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In case you forgot...
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Re: 09-10 NFL Teams

Originally Posted by videobastard
Does this game let you use other people's saved roster file for PS3. If so is there a place to go to download a NFL APF2k8 roster save file.
It isn't possible to have an NFL APF 2k8 roster file. Only 8 teams per file, with 20 CAPs per file. Sorry.
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Originally Posted by baumy300
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Re: 09-10 NFL Teams

To the guy who made that Colts team:

Don't use Jeff Saturday for that build.

CAP centers have tons of glitches in this game which put them at a severe disadvantge compared to other CAP offensive linemen.

For more details, see this thread:

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Re: 09-10 NFL Teams

If I was going to Make an Eagles team it would be.

G- Donovan McNabb
G- Brian Westbrookl

S- Asante Samuel
S- Quintin Mikell
S- Jason Peters

B- Desean Jackson
B- Jeremy Maclin
B- Kevin Curtis
B- Shelden Brown
B- Trent Cole
B- Stewart Bradley

Ill make them and let you know what I put for there Abilities.
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Re: 09-10 NFL Teams

G- Donovan McNabb (Rocket Arm, Scrambler, Deep Threat)
G- Brian Westbrook (2nd lvl Juke, Speed Burner, Soft Hands)

S- Asante Samuel (Coverage, and Ball Hawk)
S- Quintin Mikell (Big hit, Run Coverage)
S- Jason Peters (Brick Wall, BullDozer)

B- Desean Jackson (Speed Burned)
B- Jeremy Maclin (Return Specialist)
B- Kevin Curtis (Possesion Reciever)
B- Shelden Brown (Coverage)
B- Trent Cole (Pass Rush)
B- Stewart Bradley (Wrap up Tackler)

Here is what I came up with.
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Re: 09-10 NFL Teams


G- Carson Palmer, QB(Rocket Arm, Pocket Prescence, Leadership Bonus)
G- Chad Johnson, WR (Deep Threat, Speed Burner, Hops)

S- L.Coles, WR (Soft Hands, Deep Threat)
S- Leon Hall, CB (Ball Hawk, Press)
S- Keith Rivers, LB (Run Coverage, Wrap Up Tackle)

B- Jonathan Joseph, CB(Speed)
B- Chris Henry, WR(Deep Threat)
B- Andrew Whitworth, G/OT(Pass Protect)
B- Rey Maualuga, LB (Run Coverage)
B- Roy Willaims, S(Run Coverage)
B- Cedric Benson (2nd Level Lower Shoulder)
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Re: 09-10 NFL Teams

I am trying to make the Eagles and for Jeremy Maclin, I can't find the option for Return Specialist. All I see is Special Team Demon. Any help? Thanks.
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Re: 09-10 NFL Teams



Chris Samuels
Albert Haynesworth


Clinton Portis
London Fletcher
Santana Moss


Chris Cooley
Laron Landry
Jason Campbell
DeAngelo Hall
Carlos Rodgers
Brain Orakpo

Mine were made with all real height and weight and abilities.(no 5 star) I tried to be as real as possible and I had to make some tuff choices. Landry and Cooley could have easily been Silver or Gold. Some might question London Fletcher as a Silver but imo he's the most under rated MLB in the league. Jason Campbell is a question mark also. That spot could have easily went to Andre Carter.
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Re: 09-10 NFL Teams


G: Tony Gonzalez
G: John Abraham
S: Matt Ryan
S: Roddy White
S: Michael Turner
B: Peria Jerry
B: Curtis Lofton
B: Michael Jenkins
B: Ovie Mughelli
B: Chris Houston
B: Harry Douglas
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