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2K Sim Ladder

Hi guys, I am starting a 2K Sim Ladder/Rankings system on the 2K website here:


and I would like to get as many of you involved as possible. I won't post all the details of how the rankings work here because you can read it there and it seems to confuse people. Here are the highlights:

-You start with 100 points and play others who are also participating in this system. Beating a top 25 opponent gives you more and more points, while losing to a top 25 opponent penalizes you fewer and fewer points.

-not playing at all costs you a small penalty. Mathematically you do better to play and lose to tough opponents than to not play at all.

-LEAGUE and TOURNAMENT GAMES COUNT!!! If you only ever play in leagues or tournaments and hate lobby games, YOUR GAMES CAN COUNT!!! The only criteria is for both players to agree to count the games. This has been a source of confusion, hence the emphasis. League only players are a big reason I am doing this in the first place.

-Everyone on the list has great feedback. With very few exceptions everyone on the list has 88% or higher feedback.

Here are the rankings for last week:

Rankings - April 28

1.) Freakish Mind (101.76) (3)
2.) NFLHITMAN (101.36) (17)
3.) bmorerep87 (100.98) (1)
4.) tpaterniti (100.95) (6)
5.) GodofWar2k10 (99.96) (8)
6.) MORElandBROS (99.96) (22)
7.) SOCKCORNNOODLES (99.96) (23)
8.) NTQ03 (99.96) (UR)
9.) Code Sierra (99.96) (UR)
10.) Turtl83 (99.76) (12)
11.) CreatineKasey (99.76) (UR)
12.) Kimchee Mastuh (99.75) (2)
13.) dazzo0007 (99.75) (4)
14.) Thirty3 Degrees (99.75) (5)
15.) PastorMurray (99.75) (7)
16.) Bowdown (99.75) (9)
17.) Pcat Magoo (99.75) (10)
18.) MAHESH (99.75) (11)
19.) scalps (99.75) (13)
20.) tjspeaks (99.75) (14)
21.) Hoser117 (99.75) (15)
22.) DTRAIN53 (99.75) (18)
23.) TREYGO (99.75) (19)
24.) iamsoonersam (99.75) (20)
25.) Grrrilla Pmp (99.75) (21)
26.) oldschoolDT (99.75) (24)
27.) dazzo47 (99.75) (25)
28.) twosilk32811 (99.75) (26)
29.) cwhill (99.75) (27)
30.) Uber Quake (99.75) (UR)
31.) DaRuff (99.75) (UR)
32.) kosch2635 (99.75) (UR)
33.) uPACK12 (99.75) (UR)
34.) Hotshot232 (99.75) (UR)
35.) Leeroy Jeykins (99.75) (UR)
37.) tamaNIUE (99.32) (16)
UR.) SM Hawkeye* (14-38) FB 89%
UR.) MoeGunnz21*
UR.) vegas96*
UR.) minh707*

*Nw Additions

I would love to really consolidate the 2K community. There are probably
about 100-150 sim players who are active, which is more than enough to make for a fantastic gaming experience and to do a lot of neat things, but we are spread over so many different forums it is hard to get everyone to know everyone else. But between these sites there are some great things happening. For example, tjspeaks/amid is running a tournament now with a $100 prize to the winner and official 2K items going to the runner up.

Let me know if you want to participate and hopefully all of you will. Playing in lots of leagues with league-only players constantly reminds me of how many good players there are out there who few people have ever heard of.
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Re: 2K Sim Ladder

i am down. It could be fun.
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