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Re: APF 2K8 NFL Elite Jersey Codes

Originally Posted by Rocky
Do you happen to have these uniforms in a file?
Rock, no file unfortunately. I just make the uni's and jot the code down.
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Originally Posted by Dounte/MLBNFLNBALGS
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All Pro Football 2K8 Uniform Codes
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Re: APF 2K8 NFL Elite Jersey Codes

Originally Posted by noshun
Just redid them for you.


Birmingham Bolts -/- Ybcu3 44QUz X5RLC 7mmni Ygwaq D6rwD nZyDx hQ4iS 2HjaR yimgf He64F MYvn8 zqKsSc **
Chicago Enforcers -/- vxLdr Yowzp tJs7W dKomC wyDeL nYDNV 3YGFc P2L8L tVBKu xLLdL RyCNS xVqN9 7K58Rc **
Los Angeles Xtreme -/- eP3KF heBmf h2Qtb XxMSe YJTVT 3H5ht HTbL7 T2zTe N2Mhn HbGcn B35Di 8mBJC m9hCed **
Las Vegas Outlaws -/- hx82Y mMZtr hFazD TNSFP jZUcn r9F78 zwyvJ 9442p seevY hTGuN k3ZnK Txf96 iYybYd **
Memphis Maniax -/- CVK4d 4X2Ji 6q5qe eWzYG CtpKh zzvmf r4YwB riG8D DMtX5 4HVAy Jm4Vo 2us3W 6U5T8d **
NY/NJ Hitman -/- 9rjgA LP3VU i59em Q9UEa qW57W gQoG4 Hs4Wh dAL7V UfWh9 ibC2s 4qfJs K6iYn whEVQc **
Orlando Rage -/- t5Z5k cjHTa W6rUu Rd4td hnmrW M3WHo RYWpv AJNNu XSs86 UDUkf gX87j 8JHPj 9ApnFc **
San Francisco Demons -/- 7xoSo CdWFE 4RRPN NTy9t hjTg2 zELUp ydSXR kVBzt sjLzn EdXey RGD8d SLGv2 rj79Ec **
Updated XFL 2020 jersey codes shared in the YouTube video below. I might post them up later if I get a chance and remember.

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Re: APF 2K8 NFL Elite Jersey Codes

The part I dont understand is how do people make these codesike xfl. I make them by hand the uniforms but with an old games how does someone put codes in and the have them work. Just dont get that
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Re: APF 2K8 NFL Elite Jersey Codes

Has anyone taken the time or created uniform codes for the USFL?
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Re: APF 2K8 NFL Elite Jersey Codes

Originally Posted by noshun
Any Given Sunday

Chicago Rhinos -/- G4VFz taZDy UX9MZ KpBAD LJk9c UkHXv s5n8S Bw56j 3ENgo MuHwe rnh6J BuuVE c7Xjod **
California Crusaders -/- 8jYX5 ng3RX GA68N g4a9P 277KB cHbsx NyFo6 jaRcA 7cywV XjMqa 3Foar bduxp C2QgQc **
Dallas Knights -/- S484K 47FgL KHKHf uem7d qnS9f Z98FM 2FHii UxTFT Cou5A VEqDs dLjNY RwXY5 879GYd **
Miami Sharks -/- 5GkNx oGwCa HyAGm y9nsL UwBXj 62nBu EcNM8 ujCBQ Vei2N S6tar GxPPa UNEXn W3dzbc **
Minnesota Americans -/- fDxQG RPiQJ iwjSr 3m3W4 eUSsD B9rWJ udZdN sQRnC YEsmH W7ZXP Wh2oe h4eMc S7tzEc **
New York Emperors -/- iRcvK e3iWc ezgQ3 MT4Lf Q7ydg hBYG8 ot8hF UNWxX ThKYs yVuTE 2miQD fZccn AoTg4c **

Given that teams are only shown once (sans Sharks), uniforms are the same for home & away.

The Program

ESU Timberwolves -/- 6BkUj dknsd bQehK 56XLA vwEHp bAdW4 wDaGq NRufR nzGoG CyDqk 2LuCu t9YtW QUUmVc **

The Longest Yard (2005)

Allenville Mean Machine -/- VHL8R hMKrA z8RLk T77Sn dXZuV uPGTe sFCZe NBDJN CrfCn zAswn PeKHZ D4ZVU meMgFc **
Allenville Guards -/- ZEdve JKBmV EB8EY ZwAjA 4nFRH gAr3a ukdME pni6M FGhXS Aisb2 V6B7E T2MBt SkjWud **

Given that teams are only shown once, uniforms are the same for home & away.

Love finding these. Appreciate you posting. The Mean Machine code is broken though unfortunately-I realize this is very old post but was happy to find these on here. Thank again.
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