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NBA Draft Lottery

Here's the chances for the top pick:

1. New York - 25%
2. Philadelphia - 19.9%
3. Portland - 15.6% (wow what a trade for the Blazers at... some point hah!)
4. LA Clippers - 11.9%
5. Milwaukee - 8.8%
6. Milwaukee - 6.3%
7. Denver - 4.3%
8. Memphis - 2.8%
9. charlotte - 1.7%
10. Utah 1.1%
11. Houston 0.8%
12. Milwaukee 0.7%
13. Phoenix 0.6%
14. Dallas 0.5%

So Milwaukee has THREE lottery picks this year. I'll have to look through the trade history if its still available, I missed that.

Actual Lottery Results

14. Dallas
13. Phoenix
12. Milwaukee
11. Utah
10. Charlotte
9. Memphis
8. Denver
7. Milwaukee
6. LA Clippers
5. Portland
4. Philadelphia
3. Milwaukee
2. New York
1. Houston

So Milwaukee has 1 pick go up and 1 go down, interesting. But most intersting obviously is that Houston just used a 0.8% chance to get the 1st pick in the draft. And Houston is a subpar team, I don't know how they put it together to finish as well as they did last year, they had some of the worst talent in the league, and really need a top pick to help them out. So there you go, I'll get a top 10 guy, based on recent drafts I should be able to snag a guy in the 70 OVR range if I scouted well and make a good pick. A power foward might make a lot of sense for me since I didn't re-sign Jordan Hill and since Padgett keeps talking about free agency.
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As always, I let my scouts handle the pre-draft workouts, that gives me more reliable info going into the draft without me having to spend forever messing with stuff i don't care about.

NBA Draft

I seem to have a hard choice here... PG Jacob Swanson is listed as A+ overall and seems awesome. SF Dale Geiger gets an A rating and scouts out as someone who is very good right now. PF Cory Clatyon looks like he has great potential but isn't recommended nearly as highly as the other two... I can take the PF or the PG I think, best available or biggest need. Its a really, really hard decision b/c if I take the PG and Padgett leaves and Clayton is good I could have really hurt myself. But if I take the PF and the PG is a superstar I will cry.

In the end the scouting reports on the point guard just rate him as a better player than anyone else left in the draft and I cannot resist, I am *really* torn on this decision and as I'm typing this have not looked down to see what I got, I'm more nervous here than I have been at any other time in this dynasty than when I was banking everything I had on OJ Mayo. In fact, the second round comes around before I go look. I draft another PG in round two just b/c I spent all my time scouting on round one and I took one of the 3 guys I had scouted who was still left. The 2nd rounder comes out rated 62 OVR. Lets find out together, shall we?

NBA Draft Results

1. PG Mark Jackson - HOU - 82 OVR
2. PG Celso Costa - NY - 73 OVR
3. SF Scot Battle - MIL - 71 OVR
4. SG Dion Cox - PHI - 71 OVR
5. PG Jacob Mullin - POR - 73 OVR
6. PG Tony Kennedy - LAC - 73 OVR
7. PG Samuel Hines - MIL - 73 OVR
8. C Ernest Soto - DEN - 66 OVR
9. SG Rick Reid - MEM - 71 OVR
10. PG Jacob Swanson - CHA - 71 OVR
11. PF Cory Clayton - UTA - 69 OVR
12. PF Owen Edwards - MIL - 70 OVR
13. SF Dale Geiger - PHO - 70 OVR
14. SG Nikita Elliot - DAL - 60 OVR

Everyone in the rest of the first round is about the same through about pick 23, where the talent drops off from the high 60s to the low 60s.

It turns out our pick was pretty much a wash. We got a 71 rated PG instead of a 69 rated PF. Dell Sparks was rated 69 OVR and has blossomed into a guy who will be a full time starter for me for awhile. The PG will likely make Bibby obsolete and will immediately get 10-15 minutes/game behind felton.

Also, how about Houston, they turn that 0.8% chance into the only superstar of the draft, and don't blow the top pick at all. Nice job for them.
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I sign both my draft picks.

Free Agency

I currently have about what I expected... Diop's expired contract available to me in free agency money. I have $7 million.

Top Free Agents Available:

C Al Jefferson - 91 OVR - orly.
PF Blake Griffin - 90 OVR
SG Andre Iguodala - 88 OVR
PG Johnny Flynn - 87 OVR
PG Monta Ellis - 86 OVR
PF Josh Smith - 84 OVR
SG Ben Gordon - 84OVR
PG Stephen Curry - 83 OVR
SG James Harden - 83 OVR
SG Demar DeRozan - 80 OVR

There's a lot of guys rated in the 70s as well. Also, Ray Allen refuses to retire and is back in the FA pool, now rated 70 OVR at age 38.

There's only one guy who might be useful to me.. PF Paul Millsap is 25 years old and rated 79 OVR. He'd be a decent insurance policy against Padgett leaving. There's no backup center type better than Chandler, I like Henderson and I have my rookie PG, that gives me an 8 man roster that I really like with a couple fallback guys for depth.

For now, I do nothing. I'm going to have to either re-sign my guys or make some kind of big move if I can't keep Padgett. I think with the core I have right now I'd rather keep a little money free. I'm sure in the real world for a team trying to compete it would be a crime not to spend every penny to be as good as possible, but here we have raw numbers that tell us if a guy is worth it or not, and that sends me in a different direction here.

I do make one necessary move. I can't go into the season with Padgett/Sparks/Chandler on my roster inside and no one else at all.

PF Darrell Arthur - 65 OVR - 25 y/o - Arthur never amounted to anything in 3 years at Memphis. I sign him to a 2 year/$3.13 million deal to shore up my inside depth.
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Free Agent Results

C Al Jefferson - 91 OVR - signs with Philadelphia - 4 yrs/$73.3M
PF Blake Griffin - 90 OVR - signs with Atlanta - 4 yrs/$65.9M
SG Andre Iguodala - 88 OVR - signs with Philadelphia - 6 yrs/$126.4M
PG Johnny Flynn - 87 OVR - Signs with Denver - 5 yrs/$85.2M
PG Monta Ellis - 86 OVR - Signs with LA Clippers - 5 yrs/$100.6M
PF Josh Smith - 84 OVR - Signs with New Orleans - 5 yrs/$77.7M
SG Ben Gordon - 84 OVR - Signs with San Antonio - 4 yrs/$56.1M
PG Stephen Curry - 83 OVR - Signs with Orlando - 5 yr/$81M
SG James Harden - 83 OVR - Signs with Toronto - 5 yrs/$61.3M
SG Demar DeRozan - 80 OVR - Signs with Dallas - 5 yrs/$54M

Atlanta loses both Al Jefferson and Josh Smith but they do sign Blake Griffin.

New Orleans finally signs someone to help Chris Paul. In fact they made quite a splash, also signing Joakim Noah and one of the mid-high 70s rated SFs in Valmilton Saramago (he was backing up Caron Butler in Washington for the last couple years).

If you'll remember last year Philadelphia got the steal of the draft in 80+ rated PG Tyson Cassell and I hyped them as one of the more exciting young teams in the league. Cassell booms up to 87 OVR, they have an 80 rated young PF in Spencer Reid from the 2010 draft, and they absolutely broke the bank in bringing back Iguodala and in signing Al Jefferson. Philly may have just become the new Atlanta, the team I fawn over every time I see their name because they look so awesome to me on paper.

As for Atlanta, they lose some of their luster when they lose Smith and Jefferson. Their 3rd year PG is quick becoming a star of his own, Neil Grady is an 83 rated PG, Joe Johnson is still a stud and they bring in Blake Griffin, but their lineup just isn't as exciting, and I believe they have a big hole at Center that they were unable to fill in free agency.

Sadly, I'm noticing a drastic trend in the increase of the talent level across the league. I have a bad feeling that when I review the league talent the number of guys who have jumped up over that mid-level star 80+ OVR rating number is going to be huge. If all the teams are going to trend to 99 OVR eventually because there is so much talent in the league it'll kill things. But we're not there yet so lets not panic for at least a couple more seasons.
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I was curious enough to go ahead and look at the talent levels this year

80-84: 24->33->now 41
85-89: 15->14->now 18
90-94: 11->17->now 20
95+: Wade/Kobe/Paul/Lebron, has not changed.

Players are just progressing much faster... and more accurately probably for much longer than seems reasonable. They don't decline very fast on the backside. Tim Duncan is still rated over 80 at 37 years old, etc. Kobe is 35 now, he doesn't seem to have lost a single step in game, still rated 97 OVR.

Right now its still at the point where I can just adjust my valuations of guys since I know that 75 OVR isn't what it once was. But I'm only 5 years in, are we going to continue to see these numbers jump for another 5 or 10 years until there's a full cycle of auto generated players and progression in the system? Or is there some chance that it levels out before then? That's what really worries me, that 5 more years of increases like this and we might have like 5-10 teams in the league rated 99 OVR on the team pages.

Next season starts... whenever I feel like going through the power rankings and getting things going! We've made a jump in the rankings this year, hooray.
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2013-14 Initial Power Rankings

1. LA Lakers
--Farmar(71), Kobe(97), Artest(74), Gasol(90), and Bynum(85) is still one of the strongest lineups in the league. Backup center Tiner(76) and PF Diaw (73) are both pissed off about their lack of playing time already. Artest and Gasol are 33, Kobe 35.

2. Oklahoma City
--Westbrook(89), Reggie Thompson(2011 1.23, 80 OVR), Durant(94), Odom (73), and C Rich Stokes(2012 1.26, 70 OVR), OKC continues to strike gold in the draft. They lost James Harden but Thompson is right there. backup point guard Bradley Fleming is rated 85 OVR and is likely to become a morale issue. They've been to the finals two years in a row.

3. Minnesota
--PG Kyle James(73), SG Max Soto(2012 1.6, 83 OVR), SF Tom McKnight(77), PF Love(80), C Howard(94) with Al Horford(84) coming off the bench looks better than last year, more balanced at least.

4. Atlanta
--Grady(83) has boomed,Joe Johnson(91), Marvin Williams(76), Blake Griffin(91), with new center Todd Williams(67) being the big weakness on the roster. Atlanta lost Josh Smith and Al Jefferson but still looks good with the addition of Griffin.

5. New Orleans
--One of the big movers in free agency, Paul(96), JR Smith(79), Saramago(78), Josh Smith(84), Okafor(73) is a much more respectable lineup than they have had recently. They have one of the best benches in the NBA, PF Jesse Elliot(78), SG Evan Dailey(78) would start for many teams.

6. Philadelphia
--Cassell (87), SG Iguodala(88), McCloud(76), Reid(80) and Al Jefferson(91) should challenge Atlanta in the east if they can play up to those ratings. Nene(80) and PG Gary Hood(75) off the bench round out a deep lineup.

7. Portland
--PG Jacob Mullin(2013 1.5,73 OVR), Roy(94), Chandler(78), Aldridge(83), and C Don Knox(2011 1.27, 74) is a very very young team with a lot of potential. Tyrus Thomas at PF is another guy rated 80 OVR off the bench. I don't think they deserve this lofty rating.

8. Boston
--Rondo(91), McGrady(77), Pierce(83), Garnett(82), Perkins(80) is aging but still pretty strong. Pierce and Garnett are both showing some ratings regression. Garnett lost 3 points to his OVR rating since last year. McGrady 34, Pierce 36, Garnett 37. Given that this same lineup barely made the playoffs last year i'd say the window has closed on the Celtics.

9. Denver
--PG Flynn(87), SG Redd(70), Carmelo(94), PF Haston(2012 1.18, 71), C Wilcox(83) is an unusual lineup with some big holes. Backup PG Billups(80) and SF Thaddeus Young(78) add depth but they are super weak at SG and PF.

10. Toronto
--Calderon(78), Harden(83), SF Darrell Fraser(2010 2nd round, 67), Millsap(78), Bosh(92)... I don't hate them as much as I did last year since they picked up Harden, but this just isn't that good a roster, their success last season completely baffles me still.

11. Chicago
--Price(91), Rose(91), Deng(81), Boozer(90), Oden(79) still seems like the single best roster in the NBA to me. I fail to understand why the Bulls aren't winning the East every year, or at least competing with Cleveland and Atlanta on a regular basis.

12. Utah
--Deron Williams(94), SG Allen Smith(undrafted, 5 years pro, 71 OVR), SF Brett Drew(2011 1.8, 78 OVR), Anthony Randolph(83) and Brook Lopez(86) with Ramon Sessions backing up PG at 78 OVR is ok, but Deron Williams isn't leading anyone to a title without a SG or SF who can play better than what they have.

13. Charlotte
--Felton(80), Mayo(90), Wallace(81), Padgett(86), and Sparks(77) with Chandler(74), Henderson(72) and rookie PG Swanson(71) seems just a step below Atlanta and Chicago, I expect to easily make the playoffs this year, but we'll see.

14. Indiana
--O'Connor(75), Rudy Fernandez(79), Granger(92), Zach Randolph(81), and new signing Dirk Nowitzki(81) is as strong as the Pacers have been since this dynasty has started. I'd missed that Dirk had moved to Indiana I think?

15. Sacramento
--PG Tyreke Evans(85), SG Martin(83), SF Gay(88), PF Mareese Speights(74), C Hawes(77) is a solid lineup, with one of the top draftees of this dynasty so far in SF Gary Oakley(89) pissed off and coming off the bench. Oakley needs to be traded.

16. LA Clippers
--PG Ellis(86), SG Glover(81), SF Beasley(83), PF Ibaka(69), C Kaman(78), the Clippers have completely remade themselves and have decent talent outside of the power forward spot. Signing Ellis from Golden State seems like a big gain for them.

17. Washington
--Arenas(92), Francisco Garcia(71), Butler(87), Jamison(70), Schumacher(72) with Foye(79) and SF Will Richardson(2012 1.15, 74)coming off the bench seems another step down for Washington. They still have Arenas and Butler but the rest of the lineup seems to be regressing. This is the last year of Arenas' contract,he's making $22.3 million.

18. Phoenix
--Augustin(77), Flowers(84), Barlow(75), Amare(92), Newman(79) with Barbosa(80) coming off the bench. Amare only played 3 games last year before a season ending injury,Flowers/Barlow/Newman are draft picks over the last few years. If they can keep this group together they might make a run at a title before Amare starts to fade, he's only 30.

19. Milwaukee
--hines(73), Gheorghe Busca(2011 1.15, 81), Paul Sherman(73), West(84),Bogut(81) is not one of the top 20 teams in the NBA.

20. Cleveland
--Mo Williams(81), Gordon(82), James(98), PF Walt Garrison(73), C Gordon Harris(65 OVR) will be better than #20 b/c of Lebron I'm sure, but they gave away Roy Hibbert who was actually functioning pretty well. Stupid.

21. Detroit
--Stuckey(83), SG Leonard Pollard(2012 1.2, 76), Prince(73), Duncan(82), Faulk(2010 1.9, 85) with Bargnani(80) coming off the bench seems good but not eastern conference finals good like last year.

22. New Jersey
--Harris(91), Trichet(75), Green(78), Porter(73), McGee(72). If you don't recognize those names outside of Devin Harris its because they are a bunch of nobodies. This looks hopeless.

23. Dallas
--Demunyck(2012 1.1, 84), Wesley(2010 1.16, 85), Shawn Marion(68), Mo Law(2011 1.1, 85), donovan Soto(63) is an interesting messed up looking team too. If they had kept Dirk to play alongside Law they'd look so so much better. Still, they have lots of young talent.

24. Memphis
--PG Conley(79), SG Hickman(2011 1.6, 80), SF Townsend(2010 1.21, 83), PF Jason Thompson(79), Yao(88) is a pretty interesting team too. Lots of decent young talent + a 33 year old Yao. I could see them competing for a playoff spot, but they'll never challenge Oklahoam City.

25. Golden State
--PG Marion Brand(78), Hinrich(78), SF Stephen May(2011 1.21, 78), Villanueva(76), Biedrins(80)... this is a team that was decimated by free agency.

26. Orlando
--Nelson(81), Curry(83),Lewis(79), Baxter(73), Gortat(66)... yup, this is no good either.

27. Houston
--Mark Jackson(this year's 1.1, 82), samuels(76), Ariza(78), Cross(67), Mills(63) is another team so bad they'renot worth spending any time looking at.

28. San Antonio
--Parker(90), Ben Gordon(84), Ginobili(80), Rich Payton(71), Marc Gasol(73) is an ok lineup, better than Houston for damn sure, but not one that will go a long way int he playoffs I assume. 28th seems pretty low though.

29. New York
--This is still Nate Robinson(80), David Lee(79) and total dogshit. Turkoglu is rated 66 OVR and eating up 12 million this year, etc.

30. Miami
--Wade is hurt coming into the year which may mess up this rating? Chalmers(79), wade(97), Sloan(79), Murphy(70), O'Neal(74) isn't a great roster but Wade will carry them into the top 20 by himself I assume.

Similar to the college hoops series,it seems that there are far more talented guards generated than there are big men, so some holes in the 4 and 5 for some teams are understandable. I'll be turning off trades until feb 1 this year just to limit teams' ability to screw themselves. Once trades are available I am going to have to seriously consider what is going to happen with Padgett. If he is dead set on free agency do I try to trade him, or do I just ride it out and hope that i give him a giant contract and keep him?
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Good luck this season!
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Thanks ironhead, back to the playoffs this year I hope!

2013/14 Charlotte Bobcats Roster


PG Raymond Felton - 29 y/o - 6'1 198 lbs - 80 OVR (+1 from last year)

16.2 ppg/8.0 apg - Felton really shined llast year keeping his scoring average up over 16 points/game even with the addition of Mayo and put up career high assist numbers. I'm shocked to see him still improving at age 29. Felton has a great mid-range shot and a good ball handler and seems to generate a fair amount of baskets for himself in CPU games. 89 ball handling/86 offhand/86 ball security/89 passing are the main reasons I keep him and love him, he's a very good true PG. Felton no longer has a "Potential" grade, which I assume means that he is officially done developing.

SG OJ Mayo - 25 y/o - 6'4" 210 lbs - 90 OVR (+1 from last year)

28.9 ppg/3.9 rpg last year - Mayo put up his best numbers ever with us he was actually 2nd in the NBA in scoring last year behind Danny Granger, something I didn't focus on much. A 45% FG shooter, 39.8% from 3. He can shoot from all over and handles the ball well, he just isn't nearly the passer that Felton is. He's got outstanding physical skills and incredible awareness(79 def/86 off, off awareness is best on the team). He's a good on ball defender(80) and does well against everyone except the absolute top stars in the league.

SF Gerald Wallace - 31 y/o - 6'7" 220 lbs - 81 OVR (Same as last year)

14.1 ppg/7.6 rpg - Wallace's scoring was down 4 points from the previous season he seemed to suffer the most from Mayo's dominance. He's not a great jump shooter, he is a slasher who scores well when he can dominate his man and get to the rim. Seems like when he cannot do that Felton picks up much of the slack.

PF Samuel Padgett - 23 y/o - 6'10" 261 lbs - 86 OVR(+2 from last year)

9.8 ppg/9.3 rpg - His numbers have improved every year but his shooting tendency(or lack thereof) has prevented him from becoming a potential 20/10 superstar. His overall shot tendency still sits in the 30's, 37 where the average PF gets a 69 rating there. He'll take close shots and likes to post up but just does not put up the ball enough in games that are simmed. Additionally Padgett is seriously threatening to test out free agency this year.

C Dell Sparks - 24 y/o - 7'3" 295 lbs - 77 OVR (+4 from last year)

5.4 ppg/6.8 rpg - Sparks improved 8 points to his OVR rating over his first two seasons. This has been an incredibly pleasant surprise. He is not a big offensive threat but will get points just because he's so damn tall and big. He's a good rebounder and with his size he pulls down a really good number of rebounds. With the extra minutes he will get as a starter this year I will not be surprised to see him turn into a double digit rebounder.

6th Man

C Tyson Chandler - 31 y/o - 7'1" 235 lbs - 74 OVR (no change)

6.5 ppg/7.9 rpg - Chandler didn't score as much last year as he had recently(down about 2 points/game). Chandler may endup pissed off when I demote him and may be a morale problem. But I do hope to get him lots of minutes, putting Chandler/Sparks out there together when Padgett rests, etc.

SF Gerald Henderson - 25 y/o - 6'4" 215 lbs - 72 OVR (+1 from last year)

4.8 ppg/1.2 rpg - Henderson seems to have settled into a role player type role well. I'd hoped for more but he just isn't going to develop that much. I do hope to get him more minutes this year than I had in the past, I'd like for him to spend a lot of time backing Mayo in addition to Wallace, which will be a first. Henderson is like a mini-Wallace, he's not a great shooter but is a slasher who does really well when he can get to the rim.

Role Players

PG Mike Bibby - 35 y/o - 6'2" 195 lbs - 64 OVR (-3 from last year)

1.5 ppg/2.5 apg last year - Bibby is regressing now and he actually will not see many minutes at all this year. If he becomes a morale problem I may end up cutting him outright. He can still handle the ball and hit the occasional jumper.

PF Darrell Arthur - 25 y/o - 6'9" 225 lbs - 65 OVR (first year on team)

Arthur averaged just 2 points/1 board a game for Memphis. He's not a great rebounder, and really i would have preferred to keep Jordan Hill but Hill wanted more minutes and would have come into the season pissed off, so I had to try someone new. I want to run Chandler as much as possible so Arthur's minutes will be quite low.


PG Jacob Swanson - 21 y/o - 6'3" 192 lbs - 71 OVR (rookie)

Swanson is decent if he can get to the basket, but only has an average mid-range jumper, this will need to improve. His mid-range shot is rated 77, compared to Felton's 91 for example. Swanson is a good ball handler and shouldn't turn it over much, but his passing skills also need a lot of work. He comes in rated 69 inpassing, compared to 89 for Felton. That 69 is where Bibby is currently rated though. He'll need to work on his defense too, on ball defense of just 65 coming in. I'm excited about Swanson though, unless he goes the Gerald Henderson 'no improvement' route he should turn into a guy who can eat up minutes for Felton and maybe Mayo too. By the time Swanson's rookie deal ends Felton will be 33 and we'll be thinking about the future.

SG Willis Lindsey - 22 y/o - 6'5" 195 lbs - 63 OVR (+3 from last year)

Lindsey improved some last year but he's got so far to go that I don't have any idea of what I could do with him.
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I said last year that i wanted to play more meaningful playoff related games towards the end of the year instead of playing like 5 of my first 25 like i did last season. I target a game against the Hawks towards the end of November to play out and will sim my first ~15 games.

Oct 28 - Toronto at Charlotte

Toronto picks up where they left off last year, confusing the hell out of me. Mayo 34, Felton 13 points/13 assists. Bosh scores 31, Harden 22.

Toronto 99
Charlotte 94

Oct 30 - Charlotte(0-1) at Boston(0-1)

The second quarter is thrilling, 14-9 in our favor. We snag a win in our first road game. Felton 21, Mayo 19, Wallace 17 points/10 boards. Rondo leads the Celtics with 20.

Charlotte 85
Boston 72

Nov 1 - Charlotte(1-1) at New Jersey(2-0)

The nets crush us at their place. Mayo 29, Felton 12 points/9 assists, Wallace 11. Harris has 23 points/12 assists for New Jersey.

New Jersey 105
Charlotte 81

Nov 3 - Charlotte(1-2) at Milwaukee(1-2)

Milwaukee isn't great but I like road wins. Mayo 39, Sparks 18(!!), Wallace 10 points/10 boards. Bogut and West each score 14 for the Bucks.

Charlotte 96
Milwaukee 86

Nov 4 - Sacramento(1-3) at Charlotte(2-2)

Good win here. Mayo 32, Felton 20 points/9 assists, Wallace 15.

Charlotte 103
Sacramento 86

Nov 6 - Milwaukee(1-4) at Charlotte(3-2)

Surprising loss at home early. Dont' start this home BS already. Felton 21, Wallace 16, Mayo 11(5-17 shooting). Bogut 25 points.

Milwaukee 85
Charlotte 78

Nov 8 - Charlotte(3-3) at Minnesota(4-1)

Road warriors? We use a 28-17 1st to get ahead and stay ahead. Mayo 25, Felton 23, Walllace 14 points/14 boards. Howard 24 for the T'Wolves.

Charlotte 102
Minnesota 90

Nov 10 - Charlotte(4-3) at Orlando(2-4)

Orlando kills us 34-17 in the 4th, this is a team we should never lose to. Mayo 25, Wallace 18 points/10 boards, Felton 16 points/8 assists. Lewis and Wayne Ellington(FA pickup) have 18 each for Orlando.

Orlando 107
Charlotte 94

Nov 11 - Chicago(4-3) at Charlotte(4-4)

Close high scoring win. Mayo 38, Felton 20 points/12 assists, Sparks 17 points/10 boards. Price 22 points/10 assists, Boozer 22 points/16 boards.

Charlotte 115
Chicago 111

Nov 13 - Boston(0-8) at Charlotte(5-4)

Make that 0-9, wow. Felton 22 points/5 boards/8 assists, Mayo 21, Padgett 15. Pierce 21, McGrady 20 for boston.

Charlotte 87
Boston 86

Nov 16 - Orlando (3-6) at Charlotte(6-4)

This is what should happen when we play the Magic. Mayo 37, Felton 22 points/7 assists, Swanson(!!) 15 points. Swanson has had a few double digit games off the bench. Steph Curry with 32 for the Magic.

Charlotte 123
Orlando 110

Nov 18 - Minnesota(5-6) at Charlotte(7-4)

Wow dominant win. Mayo 20, Felton 18 points/8 assists, Chandler 15 points/10 boards, Swanson 15 points. Howard with 18 and 16 for the wolves.

Charlotte 99
Minnesota 74

Nov 20 - Charlotte(8-4) at New York(6-6)

How do we lose to the damn knicks. Mayo 23, Henderson 13, Chandler 10. Lee with 19 and 13 for New York.

New York 96
Charlotte 74

Nov 22 - Charlotte(8-5) at New Jersey(8-5)

New Jersey owns us for a second time this season. Mayo 24, Felton 18, Wallace 15. Harris 29 points/14 assists Outlaw 20 points.

New Jersey 114
Charlotte 86

That gets us off to an 8-6 start heading into the first game I want to play against Atlanta. Atlanta is 10-3 and rolling. Boston has finally won a couple, they're 2-12.
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November 25, 2013

Atlanta(10-3) at Charlotte(8-6)

92:95 OVR
86:96 OFF
96:94 DEF

Atlanta Scouting

PG Neil Grady - 83 OVR - 14.3 ppg/6.2 apg - Grady is developing like a madman, this is just his 3rd year in the league, he improved five points to his OVR rating last year. A- hands/B- inside/A- outside, A defense.

SG Joe Johnson - 91 OVR - 23.5 ppg/8.5 apg - So far Johnson's numbers are not down even with Griffin coming in and Grady exploding for more points. A- hands/A- inside/A- outside/A- defense, a star all over.

SF Marvin Williams - 76 OVR - 18.3 ppg/6.9 rpg - I assume that scoring count will drop, he's had a 30 point game and 5 other 20 point games though. B inside/A- outside, not much of a defender or ball handler.

PF Blake Griffin - 90 OVR - 19.0 ppg/12.8 rpg - A+ rebounder, B post defense, A inside, Griffin is a superstar and will be a big challenge for Padgett.

C Todd Williams - 67 OVR - 5.5 ppg/5.9 rpg - B rebounder/C+ inside/C+ defense, not so hot!

Backup guard Jess Nelson is rated 73 OVR and scores 9.6 a game. Backup big man Owen Edwards is rated 70 OVR but isn't putting up much in the way of numbers so far.

First Quarter

Atlanta 26
Charlotte 21

To be honest, I played about 8 minutes of this a couple nights ago but was not really focused and just saved it to pick up later, so I don't remember exactly how we got here. Marvin Williams has 9, Jess Nelson 5. Joe Johnson picked up two early fouls and is a total non-factor. On our end Padgett has 6 points/5 boards, he drew both fouls on Johnson and both were 3 point plays. Our rookie guard Sawnson has 4, getting to the rim a couple times for nice buckets. Wallace, Felton, Mayo all have two and were pretty ineffective.

Second Quarter

Atlanta 52
Charlotte 38

If you'd toldme that Joe Johnson would be scorless at the half I would ahve assumed we would be crushing Atlanta. Marvin Williams has just hit everything tonight, he has 18 points. Center Todd Williams has taken advantage of defensive breakdowns on penetration and he has 8. Padgett leads Charlotte with 10 points/7 boards. Wallace and Mayo both have 6 but its been a struggle. We had a number of one on one situations in transition where I expect to draw a foul or score but came up empty this half. Mayo is 3-8.

Sparks and felton both have 3 fouls. We are shooting 38% as a team.

Third Quarter

Atlanta 80
Charlotte 68

Frustrating, we scored 7 straight to cut the lead down to 8 after struggling all quarter, but Atlanta scored 4 in a row on the other end to get it right back up to 12. Wallace, Felton, and Sparks all picked up their 4th fouls that quarter. Joe Johnson woke up finally and scored 14. Marvin Williams still leads everyone with 22. Mayo woke up a good bit on our end and has 21 now, Padgett has 18 points/8 boards. Felton, Wallace and Sparks have 6 each. We just don't seem to be able to compete with Atlanta consistently right now.

Fourth quarter

11:45 to go - We start out with Swanson, Henderson, Wallace, Arthur, Sparks out there, needing to rest Felton/Mayo/Padgett pretty badly(Felton didn't get foul four til the final minute of the 3rd). Henderson draws a foul on Blake Griffin and gets a 3 point play right away, and we trail 80-71.

9:15 to go - Gerald Henderson is earning his money tonight! He hits a tough shot in the lane, then after a Wallace bucket and a couple Wallace Ft's, Henderson goes into traffic, draws a foul and hits a beautiful runner for a 3 point play. We've gotten a couple stops where Atlanta has none, and all of a sudden it's 84-80!

8:20 to go - After a couple misses on our end Atlanta goes back up 86-80. I call a timeout and get all 5 starters back in.

5:55 to go - 94-88 Atlanta. Sparks has 6 of our last 8, Mayo the other 2. We cannot stop them though, Joe Johnson driving and scoring or drawing the defense and dishing to an open man every play it seems.

4:50 to go - Mayo with a great feed to Padgett for two. On the other end i doubleteam Johnson and he misses a tough shot fading away. On offense Sparks htis Padgett with a nice interior pass and Padgett has 4 in a row, its 94-92 Atlanta.

4:25 to go - Grady misses a wide open shot from 20 feet, something that almost never happens, on our end Sparks is hot still from his earlier 6 point run and I get him the ball and he owns Atlanta's Center for a layup. TIE GAME!!

3:55 to go - Sparks with a block after 20 seconds of great defense!!! We're on the break and Mayo hits a layup, 96-94 Charlotte!!!!

3:08 to go - 100-94 Charlotte!!! we are on a 12-0 run in the last 3 minutes.

0:42 to go - Atlanta finally scores, ending a 5:15 scoreless drought. By now its way way too late, as we ended up going on a ridiculous 21-0 run during that stretch.

Charlotte 111
Atlanta 97

What a 4th quarter!!! Gerald Henderson really got us going and deserves a ton of credit, and when we brought our starters back on Sparks, Padgett and Mayo all three seemed to be unable to miss. The defense was stifling for the first time all game and we forced a lot of contested shots. Just a thrilling win.

Mayo: 31 points
Padgett: 26 points/10 boards
Sparks: 19 points/8 boards/4 assists
Henderson: 11 points/5 boards
Wallace: 10 points/8 boards
Felton: 6 points/8 assists

Chandler and Swanson had 4 each.

Marvin Williams ended up leading Atlanta with 24. Johnson had 18, all in the second half. Grady 14, Williams 11. Blake Griffin only had 8 points/8 boards.
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Nov 26 - Charlotte(9-6) at Miami(7-7)

Oof, big letdown on the road. Mayo 20, Wallace 20, Felton 16. Wade 28/6/8 for the Heat.

Miami 106
Charlotte 86

Nov 28 - Charlotte(9-7) at Cleveland(9-5)

Lebron beats us in his house. James with 31/13/7, Gordon 30. Mayo 30 for us, Wallace 17, Padgett 15.

Cleveland 109
Charlotte 98

Nov 29 - Charlotte(9-8) at Philadelphia(7-9)

We don't lose all 3 on the road, picking up a big win over Philly. Mayo 36, Felton 15, Chandler 11.

Charlotte 103
Philadelphia 80

Player Injury

Dell Sparks breaks his wrist and is going to miss 4-6 weeks. I look to sign a backup big man and the contract demands for anyone rated 60 or above are ridiculous(like 1.5M type bullshit). Gerald Wallace can play the 4 a bit. I give my 2nd year guard Willis Lindsey a boost in minutes and Wallace will play some power foward when needed for the next month.
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Oh yeah, the standings as November ends:

1. Toronto (13-5)
2. Atlanta (12-5)
3. Cleveland (11-5)
4. New Jersey (12-7)
5. Washington (10-6)
6. Detroit (9-6)
7. Charlotte (10-8)
8. Indiana (8-7)
9. Miami (9-8)
10. New York (9-9)
11. Milwaukee (8-9)
12. Chicago (7-10)
13. Philadelphia (7-11)
14. Orlando (6-11)
15. Boston (3-14)

I'd really like to make the playoffs a bit more comfortably than this, but as long as we can maintain a winning record I assume things will be ok.
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Dec 2 - Philadelphia (7-11) at Charlotte(10-8)

We beat Philly in back to back games. Mayo 30, Felton 29 points/10 assists. Al Jefferson with 35, Cassell 21.

Charlotte 110
Philadelphia 101

Dec 5 - Charlotte(11-8) at Phoenix(9-9)

We pull off a close win on the road but lose another player to a long term injury, ergh. Mayo 31, Swanson 16. Laurence Flowers(2010 1.5) scores 26, Amare has 22.

Charlotte 106
Phoenix 104

Injury Update #2

Well this could get bad. Gerald Henderson is out for 6-8 weeks. Now I've got to sign someone. I sign 3rd year undrafted PF Joel Fisher. He's 6'11" and rated 67 OVR. I sign him to a 1 year deal for just under $2 million. Since he'll be gone at the end of the year there's no harm in spending the money I suppose.

My starting lineup is still fine, Felton/Mayo/Wallace/Padgett/Chandler, but my bench is stretched super thin all of a sudden. My rookie Swanson, last year's 1st rounder Lindsey, my two bigs Arthur and Fisher, and Mike Bibby will pick up the slack.

[i]Dec 8 - Charlotte(12-8) at LA Lakers(14-6)[i]

We are rolling a bit here. Mayo 29, Wallace 15, Padgett 12 points/12 boards. Bynum 21, Gasol 20, Kobe just has 12.

Charlotte 96
LA Lakers 87

Dec 10 - Charlotte(13-8) at Oklahoma City (13-8)

We can't get this one on the road. Wallace 33, Mayo 23, Durant 39 points/18 boards.

Oklahoma City 108
Charlotte 86

Dec 11 - Charlotte(13-9) at Sacramento(14-8)

Another super close road win out west, we're holding up real well on this road trip. Felton 31 points/10 assists. Wallace 17. Gary Oakley (2010 1.3) has 33, Evans 21.

Charlotte 107
Sacramento 106

Dec 14 - Indiana (12-9) at Charlotte (14-9)

Back home and we pick up a loss. Mayo 39, Wallace 14, no one else over 10. Rudy Fernandez and Zach Randolph both put up 23.

Indiana 103
Charlotte 97

Dec 16 - New Jersey(15-12) at Charlotte(14-10)

We can't seem to beat the freaking Nets. Mayo 24, Felton 14. Devin Harris with 20.

New Jersey 89
Charlotte 85

Dec 17 - Charlotte(14-11) at Atlanta(14-9)

Christ, the injuries, not to stars but annoying! This one in a win too. Mayo 36, Felton 26. Griffin with 25, Joe Johnson with 20.

Charlotte 110
Atlanta 94

Injury Update #3

Backup PF Darrell Arthur has a broken toe and is out 2-4 weeks. Sparks is still out 2-4 more weeks, Henderson is at 4-6 weeks.

Dec 19 - Portland (17-10) at Charlotte(15-11)

We continue to play well against the west. Mayo 35, Felton 33.

Charlotte 117
Portland 93

We simmed a good bit there, getting us up to the next game I wanted to play, likely the only game against a western team I'll play this year. We're hosting the Oklahoma City Thunder.
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man, hope these injuries don't check up to you. At least they're happening early on in the season.
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December 21, 2013

Oklahoma City(15-12) at Charlotte(16-11)

90:96 OVR
85:98 OFF
91:91 DEF

Oklahoma City Scouting

PG Russell Westbrook - 89 OVR - 23.7 ppg/8.4 apg - A+ hands/B+ outside/A defense. Westbrook has been up over 20 points/game his last two seasons, this team has a lot more than Durant!

sG Reggie Thompson - 80 OVR - 12.6 ppg - 3rd year man out of Memphis, 2011 1.23. B+ hands/B- inside/A- outside/B+ defense.

SF Kevin Durant - 94 OVR - 27.9 ppg/9.3 rpg - Durant is a stud at this point. A inside/A+ outside, A- defense/A- hands, great basketball IQ and a great athlete.

PF Lamar Odom - 73 OVR - 5.8 ppg/6.6 rpg - Odom is 34 years old, B rebounder, B inside, not much of a defender.

C Rich Stokes - 70 OVR - 3.3 ppg/6.9 rpg - B+ rebounder, B post defense, not a scorer at all.

The Thunder just have no inside game, backup guard Bradley Fleming is rated 85 OVR... but comes off the bench and is pissed about that, onl playing at 90% as a result. He scores 8.2 points/game. Fleming was the 7th pick in the 2010 draft. Between Thompson and Fleming OKC has done a great job drafting, they just need bigs.

First Quarter

Charlotte 30
Oklahoma City 28

We're already thin inside, and Chandler picking up 2 fouls in the quarter doesn't help. The stars of each team show up right away. Mayo scores 9 for Charlotte, Durant scores 12 for the Thunder. Wallace 6, Padgett 4, a few with 3 for us. Westbrook 6, Reggie Thompson 5 for OKC.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 57
Oklahoma City 47

Padgett just walks all over Lamar Odom. He has a 16 point quarter and now has 20 for the game. Mayo has 12, Walace 8, our 2nd year man Willis Lindsey has 7, he hit a lucky 3 and got a couple nice buckets going to the rim. Durant is scoreless in the 2nd, Westbrook 10, thompson 9. We really dominated that quarter.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 72
Oklahoma City 69

Durant came out on fire in the 3rd, scoring the first 7 points of the quarter and making it a 3 point game. We didn't score for 4 1/2 minutes and it was close the rest of the way. Padgett gets doubled quickly and turns it over a few times and strugges. Durant 23, Thompson 12, Odom 11, Westbrook 10 for the Thunder. On our side, Padgett 22, Mayo 16, Wallace 8, Lindsey 7. That's just 6 points from our top 4 scorers this gamme, we only had 15 all quarter though.

Fourth Quarter

8:50 to go - Padgett has 4, Durant had an insane 3 point play, we lead 78-72 though.

6:10 to go - We hold the lead still, 84-79. We're having some fatigue issues though, i've got Wallace in at PF, resting Mayo and Padgett.

3:50 to go - 88-83, we are finding just enough ways to score that Oklahoma City cannot close the gap. All 5 starters are now in for the duration.

2:35 to go - The lead is down to 4, 91-87. Durant is refusing to let this one go easily, he has 32 and has had the ball in his hands at every key moment in the 4th.

1:50 to go - Felton takes a tough shot towards the end of the shot clock, its no good but Padgett gets the board and layup. Durant again takes it on their end, and he hits a 15 footer. 93-89.

1:00 to go - Padgett misses a hook shot, Chandler gets the board and kicks it out. I run some clock and Mayo misses an 18 footer. On the other end Odom gets a shot to go from 10 feet out, and we lead 93-91, just up by 2.

0:44 to go - Padgett works on Odom and gets a good look, Padgett has 30 now and we lead 95-91.

Padgett gets the last word in this one, helping on D and blocking Durant on their next trip. We end up hitting 2 free throws in the final 30 seconds and win a close one.

Charlotte 97
Oklahoma City 91

Padgett: 30 points/8 boards/4 blocks
Mayo: 20 points
Felton: 12 points
Wallace: 10 points/5 boards
Lindsey: 9 points
Swanson: 6 points/4 assists
Fisher: 5 points/5 boards
Chandler: 5 points/11 boards

Durant was awesome in the second half, ending with 34 points/8 boards. Thompson 14 points, Odom 13, Westbrook 10.
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Nice win there. Looks like Charlotte is finding themselves now.
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Originally Posted by CleBrownsfan View Post
Nice win there. Looks like Charlotte is finding themselves now.

Hopefully! We're up in the top 4 in the east now. The injuries I am not too worried about as long as Padgett and Mayo stay healthy. I obviously don't' want to lose Felton or Wallace but I really wouldn't mind my rookie PG getting some experience if it came to that.

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Dec 23 - San Antonio (9-18) at Charlotte(17-11)

Its closer than maybe it should have been but a win in is a win. Wallace 20, Felton 18, Swanson 16. Ginobili leads the Spurs with 16.

Charlotte 95
San Antonio 91

Dec 25 - New York (12-15) at Charlotte(18-11)

5 in a row as we beat another terrible team. Wallace 37(!!), Mayo 18, Felton 16 points/10 assists. David Lee with 29 points/17 boards.

Charlotte 118
New York 92

Our last game in December is against Cleveland, i'll play that one out.
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December 30, 2013

Cleveland(17-12) at Charlotte(19-11)

91:88 OVR
86:91 OFF
92:93 DEF

Cleveland Scouting

PG Mo Williams - 81 OVR - 18.7 ppg/5.2 apg - Mo has a sprained wrist and is hurting just slightly. B hands/A- outside/B- perimeter D. His ratings aren't that great and he isn't a huge threat to get inside and score.

SG Eric Gordon - 82 OVR - 21.4 ppg - This may end up being the 2nd time Gordon averages over 20. B- hands/A+ outside/B perimeter D, he's a great athlete.

SF Lebron James - 98 OVR - 22.6 ppg/8.3 rpg/7.9 apg - James lowest point total since his rookie year. 29 years old now, based on Kobe's progression I assume he's still got a long time left.

PF Walt Garrison - 73 OVR - 4.1 ppg/10.1 rpg - 2011 1.25 - B+ rebounding/B+ inside, poor defense, part of a very poor inside game for the Cavs.

C Gordon Harris - 65 OVR - 5.7 ppg/4.8 rpg - Undrafted, his 3rd year in the league.

Delonte West is rated 75 OVR and is the top guy off the bench. 5 points/2 assists a game. Sebastian Telfair is rated 71 OVR and gets 5 points/game too. We have a massive edge inside obviously.

First Quarter

Charlotte 33
Cleveland 20

We were down 11-10 before going on a big run in the final 8 minutes of the quarter. Lebron scores 9 for the Cavs and he's the only reasonable option for them. Gordon has 4. On our side, if you read the scouting on Cleveland you shoudl not be surprised to see that Padgett scored 14 in the first on 6-6 shooting. Mayo/Swanson/Wallace/Fisher all have 4 points.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 61
Cleveland 39

We push the lead up to 20 at 50-30 and keep it there. Lebron only plays 4 minutes of the 2nd for some reason and didn't score. Mo Williams has 8. On our side Padgett has 22 on 9-10 shooting. Mayo 9, Fisher 8, Wallace 6, Felton 5.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 85
Cleveland 66

Yawn. Padgett 34. Mayo 11, Chandler 9, Wallace 8, Fisher 8. Williams 16, James 14 for Cleveland.

Fourth Quarter

5:30 to go - Well I was worried about precisely this happening. Lebron takes over in the 4th and I am just trying to end the game so I have my foot off the gas a bit. They had slowly cut it down to 13 over the first 6 minutes of the half, and all of a sudden Lebron just got 2 3 point plays back to back and its a 7 point game, 95-88.

4:15 to go - Empty trips on both ends and I call a timeout to get out of a doubleteam, still 95-88.

3:00 to go - We get bucktes from Wallace, Mayo, and PAdgett, Cleveland gets two treys, Williams and Gordon. Its 101-94.

2:20 to go - Lebron draws a foul but only hits 1 free throw. On our end Gerald Wallace comes up with a huge 3 point play. Its 104-95.

1:45 to go - One of the Cavs bigs draws a foul but he only hits 1 at the line too. Mayo with a nice 1 on 1 move and open jumper on our end. 106-96, that might end it.

That did indeed seal it.

Charlotte 111
Cleveland 97

Padgett 45 points/8 boards
Mayo: 19 points
Wallace: 15 points/7 boards/5 assists
Fisher: 10 points
Chandler: 9 points/9 boards
Felton: 5 points/10 assists

Lebron scores 12 in the 4th and ends up with 26 points and 7 assists. Mo Williams 19 points/9 assists. Easy win against an unbalanced team.
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We're on fire through most of December and our record looks a lot like it did two years ago when we were near the top of the East most of the season. We're 12-4 at home, 8-7 on the road.

1. Charlotte (20-11)
2. New Jersey (21-12)
3. Atlanta (17-13)
4. Cleveland (17-13)
5. Miami (17-14)
6. Detroit (16-14)
7. Milwaukee (16-16)
8. Washington (15-15)
9. Chicago (16-18)
10. Toronto (15-17)
11. Indiana (14-17)
12. Orlando (13-17)
13. New York (13-18)
14. Philadelphia (13-19)
15. Boston (12-20)

Out west, Utah is off to an amazing start, they're 24-8. LA (the lakers obviously) are 21-11, New Orleans is good for the first time in forever, 18-12.
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We play New Jersey(the team we're tied for 1st in the east with) Jan 6th, so I'll play that one out. I might just sim the entire remainder of January other than that one game and pick some more games down the stretch once the playoff races are more well defined.

Jan 1 - Charlotte(20-11) at Denver(19-14)

This is a tough one on the road, no luck. Mayo 29, Felton 13 points/10 assists, Wallace 11 points/11 boards. Carmelo 33, Johnny Flynn 20 for the much improved Nuggets.

Denver 101
Charlotte 85

Jan 2 - Charlotte(20-12) at Detroit(16-14)

We use a 32-16 3rd quarter to get a double digit win. Mayo 39, Chandler 13, Felton 13 points/10 assists. Bargnani 21 for the Pistons.

Charlotte 99
Detroit 87

Jan 5 - Charlotte (21-12) at Indiana(16-17)

Wow, terrible loss to the pacers. They score 30 in 3 different quarters and dominate. Mayo 17, Felton 15, Wallace 14. Granger 36, Nowitzki 29 for the Pacers.

Indiana 118
Charlotte 97

Injury Update

good news this time! Dell Sparks has recovered from his injury. Chandler is back to being our 6th man and our starting lineup is fully functional again.
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January 6, 2014

New Jersey(23-12) at Charlotte(21-13)

92:87 OVR
86:90 OFF
95:86 DEF

New Jersey Scouting

PG Devin Harris - 91 OVR - 23.0ppg/8.8 apg - Harris has scored 20+ 6 seasons in a row now. A+ hands/B- inside/a- outside/A- perimeter D

SG Stephen Trichet - 75 OVR - 8.5 ppg/5.6 rpg - 2012 1.16, 2nd year man making a reasonable impact. b- inside/B+ outside/B- defense. Mayo hopefully can teach him quite a lesson.

SF Jeff Green - 78 OVR - 13.4 ppg/7.1 rpg - Green has moved around quite a bit, from Oklahoma City to the Lakers to Utah to New Jersey. B+ inside/B+ outside/B- perimeter D. A strong athlete.

PF Travis Outlaw - 74 OVR - 13.0 ppg/5.6 rpg - C- rebounder/B inside/A outside. Outlaw is a 3 point shooter and not much else.

C Javale McGee - 72 OVR - 9.1 ppg/8.3 rpg - A- rebounder/B- inside/C+ post D.

So we've got Devin Harris and nothing else. How is this team so good? Brandon Jennings, now rated 76 OVR is the top man off the bench. Terrance Williams is at 75 OVR as well. Jennings is scoring 12 points/game, Williams 8.5 ppg. So they don't have a great lineup outside of Harris but they don't lose much off the bench.

First Quarter

New Jersey 29
Charlotte 24

OJ Mayo picks up 2 fouls in 3 minutes and has to sit for the rest of the quarter. Padgett scores 7 but no one else really gets going. 4 for Chandler and Felton each. Devin Harris scores 10 and has a strong quarter. Terrance Williams 5, Outlaw and McGee 4 each.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 51
New Jersey 50

We trail for virtually the entire quarter, down by 5-8 most of the way. We score 7 of the last 9, getting a 3 in transition from Mayo with about 20 seconds left in the half to take the lead into the locker room.

Mayo has a dominant quarter, he's 8-12, 2-2 from 3 and has 19 points. Padgett 13, no one else more than 4. Terrance Williams is very strong with 14 points. Harris didn't play much of the 2nd and still just has 10.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 84
New Jersey 74

We keep pulling ahead by 6-8 and they keep coming back. We end the half on a strong run and take our biggest lead of the game at the very end of the quarter. Padgett and Mayo coninue to lead us. Padgett 24, Mayo 22. Dell Sparks has a great quarter just getting his giant 7'3" self close enough to the goal to drop it into the basket. Sparks has 12 points/9 boards. New Jersey gets strong quarters from different people every quarter. Travis Outlaw has 17 after this quarter. Terrance williams is still stuck on 14 and Harris only has 13.

Fourth Quarter

8:15 to go - Padgett scores the first 6 of the quarter for us and we stretch our lead quickly up to 15. its 97-82, padgett now has 32.

We roll from there.

Charlotte 115
New Jersey 98

Padgett: 40 points/5 boards
Mayo: 22 points
Sparks: 16 points/12 boards
Swanson: 12 points
Felton: 9 points/5 assists
Lindsey: 8 points
Chandler: 4 points/8 boards

Nets SG Trichet scores 21, Harris has 18 points/5 boards/9 assists.

The last couple teams I've played against just didn't have solid post players and Padgett has absolutely run over them.
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Looks like the computer still isn't using Padgett well. Is there a way to edit his tendencies up a few notches so he gets more shots?

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Originally Posted by rjolley View Post
Looks like the computer still isn't using Padgett well. Is there a way to edit his tendencies up a few notches so he gets more shots?

My house rule in CH and NBA 2K is that if I increase the tendencies for any of my guys, I have to decrease another starter's tendencies by an equal amount.
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That's a good rule. If I ever have to do that, I may implement that rule.
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Originally Posted by Groundhog View Post
My house rule in CH and NBA 2K is that if I increase the tendencies for any of my guys, I have to decrease another starter's tendencies by an equal amount.

Interesting. In CH I played a high enough % of my games that I didn't care. Here though when I'm simming ~72-75 games a year it makes a massive difference. I'm not sure how I'd feel about that kind of house rule though b/c I could always balance my team the way I wanted while the CPU teams would still have their messed up tendencies. i'll have to think about that more. Of course at this point I still feel like the odds of my losing Padgett to free agency are > 50% which would impact what I wanted to do with him too.
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Jan 8 - Charlotte(22-13) at Washington(18-15)

A road loss against a division rival. Mayo 32, Wallace 24, Felton 13 points/15 assists, Padgett 11 points/11 boards. Butler 29 points for the Wizards.

Washington 106
Charlotte 102

Jan 9 - Miami (20-15) at Charlotte(22-14)

We score 35 in the first and get a solid win. Mayo 32, Felton 18, Padgett 13. Wade has 28 for the Heat.

Charlotte 100
Miami 86

Jan 12 - Charlotte(23-14) at Golden State(14-22)

We lead by 14 at the half but have to hang on for a very close win. OJ Mayo 24, Felton 19, Sparks 17 points/12 boards. Stephen May(2011 1.21) leads Golden State with 19 points.

Charlotte 90
Golden State 89

Jan 13 - Charlotte(24-14) at Utah(28-10)

Utah really appears to be the best team in the NBA. A 36-13 3rd quarter proves it to us hah. Mayo 20, no one else over 10. Deron Williams 25, Brook lopez 16 points/10 boards.

Utah 98
Charlotte 68

Jan 15 - Charlotte(24-15) at Portland(24-16)

its tough playing these two on the road back to back. No chance. Roy 32, Aldridge 21 points/13 boards. Wallace 21, Felton 20, Mayo 16.

Portland 97
Charlotte 75

Injury Update

We no longer have anyone injured. Hooray!

We've got 8 more games in January, I'll sim them all and we'll check February to see what we're going to play.
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Jan 18 - Charlotte(24-16) at LA Clippers(19-21)

haha, poor clippers. Mayo 43, Wallace 16, Sparks 12. Padgett shoots 1-6 and only scores 2, but he grabs 15 boards.

Charlotte 105
LA Clippers 71

Jan 20 - Indiana(24-17) at Charlotte(25-16)

Indiana has won 11 in a row now that they beat us. Mayo has 40 again, Wallace 19, Felton 16.

Indiana 115
Charlotte 104

Jan 22 - Golden State(17-24) at Charlotte(25-17)

We get a win in this one, we're rolling along at .500 this month. Mayo 30, Sparks 15 points/11 boards, Wallace 12 points.

Charlotte 91
Golden state 75

Jan 23 - Charlotte(26-17) at Orlando(19-22)

Orlando is one of the worst rated teams in the league and we beat them down badly. Mayo 39, Sparks 18 points/10 boards, Henderson 12. Lewis 19, Steph Curry 16 points/7 boards/7 assists.

Charlotte 121
Orlando 83

Jan 25 - Charlotte(27-17) at Memphis(18-24)

3 large margin victories in a row against bad teams. Mayo 30, Felton 18, Padgett 16 points/13 boards. Abe Hickman(2011 1.6) scores 20 points and has 7 assists for Memphis, an 80 rated 3rd year guy.

Charlotte 118
Memphis 89

Jan 28 - New York (17-25) at Charlotte(28-17)

4 in a row but this has been an "easy part" of the schedule. Mayo 36, Felton 15 points/15 assists, Swanson 13.

Charlotte 114
New York 93

Injury Update

Gerald Henderson has a strained abdomen and is going to miss 2-4 weeks. His second injury of the year in a season when I have gone out of my way to try to set him up with more playing time, sad.

Jan 30 - Miami (25-20) at Charlotte(29-17)

Miami gets even for a loss earlier int he month. Mayo 37, Felton 12, Sparks 10. Wade has a spectacular game with 33 points/10 boards/8 assists.

Miami 97
Charlotte 87

Jan 31 - Charlotte(29-18) at Milwaukee(20-25)

WOW. 2nd Quarter: Charlotte 22, Milwaukee 4. And it didn't get a lot better after that. Mayo 23, Swanson 10, Wallace 10 points/10 boards.

Charlotte 87
Milwaukee 52

Injury Update

Mayo has a slight issue with a knee(listed as Knee Tendinitis). Its a day to day injury and appears that it won't hold him back too much.

End of January Eastern Conference Standings

1. Charlotte (30-18)
2. Cleveland (28-18)
3. Washington (28-19)
4. New Jersey (28-20)
5. Miami (26-20)
6. Indiana (27-21)
7. Detroit (25-20)
8. Atlanta (23-25)
9. Toronto (21-26)
10. Philadelphia (21-26)
11. Milwaukee (20-26)
12. Chicago (21-28)
13. Orlando (20-27)
14. Boston (19-27)
15. New York (17-29)

At the end of December Atlanta was 17-13, they go 6-12 in January
Indiana was 14-17, they went 13-4 in January
Washington was 15-15, they went 13-4 in January was well.

out west:

Utah 34-14
Portland 31-19
LA Lakers 29-18
New Orleans 28-18
Oklahoma City 27-20
Denver 28-21
Sacramento 28-22
Phoenix 21-25

That's who would currently make the playoffs out west.

I turn on trades to start out February. Our first game for February is a home game against Cleveland. Our second game is against the surging Wizards, but I'll take on the Cavs.
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Actually, I changed my mind, I already played Cleveland this season, I haven't played Washington yet.

Feb 2 - Cleveland(28-18) at Charlotte(30-18)

Good win! Felton 22, Mayo 16, Wallace 13 points/10 boards. Lebron has 31 points/5 boards/7 assists, Mo Williams 20.

Charlotte 96
Cleveland 88
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From the game I'm currently playing(actually just had to save it and will finish it later on, I'm in the 2nd quarter still):

OJ Mayo with a 3 point play.

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February 5, 2014

Washington(29-19) at Charlotte(31-18)

90:89 OVR
83:94 OFF
92:84 DEF

Washington Scouting

PG Gilbert Arenas - 92 OVR - 25.2 ppg/6.5 rpg/6.9 apg - at 43.9% shooting, Arenas is having his "worst" shooting season since the 2009/10 season. A+ hands/B- inside/A- outside/A- defense.

SG Francisco Garcia - 71 OVR - 9.5 ppg - Garcia joins a roving band of below average shooting guards that Washington has trotted out there for the last 5 years.He's got a strained quad and is suffering pretty bad. Rashad McCants backs him up.

SF Caron Butler - 87 OVR - 19.5 ppg/6.5 rpg - B+ inside/A- outside/B+ perimeter D.

PF Antawn Jamison - 70 OVR - 8.5 ppg/7.0 rpg - Jamison continues to decline, he's 37 now and should retire very soon. This will be his first year scoring under 10 points/game since his rookie seasosn.

C Stefan Schumacher - 73 OVR - 2.9 ppg/9.4 rpg - 2011 1.13. He's starting to develop a bit, he improved 4 points to his overall rating after starting last year. He's a poor shooter and not a scorer, but he can rebound a bit(B+) and defend a bit.

79 OVR Randy Foye remains a happy bench player, scoring 16 points/game and getting 26 minutes/game. SF Will Richardson(2012 1.15) is rated 74 OVR and scoring 5 off the bench. He wants more minutes. McCants scores 8 points a game as a 70 rated SG too.

First Quarter

Charlotte 33
Washington 22

Mayo is on fire. He shoots 7-11, 3-6 from 3 and scores 20 in the quarter. Felton has 6 points/4 assists, Padgett 3. Arenas only scores 4 for Washington, Butler 4, Schumacher 4, backup SF Richardson 5. We went on two big runs this quarter, we opened up to a 17-6 lead before Washington scored 9 straight, and then pulled away again to lead by 11.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 54
Washington 48

Yeah, they aren't going away that easily. Mayo scores 9 more and has an amazing 29 point first half. Padgett 11 points/6 boards. No one else has more than 6. Butler has 12 points/6 boards/3 assists, McCants hit 3 3's. Arenas only has 4 points in 14 minutes, but as we see a lot of times in these games Arenas will likely wake up and go nuts in the 2nd half. Washington has a lot of good 3 point shooters and are hurting us any time our defense breaks down in the slightest.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 78
Washington 78

Washington has never gone ahead but they tied it up a few times and this has turned into a very exciting game. Mayo picks up 8 more but struggles a little more this quarter. He's now 15-27 for 37 points. Padgett has 14 points/9 boards and no one else is helping at all. Felton has 8 points/5 assists, Wallace 6 points/5 boards. Sparks has 7 boards but only 2 points. On the other side, Butler has 19 now, Arenas 13 points/6 assists after a 9 point 3rd quarter. McCants has 11, Jamison 10 points/7 boards. We're shooting 49%, Washington 46%. We have 44 points in the paint to just 34 for Washington, but Washington's bench has been quite productive with 24 points(just 11 bench points for us).

Fourth Quarter

10:00 to go - Washington scores the first 6 of the quarter before a Padgett dunk. We had our starteres all in but they're all going to need a little rest along the way. I sit Felton and Mayo and bring in Swanson and Lindsey. 84-80 Washington

6:20 to go - All the starters are back except for Wallace. Padgett got about 2 minutes rest, Mayo/Felton 4 minutes. Washington leads 90-86.

4:35 to go - Sparks gets us one bucket, Padgett two, Mayo a steal and we take the lead back 92-90.

3:30 to go - We're on an 8 point run and up 94-90. Sparks is pulling down everything, he has our last 4 rebounds in a row.

2:50 to go - 96-92, Sparks with a bucket, after being fairly invisible for 3 quartesr he is coming up big in the 4th.

2:00 to go - Washington gets a timeout after a Mayo jumper, its 100-94. We seem to be scoring with great reliability here.

1:35 to go - Foye with a 3 for Washington, Felton goes off a screen and hits a jumper from just inside the 3 point line for us. 102-97.

0:37 to go - We come up empty twice in a row but luck out big time on defense, Arenas misses two wide open three's in a row.

0:26 to go - Mismatch after a stop for Washington, Sparks is on Arenas.. Arenas works through the D easily and pops out for a 3 that is good this time. We lead 102-100.

0:08 to go - The game clock/shot clock difference was under 2 seconds which is when my own little house rule for "I'm not running down the shot clock" comes in. They doubleteam like crazy, I get Felton an open look as a result, but he misses. Washington reboudnds and calls a timeout.

Washington inbounds it to Foye, he ends up hitting Arenas but Arenas is well behind the 3 point line and misses a very long shot as time expires.

Charlotte 102
Washington 100

Mayo: 39 points
Padgett: 24 points/12 boards
Felton: 12 points/5 assists
Wallace: 8 points/6 boards
Sparks: 8 points/12 boards

Caron Butler is easily the player of the game for Washington with 25 points/8 boards/4 assists. Arenas ends up 18 points/7 assists on just 6-14 shooting. backup SF Richardson has 15, McCants 11, Jamison 10 points/9 boards.

We led for a lot of that game and seemed to always have a run in us when we needed it, but that ended up being a nailbiter at the end.
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so, here's a new bug. i don't check the league leaders often but I went to look at the All star selections(I saw a news item for it) and the roster was nearly entirely 76ers and hornets. So I go look at the league leaders and there are about 26 players, most of the 76ers and Hornets lineups and a few others players here and there who all have the same stat line:

140 points/game, 53 rebounds/game, 26 assists/game, 10 steals/game.

How badly is this going to break shit? I don't care at all about awards and all star selections, but if all these guys go get max contracts as a result, I might just be done. Really frustrating, it seems like every time I play a really enjoyable game I see something that kills the immersion and frustrates me.

Anyone else seen this bug?
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Feb 7 - Charlotte(32-18) at New York(18-30)

More knicks please! Always good for the old record. Mayo 23, Wallace 22, Swanson 11. Nate Robinson 25, David Lee 14 points/15 boards for the Knicks.

Charlotte 83
New York 73

Feb 8 - Houston(18-33) at Charlotte(33-18)

We get the two worst teams in a row back to back. Mayo 29, Felton 19 points/15 assists, Swanson 14 points(Swanson is getting up into double digits a lot lately, he's getting more minutes with Henderson out again and taking advantage).

Charlotte 95
Houston 87

Feb 10 - Charlotte(34-18) at Detroit(25-24)

Detroit gets a big win for them over us. Mayo 26, Felton 16 points/7 assists, Wallace 13. Stuckey 27 points/14 assists, Faulk 20 points/11 boards for Detroit.

Detroit 116
Charlotte 97

Feb 11 - Charlotte(34-19) at Chicago(23-30)

Two losses in a row, go go road games. Mayo 19, Padgett 10 points/10 boards. Boozer 16, Price 15 for the Bulls.

Chicago 88
Charlotte 81

that brings us to the all star break. here's the standings:

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Charlotte(34-20)
2. New Jersey(31-21)
3. Washington(30-21)
4. Indiana(30-22)
5. Miami(30-22)
6. Cleveland(29-22)
7. Detroit(26-25)
8. Atlanta(25-28)
9. Philadelphia(24-27)
10. Milwaukee(23-28)
11. Orlando(23-28)
12. Chicago(24-30)
13. Toronto(22-30)
14. Boston(22-30)
15. New York(18-32)

Boston is only 2 1/2 games behind the Hawks in 8th place. Cleveland in 6th is only 3 1/2 games behind us for first. Should be an exciting stretch run!

Western Conference Standings

1. Utah(35-18)
2. New Orleans(31-20)
3. LA Lakers(31-21)
4. Sacramento(31-22)
5. Portland(32-23)
6. Oklahoma City(29-22)
7. Denver(30-23)
8. LA Clippers(26-28)
9. Dallas(24-28)
10. Phoenix(23-28)
11. Memphis(22-29)
12. Golden State(21-31)
13. Houston(19-34)
14. San Antonio(18-33)
15. Minnesota(17-34)

There is a lot less parity out west.
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We're going to skip over the all star BS due to the stats problem. I wonder if turning off trades caused that problem, the guys that this is happening two are all listed as playing for two teams this season despite not being traded. That's pretty awesome.

Looking at Charlotte at the break, here's how our leaders are shaking out:

Mayo: 27.5 ppg
Felton: 15.2 ppg/7.6 apg
Wallace: 12.9 ppg/7.8 rpg
Padgett: 9.1 ppg/9.2 rpg
Sparks: 8.1 ppg/8.7 rpg
Swanson: 7.7 ppg/2.9 apg
Chandler: 6.7 ppg/7.3 rpg
Fisher: 6.6 ppg/3.6 rpg
Henderson: 6.3 ppg

Lindsey/Arthur/Bibby are barely playing at all.

And a quick contract look:

Padgett and Felton will be free agents after the season is over, both of them say they plan on testing the market and an option to sign them is not available.

Chandler wants to re-sign with us. He's still a damn good rebounder and seems perfectly happy with a 6th man role, so I'm happy to keep him around. I sign him to a 2 year/$10.9 million deal. He's making $6.1 this year so his cost has come down a little. He's only 31.

If Padgett and Felton leave we're going to end up looking a lot different next year.
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Feb 17 - Milwaukee(23-29) at Charlotte(34-20)

Mayo 32, Felton 21, Wallace 11 in a good home win. Bogut 21 points/14 boards for the Bucks.

Charlotte 94
Milwaukee 82

Injury Update

Henderson is back. I update the rotation, Chandler/Swanson/Henderson get the vast majority of the bench minutes.

Feb 19 - Dallas(25-29) at Charlotte(35-20)

We use a 35-15 2nd quarter to pull away in this one. Mayo 34, Padgett 15, Wallace 12, Felton 12 points/14 assists. 2010 1.16 SG Gabe Wesley(85 OVR) leads Dallas with 25 points.

Charlotte 102
Dallas 89

Trade Deadline

Only one trade that stands out to me.

Denver gets: PG Jordan Farmar, PG Horace Wise
LA Lakers get: PG Ty Lawson

Lawson is only rated 74 OVR at age 26. Farmar rated 72 OVR and Wise 62 OVR. Lawson becomes a slight upgrade to Farmar in LA as the starter, Farmar gets stuck behind Johnny Flynn and the ageless Chauncey Billups.

There are some other trades of course but the all seem to be just with backups.
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Feb 21 - Chicago(26-30) at Charlotte(36-20)

We don't seem to lose at home lately, this is a good thing. Mayo 34 points/10 boards/5 assists, Felton 23 points/8 assists. Boozer 14 points/10 boards, Rose 12.

Charlotte 106
Chicago 83

Feb 24 - Charlotte(37-20) at San Antonio(18-37)

A road win! San Antonio is obviously struggling horribly though. Mayo 27, Wallace 19, Felton 15. Ben Gordon(FA signing by the Spurs) 24 points, Ginobili 23.

Charlotte 102
San Antonio 94

I'm informed after the Spurs win that we have improved our record over last season.

Feb 26 - Charlotte(38-20) as Houston(24-34)

February has been pretty damn easy for us. Mayo 19, Wallace 16, Felton 16. Brooks with 26 for the Rockets, this year's top pick Mark Jackson has 25.

Charlotte 92
Houston 88

Atlanta (28-30) at Charlotte(39-20)

We fall behind by 10 in the first and fight back the rest of the way. Mayo 26, Wallace 21, Padgett 16 points/7 boards. Joe Johnson 32 points/8 boards/5 assists.

Charlotte 102
Atlanta 101

We only played four playoff caliber teams all month in Washington/Cleveland/Atlanta/Detroit. The rest of the month we played very bad teams and beat them easily.

Eastern Conference Standings - end of February

1. Charlotte(40-20)
2. New Jersey (34-24)
3. Miami (34-25)
4. Cleveland (34-25)
5. Indiana (33-26)
6. Washington (32-26)
7. Detroit (30-29)
8. Atlanta (29-31)
9. Philadelphia (27-31)
10. Toronto (26-32)
11. Boston (26-33)
12. Orlando (25-32)
13. Chicago (26-34)
14. Milwaukee (25-34)
15. New York (20-37)

We seem to have pulled away a good bit here with a 5 game lead over the Nets and 5 1/2 over Miami and Cleveland. March is goingto be a much more difficult month with games against the Lakers, Pistons, Wizards, Hornets, Hawks, Heat, Nuggets and Jazz. Looks like only about 5 of our games in March are going to be against non playoff teams.
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I haven't played enough to see that bug but looks like a pretty bad one. Hopefully it doesn't screw up your dynasty. Your Charlotte looks like they're are rolling - especially at home.

Why do you think Padgett wants to test the FA? What's his "mood" with the team?
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Padgett's morale is in the high 90s(noticibly not 100 but just by a millimeter or two... like 97 maybe). He "really appreciates his ample playing time and quality role" ... I have him listed as a guarenteed starter.

Play For winner: Important
Financial Security: Very Important
Loyalty: Somewhat Loyal

So basically his desire to make the big bucks trumps any desire to win or remain loyal.
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I've played 5 games this year, and I intend to play 3 more before we hit the playoffs. I aim for Detroit on March 11th, Miami March 24th and one game in April(either Washington or Indiana, though if I've locked up the 1 seed I may just skip that to get into the playoffs ASAP).

March 1 - Charlotte(40-20) at Toronto(26-32)

Good win on the road over a mediocre team. Mayo 21, Wallace 14 points/8 boards, Swanson 13 points. SF Malik Sparks(2010 1.11) scores 22, Calderon and Millsap 12 each.

Charlotte 92
Toronto 87

Mar 3 - Phoenix(27-31) at Charlotte(41-20)

A rare home loss, unacceptable! Mayo 27, Wallace 15 points, Sparks 15 points. Amare 28, Augustin 26 for Phoenix (Augustin is averaging 14.6 ppg his second year in Phoenix).

Phoenix 108
Charlotte 101

Mar 5 - Charlotte(41-21) at Boston(26-34)

Two straight losses to bad teams. Mayo 29, Wallace 22, Padgett 11 points/11 boards. Pierce 29 points, McGrady 26 points.

Boston 115
Charlotte 102

Mar 7 - LA Clippers(30-33) at Charlotte(41-22)

With a win here we're now 5 games better than we were last year. Mayo 36, Padgett 13, Sparks 12 points/9 boards. Monta Ellis with 41 for the Clippers but no help.

Charlotte 99
LA Clippers 93

Mar 9 - LA Lakers (37-26) at Charlotte(42-22)

Another big home loss. Mayo 35, Felton 12. Gasol 21 for the Lakers, Kobe 19.

LA LAkers 107
Charlotte 86

That takes us up to one of the teams we could possibly see in round 1, the Pistons.
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March 11, 2014

Detroit(32-31) at Charlotte(42-23)

93:91 OVR
87:89 OFF
95:90 DEF

I mainly wanted to play detroit not b/c of their 32-31 record but because their ratings are relatively close to ours. I do expect to win, possibly handily at home.

Detroit Scouting

PG Rodney Stuckey - 83 OVR - 20.3 ppg/6.8 apg - Stuckey has never hit 20 points/game, this is a banner year for him. A- hands/B- inside/A- outside/A- perimeter D

SG Leonard Pollard - 76 OVR - 12.3 ppg - 2012 1.2, a 2nd year man on the way up presumably. B hands/B inside/B outside/B perimeter D.

SF Tayshaun Prince - 73 OVR - 6.9 ppg - Prince is 34 years old and fading. After 10 points/5 boards for 9 straight seasons, last year Prince was at 9.4 ppg/4.7 rpg, and this year just 7 points/3.5 boards. B outside, nothing else above a C.

PF Tim Duncan - 82 OVR - 12.5 ppg/10.2 rpg - Duncan is starting to fade but still averaging a double double. A rebounder, A- inside, A- post D.

C Rolando Faulk - 85 OVR - 9.9 ppg/12.1 rpg - Two high quality big men came out of the 2010 draft, one was Samuel Padgett, the other is Rolando Faulk. Faulk is a 7'3 beast, A rebounding/A- inside/A- post D.

Bargnani is rated 80 OVR, he's having an amazing season, putting up 18 points in just 25 minutes/game. He's really getting quality minutes. Backup PG Derek Schroeder(74 OVR) averages 6 points/game off the bench.

First Quarter

Detroit 26
Charlotte 21

Detroit gets off to a 14-4 lead and leads the entire quarter. Faulk is just amazing. 8 points/9 boards... that's right, almost a double double in the first quarter. Duncan, Prince, Pollard have 4 each. Padgett has 5 but its on 2-6 shooting. Mayo 4, Henderson 4, others 2. Wallace picked up two fouls 6 minutes in and had to sit.

Second Quarter

Detroit 56
Charlotte 39

Detroit: 7 blocks

We cannot get to the rim and score. Faulk has 2 blocks, Bargnani has 2, Prince 1, Pollard 1. We're holding Detroit to 44% shooting but we're only shooting 36% ourselves. Mayo has 9 points on 4-10 shooting. Wallace 6, Felton 5, Padgett 5. Felton 1-5, Padgett 2-10... Pollard and Bargnani lead Detroit with 11, Duncan 9, Faulk 8 points/12 boards. We are just having such a hard time scoring, we can come back but we have to pick it up somewhere. Pollard and Prince should really be weak links, Wallace and Mayo have to take advantage.

Third Quarter

Detroit 82
Charlotte 67

That second quarter is going to kill us. Faulk... holy god Faulk. 17 points/17 boards. Pollard 15, Duncan 15, Stuckey 13, Bargnani 11. Mayo has 15 for us, Wallace 12, Padgett 8 points/6 boards, Felton 7 points/5 assists. But its all on horrid shooting. 6-16, 4-8, 3-13, 2-7 for Mayo/Wallace/Padgett/Felton.

Fourth Quarter

9:50 to go - Faulk has 4 points and maybe a few more rebounds, its 90-71 and we have no shot. i have my starters in to try to force something to happen.


1:08 to go - Heh, Detroit went up by 20+ and put in their backups. We've just been playig 1 on 1 and pushing a lot and all of a sudden Mayo just hit a 3 to cut the lead to 9, its 108-99.

Yeah, no chance, but we made the final score look respectable.

Detroit 112
Charlotte 103

Mayo: 24 points
Wallace: 19 points/5 boards
Padgett: 13 points/9 boards
Sparks: 12 points/8 boards
Felton: 12 points/5 assists
Swanson: 8 points
Henderson: 6 points
Chandler: 6 points/11 boards

Rolando Faulk: 25 points/20 rebounds

Faulk has one of the most impressive games that a CPU player has had against me, just as impressive as Danny Granger's 50 point game a few seasons ago. Stuckey 18, Duncan 17, Pollard 17.

Detroit ends up with 9 blocks and 8 offensive boards leading to 16 second chance points. A very impressive win for the Pistons.
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Mar 13 - Charlotte(42-24) at Washington(34-28)

Washington uses a 35-23 second quarter to win. Mayo 24, Felton 20. Butler with 32 for the Wizards.

Washington 113
Charlotte 103

Mar 14 - Orlando(31-33) at Charlotte(42-25)

Wow, really? 4 in a row? Mayo 31, Wallace 12, Henderson 11. Wayne Ellington with 24 for the Magic.

Orlando 92
Charlotte 90

We've lost 6 of our last 7 and all of a sudden the Nets are in first place in the east. We're 1/2 game behind, Cleveland is 3 back. If the playoffs started today we would actually be playing Detroit.
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Mar 17 - New Orleans(38-26) at Charlotte(42-26)

wow, 5 losses straight and 7 out of 8. Mayo 33, Wallace 22. Paul has 23 for the Hornets.

New Orleans 84
Charlotte 81

Mar 18 - Charlotte(42-27) at Atlanta(33-35)

Whew, finally broke the losing streak. Mayo 34, Felton 17 points/14 assists, Padgett 13 points/8 boards. Marvin Williams 26, Grady 18, Joe Johnson 18.

Charlotte 98
Atlanta 92

Mar 22 - Charlotte(43-27) at Toronto(30-40)

What the hell. Toronto wins the second half 64-29.... Felton 22, Wallace 18, Mayo only 14 today. SF Malike Sparks has 40 for the Raptors...

Toronto 118
Charlotte 86

We're 2 behind New Jersey and 2 ahead of Cleveland. It seems near impossible that we'd drop below the 3 seed(we're 5 games up on 4th). Our next game is the one I want to play against Miami.
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March 24, 2014

Charlotte(43-28) at Miami(37-33)

90:82 OVR
84:85 OFF
92:81 DEF

Miami Scouting

PG Mario Chamlers - 79 OVR - 10.1 ppg/5.8 apg - B+ hands/A outside/A- perimeter D, not exactly what you want from your second best player, but when your best player is Wade I guess its good enough for the playoffs.

SG Dwayne Wade - 97 OVR - 26.9 ppg/7.8 apg - 53% shooting this year, a career high. A+ hands/A- inside/A outside/A- defense, one of the top 4 stars in the league.

SF Benjamin Sloan - 79 OVR - 10.4 ppg/6.5 rpg - Just 22 years old, 1.3 in the 2011 draft. B- inside/B- perimeter D. He's pretty good athlete to try to make up for the average'ish ratings(a lot like Wallace and some other mid-level SF's I've seen).

PF Troy Murphy - 70 OVR - 6 ppg/7.8 rpg - Murphy is unhappy at 27 minutes/game. B+ rebounding, terrible D, not a good scorer.

C Jermaine O'Neal - 74 OVR - 9.5 ppg/7.7 rpg - B- rebounding/B+ inside/B defense. O'Neal is 35 years old and tiring quickly.

Jeff Teague averages 14.6 ppg and is the top backup(PG rated 75 OVR). 2nd year SG Randolph Edwin, 74 OVr/2012 1.8 scores 6 a game.

First Quarter

Charlotte 26
Miami 21

There have been 57 points scored total in the quarter. Padgett/Mayo/Wade score 28 of them, nearly half. Padgett has 12, I've been feeding him quite a bit and he's 5-10 so far. Mayo has 8, a few others 2. Wade has 8 points/3 assists,Chalmers and Marquis Daniels(little used backup) each have 3. It feels like we can score with relative ease here.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 54
Miami 44

We lead 44-42 when Wade picks up his 3rd fouls with 3 minutes left in the half and sits. We run off 10 of the last 12 and take a 10 point lead into the locker room. Mayo picks up a 3rd foul in the 2nd quarter as well but we have a lot more help for our best player. Shockingly, our rookie Jacob Swanson leads all scorers with 15. He's proving to be quite quick and doing a great job getting around hisman and getting to the rim,drawing lots of fouls and hitting a few shots. Padgett has 14 points/5 boards, Mayo still has 8, Felton 7. Wade has 14 points/4 assists, Sloan 8, Daniels and Edwin 6 for the Heat.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 81
Miami 63

Mayo picks up foul #4 right away but Swanson is just having a hell of a game here. Padgett 24, Swanson 24, no one else more than 8. Wade has 18 but picked up foul #4 as well. Sloan 13, no one else there more than 7.

Fourth Quarter

We roll easily, the backups play most of teh quarter.

Charlotte 111
Miami 85

Swanson: 35 points/4 boards
Padgett: 30 points/11 boards
Felton: 12 points/9 assists
Mayo: 11 points
Sparks: 9 points/10 boards
Wallace: 4 points/4 boards
Chandler: 2 points/8 boards
Fisher: 2 points/7 boards

I started forcing the ball to Swanson just to see what I could do with him. He's quick, quicker than Felton changing directions and getting by people.

Wade scored 18 but fouled out. Sloan 17, O'Neal 13 points/8 boards, Murphy 8 points/11 boards.
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Mar 26 - Denver(44-28) at Charlotte(44-28)

Denver is damn good and they take care of us. Felton 25 points/10 assists, Mayo 18, Swanson 12. Anthony 26, Flynn 19 for the Nuggets.

Denver 98
Charlotte 87

Mar 28 - Utah(44-29) at Charlotte(44-29)

We get a great win over one of the best teams in the west. Mayo 29, Felton 19, Wallace 14. Brook Lopez 19 points/10 boards for the Jazz.

Charlotte 105
Utah 83

With our win over Utah we officially clinch a playoff birth!

We've reached the end of March.

Eastern Conference Standings

1. New Jersey (47-27)
2. Charlotte (45-29)
3. Cleveland (44-30)
4. Miami (40-34)
5. Washington (40-34)
6. Indiana (39-36)
7. Detroit (38-36)
8. Atlanta (36-39)
9. Philadelphia (35-39)
10. Orlando (35-39)
11. Milwaukee (34-40)
12. Boston (33-42)
13. Chicago (33-42)
14. Toronto (31-44)
15. New york (23-51)

We're 2 games behind the Nets, 1 ahead of Cleveland, 5 ahead of Miami/Washington.

The west is pretty exciting:

1. New Orleans (47-27)
2. Denver (47-28)
3. LA Lakers (46-29)
4. Portland (46-29)
5. Utah (45-30)
6. Oklahoma City (44-32)
7. Sacramento (39-36)
8. Memphis (35-39)

The Clippers are only 1/2 game behind Memphis. Utah is in 5th and only 2 1/2 games out of first.
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Apr 1 - Charlotte(45-29) at Dallas(31-44)

We fall behind by 22 in the first half and never recover. Mayo 19, Wallace 14, Henderson and Sparks 8. DeRozan 22, Jrue Holiday 17.

Dallas 101
Charlotte 75

Apr 2 - Charlotte(45-30) at New Orleans (47-27)

I'm really surprised to win this one, we may have an impact on the western conference race! Mayo 22, Swanson 16, Wallace 16. JR Smith 18, Paul 18.

Charlotte 94
New Orleans 88

Apr 4 - Memphis(36-39) at Charlotte(46-30)

We shoudl win this one... and we do. Mayo 31 points, Felton 17 points/9 assists, Wallace 17 points/9 boards. Sparks 14 points/12 boards too. TJ Ford 17 for the Grizz.

Charlotte 113
Memphis 92

We've gone 2-1 so far this month but fall 1/2 game behind Cleveland.

New Jersey 50-28, Cleveland 48-30, Charlotte 47-30, Washington 43-34.

Our next game is against the Wizards, I'll play that one out and sim the remaining 4 games leading into the playoffs.

At this point depending on where we end up and how the bottom half shakes out, we could still play Miami, Indiana, Detroit or Orlando in the first round of the playoffs(they currently run 5/6/7/8 but are close enough that any of them could finish 6th or 7th to match our 2nd or 3rd). Right now Indiana is #6 and Detroit is #7. I clearly don't want to play Detroit. Padgett would have a dominant series if we could get the Heat.
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April 7, 2014

Washinton(43-34) at Charlotte(47-30)

93:90 OVR
87:93 OFF
95:87 DEF

Washington Scouting

PG Gilbert Arenas - 92 OVR - 25.4 ppg/7.1 apg - A+ hands/B- inside/A outside/A- perimeter D.

SG Francisco Garcia - 71 OVR - 9.2 ppg - B+ outside, B defense, not much else at all.

SF Caron Butler - 87 OVR - 20.1 ppg/6.9rpg/4.7 apg - B hands/B+ inside/A- outside/B+ perimeter D

PF Antawn Jamison - 70 OVR - 9.3 ppg/7.0 rpg - B- inside, but can't rebound

C Stefan Schumacher - 73 OVR - 3.5 ppg/9.0 rpg - B+ rebounds/B- inside/B post D.

SF Will Richardson(74 OVR) is a 2nd year man averaging 4.3 ppg. Rashad McCants(70 OVR) puts up 7.1 ppg. And as always, Randy Foye is the happiest 80 rated backup in the league, 14.9 ppg off the bench behind Arenas.

We seem to be finding a pattern where we do really well against teams that don't have really strong big men, so I expect to do well here.

First Quarter

Charlotte 31
Washington 22

Mayo and Padgett combine for our first 15 points. Arenas has a very strong quarter and keeps it at least remotely close. Mayo 11, Padgett 8, Sparks 4, a few more with 2. Arenas has 12, Butler 4, and a few others with 2.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 55
Washington 49

Washington actually takes the lead at 45-44 before we re-establish our offense and pull back ahead. Mayo and Padgett are cold early in the quarter. Padgett gets it going late though and Mayo grabs a ton of rebounds down low. Padgett and Mayo each with 16, Mayo 7 boards. Sparks 10 points/7 boards after a few more easy layins. Arenas has 16 for the Wizards. Richardson 8, Bulter and Garcia 6.

Third Quarter

Washington 82
Charlotte 79

Washington gets off to a spectacular start and takes a 69-59 lead before we start to close teh gap back. Arenas is taking control of the game, he has 34 points/4 boards/6 assists, Garcia 10, Butler 10, Richardson 9. Arenas is getting to the rim at will it seems.

Mayo 24 points/8 boards, Padgett 22 points/4 boards. Sparks 14 points/8 boards,no one else more than 5. Felton is just way off today, he's 1-9 with just 2 points.

Fourth Quarter

9:15 to go - We're down 88-82. Mayo has been resting, and I just sat Padgett to rest him. Mayo needs to get back in soon.

6:45 to go - Mayo came back in at the 8:45 mark, and all 5 starters are now in. We briefly fell down 9 but have it back to 94-88. We're right there and could still easily win but it feels like we're really struggling hard to score.

5:15 to go - UGH. Two trey's for teh Wizards and two free throws for Wallace... that doesn't work out. 100-90 Wizards.

4:50 to go - Well then. We call a timeout, Mayo goes off a screen and gets a 3 point play. Arenas drives around two people and sets up Butler for a wide open jumper, he misses, we rebound, outlet to Mayo who takes it one on one and scores. 100-95.

3:15 to go - Padgett, Felton, Mayo each with 2 more, Washington can only manage one bucket and all of a sudden we are scoring reliably and getting stops again. We trail 102-101.

2:55 to go - WOW. Arenas goes one on one against Felton and misses a 15 footer from the baseline. We get it to Mayo, he gets around his man and dunks on Arenas and draws a foul. We lead 104-102!!

2:30 to go - hahah, this is how it goes. Arenas misses a jumper from just inside the 3 point line, Mayo hits a 3. OJ Mayo is coming up huge for us in the 4th.

HOLY SHIT. The level to which OJ Mayo has taken over this game... WOW. For the last 4 minutes Arenas has missed every key shot and Mayo has just made everything. And then this play happened and I immediately paused the game to make sure I didn't miss the replay. One of the more acrobatic 3 point plays I've seen in game.

So anyway yeah, huge, huge, huge 4th quarter.

Charlotte 116
Washington 107

Mayo: 43 points/8 boards
Padgett: 24 points/9 boards
Sparks: 17 points/11 boards
Wallace: 12 points
Henderson: 6 points
Felton: 6 points/7 assists (2-12 FG)

Mayo vs Arenas ended up being quite a battle, Arenas scores 42 points, grabs 6 boards, 10 assists. But Mayo scored 19 in the 4th quarter and hit every shot that mattered for 5 minutes straight. Foy 13, Garcia 12, Butler 12.
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4 games to go:

New Jersey 50-28
Cleveland 48-30
Charlotte 48-30

Orlando is currently in 8th with a 38-40 record. Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Atlanta are all 1 game behind at 37-41.

Apr 9 - Philadelphia(37-41) at Charlotte(48-30)

Philly seems to have more to play for here. Mayo 21, Chandler 9, Wallace 9, Henderson 9. Al Jefferson has 35 points/14 boards for the 76ers.

Philadelphia 106
Charlotte 85

Apr 11 - Charlotte(48-31) at Chicago(34-46)

Close win, keeps us in the hunt for 2nd. Mayo 26, Wallace 18, Felton 18. Deng 22, Boozer 15 and 15 for the Bulls.

Charlotte 104
Chicago 103

Nets 51-29, Cleveland and Charlotte both 2 games back. Philly now has the 8th spot for the playoffs, Milwaukee/Orlando/Atlanta all 1 game back.

Apr 12 - Charlotte(49-31) at Indiana(43-37)

Destroyed by the Pacers. Mayo 23 points/7 boards. Wallace 16 points/8 boards. Sparks 11 points/13 boards. Granger 24 points for the Pacers.

Indiana 95
Charlotte 77

New Jersey clinches the top seed, Cleveland lost their last game too and we're tied with 1 game to go.

Apr 14 - Toronto(31-50) at Charlotte(49-32)

Toronto goes 3-13 in the last month of the season, ending with a bad loss to us. Felton 20, Wallace 18 points/10 boards, Sparks 16 points/11 boards. Calderon has 14 for the Raptors.

Charlotte 97
Toronto 75
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Eastern Conference Final Standings

1. New Jersey (52-30)
2. Cleveland (50-32)
3. Charlotte (50-32)
4. Miami (45-37)
5. Indiana (45-37)
6. Washington (45-37)
7. Atlanta (40-42)
8. Detroit (40-42)
9. Milwaukee (40-42)
10. Philadelphia (39-43)
11. Orlando (39-43)
12. Boston (34-48)
13. Chicago (34-48)
14. Toronto (31-51)
15. New York (28-54)

Crazy, Cleveland gets the 2 seed over us. There's a 3 way tie for 4th, Miami/Indiana/Washington, then another 3 way tie from 7th-9th, Atlanta and Detroit make it and Milwaukee is the odd man out.

Western Conference Final Standings

1. New Orleans (52-30)
2. Denver (51-31)
3. LA Lakers (50-32)
4. Utah (49-33)
5. Oklahoma City (49-33)
6. Portland (48-34)
7. Memphis (40-42)
8. Sacramento (40-42)
9. LA Clippers (36-46)
10. Phoenix (36-46)
11. Minnesota (35-47)
12. Golden State (34-48)
13. San Antonio (33-49)
14. Dallas (33-49)
15. Houston (32-50)

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The awards are 100% broken due to the stats bug. Josh Smith is your player of the year with 327 points/game!!! Whee.
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Washington obviously wasn't a lock for 4th but it seemed fairly likely heading down the stretch, Miami and Indiana both have good finishes though and knock the Wizards down to 6th. This works out well for us, as Padgett does really well against the aging Jamison.

Injury Update

Speaking of Padgett... he picked up a Strained Quad during the last week of the season. He's only at about 75%, rated 68 OVR instead of 86. Its listed as a 1-2 week injury but its already been about a week, hopefully he'll only be hurt for the first couple games of the series.
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