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AWFL M20 AFC Team Previews

Hello all and welcome to my Madden 20 AFC team previews. With the Madden player ratings dropping and each team having an owner we can dig a little deeper prior to the release and see what obstacles or advantages each team faces. How will the higher overall veteran teams fare with us simulating every other season and how good will these rebuild teams be with their General managers in place? There's a lot to unravel here as we look forward to another productive Madden cycle in AWFL.


New England Patriots (GMoney):

Gmoney takes on a team that is in win now mode. With arguably the best quarterback in Madden due to his abilities (Protector, Clutch, Conductor, Hot route master, Pocket lead) and X-factor (Pro reads) Tom Brady is locked and loaded to lead this offense. Defensively the Patriots have a talented but aging secondary. The McCourty brothers are both over 30, Patrick Chung is slowing down and while Stephon Gilmore is elite, how many elite seasons does he have left? It will be interesting to see if Gmoney goes all-in to win now or plans for the future by bringing in younger talent.

Championship window: Early cycle S1
Team building difficulty: 4/10

New York Jets (HGR):

HGR finds himself on a less talented but more talented than they were a year and two years ago team. The New York Jets have pieces in place to succeed early on. Sam Darnold's progression through the course of the cycle will be the determining factor of this teamís success. Defensive Tackle Quinnen Williams is the only rookie to note of this team thus far but pairing him with star Leonard Williams gives the defense much needed juice. This team comes with two players 90+ overall in Leveon Bell and Jamal Adams, two pieces who need to contribute in big ways for this team to overtake the Patriots atop the AFC East.

Championship window: Mid cycle S3-S5
Team building difficulty: 6/10

Buffalo Bills (Keller):

The Bills highest overall player is Micah Hyde at 86 overall. Keller has a ton of work to do in order to put this team back on the map. A very non-de script team with veterans and unknown talent, Keller is going to have to put all his chips on second year quarterback Josh Allen. Coming in hot with 99 Throw Power and a speedy Wide Receiver in John Brown, this duo has to come out firing for this team to succeed. A completely underrated defense is not reflected in the ratings but young MLB Tremaine Edmunds and Cornerback Tre'Davious White will have to hold down the fort.

Championship window: Mid cycle S3-S5
Team building difficulty: 6/10

Miami Dolphins (Cheez):

Speaking of rebuilds, Cheez immediately has his hands full with this Dolphins squad. Luckily, this whole division is one season away from each team being almost on an even playing field once Brady retires. Looking for positives on this team itís easy to spot the potential of this secondary. Minkah Fitzpatrick (80 overall), Reshad Jones (83 overall) and Xavien Howard (83 overall, way too low) this team has a group on defense they can build around. Offensively questions surround QB Josh Rosen. Can Rosen take advantage of his skill positions talents? Wide receiver Jakeem Grant checks in at 96 speed while RB Kenyan Drake is a talented young back. This division could swap division winners yearly as the teams have more in common roster wise then not.

Championship window: Late cycle S5-S7
Team building difficulty: 9/10


Pittsburgh Steelers (Warren):

Big Ben and an incredibly talented offensive line will show up this season ready to play. Unfortunately this may be the last time we see this group together as thereís the possibility of Ben retiring or regressing, the offensive line doing the same and this leads the question can the defense step up during this time? The Steelers boast talented Wide Receive JuJu Smith-Schuster (88 overall) who checks in at 91 speed, 94 catch and 93 catch in traffic. Will his presence be enough for this offense to flourish with unknowns behind him? The Steelers have quietly been working on their defense and have super star TJ Watt waiting to breakout and rookie LB Devin Bush to make an immediate impact. The question for this team remains is the secondary talented and disciplined enough to not make each game a shootout?

Championship window: Early cycle S1-S2
Team building difficulty: 4/10

Baltimore Ravens (Bmore Irish):

Bmore Irish gets his favorite team and what a time to have this team. We can talk about Lamar Jacksonís 94 speed or Hollywood Brownís 97 speed but I want to focus on the trenches for this team. LT Ronnie Staley (25 years old) and RT Orlando Brown Jr (23 years old) gives this team its starting tackles for practically the whole cycle. Not many teams have this in their pocket to boast but the Ravens are set up for massive success. Defensively, Defensive tackle Michael Pierce is a 92 overall. With Earl Thomas on the back end and future superstar corner Marlon Humphrey (85 overall), The Ravens are one of the best teams off the bat for S1 as well as down the road. Not many teams are this set up roster wise to compete each season.

Championship window: Whole cycle S1-S7
Team building difficulty: 2/10

Cincinnati Bengals (Coach Lewis):

Coach Lewis finds himself in the midst of a team needing an identity. Superstar AJ Green is 31 years old and X-factor DT Geno Atkins (Unstoppable force) is 31 as well. Is this team going to build around RB Joe Mixon (88 overall)? Is the writing on the wall for QB Andy Dalton? Daltonís job may be safe to start the season as neither Jeff Driskel (61 overall) or rookie QB Ryan Finley (56 overall) appear ready to take the helm. Defensively this team has always had talent. Corner back Williams Jackson (84 over) leads the way as well as Free Safety Jessie Bates III (81 overall). The biggest hole on defense is the line backing corps. Preston Brown (75 overall), Nick Vigil (72 overall) and Malik Jefferson (68) round out your current starters. For this team to be competitive they are going to need to add some talent to the line backing corps, perhaps at the expense of moving one of their other important pieces.

Championship window: Mid-cycle S3-S5
Team building difficulty: 5/10

Cleveland Browns (Jface):

Jface just needs to turn on his Xbox and he is ready to go. The Browns come in as the clear cut #1 CFM team. With each skill position set for the whole cycle as well as a young defense loaded with talent, thereís not much to contribute to this team preview. Want to throw deep against this team? Denzel Ward (88 overall 95 speed) and Greedy Williams (73 overall 93 speed) have something to say about that. Have time in the pocket? No you donít! X factor DE Myles Garrett (91 overall) will not allow that. Iíve written this much without even mentioning OBJ. Good luck to anyone facing this team.

Championship window: Whole cycle S1-S7
Team building difficulty: 1/10


Houston Texans (RFF):

Rff shocked the world with his team selection ( ) but will be shock it again by claiming another championship in Madden 20? Having the best WR in the game Deandre Hopkins (99 overall) is one heck of a way to start out. QB Deshaun Watson only checks in at 82 overall but mid 80s accuracy across the board give him the foundation to progress into a superstar. We cannot talk about this offense without mentioning the offensive line. From left to right we have overalls of 69/70/70/76/67. Can RFF bring these offensive lineman up to par to give Deshaun Watson time to throw? The Texans drafted two rookie offensive lineman in the first two rounds in T Tytus Howard and T Max Scharping. Defensively there are questions to this teamís future. Does Jadeveon Clowney get a big blockbuster contract? Will the Texans bring in some competition at Cornerback or will 35 year old Johnathan Joseph have to hold it down all season? This team is a mixed bag and have a little bit of everything. Itís difficult to project this teamís future as each game will be different based on the opponent. The key word for this team will be consistency. Can they find a groove and pace that works for them or will there be too many highs and lows?

Championship window: Early-Mid cycle S1-S5
Team building difficulty: 3/10

Indianapolis Colts (Jshock):

The Colts come in as one of the younger more attractive CFM teams. Flush with cap space and talent, this team is the making of becoming a real power house in the AFC. Andrew Luck (92 overall, zone reads X-factor) has a plethora of weapons at his disposal. Between TY Hilton (91 overall), Devin Funchess (80 overall), rookie WR Parris Campbell (94 speed) and Tight ends Eric Ebron & Jack Doyle (86, 85) overall, how do you stop this team? You donít. While the offense looks incredible especially with their young talented offensive line lead by Quenton Nelson (87 overall), the Colts defense is not up to par to NFL standards just yet. Rookie of the year Darius Leonard only is an 84 overall, CB Pierre Desir is good but not great and the starting MLB for this team Bobby Okereke is 66 overall. Jshock faces many challenges but may opt to focus on offense and be opportunistic on defense with this team. It will be interesting to see how this team looks from start to finish in M20 and how the defense changes throughout.

Championship window: Mid cycle S3-S5
Team building difficulty: 6/10

Jacksonville Jaguars (Realityís Proof):

A year or two ago the Jaguars were viewed as one of the most dangerous up and coming teams in the league. Shortly after they find themselves in a state of confusion. Talented everywhere on the field, does this team have the mental toughness to break the barrier and become a perennial playoff team? Jalen Ramsey (96 overall, shutdown X-factor) & Calais Campbell (92 overall, unstoppable force X-factor) lead this defensive minded team. Offensively the Jaguars brought in QB Nick Foles (77 overall, 30 years old) to attempt to bring some stability to the Quarterback position. Will Realityís Proof finally get this team over that hump or will the Jaguars fall back into drafting in the early portion of the first round?

Championship window: Early cycle S1-S3
Team building difficulty: 3/10

Tennessee Titans (Papa Perry):

Papa Perry needs to add some personality into this Titans team. Marcus Mariota (79 overall) and HB Derrick Henry (83 overall) will not be enough to make this team competitive. The wide receivers are young and talented but are they ready to make this team a force in the AFC South? Defensively, can CB Adoreeí Jackson (83 overall) progress into a shutdown corner or will he never put it all together? While there are talented pieces on defense, how long will DE Jurell Casey (86 over 29 years old) last? Is Cameron Wake (84 overall 37 years old) going to have any impact this season? Once the Titans find their identity and bring in some talent on defense this team will have a shot but itís a tall task for S1 unless Papa Perry has some tricks up his sleeve.

Championship window: Mid cycle S3-S5
Team building difficulty: 6/10


Denver Broncos (Auto):

Many may look at Denver and think they are a bit away from competing but this roster has sneaky upside that if Auto taps into, he can yield great results. We all know about Von Miller (97 overall, Fearmonger X-factor) and Pass Rusher Bradley Chubb (80 overall) but what else can we find out about this team? Rookie QB Drew Lock is only a 66 over but mostly high 70s/low 80s accuracy. RB Phillip Lindsay (86 overall) and WR Cortland Sutton (76 overall) gives this team some youth and a bright future. The Broncos should not be counted out S1 as they have the nucleus to become a top team.

Championship window: Mid-late cycle S3-S7
Team building difficulty: 8/10

LA Chargers (Ace):

The Chargers enter M20 as one of the most talented teams possible. X-factors Phillip Rivers (Fearless), Derwin James (Reinforcement), RB Melvin Gordon (First one free) and DE Joey Bosa (Unstoppable force) give this team 4 x-factors. To start off with 4 game changing players, 2 on each side of the ball in unreal. The weakness of this team is its offensive line and S2 going forward if Phillip Rivers retires but Ace is set up for early success with this stacked team.

Championship window: Whole cycle S1-S7
Team building difficulty: 3/10

Kansas City Chiefs (Anthropic Pawn):

What is there to say about this team that we donít already know? Patrick Mahomes is the highest rated QB in the game at 97 overall, Tyreek Hill is the fastest Wide receiver in the game with 99 speed, Travis Kelce is the highest rated TE in the game at 96 overall, need I say more? Trying to find a weakness on this team is pointless. RT Geoff Mitchell is a 94 overall, CB Kendall Fuller and Safety Tyrann Mathieu are 87 overall each, this team is locked and loaded as an offensive juggernaut. The question is can Anthropic Pawn install an offense to take full advantage of his weapons?

Championship window: Whole cycle S1-S7
Team building difficulty: 2/10

Oakland Raiders (Sage):

Sage, being a Raiders fan went into the NFL draft knowing the Raiders have 3 first round draft picks. The Raiders came away with an 85 speed RB, a 69 overall SS, and an 81 strength 76 Finesse move defensive end. Itís not all doom and gloom in Oakland as Antonio Brown comes in at a smooth 98 overall and will dominate this team in targets. The Raiders as a whole still have a ton of work to do and Sage will have to put him GM cap on to take this team from the gutter and make them competitive again like they once were.

Championship window: Late cycle S5-S7
Team building difficulty: 8/10

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