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Old 02-23-2010, 08:25 PM   #1
Ragin Cajun
Join Date: Jul 2004
Issue with 6.3a

Praying for help here, not sure what to do.

When I finish my sim here's what I have been doing:
1. Open file, find leaguehtml folder (after creating html in game)
2. Copy leaguehtml folder and paste on desktop
3. Right click on new copy and compress into zip file.
4. Upload that to my league server
5. Decompress using CPanel (server host uses that)
*Now, what I see when I zip the file: When I open it in FTP to view the zip file a window opens and I see the leaguehtml folder and that is all I can see...

Now, since upgrading to 6.3a I am following these same steps. However, when I open the zip file in FTP (or from the desktop) to view the file, I no longer see JUST the leaguehtml file, I see all the individual files that are in the leaguehtml file. Almost like they are not zipping.

I have run two sims since the update to 6.3a and both times have given me this problem. So I am guessing the issue has something to do with file creation in 6.3a that is causing this.

Anyone have any ideas? I can't extract these zips on my file or they actually screw up my site because they don't unzip correctly on the server.

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Old 02-23-2010, 08:44 PM   #2
Ragin Cajun
Join Date: Jul 2004
Just to help clarify, I've posted screenshots of both examples. They are on another forum:

6.3a patch issue - Total Sports World Forums

Photos are in the second post.
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Old 02-25-2010, 12:32 PM   #3
High School Varsity
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Location: Georgia
Two thoughts;
First, have you tried using WinRar to zip the files?
Second, have you tried just uploading the files en masse without zipping them?


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Old 03-02-2010, 02:57 PM   #4
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Location: Atlanta
Hi .... I'm not a commish, but I think I see what's happening. It looks like it might be ok to me.

Take a close look at the 'path' column between your two pictures In the one that shows all the files, it shows the 'path' as 'leaguehtml'. That's the name of the folder in the pic that only shows the folder name.

Can't really tell without exploring the files, but I think this might be two differing views of the same thing. If in the picture that only shows the folder, if you click on the folder, I think it will open up to a view that looks just like the one above.

Don't have any idea why this would change on you.

As a test, try this ... .make a couple of empty folders on your computer somewhere. Try unzipping the old zip into one empty folder, then try unzipping the new zip into the other empty folder. The open up two explorer windows side by side and compare them.

My guess is that you'll get the same thing in both cases. If so, then there's no problem, and you are just for some strange reason seeing a different view of the zip file when you open it up.

If you don't get the same thing in each folder, then I'm a dummy and you should just ignore me.
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