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TopSpin 4: how to improve the series

After playing TS3 pretty extensively for about a week, I'm already looking to the next iteration. Not saying the game is bad, just that there are things I hope to see implemented, changed, or improved in 4.

Here's what I'm thinking:

-- Do away with the current arcadey "risk" shot structure, which is intimidating to many but, on the other hand, being exploited to perfection (and thus no true risk) by the gaming nerds out there (you know who you are). I would still use the triggers to attempt such a shot but not base success on perfect timing. Instead, I'd make the "risk shot" one of the player ratings (which you have to spend valuable points on). So, for example, a player has a risk shot rating of 80 and a forehand of 60 and a stamina of 50; those ratings would work in tandem to determine the probability of a successful forehand risk shot.

-- Improve the serving game. A LOT. A player like Roddick should routinely be hitting missiles that are a challenge to gauge and are hard to return. Instead, in a recent exhibition on "very hard," he scored exactly 3 off me (in two 6-game sets), and two of those were because I held my button too long. On the other hand, I scored 16 on him, using my very weak kick-out serve. Online is even more of a joke: matches are largely dominated by people going out wide, running their opponents way off the court, then hitting an easy second ball down the line for a winner. Sorry, it's not that easy in real life, or you'd see that happening every point. FIX THE SERVING.

-- Give us the option to play 6-game sets in career mode. Limiting us to three because the developer thinks it's more fun is unnacceptable, particularly for a game that has every intention of being called a "sim."

-- In career mode, give us the option for true 2 out of 3 sets (no super tie-breaks) for the minor tournaments, and 3 out of 5 for the majors.

-- In career mode, I'd love to see full 32-, 64-, and 128-player draws in tournaments, at least for a few tournaments.

-- Adding injuries would help complicate the season scheduling and rankings.

-- TS3 has a roster of 130 real and fictitious pros in career mode. However, in any given season, only about 60 of them play, which seems like a big goof-up to me. Make it so that they are ALL involved. More/bigger tournaments would help in this regard.

-- Allow for players's rating, both human-controlled and AI, to improve and/or deteriorate over time, due to injuries, confidence levels, etc. Allow for retirement of players, along with replacement of those AI players, similar to any other "sim" sports title.

-- Would love to see the Tennis Masters Final included (which brings the World's top 8 players together in a different kind of tournament format). The game already sports several "Masters" tourneys, so it shouldn't be a licensing issue.

-- Would love to see Davis Cup included, or some kind of knock-off (if licensing problems).

-- Add more real professional players, preferably all of the top 100. At least their names. If that's not possible, how about knock-offs of some of the better-known players.

-- Add more variability in the weather and wind effects

-- Improve the career mode's difficulty levels. I should NOT be able to win every match on "very hard" in less than a week.

Okay, enough. I'm sure I could go on with other ideas, but I'm curious to hear what some of your thoughts are as well. Agree/disagree? Have other ideas? Let's hear 'em.
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Re: TopSpin 4: how to improve the series

Topspin 4:
  • The animation of the forehand and backhand needs to be improved. The forehand in topspin 3 looks too "stiff" and rigid" if you know what I mean. They need to look realistic.
  • The ball should move as fast in real life and be more "floaty" (can't explain lol :P)
  • You should be able to move your player into the forehand position easily if their forehand is better than their backhand. Take Federer for example, he's always using his footwork to try to get onto his forehand side. In Topspin 3, rallies seem to be dominated by backhand shots. It's really hard to get into the forehand position. Improve the footwork in topspin 4.
  • Make players look more like they actually do in real life.
  • Each player should have an accurate representation of their own serve, forehand and backhand.
  • A better create a player mode would be good.
  • Get more licenses for things such as the ATP masters series and WIMBLEDON and maybe a EUROSPORT logo on the top right corner of the screen would be a nice touch :P.
  • Players should look a bit happier when winning a grand slam - like fall on the floor or something...
  • fix up the grunting on players like Nadal.
  • Rallies should have a faster pace like they really are.
That's all I can think of now.
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Old 10-31-2008, 05:27 PM   #3
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Re: TopSpin 4: how to improve the series

-- Allow for players's rating, both human-controlled and AI, to improve and/or deteriorate over time, due to injuries, confidence levels, etc. Allow for retirement of players, along with replacement of those AI players, similar to any other "sim" sports title.

THis is a really good idea because then every match feels different. In top spin 3 and in tennis games before that, playing an opponent is like fighting a Boss in a ninja gaden game. Once you figure out how to beat him, that's it! you will win the next 19 of the next 20 matches with him, and that one loss coming because you were playing half asleep at 3 AM. This has been the greatest detractor for tennis games for me .

So What I would LOVE to see is a computer learning/adaptation feature. If your main strategy to beat a player is staying deep baseline to accumulate power, let the computer adjust and put in some dropshots to keep you honest and mix up strategies.

Also, let the cpu change strategies to try to beat you.

If they add this to the series, It could really compete as being the sports game of the year IMO.

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Re: TopSpin 4: how to improve the series

Great stuff guys. I would like more players and create a player slots. Not 3, but about 50 to recreate any players from the past we want. Presentation needs a big overhaul as well.
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Re: TopSpin 4: how to improve the series

umm it should have accurate swinging modes and not have all the players have the same swing motion
better footwork
more players atleast the top 100 women and top 100 men and prolly 50 fake players for each men and women
and more real tournaments and grunting and more faster and improve how the wind effects play
and round of 128 for grandslams and such..
and fed cup and davis cup and the tournaments at the end of year where only top 8 be there
and not so easy
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Re: TopSpin 4: how to improve the series

To save online cheezing the 1st thing they should do is not allow the server to be able to position themselves anywhere on the baseline. All you get are cheezers going to the far end of the court and doing the Captain Hook that are impossible to return.

In real tennis every server is near the middle when they serve, same should go for the game. They should all have a default spot from which to serve.
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Old 03-14-2009, 04:58 PM   #7
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Re: TopSpin 4: how to improve the series

When is the next Top Spin due? Come on guys, get the ball rolling.
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Re: TopSpin 4: how to improve the series

The original post is ace. You hit just about everything right on the head. Here are a few things I'd love to see implemented so that Top Spin 4 can move even further into the realm of realism:

1. footing. Proper footing (and a footing rating) is not in this game even though it is the one of the most (if not the most) important thing in a Tennis player's game. In this game you have to vaguely get it in the right place. When this happens your feet slide you into proper position.. this is stupid. Fix it please.

2. stylistic swings. There are no player-specific swings. Nadal doesn't swing like Nadal. Federer doesn't swing like Federer. etc. etc. It's 20 or so freaking people. If NBA can get HUNDEREDS of player-specific shots down these developers need to stop playing around and get these stylistic-swings in.

3. presentation. Half-way working announcers would make these game 5 times better. And, please do not get announcers that have NO clue what they are talking about. That would make this game 5 times worse. Pre-game scenes are absolutely horrendous. There is no warm-up, all of the entrances are generic (I'd love to see Nadal sprint from the net to the baseline after everyone warms up! >=D), it's just boring and nothing like Tennis. If there is one thing that Virtua Tennis has over Top Sping it's presentation. Top Spin is so ****ing bland.

4. career mode. The career mode on here is pathetic. I hate that it is so scripted. You should only get as far as how well you can play. I hate these stream-line career-modes that FORCE to play in certain tournaments because you are just bound to go pro -- which is not true if you suck at the game and suck at practicing. I hate that there is no REAL practicing. They need to stop these gay *** mini-games and make it funt o connect with nice clean strokes. The problem with Top Spin in this fact is that it is EXACTLY like Virtua Tennis. If we wanted to play that arcadish game with "mini-games" we'd play THAT game. Get it freaking right Top Spin.

If all of these thigns can be addressed I can finally buy a PS3 Tennis game. If these aren't addressed I guess EA has sucked me into ANOTHER sports genre...
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