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AWFL S1 4th Quarter Power Rankings

The playoffs are upon us, which means it's time for the S1 4th Quarter Power Rankings.

1. Seattle Seahawks (15-1): Q3 Rank: 2. The league's only 15 win team moves into the #1 spot. Danny's been incredible all season, featuring the #2 offense and #5 defense. Led by an amazingly efficient Russell Wilson (74.8% completion, 36:12 TD:INT), a two-headed monster in the backfield (Carson: 5.7 YPC, 1416 yards, 22 TDs; Penny: 6.5 YPC, 828 yards, 5 TDs), and a 1400 yard season from Phillip Dorsett, Danny is the definite favorite to come out of the NFC.

2. Cincinnati Bengals (14-2): Q3 Rank: 1. Rookie of the Year Joe Burrow (68.7% completion, 41:10 TD:INT) and NFL MVP and AFC OPOY Joe Mixon (nearly 2400 all-purpose yards and 27 TDs) lead the league's #7 offense, but the NFL's top defense is what makes the Cincinnati tough to beat.

3. Denver Broncos (14-2): Q3 Rank: 3. Drew Luck (69.7% completion, 52:26 TD:INT) and a talented quartet of pass catchers (Jeudy: 1211 yards, 13 TDs; Hamler: 1122 yards, 16 TDs; Sutton: 1084 yards, 12 TDs; Fant: 1038 yards, 10. TDs) are winners of 10 straight with the league's second best point differential.

4. Green Bay Packers (12-4): Q3 Rank: 6. The self-anointed King in the (NFC) North has backed it up every step of the way with an elite defense (#3 Overall, #1 Run D) and a balanced offense.

5. New York Jets (12-4): Q3 Rank: 4. Whew, the Kareem Hunt trade looks nice for the Jets. Hunt has put the league's most explosive offense on his back, with 1700 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving, surpassing the NFL record for all-purpose yards.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (12-4): Q3 Rank: 7. As expected, BR features both a Top 10 Offense and a Top 10 Defense en route to a division title.

7. Chicago Bears (11-5): Q3 Rank: 10. If you told Perry a couple months ago that he'd finish S1 with 11 wins, a Top 10 Offense, and a Top 5 defense, he'd probably send you a pic of himself pinching his nipples.

8. New England Patriots (11-5): Q3 Rank: 9. New England's elite run offense should serve Coach Lewis well in the postseason. The Titans vs. Patriots 1st round matchup is the one I'm looking forward to most.

9. Tennessee Titans (10-6): Q3 Rank: 8. BigK just feasted on forcing turnovers en route to the AFCS crown.

10. Houston Texans (10-6): Q3 Rank: 5. I'm 100% confident Seran only won games to ruin the picks Houston traded to Miami. So selfish.

11. Dallas Cowboys (9-7): Q3 Rank: 16. Let's go Charter! Playoffs! Dallas features the #2 defense (#1 pass defense) and a strong run game.

12. New Orleans Saints (9-7): Q3 Rank: 12. Never a doubt. New Orleans finishes atop the NFC South led by the league's #6 defense.

13. Minnesota Vikings (9-7): Q3 Rank: 11. Felgar is actually just Dr. Jekyll. Who will show up for the playoffs? No one knows.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (8-8): Q3 Rank: 14. Tyreek Hill is the first 2000 yard receiver in NFL history.

15. Detroit Lions (7-9): Q3 Rank: 26. The Lions are in dire need of double offseasons. RFF came on strong the latter half, and with an upcoming infusion of talent, the NFCN is on notice.

16. Buffalo Bills (8-8): Q3 Rank: 21. This is where the Bills are ranked.

17. Miami Dolphins (8-8): Q3 Rank: 13. Will Tua get SS dev? I hope so.

18. Atlanta Falcons (8-8): Q3 Rank: 15. Now the fun starts for HGR. How long will Matt Ryan be a Falcon? Who wants Julio? I can feel a bold move coming.

19. Washington Football Team (8-8): Q3 Rank: 17. A strong S1 for one of the league's youngest rosters should be a good omen heading into the upcoming offseasons.

20. Arizona Cardinals (7-9): Q3 Rank: 19. A brief Kyler injury really held back Pawn early in the year (see Hundley's 17 INTs), but he still ended up in the hunt. This team is built for the future and should be in the playoff picture again S3.

21. Carolina Panthers (6-10): Q3 Rank: 18. ZCar's first season back in Charlotte took a turn for the worse after a fast start. Far too many interceptions thrown, but more importantly, the pass defense gave up way too many big plays. How bout Jeremy Chinn with 14 picks and 4 TDs though?

22. Cleveland Browns (6-10): Q3 Rank: 28. Will Schuck pay Baker Mayfield $150M, or will he find someone new to throw passes to the other team?

23. Indianapolis Colts (5-11): Q3 Rank: 25. Who lines up under center for the Colts in S3?

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11): Q3 Rank: 23. The Jags ended up with a Top 10 defense and the #6 passing offense, yet only 5 wins. Look for JFace to be in the playoff hunt come S3.

25. San Francisco 49ers (5-11): Q3 Rank: 20. The roster is loaded for the foreseeable future, the defense performed around league average, and the run offense finished at #11. G$ can (and should) be dangerous S3, but only if he can find an efficient way to move the ball through the air.

26. Baltimore Ravens (5-11): Q3 Rank:24. You gotta stop throwing picks fam.

27. Tampa Bay Bucs (5-11): Q3 Rank: 30. If only Tampa could play Atlanta every week...

28. Los Angeles Rams (4-12): Q3 Rank: 22. This season from WX was pretty baffling to me. The offensive numbers are bad, and the run defense is worse.

29. New York Giants (5-11): Q3 Rank: 29. Daniel Jones went 6th overall lol.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-12): Q3 Rank: 27. Is it finally time for the Big Ben era to end in Pittsburgh?

31. Los Angeles Chargers (2-14): Q3 Rank: 32. Is Justin Herbert the guy in LA?

32. Las Vegas Raiders (2-14): Q3 Rank: 31. Will Derek Carr be a Raider next season?

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