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Re: The NFL Project

Originally Posted by stantencza
Whoever did the Pats didn't include skills, so I'll do that...


QB Tom Brady (Leadership, Pocket Presence, Clutch)
WR Randy Moss (Deep Threat, Hops, Soft Hands)


DE Richard Seymour (Pass Rush Bonus, Strength Bonus)
SS Rodney Harrison (Ball Hawk, Leadership)
OLB Adalius Thomas (Sack Master, Pass Rush Bonus)


ILB Tedy Bruschi (Run Reader)
TE Ben Watson (Tough in the Middle)
RB Laurence Maroney (Finesse and Power)
WR Donte Stallworth (Deep Threat)
CB Asante Samuel (Coverage Bonus)

Last bronze spot is very tough to decide... Patriots have terrific players all over the field. Problem is some guys The decision is between:

T Matt Light (Stonewall)
C Dan Koppen (Brick Wall)
DT Vince Wilfork (Strength Bonus)
DE Ty Warren (Pass Rush Bonus)
WR Wes Welker (Return Specialist)
CB Ellis Hobbs (Ball Hawk)
OLB Mike Vrabel (Coverage Bonus)
OLB Rosevelt Colvin (Pass Rush Bonus)
ILB Junior Seau (Leadership)
P Josh Miller (Kick Accuracy)
K Steve Gostkowski (Kick Accuracy)
FS Eugene Wilson (Ball Hawk)

The reason this is so tough is because the Patriots are hands down the best team in football, period.
Here are some changes I would make to that list:

Randy Moss is probably closer to acrobatic catches, as he has had a fair amount of drops in recent years. Perhaps speed burner instead of hops as well, without it, he's not extremely fast.

I'd definitely give Richard Seymour run coverage instead of the pass rush bonus, he's more of a defensive tackle.

Rodney Harrison should probably have big hit instead of ball hawk (a skill that helps in pass coverage, which he's not very good at.)

Tedy Bruschi should probably get the clutch or leadership bonus abilities instead of run reader, although he's on the decline and probably not a top-11 player.

Ben Watson is known for exceptional speed (4.45 at the combine) instead of his toughness over the middle. Speed burner is a much more fitting skill.

With Donte' Stallworth, I'd give him speed burner because he has world-class speed on any routes, not just deep ones, but I suppose that works, too. I just don't think it makes him fast enough.

I didn't include Asante Samuel because of his holdout, but he'd be better than Rodney Harrison and I'd give him ball hawk and coverage bonus, in that order.

Wilfork, Warren, Vrabel, and Colvin are all better players than Tedy Bruschi. I don't think Ben Watson is really a fit, either. I'd include Wilfork and Warren as bronze players (run coverage for both of them.) Colvin would have the pass rush bonus - not sure about Vrabel, though.
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Re: The NFL Project

Originally Posted by JayoD
Nice. Here's mine tho.

Gold (3 Abilities Per)
Ladainian Tomlinson (Leadership Ability, Workhorse, Cutback Ability)
Shawne Merriman (Sack Master, Reach Tackle, Big Hit)

Silver (2 Abilities Per)
Antonio Gates (Soft Hands, Tough In The Middle)
Jamal Williams (Run Coverage, Leadership Bonus)
Philip Rivers (Quick Release, Pocket Presence)

Bronze (1 Ability Per)
Marcus McNeill (Stonewall)
Luis Castillo (Run Coverage)
Quentin Jammer (Coverage Bonus)
Eric Parker (Mr. 3rd Down)
Shaun Phillips (Pass Rush Bonus)
Nate Kaeding (Kick Accuracy Bonus)

You're right. That was really hard to do. I only wish you could add more abilities like the Legends already in the game. Antonio Gates can easily be Gold but I figured I'd be more balanced and have an offensive and a defensive player. I chose Eric Parker over Vincent Jackson because he's more proven and because he is Mr. 3rd Down...save for the Patriots playoff game. I chose Nate Kaeding over Kris Dielman because of Kaeding officially being a Pro-Bowl kicker last season. And of course, I added Shaun Phillips because you were missing a player. Although, I would love to add an ILB. I just have to wait to see whether it's Wilhelm or Cooper who steps it up and replaces Donnie Edwards.
I updated this with just the Chargers Pro-Bowl players and seeing as how there are 11 of 'em. It fits pretty well.

I kept the Gold the same. For the Silver I bumped down Philip Rivers to Bronze in favor of Lorenzo Neal. Rivers kept the quick release but lost the pocket presence. Neal has Bulldozer and Strength as his abilities. For Bronze, I replaced Quentin Jammer, Shaun Phillips, and Eric Parker. I added Pro Bowl Center Nick Hardwick and gave him pass blocking. And then I added WR Kassim Osgood and had his ability as ST. I found out that you have to bury him in the depth chart just to allow him to play special teams. So now my Roster looks like this.

RB Ladainian Tomlinson
OLB Shawne Merriman

TE Antonio Gates
NT Jamal Williams
FB Lorenzo Neal

QB Philip Rivers
LT Marcus McNeill
C Nick Hardwick
K Nate Kaeding
DE Luis Castillo
WR Kassim Osgood

Maybe it's his size...but Osgood is a devastating blocker. So far...so good.
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Re: The NFL Project

we can't have actually save files of teams in this game? is that why no roster saves?? or do we have to do these teams all by ourselves? forgive me i havent played it much since i got the game but this thread may get me finally playing the game
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Re: The NFL Project

I run a 32 man NFL league for APF 2k8, we are in week 5 now. anway back on topic.

My Saints

Drew Brees - Leadership - Pocket Presence - Deception(pump fake)
Reggie Bush - Cutback - Speed burner - Finesse

Will Smith - Spin - Pass rush bonus
Charles Grant - Rip - Sack Master
Duece McAllister - Work Horse - Branching tackles

Marques Colston - Clutch
Devery Henderson - Deep Threat
Jamal Brown - Brick Wall
Scott Fujita - Closing speed
Mike McKenzie - Coverage bonus
Brian Young - Bull Rush

I use a setup close to this but slightly different. It still has both Duece and Bush and I went into the play books and subs and put Bush as the slot WR on all 3 wr sets. Which then lines Duece up in the back field. I can sub in who ever I want on which ever down though.

Bush being a Gold is a toss up, but I took it to account on who is the my dangerous on any given play. Duece is on his backend of career and Bush can break anyplay loose so that is the reason behind that.

Also I wanted to place ALOT of stars on offense and to try and design them like the real Saints. Powerful Offense, score at anymoment with good passing attack combo with great rushing attack. Decent run defense but POOR pass defense.

Thru 5 weeks in league I am ranked 2nd in the league in run defence and 29th in stopping the pass.

Run yards given up week to week
Week 1 - 9 yards
Week 2 - 71 yards
week 3 - 19 yards
week 4 - 67 yards

Brian young has been a run stopping force PLUS getting in with 3 sacks so far. Grant is tied with 3 sacks as well.

We are using 7 min quarters with My slider set posted in slider forum.

Later guys
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Re: The NFL Project

will there be a roster file with all these teams?
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Re: The NFL Project

Originally Posted by gamemaster-2005
will there be a roster file with all these teams?
yes any word on someone making a roster file with these teams???
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Re: The NFL Project


Keith Bulluck
Albert Haynesworth

Kyle Van Den Bosch
Vince Young
Kevin Mawae

Brandon Jones
Lendale White
Chris Hope
Benji Olson
Nick Harper
Bo Scaife
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Re: The NFL Project

Originally Posted by jeb68
You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I think we all should collaborate a plan to re-create all 32 NFL teams.

Since you can create 8 teams per profile, we could create 4 profiles named

NorthDivisions (includes AFC/NFC North divisions)
SouthDivisions (includes AFC/NFC South divisions)
EastDivisions (includes AFC/NFC East divisions)
WestDivisions (includes AFC/NFC West divisions)

This thread could be for people to submit how their home team should be created. I'll start with my beloved Ravens:


Ray Lewis
Jonathan Ogden


Ed Reed
Chris McCallister
Todd Heap


Terrell Suggs
Willis McGahee
Steve McNair
Derrick Mason
Trevor Pryce
Bart Scott

I'll add the special abilties to them soon.
Maybe Ogden was a gold 5 years ago, but he is silver now and Reed is definitely a gold. You could make a good case for him being the best safety in
football. I think he's better than Polamolu because he is almost as good against the run and much better against the pass. He also returns punts for TDs. He is definitely a gold. And I think Mark Clayton is better than Derrick Mason.
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