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Re: Juking question

Originally Posted by jmood88
I'm not talking about using the shoulder buttons, I'm talking about the juke stick not being effective for any positions other than running back.
I think RB's have a universal higher juke rating altogether. Kind of like speed with RB's and QB's. Unless you have a speed burner at QB, RB's are universally faster than QB's......WR's can catch better than backs, etc.
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Re: Juking question

Originally Posted by jmood88
Is anyone able to get anybody outside of the running backs to actually juke someone? This has been a problem for me since 2k5, even when I have agile receivers I'll pretty much gain all of my yards on the pass and will rarely be able to do the same moves effectively that I can do with running backs. I have Bobby Mitchell on one of my teams and I can;t juke anybody with him, he'll just get tackled if I try anything. I don't know if it's just me or if it's a problem with the game.

i may be in the minority but i liked 2K5s juking system, and i also have sucsess with APFs. IMO 2k5 shoulder buttons was the way to juke, it triggered a diffrent animation that the R stick juke. ok here is where my opinion comes in: seemed as though R stick moves were slipping out of tackle finess moves, or were for absobing impact, while the moves asigned to the buttons were better for evading a defender. seems to carry over to APF its just not as obvious. but ive left some DBs in the dust of my WR's wih some well timed jukes, its about position, angles of persuit, and ratings. JMO
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Re: Juking question

I think the juke system in place is well-intentioned; just hard to say if it's practical. The tremendous number of moves they give you is great, but most aren't intuitive to pull off in the heat of the moment imo. I went into practice mode last night and had a ton of fun just running plays and trying to use various juke moves purposely. When I'm purposely looking to do certain moves, then they're easier to pull off. Still really amazed at how well 2K has the running gameplay down. It's not perfect obviously, but far far better than anything else. And I'd agree with what Jmood was alluding too; it's difficult to pull of juke moves w/anyone other than RBs. Perhaps if they made the moves more effective (caused defenders to miss more when appropriate) and got rid of some of the extended Franco Harris-like studder-step juke moves, the juke system would be fine.

On a side note, one thing I'd love for them to do is to redo the running anims/overall look for Barry Sanders. He needs bigger shoulder pads, and a more wide open running style. Would make him look much more dynamic, like he did in real life
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Re: Juking question

I think they could do more with sig styles for RBs. Those who have the cutback ability, it seems to me, can make one sick cut through the hole, in the secondary, wherever, but then it's back to normal. For someone like Barry, it would be nice to have a much higher threshold of sick cuts and to have them in multiple directions. You should be able to wiggle the stick left and right with him and get instant stop-start animations available to few other backs, if any. And the same for his little jump back.

Some backs should have shorter strides, too, perhaps to allow them to sift through holes more effectively at the line. Emmitt excelled at this, but not every back can do it, and the ability to dance through the hole separates the golds from the bronzes, at least at one level.

I fell like they did a great job of implementing these individual characteristics with QBs, and even with WRs to an extent (I love how the little guys go down over the middle), but RBs could be better.
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Re: Juking question

The juking system is not TOO hard if you get your head around it. First off, the right stick should be used in space, unless using it for its spin move. The juke triggers can be used in space but are ideal for limited space. Usually u dont fully "juke" someone but are able to make it so they dont get a clean hit and then it is very easy to tap A, to branch out of the tackle.

To use the right stick you must remember that it is relative to the players position. So if your player is running at an angle to the upper right, then the upper right on the right stick is "up." it works the same for the tackling.

Like Trojan Man said, slowing down helps a lot. It helps for every type of break tackle if in the right situation. 2K5 and 2K8 make it so when jamming the stick fully moves and catches and tackles are harder to make.

WHat i would like to see is what Trojan Man said, more animations for the right stick when using different kinds of running backs or wide outs, as well as more animations than simply spinning off when using the right stick.
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Re: Juking question

It's not hard at all but it's not effective with other positions.
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Re: Juking question

Originally Posted by dunelly
You all need to realize juking is useless because the physics of the 2k football games.

You can switch direction quicker using the stick, so there's no need to plant your foot to fake off defenders.
This is true. Juking does not work as intended. I'm better using the sticks myself.
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