You ever play a game where the Legends were "less than legends"

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You ever play a game where the Legends were "less than legends"

A friend and I just played a game where our golds weren't worth squat. lol. My Herman Moore just flat out owned Rod Woodson to the point of embarrassment. Getting 4 TD's on him in the first half. We both had Lott and neither of our Lotts were worth a damn. My Lott was making bonehead play after bonehead play. Even when I tried switching control over to him the CPU seemed like it was going to make him do something stupid before I even get control.

One play Moore pimped smacked Woodson to the ground and blew by him for a more than easy TD with his Lott getting over so late it was ridiculous. Another play it was just a few seconds left in the half and I threw a bomb to Rob Moore who had a generic on him. That generic was tighter on him than a pair of drawers two sizes to small and defended it well. I had 3 seconds and a chance for a second shot this time I looked down the field and saw his Lott way back and said to myself "You know what? F' it. I'm throwing STRAIGHT to his direction" Rob Moore blew by Lott like he was standing still. Oh wait, he was standing still. Lott never even thought about moving out his zone and staying with the guy. EASY TD.

I guess those gold players went out and got drunk last night or got a peice cause they were complete garbage. Never finished the game because my friend couldn't take it anymore. lol. So he left his crib to take care of some business and just conceded the game. lol Of course that was after another quick strike TD to Herman Moore beating Woodson for yet another TD 2 plays into the second half.
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Re: You ever play a game where the Legends were "less than legends"

I have not been able to own any of the Gold cornerbacks with a silver or bronze receiver. I have also become a bit rusty in this game. I need to start playing more, but there are to many games piling up that I need to play.
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Re: You ever play a game where the Legends were "less than legends"

Happens all the time to me. It's a bummer, but I have this happen especially with the DL.

The issue with Woodson is that he's eminently beatable if you put double moves on him and use a pump fake. He's so aggressive in the game that a well executed bronze-to-bronze QB-to-WR combo can find success against him if they are able to set him up correctly.

I think Rob Moore, like a few other bronzes (Okoye, Metzelaars, Sanders, Clark), overplays his rating by a wide margin, which also makes the issue worse.

I will say that one of the places where I see my legends consistently perform like the real deal is on the OL, especially golds and silvers--those guys constantly blow up average defenders.

I think the problem with DBs is related to the problem with the DL and the blitz. If you give any offense time, even the best CBs will be beat in man coverage, and any zone will break down. What I don't like is that I can't count on a stacked DL to get consistent pressure against a generic OL so that I can play zone behind it and be effective. While corners can get burned, the ineffectiveness of the DL and the blitz seems to force you to chose CBs and hope that they make enough plays on the ball to justify the pick.
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