Is All Pro 2K9 still coming out?

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Re: Is All Pro 2K9 still coming out?

Originally Posted by spankdatazz22
I'll ask again - I'd love to see a link. Only saying that because you framed your views on being disappointed with 2K/APF regarding the lack of NaturalMotion based off your own assumptions - but you're saying they "implied" they'd be using it. I'm only saying that a lot of times, wishful thinking seems to become fact on these boards. And as I've said many times, IGN is a joke when it comes to sports game coverage. If you'd like for me to show you links as to why I feel that way I'll be glad to.

And if Backbreaker doesn't sell, is that horrible marketing on their part? If we can see the value in the technology from a layman's perspective of just seeing some tech videos, I'm sure developers can see that much more. Again, I think them coming out with a game is being morphed into what fits wishful thinking. We want to see this implemented in an NFL game, or at least APF. I only said I doubted Immersion was going this route because they seem to be putting a lot of effort into developing their game. And I don't think they need to show developers how it would work in a football game - anymore than they had to show them how it would work in GTA 4 or Star Wars I assume.

We're all free to express our opinion. I just have a problem when people start passing things off as fact when it's at best a rumor. As I said, if you have a link to where a 2K rep hinted NaturalMotion would be used, I'd love to see it. When I speak on IGN's poor history of covering sports games, I think I can prove that as fact by showing past reviews and biased articles. If you're disappointed APF didn't have NaturalMotion that's fine, but it's like you're saying you're disappointed they didn't because they gave you the impression it would be used. I'm saying it was one of those things where people are discussing things in the forums and assumptions get passed off as fact
Maybe i misrepresented myself by saying i was dissapointed, because when I bought the game I knew it didn't have euphoria. The initial letdown was because articles like these made people assume the game would have it - and really why would you think that they wouldn't use it (the first links the original ign article):

here is an article that agrees w/ my point about the game being at least partially a marketing tool for the company

Finally, I was again felt let down a bit upon reflection. I've had apf2k8 since the day it came out and I feel that there is no reason that they couldn't have put euphoria in the game, and they should have. They needed every edge they could get. Also these guys are making backbreaker in just about 1 year if it comes out on the rumour june date and have ZERO developer experience in making a football game - if they can do that 2k should have been able to make a better game. APF is fun, it's a decent game, but it should have been much better.
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Re: Is All Pro 2K9 still coming out?

cutting to the chase:

"And if the info I stumbled upon last week is any indication, 2K Sports may have other revolutionary displays of animation planned for future games.

Last February, NaturalMotion announced a partnership deal with Rockstar Games, Inc., the publishing label responsible for Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar Games is also in the same family of companies as 2K Sports. When pressed about future projects using NaturalMotion's animation technology, one of the NaturalMotion employees at GDC brought up the deal they have with Rockstar now. I commented that he must be talking about Grand Theft Auto IV, and he said no, not exactly. He mentioned the fact that 2K Sports is in the same family of companies as Rockstar, pointed out the football characters used in the animation demos, and the fact that their booth had young guys suited-up in football gear. I mentioned that he must be talking about 2K's rumored All-Pro football game that's been tightly under wraps. That's when he stopped talking.
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This could potentially be our first look at a next-gen 2K Sports football game.
So not only is Rockstar using the technology, but 2K Sports probably is too. Actually, 2K Sports has gone on record as saying they're looking into using NaturalMotion technology for their sports games. And with all the football allusions that the demos make, that All-Pro football game is starting to look more and more like a reality. It's clear that character motion is taking huge steps forward in the development process, and big players like Rockstar and 2K Sports are looking to make this one element an integral part of their future games.
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Re: Is All Pro 2K9 still coming out?


You have my full apologies; I can see where people would get that view. I was familar with all except one of the articles you linked and I guess I'm so jaded against the sports gaming journalism in general, that I never took what was being said that seriously. I hoped for the best, but kept expectations low because it's got to be unbelievably hard developing a sim-style football game when most gamers will only accept the NFL. And it seems the only way people will accept a non-licensed game is if that game allows them to make it look like an NFL game. Either way, thx for the links - you were right; I see where you're coming from. On some level I still feel we as gamers have to manage expectations better. Especially when we collectively are so particular on what we'll accept in a football game - when it comes to one that doesn't have the NFL license, that is.
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Re: Is All Pro 2K9 still coming out?

the new BTL blog: http://blogs.ign.com/hokieballla
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Re: Is All Pro 2K9 still coming out?

I think 2K will get the new engine in 2K9 if they decide to release it. Maybe they couldnt get it working the way they wanted ( way to much rag doll animations ? ) and so decided to leave it out.
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Re: Is All Pro 2K9 still coming out?

I guess there won't be any new 2k football game after todays news regarding the new NFL deal.
I think this deal will not only be the end of 2K football but 2K Sports itself.

This is the quote of the year:
"IGN: Speaking a little more on the creative side and gearing your answer towards the consumer: how does this exclusivity deal benefit them to make Madden...

Peter: ...as good as it was this year!"
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Re: Is All Pro 2K9 still coming out?


I'm locking this up as it's turned into a Madden/EA/NFL discussion. You may now discuss that topic here:


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