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Re: Looking back at All-Pro Football 2K8

Originally Posted by buckeyedawgtribe
If you could combine all the features from Madden 09 thru 25 it would bury this game. Unfortunately with EA it has always been one step forward two back two forward one back. EA can end it but refuse to for some reason. 2K5 was better than any madden I have ever played on the old systems I will admit.
Combining all features from Madden 09 through 25 would still leave me wanting to go back to All Pro 2k8. The way the game plays on the field is what keeps me coming back to 2k football.

All Pro Football 2k8 is the reason why I will always have a PS3
NBA2k Defense AI,Footplant, Gameplay
MLB Show Pitching/throwing
Madden/Live Animations Walking, Throwing
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It just hit me from looking at the pictures in this article, but it seems EA Sports completely ripped off 2K's sidelines layout. I mean it's exactly the same with how the coaches and players are positioned throughout. I have zero respect for EA Sports. This is one of the several reasons why they can't ever be taken seriously. So depressing...... Ugh....
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Nice article JYoung. This game had a 'cult' following that lasted many years. I am not sure any sports game has been discussed more than this game. Hundreds of hours were devoted to the 'best bronze WR and HB' and the 'best generic players'. Valderez created 2Kfootballstrategy.com and the discussion, leagues, tournaments, etc. filled the site with thousands of articles and posts. The discussion at 2Ksports.com during those first couple of years was football 24x7x365 and went way beyond the game. There were so many great creative leagues, great personalities (just a few were mentioned in a song by Ebineezer to 2K asking for a customized non-NFL game), great fun and great memories. The game is still enjoyed by many today. With FlyingFinn's 2KEditor the game is actually better than ever with 20 CAPs, up to the minute rosters, legend faces that better resemble today's NFL stars and 3 ability bronze and 'copper' CAPs that changes the way the game plays. From what I have read and seen from the next gen's first football game; I do not see APF2K8 being dethroned yet as the greatest football sim on the planet. Hopefully next year...

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Great write up Mr Young! I love APF 2k8, but I would have married it if 2k would have given me a more robust game by allowing full customization, etc.

This game will go down in history as the best non-NFL football game.
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Great article on APF 2K8 .......And I'm old enough to remember how this all played out, so I'll share my feelings about the year of 2k8:

2k8 was the SUPPOSE to be the joint!!!!! And I was so pumped for this game back then, as I was a serious NFL2K5 CRACK HEAD JUNKIE, it's the game that brought me back to video games, SPORTS VIDEO GAMES that is, and I have not looked back since.

APF 2K8 was going to be the #$%@#$!!! then, I was so hyped to get the game, when I heard the rumors they were going to put out another game after EA and NFL did that crushing gangsta move a couple of years before.

I was ready to wait outside for TWO NIGHTS for that game, then more news started to come out about APF 2K8, I can't remember the name of the producer on the game before it came out, but he mentioned in some video game magazine, that it was going to be only a single season offline mode, and he got some brush back from me and thousands of other 2k5 football fanatics, for not putting dynasty mode in the game, he countered by doing some arrogant EA stuff, by saying "DEAL WITH IT" or something to that effect, and I was so upset that it was just a single season of play, plus the arrogant comments didn't help at all, so I never brought the game and have no desire to because of the single season BS.

The way you guys talk about 2k8, I'm still that way about 2k5, in fact, unfortunately it's still my NFL game of choice after all these years because of well, you know, MADDEN not following through on their gangsta business mode years ago, EA great at business moves, and terrible at making sports game is what I've seen for almost ten years..... I will always shed a tear for APF 2K8 because of what it could have been with a multiple year dynasty mode, no doubt I'd still be playing 2k8 if they had a dynasty mode.... but like most 2k football and basketball games, they always seem to pass the test of time no matter what, so for that I give 2k8 much respect..
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I hate you! You HAD to remind me of how much I miss playing this game. And a good breakdown of the flaws as well. When you add all up, one of the best sports series, if not THE best, of all time. Customization would have allowed this game to flourish FAR beyond 2007. Hell, I just wish it was done on PC.
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I good game, that is also one of the most overrated games I can ever remember, in terms of gameplay.

Game has a TON of warts.
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Best gameplay in a football game.
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