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Werewolf Basics (New Players Look Here)

Werewolf games are fun. While some games on FOFC get rather complex, the basic format is simple and that is what will be described here. There are two sides, the villagers and the werewolves. The werewolves are trying to kill the villagers, and the villagers are trying to find to the wolves first.

There are two parts, or cycles, to werewolf games. During the day cycle, the villagers vote on a player to “lynch”. Whichever player has the most votes at the end of the day is killed. During the night the werewolves decide a player to kill. The game ends when the werewolves gain equal numbers to the villagers or the villagers have killed all the werewolves.

Each side has some different advantages and disadvantages. The werewolves are few in number, but know who is a villager and who is a werewolf. They also have the advantage of being able to private message with each other during the game.

The villagers biggest advantage is numbers. There are generally twice as many, or more, villagers as there are werewolves. There are also generally a few villagers who have special abilities to help thwart the werewolves.

The most important is the seer. The seer is able to chose one player at night and find out if he is a villager or a werewolf. Also important is the bodyguard. This player can choose one player each night and if that player is safe from being killed by the wolves.

There are also a couple of other roles the villagers might have, though their role can prove to be as much of a hindrance for the villagers as a help. The first such role is the duke. This player has the ability once per game to choose a different player to be lynched if he is the one chosen to be lynched. Another role which can produce uncertain outcomes is the vigilante. This person, who is a villager, may select one time another player to kill during the night.

There are also a few basic WW rules of ettiquitte. The most basic rule is to discuss the game, whether it be IM, PM, a real life discussion, or something else, with another player only if your role allows it (which normally means you are a wolf). It is also considered bad form to try and "track players" using the "Who's Online" index. Once a player dies, except for the occasional "go team" post, it is considered bad form to post in the thread while the game is on going. Finally, using PMs from the GM, whether directly or indirectly, is considered forbidden.

From these basic rules there have been many variations run on FOFC. Some are closer to these basic rules while others are radically different. There are many veterans around who would be willing to help you if you have questions. If you would like to be matched with somebody, just contact the Werewolf moderator, Barkeep49, who can help put you in touch with a veteran player.

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can we get one of these for WW mods too

might get some others to want to host if there were some helpful
tips and places for reference.
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Best news ever lol
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