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Project Football '83: A Pro Football Storyline

This is the Official Introduction to PROject Football '83. What this project will strive is to make a remix of the National Football League as it will occur following that new Collective Bargain Agreement as we remix old school and new school but with More Teams.

However when we get to 1985, We will join forces with Strat-O-Matic Baseball however we will follow the action of America's Pasttime

So What you can expect?

Following a Collective Bargaining Agreement which ended the strike on November 16, 1982, The Season continued on as scheduled for 16 games ending with the Miami Dolphins winning their 2nd Super Bowl., However with the Success of the CFL's TV Coverage on NBC-TV, The Canadian League decided to plan to be absorbed by the National Football League.

However in the 1970's, The Cloning of Humans (past or future) were developed in the Far East, However in 1977 following a New CBA, The National Football League had to clone one future player if they wish in hopes to Citizens of Tomorrow that can cheer on Today.

The National Football League had 28 Teams and they are expanding to 32, in hopes of a Possible Merger, the new teams are

Birmingham Vulcans (Home Stadium: Legion Field)
Charlotte Panthers (Home Stadium: American Legion Memorial Stadium)
Jacksonville Sharks (Home Stadium: Gator Bowl)
Memphis Southmen (Home Stadium: Liberty Bowl)

The New Alignment for 1983

East: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets
North: Baltimore Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers
South: Houston Oilers, Jacksonville Sharks, Memphis Southmen, New Orleans Saints (from the NFC)
West: Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers

East: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Americans (controversy with the Redskins had ended early, it's over)
North: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings
South: Atlanta Falcons, Birmingham Vulcans, Charlotte Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
West: Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Cardinals

However things will change that a 3rd Pro Football Conference is Rising....

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High School JV
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1983 Expansion Draft Choices (Part 1: AFC)

Note: Both Teams will only be allowed to pick players from the AFL.

Jacksonville Sharks
Bengals: Turk Schonert (QB), Dave Rimington (C)
Bills: Tim Vogler (OL), Frank Lewis (WR)
Broncos: Keith Bishop (OL), Wilbur Myles (DB)
Browns: Elvis Franks (DL), Chip Banks (LB)
Chargers: Wes Chandler (WR), Bruce Laird (DB)
Chiefs: James Hadnot (RB), JT Smith (WR)
Colts: Ricky Jones (LB), Karl Baldschwiler (OL)
Dolphins: Gerald Small (DB), Terry Tautolo (LB)
Jets: Johnny Lynn (DB), Chuck Ramsey (P)
Oilers: Ted Thompson (LB), Florian Kempf (K)
Patriots: Brooks Williams (TE), Dennis Owens (DL)
Raiders: Reggie Kinlaw (DL), Henry Lawrence (OL)
Saints: Larry Hardy (TE), Jimmy Rogers (RB)
Steelers: Ron Johnson (DB), John Rodgers (TE)

Memphis Southmen
Bengals: Rick Razzano (LB), Charles Alexander (RB)
Bills: Greg Cater (P), Jim Haslett (LB)
Broncos: Steve Foley (DB), Rich Karlis (K)
Browns: Paul McDonald (QB), Larry Braziel (DB)
Chargers: Dennis McKnight (OL), Roger Carr (WR)
Chiefs: Matt Herkenhoff (OL), Ed Beckman (TE)
Colts: Sanders Shiver (LB), Larry Anderson (DB)
Dolphins: Bob Kuechenberg (OL), Fulton Walker (DB)
Jets: Scott Dierking (RB), Derrick Gaffney (WR)
Oilers: JC Wilson (DB), Mike Holston (WR)
Patriots: Don Hasselbeck (TE), Rick Sanford (DB)
Raiders: Derrick Jensen (TE), Archie Reese (DL)
Saints: George Rogers (RB), Jim Wilks (DL)
Steelers: Steve Courson (OL), Keith Willis (DL)
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High School JV
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1983 Expansion Draft Choices (Part 2: NFC)

Note: Both Teams will only be allowed to pick players from the NFL.

Birmingham Vulcans
49ers: Wendell Tyler (RB), Jack Reynolds (LB)
Americans: Curtis Jordan (DB), Nick Giaquinto (RB)
Bears: Vince Evans (QB), Dan Neal (C)
Buccaneers: Bill Capece (K), Ed Judie (LB)
Cardinals: George Schmitt (DB), Bob Harris (LB)
Cowboys: John Warren (P), Michael Walter (LB)
Eagles: John Sciarra (DB), Gerry Feehery (OL)
Falcons: John Scully (OL), Tom Pridemore (DB)
Giants: Butch Woolfolk (RB), Earnest Gray (WR)
Lions: Curtis Green (DL), Reese McCall (TE)
Packers: Gary Lewis (TE), Charles Johnson (DL)
Rams: Ivory Sully (DB), Joe Shearin (OL)
Seahawks: Paul Moyer (DB), Paul Johns (WR)
Vikings: Charlie Johnson (DL), Ray Yakovnis (DL)

Charlotte Panthers
49ers: Matt Cavanaugh (QB), Ken McAlister (LB)
Americans: Mark Murphy (DB), Rich Milot (LB)
Bears: Dave Simmons (LB), Brian Baschnagel (WR)
Buccaneers: Sean Farrell (OL), Michael Morton (RB)
Cardinals: Neil O'Donoghue (K), Wayne Smith (DB)
Cowboys: Tony Hill (WR), Angelo King (LB)
Eagles: Ray Ellis (DB), Major Everett (RB)
Falcons: R.C. Thielemann (OL), Bob Glazebrook (DB)
Giants: Billy Campfield (RB), Brad Benson (OL)
Lions: Mike Black (P), Ulysses Norris (TE)
Packers: Casey Merrill (DL), Mike McCoy (DB)
Rams: David Hill (TE), Doug Smith (C)
Seahawks: Mike Tice (TE), Robert Pratt (OL)
Vikings: Terry LeCount (WR), Willie Teal (DB)
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High School JV
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Breaking News: World Football Circuit will now have a team in Cuba as the Miami Dolphins pack up and head for Havana (April 1, 1983)

The World Football Circuit's American Football League has announced today that the Miami Dolphins will be leaving for Havana, Cuba as American Citizens will now be allowed as the Integrity bill has been passed however the WFC will not be getting a team in Miami until Further Notice as planned.

ALSO: The St. Louis Cardinals have announced today by a surprise announcement that they've renamed the team into the St. Louis Steamers, Football Fans are in horror that they've been confused about Baseball or Football Cardinals but in the end of the Cardinals won the 1982 World Series, The Football Side will be known as the Steamers, However a 3rd Football League to be run in the fall known as the Continental Football League will expect a Team in Des Moines, IA (Iowa Barnstormers) and Hartford, CT (Colonials) remaining 4 teams will be revealed at a later date.

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