Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise

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Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise


I'm STAB and this will be my first official attempt at an idea I've had in the works for a while, a franchise done solely from the perspective of the media.
No control over contracts or transactions, think of this more as from the viewpoint of an announcer or beat writer.

What To Expect
The main idea is to present this year's franchise in three main formats:
1. Live games- I will be streaming each of the games on my twitch
2. Condensed games- I will upload video of condensed games and highlights here as part of the franchise
3. Game Recaps- Each game will come with a recap similar to what is seen on ESPN or MLB.com

Viewer Interaction
To keep with the CAP/Fictional theme, I need you guys to submit your information to fill out the minor league teams (details in next post). I will be doing daily farm notes as well as weekly reports to keep you guys updated.

Rosters- This is a fictional franchise. I use Bacon96's custom rosters which are some of the best I've seen except for the Rays which I create myself.
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Re: Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise

Viewer CAP Information

[b]Bold/B] means required

General Info (Fill out as much as you can)
Preferred Number

Preferred Position (First come first serve)
Secondary Position (If applicable)
Birth Place

Appearance (Fill out as much as you want otherwise I'll just leave it as whatever the current player has)
Skin Tone
Body Type
Hair Style (give me a rough idea)
Hair Color
Facial Hair (again rough idea)
Eye Color

Batting Stance (I wont mess around with custom stances but if you know the player or the general style mark it down)


Windup (Rough Idea)


I wont list all of the options but the most important ones are:

Tape Color

Batting Gloves

Let me know if you want glasses or Sun Glasses in the field
All submissions must be in by March 28th so I have time to put them in prior to the start of the season
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Re: Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise

2019 Season Preview

Tampa Bay Rays
2019 Prediction: 1st AL East 2018 Record:156-6 HOME 78-3 ROAD 78-3

The Rays enjoyed a breakout season which saw them smash the major league record for wins (156) en route to the franchise's first world series title. The season began with an opening 20 straight victories, a record they would extend to 36 by seasons end.

There are more answers than questions entering 2019 as nearly the whole squad returns for the chance at a repeat. What questions there are center around the long term structure of the team, only 9 players are currently signed through 2020 and with so many stars, expect contracts to be a hot topic all season.

Rotation:Rays starters posted a league best 1.97 ERA and also lead in Strikeouts and WHIP. Andrew Newman is far and away the staff ace, leading the majors with 322 punch outs. Newman also paced the league in complete games (20) and shutouts (10). Connor Cuff along with Newman became the 8th and 9th pitchers to record 300 strikeouts in a single season while becoming the first teammates to accomplish the feat in the same season.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season came from Kevin Beglan, claimed from the Chicago Cubs in the 2018 Rule 5 Draft, The 25 year old became the first 30 game winner in nearly 50 years on his way to a Cy Young award. Beglan will compete with the aforementioned Cuff for the number 2 slot in 2019.
The back end of the rotation features right handers, Elliot Nelson and Jim McCrohan both of whom posted spotless records in 2018 with McCrohan finishing 4th in the AL in walks allowed.

The one concern is that all five of the current starters are only signed through 2019.

Bullpen: Much like their starting five, the Rays bullpen was at the top of the league and a huge reason they ended the season on top. Containing three relievers with closing experience, all pitchers finished with ERAs under 1.75. Ryan Stoppenbach, who saved 50 games as a Brewers rookie only had 18 chances during the season but converted successfully 17 teams to lead the club in saves.
Rookies Ryan Powers and Alex Chlapik were some of the brightest stars, Powers earned 11 relief victories while Chlapik struck out 56 hitters in 35 innings of work while showing no signs of being hampered by the torn labrum he sustained as a prep prospect.

Veterans Matt Cotigula and Bobby Briskey proved to be solid 7th inning arms while former National League Reliever of The Year, Cam Brenson preformed well in a set up role despite struggling down the stretch.

Middle Infield:
Both Pat Dillion and Spencer Mahoney return bringing both excellent defense and offensive presence to the team. Dillion finished 2018 3rd in both hits and doubles while also finishing top 5 in RBIs. Mahoney chipped in over 200 hits and finished with 40 home runs for the third season in a row. He remains one of the best defensive shortstops in the game securing his third Gold Glove in as many seasons

Barring a monstrous year from catcher Brian Pieroth, Zack Chaib was 2018's second best hitter he finished 2nd to only Pieroth in Home Runs and RBIs while adding a Gold Glove on defense. Mike Harper will return splitting time at first base with Nick Curran. Harper finished top 5 in EVERY offensive category among AL hitters and was rewarded with a Silver Slugger for his efforts.

The off-season surprise was when the Rays were able to retain both Nick Pett and Denney Jackson, maintaining a defensive core in which 2 of the 3 outfielders won a Gold Glove. Pett and Jackson were major catalysts at the top of the lineup as Pett lead the majors in Hits and runs scored while batting over .330. Eric Chang provided a spark at the bottom of the order contributing 51 homers while hitting .330.

Brian Pieroth is the best Rays hitter hands down. He became the first Triple Crown winner since 2012 while winning 4 post season awards.

If there is one personel question in Tampa, its the concern at back up catcher. Graham O'Toole, who appeared in 27 games primarily as the personal catcher for Jim McCrohan, unexpectedly signed a long term free agent deal with the Red Sox. While there is no immediate replacement, there will be several options in spring camp.


Mike Harper and Nick Curran will trade time at the designated hitter position, each providing their fair share of power and average. Curran is the better fielder so expect him to get the bulk of playing time at first base.

The Rays bench features returning veterans in Jimmy Helinbach and Mike Neizgoda as well as serviceable outfielder, Quent Fox.
Helinbach will provide utility in his ability to play all 3 outfield positions and is left handed which could sway some matchups. Neizgoda plays both middle infield spots and can provide back up at third, he struggles on offense and must find a way to earn time in the line up. Fox lacks the speed to play center but is a smart hitter and will play.

Final Analysis: The Rays are once again poised to make a deep run in the 2019 playoffs. An AL East Crown is the floor this year, repeating is hard but the expectations here are at an all time high.

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Re: Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise

2019 Roster

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Re: Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise

2018 Award Winners

2018 MLB Award Winners
AL Cy Young AwardKevin BeglanPTampa Bay Rays
AL Most Valuable PlayerBrian PierothCTampa Bay Rays
AL Hank Aaron AwardBrian PierothCTampa Bay Rays
AL Rolaids Relief AwardCody SmartPBaltimore Orioles
AL Rookie of the YearKevin BeglanPTampa Bay Rays
NL Cy Young AwardKole RobertsonPSan Diego Padres
NL Hank Aaron AwardJ.C. RayCFAtlanta Braves
NL Most Valuable PlayerDerrick Shaw1BMiami Marlins
NL Rolaids Relief AwardCurtis SellersPLos Angeles Dodgers
NL Rookie of the YearEvan Nesbitt1BColorado Rockies
AL Playoff MVPPat Dillion2BTampa Bay Rays
NL Playoff MVPMiguel RamirezCFColorado Rockies
2018 MLB Rawlings Gold Glove Award Winners
American LeaguePosNational League
Brian PierothCBennett O'Neil
Ty Alexander1BMason Franklin
T.J. Reed Jr.2BSeth Floyd
Zack Chaib3BErik Burns
Spencer MahoneySSMike Bryant
Eric ChangOFRyan Little
Clinton LakeOFNathan Dye
Colby RelafordOFD'Wayne Scott
Lawrence DayPWayne Venner
2018 MLB Silver Slugger Award Winners
American LeaguePosNational League
Brian PierothCEddy Perez
Mike Harper1BDerrick Shaw
Pat Dillion 2BChris Redd
Zack Chaib3BColt Snow
Spencer MahoneySSJunior Gonzalez
Nick PettOFJimmy Lowe
Denney JacksonOFMitch Drew
Eric ChangOFFukanori Kodeyashi
Nick CurranDHTyler Jackson

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Re: Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise

2018 Hitting League Leaders P. 1

MLB League Leaders - Updated: Oct 1, 2018
Batting AverageAVGHitsH
1. Brian Pieroth.3841. Nick Pett236
2. Eric Chang.3402. Brian Pieroth220
3. Nick Pett.3363. Pat Dillion218
4. Mike Harper.3334. Denney Jackson217
5. T.J. Reed Jr..3295. Mike Harper211
1. Nick Pett681. Nick Pett14
2. Brian Pieroth582. Mike Harper13
3. Pat Dillion523. Nick Curran13
4. Mike Harper514. Spencer Mahoney13
5. Zack Chaib505. Denney Jackson12
Home RunsHRRuns Batted InRBI
1. Brian Pieroth631. Brian Pieroth208
2. Zack Chaib582. Zack Chaib176
3. Eric Chang513. Mike Harper171
4. Denney Jackson514. Pat Dillion168
5. Mike Harper475. Denney Jackson162
Runs ScoredRStolen BasesSB
1. Nick Pett1871. Scott Anderson 30
2. Zack Chaib1822. Homer Webster26
3. Denney Jackson1783. Karl Price26
4. Spencer Mahoney1744. Alexis Moya26
5. Brian Pieroth1735. Paul Keys25

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Re: Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise

2018 Hitting Leaders P. 2

MLB League Leaders - Updated: Oct 1, 2018
Base On BallsBBOn Base PercentageOBP
1. Nick Pett1091. Brian Pieroth.463
2. Denney Jackson1082. Mike Harper.433
3. Mike Harper1063. Nick Pett.429
4. Zack Chaib964. Eric Chang .427
5. Eric Chang885. Zack Chaib .417
Slugging PercentageSLGOn Base Plus SluggingOPS
1. Brian Pieroth.8461. Brian Pieroth1.310
2. Zack Chaib.7152. Zack Chaib1.132
3. Eric Chang.6483. Mike Harper1.113
4. Mike Harper.6794. Eric Chang1.111
5. Nick Pett.6735. Nick Pett1.102
Wins Above ReplacementWARAt BatsAB
1. Brian Pieroth16.81. Pat Dillion707
2. Nick Pett14.02. Nick Pett701
3. Zack Chaib13.23. Alejandro Rosas674
4. Spencer Mahoney12.14. Denney Jackson669
5. Eric Chang11.25. Spencer Mahoney643

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Re: Rays Up-A MLB 19 Broadcast Franchise

2018 Pitching Leaders P. 1

MLB League Leaders - Updated: Oct 1, 2018
1. Kevin Beglan301. Jim McCrohan0
2. Connor Cuff282. Kevin Beglan0
3. Andrew Newman283. Elliot Nelson0
4. Jim McCrohan274. Connor Cuff1
5. Elliot Nelson275. Andrew Newman2
1. Richard Parkhill441. Andrew Newman322
2. Ian D'Amio432. Connor Cuff303
3. Blake Miles433. Kevin Beglan299
4. Erik Meyer414. Elliot Nelson265
5. Cody Smart415. Chip Wolf263
Earned Run AverageERAWalks Plus Hits WHIP
1. Andrew Newman1.941. Andrew Newman0.81
2. Connor Cuff1.942. Connor Cuff0.85
3. Kevin Beglan1.943. Kevin Beglan0.88
4. Tim Redd2.014. Tim Redd0.95
5. Jim McCrohan2.025. Elliot Nelson0.96
Complete GamesCGShutoutsSHO
1. Andrew Newman201. Andrew Newman10
2. Kevin Beglan92. P.J. Kid6
3. Connor Cuff93. Kevin Beglan5
4. P.J. Kid64. Connor Cuff5
5. Josh Reed65. Chip Wolf5

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