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Playing on "fast" game speed

I remember Valdarez recommended the "fast" gamespeed a while back as a way to improve the line play in APF 2K8 and after trying it out yesterday, I think he was right.

I made a 2010 Lions team with Suh as a Gold DT and Vanden Bosch as a silver DE and they were murdering a generic "pass block" line like I have never seen before on "normal" game speed.

The flipside is that it also becomes extremely difficult for your team to pass the ball on offense behind an all-generic line (I was going against an Eagles line consisting of gold Reggie White, silver Jerome Brown, and bronze Clyde Simmons), but I may stick with it a little longer to see if I can adjust.

Anyone else spent a lot of time playing on fast?

Passing was giving me fits, but interestingly, I didn't have any trouble getting the run game going with just a bronze Jahvid Best at RB.

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Re: Playing on "fast" game speed

You know what? I think 'Normal' on All-Pro is actually faster than 'Fast' on Madden. I've gotten into some debates about this but look at the animation speed/running turnover the next time you compare the two games. You would be surprised.

I think Normal on All-Pro is the best. I think it's what the game was designed for while fast simply looks/is sped up. The opposite is true for the other game.
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Re: Playing on "fast" game speed

After playing a few more games with it, I really like how "fast" speeds up the APF passing game.

The effect on the running game seems to be entirely negligible, but I definitely feel like the OL/DL interactions play out more realistically on "fast."

Here is the personnel I've been testing:

gold DE - Reggie White
silver DT - Jerome Brown
bronze DT - William Perry
bronze DE - Clyde Simmons


silver QB - Matthew Stafford (leadership)

generic OL (pass block)
With that matchup, I have time to complete my drop, then the ball basically has to come out within a second of completing the drop or I am toast.

On defense, I was running:

gold DT - Ndamukong Suh
silver DE - Kyle Vanden Bosch


bronze QB - Ken O'Brien (pocket presence)

bronze G - Guy Mcintyre
generic OL (pass block)
Vanden Bosch was getting double-teamed a lot by the left guard Mcintyre, but it just freed up Suh to go 1-on-1 with a generic center and he was eating that generic alive.

The reason the pass rush seems like it gets there faster on "fast" is because the animations that go with the OL/DL interaction don't take so long to play out.

On "normal" speed, there's no real consistent pressure from legend DLmen because a lot of the "interaction" animations simply take too long to play out compared to how fast the WRs run their routes or how quickly the QB drops back.

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Re: Playing on "fast" game speed

Yeah I always play on fast difficulty when I play with my friends, it is sooo much better in my opinion and running is a little bit easier.
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