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Re: Generic Ratings

It's true that generics all have the same ratings, but I still believe they don't play the same in game.

Maybe height, weight, and body type play some role in it. Or maybe there are just some intangibles that we're not seeing in the ratings.

It could also be that leadership has a more pronounced effect on generics when the player with leadership is a high tier.

If you remember in NFL 2K5, leadership was a rating category just like speed, strength, etc.

So if you have a gold CAP with the leadership bonus, there's a good chance that his leadership rating is around 90, whereas a bronze CAP might have a leadership rating around 70.

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Re: Generic Ratings

I think its something we just arnt seeing..because in game they do play different and its deeper than leadership imo..
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Re: Generic Ratings

i agree with ray. i have had defenses with no leadership and the DT's Engleberger and Morton play considerably better almost as good as bronzes
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Re: Generic Ratings

My theory has always been Generics are affected by Abilites on Legends. For instance, we've seen with the Hex that a Pass Rush Bonus adds a 5+ points to a Legend's pass rush rating, but I feel that those 5 points also go towards the generic players in said legends position. This is why generally you can get a better pass rush with one legend DL than without because the Generics also receive that bonus across the board, and naturally, having 2 or 3 Legend DL with Pass Rush Bonuses adds an even higher pass rush rating for the entire unit. Leadership, on the other hand, boosts Generic players' ratings but at specific times - determined by either the AI or user - thus why Generics sometimes seem to play better with Leadership & Clutch bonuses on the roster.
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