How to build a team in APF2k8

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Re: How to build a team in APF2k8

One of my favorite defenses -

4-3 zone heavy, conservative defense (think Titans from last year)

ILB Jack Lambert (g)
DE LC Greenwood (S)
DT Randy White (g)
CB Albert Lewis (b)
SS D!ck Anderson (s)

It is expensive, but you only need to rush 4 90% of the time! Both defensive linemen are 1 gap penetrators and play very fast. Lambert can stuff the A gap better than any LB in the game. He's an anomaly. Lambert also can run sideline to sideline. So your run game is covered. Leadership comes from Albert Lewis. Anderson at SS can not only steal plays but he has great skills for a guy who needs to tackle in space and lead his DB squad: Wrap up tackler, Clutch, and Loose Ball Magnet. He'll give you the big INT and he won't miss many tackles when it's him and the ballcarrier 1 on 1.

This D was undefeated in season 2 of ACQB. I miss them!
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Re: How to build a team in APF2k8

My team
1) Joe Montana
2) Roger Craig
3) John Taylor
4) Dwight Clark
5) Brent Jones

3-4 Team.

1) Dan Salamenua
2) Carl Banks
3) Ken Norton Jr.
4) Ronnie Lott
5) Lem Barney
6) Terry McDaniel.
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Re: How to build a team in APF2k8

QB Mark Rypien
TB Natrone Means
WR Charley Taylor
WR Drew Preason
TE Eric Green
WR Ricky Sanders/Rob Moore
OL Joe Jacoby
OL Randy Cross

DT-Fridge Perry
DE-Dexter Manley
LB Carl Banks
LB Ken Norton
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Re: How to build a team in APF2k8

Here's a couple of relevant articles from 2K Football Strategy written by various gamers.

Position Draft Importance - http://www.2kfootballstrategy.com/mo...aft_Importance
Ball Control - http://www.2kfootballstrategy.com/mo...d=Ball_Control
Play Maker - http://www.2kfootballstrategy.com/mo...eId=Play_Maker
West Coast Offense - http://www.2kfootballstrategy.com/mo..._Coast_Offense
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Re: How to build a team in APF2k8

Here was the position draft priority that Valderez had in the 2k football strategy website before it was taken down recently.

In order to get the most from your players, the positions that are on the field the most often should be your prime candidates when drafting. Below is a suggested priority to weight players that should be on a team. Note that this doesn't dictate what position should be Gold, Silver, or Bronze, simply what type of position should be drafted.

Position Drafting Order (note this does not indicated Tier levels)
1 - Cornerback
1 - Free Safety
1 - Strong Safety
1 - Inside Linebacker

2 - Halfback
2 - Quarterback
2 - Wide Receiver

3 - Tight End

4 - Outside Linebacker

5 - Fullback

6 - Defensive End

7 - Defensive Tackle (not as necessary as a DE in a 3-4 based defense)

8 - Center
8 - Guard
8 - Tackle

9 - Kicker

10 - Punter
This brings back memories.... Thanks for all your hard work, Valderez. We all appreciate it very much....

If you want anymore info about his work, go to: http://web.archive.org/web/201001032...lstrategy.com/

I think the forums don't work, but i'm pretty sure most of the site should be fine though.
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