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League Rules

Trade Rules

All trades must be approved by the trade committee before being processed on the console. If trades are processed without approval you will be removed from the league.

You are only allowed to Make 1 trade during the regular season and 1 trade during the offseason. If you do not make a trade during regular season then you can make 2 trades during the offseason.

You cannot trade an Xfactor player at all in this league. No Superstar players are allowed to be traded unless they are over 30 and in the last year of their contract.

Star trait players are not allowed to be traded under the age of 30. Star players over the age of 29 are allowed to be traded during the last year of their contract.

You cannot trade a 1st or 2nd rd pick during the season.

No team is allowed to have more than 2 1st or 2nd rd picks per season.

Playoff teams are not allowed to trade into the top 10 of the draft.

Salary cap will be looked at by trade committee to ensure that both teams are not putting the team in a situation that will result in a team going into a bad cap situation.

The cap limit for trades during the season is 3-mil Max per player.

All trades are subject to be rejected by the trade committee

No players can be traded during their Rookie year

A player must be on your roster for 1 season before they can bee traded.

League Rules

This is a SIM league. This means, try your best to actually do what an NFL team would do in real life in the same situation. No running up the score on an opponent, no running the same 5-6 plays over and over, no nanos, no FAG D, NO GLITCHES OF ANY KIND, no purposely throwing games, etc.

Blitz Rule: You can never use a spy to set up a blitz. You must also make sure that your defense is set prior to the snap. No constant changing of formations or shifting of players or moving a player to try and time the snap to where your guy is moving. Pick your play and if you need to audible, then audible, do not try to time the snap with your audible so your D can get a slight boost. That is not allowed in this league.

Pass Rush/Coverage Rule: You must rush at least 3 defenders at all times. No FAG D is allowed. This means all 3 defenders must be rushing and not in a Spy. Contains do rush, so a contain is considered 3 rushers. Also you cannot spread a Dlineman or LB way outside trying to adjust the blitzing angle, you can shift your Dline and lbs with D-pad but no manual movement outside the tackles is allowed.

Player Control: you can only manually move 1 player on defense, if you move a player, you must control him thru the snap of the ball. You must have your user player set at snap, no trying to keep player moving to time the snap off the ball to get a speed burst. Manual movement of dline in any direction is not allowed.

Play calling Rule: You must use more than 1 formation but how you call your plays should be mostly left to the offensive player so long as they arenít exploiting the game. Owners should mix up their play calling especially on offensive side of the ball. On defense we don't have a requirement that you must run man a certain percentage of the time. You are allowed to run different cover 2 or 3 zones back to back as there are several different variations of each type of cover 2 and cover 3. The only thing that we ask is not to run the same blitzes over and over back to back. There will be certain situations on defense where you will need to run the same coverage consecutively. The end of half and end of game you can run prevent or 3 deep man consecutively. In the redzone down near goalline you can run the same plays consecutively but no more than 2 times in a row.
On offense you can not come out in goalline formation unless you are inside opponents 5 yard line or have a 3rd or 4th and 1 or less scenario. On defense you are only allowed to come out in goalline defense in those same situations. Goalline offense is considered any formation that doesn't have 1 WR.

For further clarification, on offense you are expected to have a minimum run to pass or pass to run ratio of 60-40 meaning 60% pass or run with 40% run or pass. This doesn't mean you have to be exact on this but throwing the ball 40 times while only running 3 times is an issue. Also calling the same play from different formations is still calling the same play. Calling a stretch run from single back ace is the same as calling a stretch play from I-Pro formation.

Don't rely on weaknesses of the game to base your game plan around.

The 60-40 rule does not apply if you are way ahead in a game or if you are a couple scores behind.

Stat Padding: Whether you are playing the CPU or another user, stat padding is not allowed. Once you get up by 28 points, you must call off the dogs and try to start running out the clock. Be respectful to your opponent and just try to get the game over with for both of you. Once you are ahead by 28, you cannot throw the ball to score TDs. You can use passing to convert 3rd downs however to keep the clock moving. During this time, you should be using the chew clock function. Once you get up by 35-points you are not allowed to score anymore points on offense. If you get an Int or a fumble recovery and its an easy walk in TD then you cannot score go out of bounds or take a knee. No need to score when up by 35. Again be respectful to your opponent. Also when in a blow out of a game, do not try to break NFL records. For example, your up 28 points and your RB has 4 rushing TDs, do not try to score another TD with him to break the record. Sub in a backup if your close to breaking a record in a blowout.

4th Down Rule: You may go for 4th and short (4th and 1 to 4th and inches) at anytime as long as you are at YOUR 40 yard line or farther. (If you are down by more than 14 in the 1st half you can go for it anywhere.) (Down any in the 4th you can go for it ) if you are in questionable FG range and it's less than 4th and 5 you may go for it. Questionable range is your opponentís 30 to 40 yard line. If you are up by more than 17 points at any point of the game you must either punt or kick a FG.

No Huddle Rule: You can only run no huddle during the last 2 minutes of each half, you can run it as much as you want but you cannot run the same play back to back.You can only run no huddle nonstop when you are down by more than 2 scores at any time in the game. If you are down by 2 scores in the 4th you can run no huddle nonstop. Still have to mix up plays no matter when running no huddle. Use different formations to mix up play calling in no huddle.

FG-Block: You are not allowed to move any player on FG blocks. You are also not allowed to sub in the fastest player on the outside to block FG.

Sprinting to the Sideline: We do not condone players sprinting back 10 yards on drop backs nor do we allow people to sprint straight to the sidelines after the snap. Let the QB complete his drop back motion and then you can scramble if you are facing immediate pressure. There are some designed rollouts in the game, but none of them sprint you to the sideline. You are not allowed to go past the numbers on either side to throw. Once you get to the numbers you must run with the QB or throw ball away. This glitches the AI

There other ways to counter blitzes besides sprinting with qb. Block a back or TE as well as have a quick go to receiver to avoid sack. Donít expect to call 4-Verts and sprint to open area to avoid pressure to complete deep route.

Designated QB runs are unlimited in this league. Qb Scrambles are limited to 3 per game.

Playmaker is not allowed in this league.

Position Swaps: 1] All SKILL[QB RB FB TE WR] Players must PLAY NATURAL POSITION for example :You can not add RB to the WR position on the Depth Chart/ Or FB to the TE etc
A] *** ON DEFENSE *** LEFT TO RIGHT CHANGES FOR DE OR OLB always interchangeable /// Safeties interchangeable /// EVERYTHING ELSE REQUIRES ADMIN APPROVAL ON DEFENSE /// You cannot move a Safety or CB to any other position but Safety or CB.
For Further Clarification on Position Swaps, A QB can only be a QB, RB can only be a RB, WR can only be a WR, TE can only be a TE and FB can only be a FB. No WR at RB etc.
On Defense, a DE can be a DT, A DT can be a DE, an OLB can be a DE, a MLB can be a OLB, a OLB can be a MLB.

The cant's is a S at MLB or OLB or WR to TE and RB at FB. A CB at Safety unless approved by commish

Any position swap must be approved by the commish.

Motion Snapping: if you run motion you must wait till your player is set before snapping. Also once you move your player in motion you cannot motion him back you must snap the ball or call timeout.

Clock Management: you are not allowed to chew clock until there is less than 3 minutes in the 4th qtr unless you have at least a 3 score lead or are behind and just want game over with.
Cancelling Play Action: You are not allowed to cancel play action unless you are under direct instant pressure. Constantly canceling Play Action glitches the AI and is not allowed in this league.

Line Drive Punts
There is something in this game that glitches on punts that some will hit the returner in the head or will be like a 20 yard punt that will go in the middle of like 10 players. When this happens, if there is a fumble the team that kicked the ball must give the ball back to the other team. This is a glitch in the game.

Game Disconnections: If the game is disconnected during the game and there is less than a 10 point differential, this is a restart. If the score is 10 points or more in the 1st and 2nd qtrs the owners need to restart and recreate the score, clock time and possession. If there is a DC in the 2nd qtr and the leading team is up by 7 points and has the ball inside their opponents 10 yard line and is also slated to get the ball after half time then the leading team has the option to recreate the game if they choose to do so.

Any disconnect in the 3rd or 4th quarter will result in a decision to be made by the winning party. If the owners are tied, the game can be replayed completely or a quarter played and the winner receiving a sim a win option from the commish. If an owner has a history of disconnecting when they are down, this will be reviewed by the commish to determine whether or not it is intentional and possible owner suspension will be enforced.

Game Format
All games are 6 minutes long and are played on All Pro difficulty with the clock runoff disabled.
We will advance every Sunday at 6pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 9PM EST. If we get the games done before the deadline, we will advance early. If an active member can't make their game in the scheduled time, he may negotiate to extend the deadline. Please stay active if you want the privilege of negotiating an extended deadline.

Twitch-Game Streaming: It is manditory that the away team streams each game. If you cannot stream then you must let a commish know and ask your opponent to stream. Everyone must set the twitch to archive.

Practice Squad Players
Practice squad will be closed for season 1. No practice squad stealing is allowed during this time frame.

Disciplinary Actions:
1st Violation of Rules will result in a warning
2cnd Violation of the Rules will Result in a 2 game suspension
3rd violation of the Rules will result in removal from the league.

If a Player is blatantly disregarding the rules the commish can remove them at his discretion.

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Re: League Rules

Updated for M19
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Re: League Rules

Updated for Madden 20.
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