2K Sports should get the UFL license!

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Re: 2K Sports should get the UFL license!

UFL game + "Create-a-League" mode . That'd give us that 100% customizable league we've all been screaming for. Allow solid fileshare. Allow leagues of up to 200 teams (NCAA!). With community efforts we could create every football league under the engine of 2k football - but player abilities (no ratings ) are under our guidance.

It'd be really easy to use APF's build. I'd be whistlin' dixie with some DB interaction touchups and non-star hands to be slightly improved.

- Limit the 11 stars, 2 g, 3 s, 6 b to an online lobby and maybe a certain style of league mode. Maybe call it "legacy" mode Otherwise what I'd suggest to do is leave the customization more wide open: No limit or minimum on legends.

- For non star/legend players, I wouldn't give them abilities, I'd just allow for us to customize their strength. This means you could have a deep threat generic and possession generic on the same team. This would allow for the same style of football they created, but kind of customize the team to what we are trying to emulate. It'd be fun to make college teams with this - Top teams may have 4,5 golds and some 1AA team might just have 3 bronzes TOTAL! I really like the possibilities.

- Fix the substitution screen

- Add in some college football plays - not too difficult I'd imagine. Options, more tricks, more wide open. Leave the NFL plays (fix power O out of near/far ).

- I'm sure we couldn't get an online dynasty, BUT an online franchise option would be very possible.

- Allow us to port the legends from APF . We could have insane historical leagues that are spot-on accurate. We could have current NFL. We could make a college league. We could create our old high school conference. All in the same game. The key would be to make customization and player creation EASY and FUN. Probably the linchpin to this idea. Any mistakes in customization and it's over.

- Have technology that lets us upload pictures of faces that are emulated in the game. I believe it has been done before already. Imagine if all we had to do was go to NFL.com, take a picture - hold it up to our webcam to scan the picture and voila we'd get the face of the player.

- Vary gamespeeds to match what we want - Fast NFL, Med. College, slower High School. Change sliders - tab on/off for rules and challenges.

- Make lobbies separate for each roster file. This is another do-or-die aspect. If we could make lobbies where only the NFL roster, for example, was usable and a ladder was created with this - we'd have a game to enjoy for years.

- This would be a bi-yearly title AT MOST. 2k could get away with selling upgrades and keeping the same base game for multiple years because their gameplay is that good.

- The burden of success would come to the hardcore user base. We would have to create these fictional leagues. We would enjoy every second of it. Debating abilities. Once the groundwork was laid, individual users could edit the file to their pleasure and use it on their own. I think a capitalist mentality would end up deciding which lobby becomes popular. The most realistic NFL league creation would soar atop the others and through competition to play our own personal creations - the best, most fun leagues would arise.

Comments/Suggestions are appreciated. There is a huge football market for 2k to steal.
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Re: 2K Sports should get the UFL license!

Originally Posted by spankdatazz22
I don't think there's enough interest in the league to merit locking themselves into developing a game for them. If the league brought interest to 2K's game that'd be preferable; don't see how it would be beneficial to VC if it's vice versa (the game shouldn't be bringing attention to the league).
I dunno man, I would feel safe to say Tecmo made me, as well as many others, love the NFL more.


It could happen!
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Re: 2K Sports should get the UFL license!

I'm surprised that EA hasn't locked up NCAA football for another five years or so -yet. Will it happen? I think so. I don't think EA wants to give 2K Sports any chance to get back in the football competition with them.

With a revised APF 2K8 game engine, a minimal license fee for the UFL, and inclusion of an "Expand-the-league-mode" I think a UFL videogamne could be a decent risk for 2K Sports. The actual development costs could be kept low, but as the UFL grows and gains more attention sales would increase. An annual sports game allows you to spread out development costs over the life of the game engine, with just the time to add some new features and update rosters each year. As I said, they have the game engine already with APF 2K8.

You could have people buying NCAA, NFL, and UFL football games every year.

The UFL could do a lot to promote the UFL videogame during broadcasts, and the game on shelves would make more people aware of the UFL league. A win-win situation.

At the end of the day, I'd take a fully customizable game like CreatineKasey wrote about over a UFL game. The UFL game would be far easier to promote though, being as it will be associated with a real football league.
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Re: 2K Sports should get the UFL license!

This only works if the UFL is a success. Hoesntly, I doubt it works. At best, it can be a minor league system to the NFL like the NBDL is to the NBA. You won't see NBDL 2K10 coming out anytime soon.
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Re: 2K Sports should get the UFL license!

Originally Posted by lilvic
This only works if the UFL is a success.
Agreed. Personally I think the UFL is a longshot to succeed and will likely go the way of the XFL & USFL. And if the UFL fails, the game goes down right with it. It's not about being associated with any league, it's more about the NFL/NCAA's dominance as being viewed as the only "legitimate" leagues. Even if the Arena League license was available I'd think it wouldn't be the route 2K would want to go because of it's limited appeal; it's obvious when EA locked up the Arena license they were taking the nuclear approach and trying to leave as few options as possible for the Visual Concepts team to turn to. A fully customizable/more customizable APF game would give VC more flexibility and imo have more appeal than a UFL game.
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Re: 2K Sports should get the UFL license!

UFL License isn't all that expensive at moment.. It would allow the gamer opporunity play with likeness of such players i.e. Danute Culpepper, Dominic Rhodes, Ahmed Green, Tatum Bell, Darrell Jackson and former Superbowl mvp Dexter Jackson.. Also the game will have coaches i.e. Jim Fassel, Denny Green, Chris Palmer and real coaches names and team logos..

The UFL is still growing league that isn't trying to compete with NFL.. By the same token, people might don't want to buy madden cause of upcoming NFL lockout in 2011..

btw, 2ksports should consider getting license of defunct leagues such as USFL and XFL..
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