MMQB: Who is, who we thought they are?

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MMQB: Who is, who we thought they are?

The halfway point is here. For some teams, it means they are halfway closer to reaching the playoffs. For others, itís just closer to this season finally being over.

Everyone loves to predict, and some even like a surprise. So letís take a moment to look at the first half of the season and find out..

Who is, and isnít, who we thought they were?

The easy part is knowing whoís going to be good, just because they are actually going to be good.

Dallas, Atlanta, and Oakland are highly rated teams with very good users. All three of them reached the halfway point with no more than one loss.

You can also add in the Dolphins, Colts, and Cardinals as teams most predicted to be up near the top of the rankings, the latter maybe a surprise due to the injury of HB David Johnson, and the fact that they are starting AJ fricken McCarron at QB..

A notable surprise to some at the top could be considered with the 7-2 Rams.

While the Texans and Broncos are also up there in terms of user talent and team ratings, notable losses have dropped them down the list.

I left out the Steelers because theyíre going to run through an easy division just to lose in the playoffs by a lot, we know who they are, and have for a while..

But enough of whoís good. Thatís no fun.

Who isnít, who we thought they are (were)?

The defending Sim Super Bowl Champs, Season 1 Division Winners. The Green Bay Packers are 2-6, and their playoff chances are on life support.

Speaking of the NFC North, a division once thought to be among the best.

At one point a division that was led by a 4-4 team who had 3 losses by 30 points each..

Yeah, nuff said.

The other Sim Super Bowl team, the New England Patriots, still have Tom freakin Brady somehow. Yet are abysmally floundering at 2-6 with multiple losses to the Buffalo Bills of all teams.. Come on Tawm. Get it together.

A few coaching changes have altered some teams perceptions, so we will admit..

We donít even know what to think they are..

The 49ers dropped their former coach in favor of someone who actually understands Pro Football, and itís working. For how long we donít know, but the future looks much brighter in San Francisco.

The AFC South boasts two new head coaches. Both of which have yet to win a game this season. So, maybe the next next coach will do better?

Not surprisingly the Jets have a new HC as their previous one may have actually lost his mind. Whether that be from all the interceptions his QB kept throwing or just the fact that he was the Jets HC, we may never know.

Rounding out the new coaches is the Saints, who at 4-4 may just miss the playoffs, but at least they probably, maybe, hopefully are done with the revolving door in New Orleans. Possibly.

In conclusion

Predictions are fun, but not knowing can be fun to.

Thereís still a lot of season left to be played.

Canít wait to find out what else we donít know.

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