guys here. Smith and a stiff slated for graduation.

DT - Two good starters, no depth behind them. Need.

ILB - Three players, all seniors. We need one.

OLB - 5 players, 3 seniors. Need a talented newcomer or two.

CB - 3 of 7 set to graduate, with other 4 one year behind. Probably can't recruit here now unless it is Top 20 talent, but need an infusion of youth soon.

S - Three juniors here, wish one of our FS youngster's had stuck around. Want a backup at SS this year.

K - Could use a talent upgrade, Ellis not rating all that well with new special teams coach.

P - SO Al Bingaman is good enough to hold his job for next few years.

So, we need 2 WR, ILB, FB, TE, OLB, HB, QB, SS, DT, OT. That is 11 positions and we have 16 scholarships.
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