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Building a champion

Only using the default list of players, what is the best team you have created?

I am using custom sliders, and regardless of what settings I use, I have found that some positions are simply more important than others. For example, even with 90 computer coverage, I am not afraid of any CB, and I don't feel I can trust any CB to be lock down in man coverage. I also don't trust the AI for run blocking. I have built an o-line made up entirely out of "Bull Dozer" run blockers and seen the AI "herp-derp" off and on all game long. Pass blocking linemen matter, but the run blockers have been disappointing.

If I want to make a championship team ni APF2k8, I start with a QB and 4 defensive linemen. A defensive line that can stuff the run and apply pressure without blitzing is very important. After that, I need people that I can rely on to get open and hold onto the ball, so I want a pair of receivers and a TE. That's 8 out of my 11 stars. give me at least a MLB that can play in the 4-3, or the Dime... and maybe an OLB that will stay on the field for nickle packages. That leaves 1 more player, which I often use on a HB.
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Re: Building a champion

It's been a while since I used any default rosters but if my memory serves me right, some of the better teams that I used would have Bernie Kosar and Christian Okoye. I always felt they were a good bang for the buck because the amount of attributes they had for bronze tier players. This allowed for me to spend the silver and gold stars on other key positions. I did run a few teams with gold tier QBs (usually Marino) when I wanted a team with a passing attach. A very noticeable difference going from a bronze to gold at the QB position!

I remember one of the best defenses I put together had an all scrub D-line. They still got plenty of sacks. I think someone else on the defense had a leadership perk but I've never found if that boosts the whole team, the side of the ball the player is on, or if it was specific to a position or level (for ex. if it's a LB'er would it just boost the LB's).

Regardless, I think a lot of the sack production you can get out of the D-line comes down to playcalling. With that said, Lee Roy Selmon is an absolute beast when running a Tampa-2 scheme. Initially I was hesitant to run with Selmon because he doesn't have many attributes for a gold (especially when he's compared to Reggie White). Like I said, that doesn't matter in the right defensive scheme.

A good bronze TE like Pete Metzelaars is always nice as well. Not as clutch as Ben Coates, but I feel you can be exploiting the game with a player like Coates.

Other than that all I can say is pug and play some players and see if they fit into what you're trying to do with that specific team. That's one of the great things about APF and for me, it has kept the game's replay value high.

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Re: Building a champion

Otto Graham
Willie Brown

Greg Lloyd
Chris Warren

Albert Lewis
Alvin Harper
Rob Brown
Dwight Clark (put him at TE, he is better than Metzelaars)
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