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Few questions...

I'm buying this tomorrow cuz I am tired of Madden but just had a few questions about this game.

1. How many players are editable? Can edit rosters to resemble a real life 53 man roster?

2. Any roster sharing out there?

3. Is equipment editable as well?

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Re: Few questions...

1. You can't edit anyone. You can create 20 players from scratch, but you can only have 11 on a team at a time (2 gold, 3 silver, 6 bronze). You cannot make the game resemble real 53 man rosters. Best you can do is get the best 12 players on your team.

2. No.

3. You can minimally edit eq on players you create, but compared to NCAA/Madden eq editing, it is like 10% of that. Unfortunately the player creation system is pretty bad in terms of faces as well. There are about 12 standard faces and almost none of them look like anyone in the NFL.

Basically, play this game for the gameplay, which is far superior to Madden. If you play with people who are "sim", which means they play like they are really playing football and not like they are playing a video game, then this game is almost exactly like playing football (as close as you can get) and very rewarding. The game is fair and balanced online - there are really no extreme exploits that have no counter, and against sim players the game will feel like real football.

If you play me or many of the other players on this and other similar sites, you will find that we all have a pretty high football IQ. We will read your coverages, make intelligent reads based on pre and post snap reads, mix up our plays and formations, make intelligent adjustments to your play style throughout the game, and on defense you will encounter a mix of some people who use a lot of complex defenses (lots of man/zone combos from 3 and 4 man sets) and others who run simpler man or zone schemes but who execute them extremely well. You will have to do all of these things yourself to win against top players.

Furthermore, unlike Madden and NCAA, this game rewards pocket passers as well as people who actually can recognize coverages and run routes to break them (no scrambling every down until people get open - you can do it, but not like in Madden or NCAA because like in real life you can't pass of a dead run with total accuracy the way you can in the other games). Also I have found that in Madden and NCAA the intermediate route is often a casualty of too-good zone coverage. In 2K you can throw short, medium and deep. Also you can edit your own playbook and you have tons of plays to choose from. I think I have 3,500 plays in my playbook and about 100 formations, and I use them all when needed.

In sum, play 2K for the incredibly realistic gameplay, but not so much for the customization. This game's gameplay is so good that people continue to play it in spite of its very lackluster franchise and customization options.
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Re: Few questions...

Customization is pretty good in this game. I think it's even better than backbreakers because the uniforms are more realistic. Check out these 94 49ers unis!

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Re: Few questions...

You can edit 20 players you create 11 player per team.

You only edit the equipment of the player that you make

after you have the game in front of you, you will understand
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