APF2K8 - the best demo ever? 10 thoughts

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APF2K8 - the best demo ever? 10 thoughts

This is my first post to the OS forums....

I've been playing APF2K8 for a few months now and I love this game for the same reasons everyone else does...it really is a refreshing pro football game. I regret passing judement when I saw it on the shelves, if I and many others would've supported this then maybe we all would be playing APF2k11, which would be awesome!

That said, I feel like I'm playing a demo. Here are ten general thoughts I have about the game...

1. It absolutely drive me nuts that after I assemble a team and hit the field that I end up with three players with number 26 in my starting secondary...anyone esle experience this? I can't believe they couldn't figure this out.

2. To me, there could have been more development with the league itself. When the game boots up you see a APFL sheild...why not have an intro or history (even fake) of the league?

3. ESPN NFL 2K5 gave us fantastic presentation and weekly update shows, why couldn't that have been done here? Instead of ESPN, just call it "The APFL Network."

4. No legacy mode? What?!!? I guess having Elway in a dynasty mode is odd, but I still think it could have been done if they would adopt the popular saying, "Legends Never Die." Basically, I'd like to see you start a legacy and actually DRAFT (not just select) your team. If you have a pre loaded legend, then his skills will never errode and that will put more emphasis on your drafting and development of generic players and determine how you run your offense/defense. Imagine trading Elway for Jim Harbaugh and picks or a generic player that is developing nicely?!?!

5. Generic players needed to be, well, less generic. Give us player cards for the generic players, let us know if Dan Conner is a decent pass rusher, what is skills are, salary, where he played his college ball....

6. If EA's NCAA football can sell with generic players, then this game could too. Just give us some background, draft and development...doesn't matter if you have John Elway if you don't groom his young players around him, right?

7. Field Options - I can't tell what the difference in field textures is...that would be nice.

8. Custom Stadium Options would've seemed like a must for me....

9. Legend Mode??? In a game featuring some of the greatest legends of all time, why not have a legend mode? Create yourself and try to become IMMORTAL through reaching goals, all pro status, etc.

10. 10 ways to win? I think when you DRAFT your team that it would be cool to draft a coaching staff too. They could be legend coaches or just generics, I don't care....or you can be coach (NCAA Football) as you move through the Franchise. Now, this would need to be accompanied by different playbooks...seems like if I draft 3 or 4 WR's that my playbook would reflect that style of play.

All in all I would rather play this game instead of Madden 11, which is why I traded it in.
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Re: APF2K8 - the best demo ever? 10 thoughts

If this game had the same franchise mode as 2k5... minus the (RB/QB/WR) draft bug and the CB glitch, this game would last me till 2015 (IF) the NFL exclusivity contract ends and 2K makes another NFL game.

Seriously, 2k5's franchise mode lasted me 5 years. Updated rosters et. al. Sleeper picks and 7th round gems that make an impact was what made this game fun.
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Re: APF2K8 - the best demo ever? 10 thoughts

I agree...if this game had a little more roster development, presentation it would be the last football game I own. It plays fantastically.

I bought both NCAA and Madden this year and can't stop coming back to this game - the gameplay, animations, and honestly the announcing is far better....

just started a new season last night!
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