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online packages

can you alter your packages i.e maybe moving dave meggett out to wr on some plays or putting your fb in the tailback positions for short yardage situations and carry that over online, I like to get the most out of my team, and would like to run some sweeps to a speedy wr out of the backfield, or maybe get a quick tb, out in space on a screen or something, can this be done, and if so is this going to be considered cheese, I consider myself a straight player and dont want to be called a cheese head
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Re: online packages

yes you most certainly can

and i dont see how it could be considered cheese.
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Re: online packages

whats the cheese ruling on moving a blocking TE to fullback on some plays.
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Re: online packages

The only cheese I can see (donít know if it exists in APF 2k8, but it certainly existed in a previous version of Madden) is when you sub out the TE for a WR for whatever package, the offensive package shown to the defense would indicate that the newly subbed in WR as a TE. In this case, youíre thinking that thereís a TE on the field and put a LB on him, but in fact your LB is guarding a WR.
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Re: online packages

I had one package where I used Icky in the backfield (Ace) and had Meggett as the slot guy because that particular package had a reverse play in it that I thought Meggett would be good at, as well as a few short routes that would be ideal for getting Meggett out in space against linebackers. The TE in the backfield is legitimate to me, as teams do that all the time. There are lots of guys who are tweeners and move between those positions.

Vis-a-vis the package substitution screen, I'm not sure how that works. There should be a hit given to players who put Alvin Harper at TE or something wacky, but I might try it in custom versus my brother just to see what happend. If I can get to it tonight, I'll post results.
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