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Re: Disc Jam Review (PS4)

Originally Posted by countryboy
I like it!

Hope the new update makes finding a match easier/quicker.
no it won't. The game is just dead in general. There's no community at all for this game...sure u might find a match here and there but overall it's dead and night time is pretty much impossible.

I want this game to succeed so bad because it really is fun stuff and once DLC comes out it should get better, but as it stands right now the game is a ghost town on PS4. Sucks!
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Wow something so simple as a win/loss... I mean that's as basic as you can get.

It's a shame because from the reviews and what I've seen on youtube, this game could of found a nice Niche, especially if released when there's a LULL in the sports world!

Maybe another developer can take it over???

If the game sucked, that would be fine dead in the water, but seems to have good potential.
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