The Quest for Perfection

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Re: The Quest for Perfection

Sven you'd like the team I made originally for our ACQB OS APF league. It won something like 20 games straight, including an undefeated championship season. It was built on running the ball and gold players in the front 7 on defense. Tough squad to handle. I'll maybe post it tomorrow.
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Re: The Quest for Perfection

Here's one of my favorite builds.

WR - Raymond Berry
SS - Ronnie Lott
CB - Lem Barney
QB - Randall Cunningham
TE - Jay Novacek
WR - Dwight Clark
HB - Freeman McNeil
CB - Terry McDaniel
ILB - Pepper Johnson
FS - Eugene Robinson
DE - Dexter Manley

This build gives me the following:
  • Ability to break bump coverage with Gold WR Raymond Berry (Bump Buster).
  • Ability to stretch the field and to hit tight windows with strong arm QB in Randall Cunningham.
  • Ability to scramble when necessary with QB, providing another problem for defense.
  • Ability to convert long yardage situations with the Silver QB + Gold WR combination.
  • Ability to convert crucial 3rd yardage situations with Gold WR + Bronze WR (clutch).
  • Ability to have up to 4 viable receiving threats with stars by 2 WRs, 1 TE, and 1 HB.
  • Ability to run the ball with Freeman McNeil (fastest cutter at the position, and maneuvers as well as Silvers).
  • Ability to play zone defense well with CBs / Safety Stars.
  • Ability to create turn overs due to heavy emphasis on Ball Hawk for DBs and Ball Strip on ILB.
  • Ability to control the run with the star ILB.
  • Ability to put pressure on the QB in long yardage situation with Dexter Manley's swim move.
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Re: The Quest for Perfection

I also play on All Pro vs. the CPU because to me it best simulates Legend play against a real person. If you have to do custom, I would start on All Pro and bump up the computer settings without bumping the human ones down. I did this in 2K5 and it was much better than Legend. If I call a good play, read the coverage right, get my WR open, and hit him in stride, why do I want him to drop the ball just because Legend has his catching settings turned way down? I am all about making the computer better, but you could just alter your own settings to the point of making the game unplayable. This is pointless to me. If I win I want it to be be based on my football ability, not my ability to find some sort of artificial gameplan that can actually work against ridiculous handicaps to my players (which I find tends to be the case on Legend), and likewise if I lose I want it to be because I was outplayed and out-game planned, not because the settings are so handicapped against me that I can't do anything offensively or stop anyone defensively.

Anyone who has played games on All Pro difficulty online knows how ridiculous defense is. Your players are barely more than warm bodies in coverage. Why would I want to play a whole season with my defense handicapped like that on legend against the CPU? Is it really asking too much for WRs to actually catch the ball most of the time when they are open and it hits their hands, or to ask defenders to actually make a decent attempt to cover zones or men they are assigned to at least a good portion of the time?
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