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Re: APF2K8 Gameplay Thread- 2018 Edition

Ive been hoping and wishing someone would do an apf 2k19 Roster . Madden is just terrible
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Re: APF2K8 Gameplay Thread- 2018 Edition

Just started a new season. It still amazes me how well the gameplay stands out after 11 years. It does so many things right. QB throwing animations are so smooth and it does not seem like the ball warps out of the hand. There is a huge difference in playing with a QB with Quick Release and if it is paired with Rocket Arm, you'll throw darts all over the field. Not having 2-man/WR&DB animations is huge like in Madden really stands out. Height really doesn't matter in Madden like it does APF. A 5'10 DB versus a 6'4 WR will usually be a mismatch in APF whereas in Madden it doesn't matter.

My 3 favorite things about gameplay are:

1) Line Interaction. My favorite thing about gameplay. Lineplay is the main thing that has hurt Madden since the last gen. In that game, matchups don't really matter. It has gotten better where stars will get in the backfield, it that game it feels like a dice roll for win/fail. This game matchups matter in line. A gold DLmen versus a non star OLmen, will almost always win. You see actual pockets form and pockets collapse. DLmen push the OL towards the QB. One thing I hate in Madden is the Insta-shed. Once you push turbo, Insta-shed activates. But in APF, none of that.

2) Matchups matter. Going off of #1, matchups really matter. A WR with Speed Burner, Route God, and Bump Master is a deadly combo against a non-star CB. I have a good defense. But against a Gold HB, I will still have a difficult game against him. Dive tackles won't work against them. You can't pick on a Gold DB, it is an interception waiting to happen. The other game matchup win/lose is based off of dice roll animations. Whereas with this game, the better guy will win out in most situations. I like using defensive matchups.

3) AI awareness. You don't have to control a defensive player to make plays.
A gold Safety will naturally make plays. But even non-star players makes without control. Seen countless times, non star DB, breaking off of their man naturally to make plays on the ball. Like seeing CPU defenses make pre snap movements.

I also like that you really have to adjust your offense if there is a injury. I built my team around defense. I followed the Broncos style of defense. Where I get to QB and stop the pass. Where if I can contain the run, my defense shut offenses. My offense only has 4 star players. Qb,RB, WR, TE. My offense is based off on intermediate/deep passing and running. But in my first game of season in a blowout, my QB got injured on a screen pass late in 3rd. Out for 4 weeks. Initial thought was to restart game. But I figured my defense is good enough to keep us in games. But I really had to change my offense next game. They shut down my run game and my backup QB had 2 picks in first quarter. I had to change up my offense. I had to play like a Game Manager. Short to intermediate routes only. I was down 10 to 0 after 1st. But came back to win 34 to 13. Because I started getting turnovers and played to remaining strengths. But playing with a gold QB and a non star is a big difference. I had 5 picks in the game with my backup(13 minute quarters) most of them came from passes 15 yards or out. He can't make the same throws as my Gold QB. I have to play with more anticipation. And no stars on my Oline, so I have to get the ball out quick

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Re: APF2K8 Gameplay Thread- 2018 Edition


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