Husker's 2019 AWFL Mock Draft

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Husker's 2019 AWFL Mock Draft

1. Titans-WR Delans Shelton-IndianaShelton didn't blow anyone away at the combine but his college production can't be ignored. He leaves school after only 3 years as the NCAA record holder in receptions, yards and TD's. Remember in 1998 when 20 teams passed on Randy Moss? The Titans won't let that happen again.

2. Redskins-QB Turner Clapp-Penn StNo one expected Alex Smith to be the long term answer for Washington and what better time to replace him than what looks to be the most QB loaded class in history. The question is which QB has separated themselves the most in Washington's eyes.

3. Lions-CB Joseph Rice-Louisville-The Lions saw what life was like without Darius Slay last season and realized they need more people who can stop the pass. LB is another huge need but every year we see a premium placed on CB and the Lions get their choice of them.

4. Chargers-QB Nicholas Ackerman-Michigan St.This team desperately needs people to protect their QB and maybe they could prolong Phillip Rivers career but they can't pass up this opportunity to find their next franchise QB. Rivers is 37 years old and the Chargers can't keep themselves guessing every year.

5. Dolphins-QB Roy Popek-LSUDolphins are another team that must take advantage of this QB class and their draft position. Tannehill has never been elite and is only getting older. Find the franchise guy and build from there.

6. Ravens-WR Charles Martin-Michigan St.The Ravens are hopeful their franchise QB was drafted last year so now they need to get him some weapons. QB Ackerman credits Martin for much of his college success as they spent three years shredding defenses together. The Ravens hope he will continue to be that big playmaker in the NFL.

7. Bucs-SS Adric Carlson-Stanford-Word around the league is the Bucs have been at odds with QB Jaemis Winston. It's very possible they look to replace him here with multiple QB prospects still on the board. However, this secondary is SO BAD, we think they have to take a DB. Both S spots are exceptionally weak and Carlson would provide a much needed boost to the secondary.

8. Bills-HB Tramell Marshall-Auburn-The Bills could go a few different ways with this pick but they couldn't keep a HB healthy last season which led to many of the teams struggles. Marshall just put up the fastest 40 time by a HB since Dri Archer posted a 4.26 in 2014 and is shooting up draft boards.

9. Eagles-WR Gregory Acho-Oklahoma-This team desperately needs a MLB and a replacement for the retired Jason Peters but I don't think there is a player that makes sense here at those spots. Instead, this coach goes to his old fallback of drafting WR's and Acho is both a good one and a Sooner.

10. 49ers-LG Chris Parmer-Louisville-The 49ers had injury woes at QB similar to the Bills HB problems last season. However, they have too much money invested in Jimmy G to give up on him now. Therefore, they take the next best option which is spending their second consecutive 1st rounder on a player tasked with protecting him.

11. Browns-LG Walker Conner-UCLA-The Browns saw in the latter part of last year what they have in Baker Mayfield. Now they need to shore up the OL to protect him. Walker is a big (6'6 335), strong (40 reps) dude who will provide the toughness and attitude necessary for a great OL

12. Steelers-QB Zac Anderson-Florida-Unless the Steelers are bigger believers in Mason Rudolph than I am, I believe they become another benefactor of this QB class.

13. Falcons-DT Jordan Hansen-Alabama-Adding Hansen to this DL next to Jarrett, Takk and Beasley would get them close to Chargers level dominant. However, I could see the Falcons as yet another team who takes advantage of the QB class to replace an aging veteran.

14. Patriots-QB Nate Lopienski-Wisconsin-Even Brady can't play forever but the Patriots may be in position to immediately replace him with another franchise signal caller.

15. Rams-C Turner Atchison-USC-3 OL in the top 15 picks?! Every 1st season I overmock OL in the first draft but I think this may be the cycle that changes. The Rams are stacked everywhere else so they need to take advantage and build the OL before the piper comes calling.

16. Raiders-LE Patrick Berry-FLorida St.-If there is one thing this league does under draft its pass rushers and Berry may be the best one in the class. The Raiders have a couple needs but they better start by trying to replace the monster they traded away last season.

17. Packers-QB Bradley Bowden-UCLA-Another team with a QB who isn't getting any younger. Could the Packers luck into their 3rd straight franchise QB and make the entire NFL hate them even more?

18. Vikings-RG Isaiah Lelie-Notre Dame-A team with a history of choosing OL early in AWFL + that being his weakest position=this pick is a lock for OL.

19. Cowboys-QB Amari Greene-Tennessee-The Cowboys have a decision to make on a very inconsistent Dak Prescott. Are they going to pay him 12-15M per year or draft a new QB to take his place?

20. Colts-CB Walter Person-TennesseeThere are a lot of holes on this team (such as having only 2 WRs on the roster) but I think the biggest impact position available at this point for them is CB. Person didn't have the most impressive combine but he is still a solid CB prospect.

21. Giants-OLB Cory Fuller-Florida St.Fuller is the best LB in a weak class and the Giants would love to see him fall here as LB is among their biggest needs after blowing all their money on any OL.

22. Bengals-RG Steven Combs-Ohio St.The Bengals have to be sick seeing all 7 first round QBs come off the board before pick 22. They would have loved to finally replace the Red Rocket but instead are forced to take the best OL available.

23. Cardinals-LE Andrew Carr-NebraskaThe Cardinals would have loved to get a WR to replace retired legend Larry Fitzgerald but with 3 going in the top 10 that hope was extinguished quick.

24. Jaguars-FS A.J. Graham-UCONNAnother team that would have loved to see one of the QB's fall to replace an ineffective starter, the Jaguars will instead be forced to reach to fill one of their only weaknesses.

25. Seahawks-RG Brion Brooks-HoustonThe Seahawks will be disappointed to have seen so many OL go earlier but they will likely have little choice but to choose amongst whats left. They may have the worst OL in AWFL still so they must help out Russ.

26. Broncos-CB Harvey Canty-NebraskaWe were hoping for a live feed inside the Broncos war room for when HB Tramell Marshall was picked as we can see coach Automatik offering up his entire draft for him but media has been banned. Instead, the Broncos are left with a top CB option to replace recently traded Chris Harris Jr.

27. Texans-DT Segwick Swilling-TennesseeHouston has a history of going BPA and while I'm nearly certain they were hoping that BPA would be an OL right now, I can't see them passing up a talent like Swilling here.

28. Packers (From NO)-CB Walter Person-TennesseePackers continue to spend resources on shoring up a terrible secondary. Usually 1st round CB's are long gone by this point in AWFL.

29. Jets-TE CJ Page-Rhode IslandThe Jets need weapons for Darnold outside of Robby Anderson and with all the decent WR prospects gone here, the Jets will instead go for the best TE in the draft.

30. Panthers-RE Azaveus Glenn-FloridaPass rush help is suddenly a need after losing Peppers to retirement and Glenn can be a great one.

31. Raiders (From CHI)-HB Trey Beckwith-HarvardThey let Marshawn walk this offseason so they have a big hole to fill at HB, the question is which of the prospects they have ranked higher.

32. Chiefs-DT Dario Streets-Penn St.Another team that would have loved to see a few top OL fall to them, the SB champs are instead going to further enforce their already strong run defense.
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