Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers

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Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers

Sim World does an amazing job with their fictional league, real league, and draft classes. If you aren't with the program, you should be. In past franchises whether it was Madden, Fifa, or 2k I always picked one of the worst teams and attempted to bring them a championship.

I tried to do that last year on NBA 2k15 with Sim Worlds rosters and sliders but it was a miserable fail because their sliders were so frigging damn hard for me. I was a 2k noob(ISO, PnR 90 percent, 2ksmart play 10 perecnt) last year. Anywho, from the moment of 2k16's release till now, I slaved my life away on 2k16 practicing my stick skills, staying up in the wee bits of the night reading OS forums on free lance offenses, watching ALOT more NBA, pretty much everything with hope to bring my first ever 2k championship.

I wanted to take a team who missed the playoffs the previous year and be the reason why they made the playoffs this year. So I opened up the My League Scouting Report provided from Sim world once again and just my luck, my hometown Lakers had missed the playoffs in this fictional leauge. It’ll be my job to take them to the top.

Now you are probably wondering, Why am I doing a fictional league? Why not real NBA?

With real rosters i find myself saying too much of things along the lines of....

"Dwight howard isnt going to fu*king make that fade away with two people in his face 18 feet away."

"There is absolutely no way the the bulls would trade away pau gasol for a 2nd round pick."

"One 2k draft and the 76ers are a playoff team. What a joke."

"Oh ok. So the CPU lakers resign kobe bryant to a ten million dollar 1 year contract and sign lebron to a max contract?2k CHEEESEEEEEE"

"You are 4 feet tall CHRIS( frodo baggins selling car isurance salesman looking a** )PAUL, you arent going to get the rebound over my 7 foot center you POS."

Sound familiar? If not, dont worry. After multiple broken controllers I have finally decided to start seeing a counselor about my 2k issues.


In this fictional leauge. its simply basketball. Its the game we all love, and I dont need/have to compare it to anything. That's the beauty of it to me. Its a totally different basketball league where I don't have to worry about the contracts matching up with the NBA because its not the NBA. Realistic trades. Animations and what not. I get to put everything away and just play ball.

House Rules:
  • Two trades per year. If I get offered a trade after using the two im allowed that I cannot turn down I may take one away from the following year but I may not go out to trade finder and look for a third trade. If I only use one trade during any given season the left over trade does not transfer to the following season.
  • Realistic FA approach. Im trying to build my legacy through the draft. If i wanted to buy a championship i would go to the closest gamestop and get 2k10 and play with the Miami Heat(SHOTS FIRED)
  • I play one game per calendar week during the regular season(25ish) and play every game during the post season
  • If i'm in the last couple of weeks of the regular season and am on the brink of not making the playoffs, ill finish out to the season.

Why should you follow:
  • I want to know who YOU think I should resign.
  • I want to know who YOU think I should sign in free agency.
  • I want to know who YOU think I should invite for a pre draft workout.
  • I want to know who YOU think I should draft.
  • I want to know who YOU think should be my starting 5.
  • I want to know who YOU think should get more playing time.
  • If you have a free lance offense that you think would be a better fit for my squad, lemme know!
  • I want to know which opponent YOU think I should play in the week.
  • Will twitch games if the people want it!

I know I was joking above, and I hope it was enough to catch your attention and was enough to give this a follow. I enjoy simulation basketball like most of you guys do, and I'm prepared to bring a championship to the city of Los Angeles, but I cant do it alone.

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Re: Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers

Yearly Recaps:
Record: 24-9
Division Record:3-1
Conference Record:12-6
Transactions: SG Trey Tripplett

Current Depth Chart
Los Angeles Lakers Depth Chart - 2015

PGWilliam JenkinsRamon RiversAntonio Montgomery
SGMarcus DominoD'londo RichardsonFabricio Oberta
SFKyle Redfield

PFCameron McKinneyRaymon DawsonCarl Holmes
CArmondo BoydJackson McCulloughOdi Alamieyeseigha

Current Statistics
Los Angeles Lakers Stats - 2015
PG William Jenkins628.
SG Marcus Domino1637.
SF Kyle Redfield1631.411.
PF Cameron McKinney1632.527.710.
C Armondo Boyd1626.
PF Raymond Dawson1625.411.
SG Trey Tripplett 1322.312.
C Jackson McCullough1613.
PG Antonio Montgomery 1623.
SG Fabricio Oberta126.
PG Ramon Rivers3186.


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Re: Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers


1Lakers sign Trey Tripplet1yr-5.67m
2Pistons sign Anton West1yr-1.53m
3Nets sign Emilio Livingston1yr-1.49m
4Knicks sign Malik Snyder1yr-2.51m
576ers sign Aaron Mitchell1yr-1.50m
6Celtics sign Joshua Bodkin1yr-1.26m
7Thunder sign Hakan Yilmaz1yr-1.84m
9Grizzlies sign Thierry Silvest1yr-1.12m
9Cavaliers sign Nevil Burns1yr-1.12m
10Pelicans sign Leon Robinson1yr-606km


Major Injuries Around The League
PosPlayerInjury Note
SFGabriel Stevens Fractured Right Leg (2-4 months)
SFKyle RedfieldSevere Right Ankle Sprain (8-10 weeks)
SFDylan TurnerDislocated Left Patella (6-8 weeks)
PFMaurice HardawayBroken Left Ankle (6-8 weeks)
PFIdris DaddahTorn Left Foot Ligament(6-8 weeks)
PGDex McMillanBroken Right Ankle (6-8 weeks)
PFJustin Day Pulled Right Calf Muscle(6-8 Weeks)
CRasheed RamseyBroken Right Leg (4-6 weeks)
SGChris ValentineBroken Right Leg (4-6 weeks)
CStewart BraxtonFractured Eye Socket (2-4 weeks)

League Leaders:

NBA League Leaders - Updated: Jan 1, 2016
Points Per GamePPGRebounds Per GameRPG
1. Jameel Bethea29.31. Glenn Lucas13.91
2. Christopher Bishop Jr. 29.02. William Cross13.1
3. Whakil Blackshear27.83. Deandre White13.1
4. Tyrell Carrington26.64. Montego Hennessy12.9
5. Kareem Packet28.15. Stewart Braxton12.9
Assists Per GameAPGSteals Per GameSPG
1. J.R. Williams11.91. Terrance Gannon2.6
2. Ernest Jefferies10.72. Treyvon Dixon2.5
3. James Sterling10.23. J.R Williams2.4
4. Donovan Robinson9.34. Thurman Noble Terry2.3
5. Whakil Blackshear8.85. Detroit Johnson2.2
Blocks Per GameBPG3 Point Field Goal Percentage3P%
1. Elliot Barnes3.41. Julian Beck.474
2. Montego Hennessy3.32. Jesse Sparkman.473
3. Zaire Mutumbo2.73. Russell Lawson.472
4. Gregory Livingston2.64. Rameek Toole.452
5. Maurice Hardaway2.65. Cameron McKinney.442


NBA Standings - Updated: Jan 1, 2016
Brooklyn Nets277
Philadelphia 76ers2710
Detroit Pistons2312
New York Knicks2313
Charlotte Hornets1915
Cleveland Cavaliers1814
Indiana Pacers1816
Washington Wizards1517
Orlando Magic1619
Toronto Raptors1521
Chicago Bulls1122
Atlanta Hawks1125
Miami Heat1024
Boston Celtics1024
Milwaukee Bucks1027
Sacremento Kings269
Los Angeles Lakers2411
Golden State Warriors2311
Phoenix Suns2413
San Antonio Spurs2214
New Orleans Pelicans1914
Utah Jazz1815
Denver Nuggets1718
Houston Rockets1620
Portland Trail Blazers1621
Oklahoma City Thunder1520
Minnesota Timberwolves1421
Los Angeles Clippers1421
Memphis Grizzlies1422
Dallas Mavericks827

November League Leaders and Standings


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Re: Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers

I am legit hyped for this!
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Re: Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers

I'm with Sapp this will be an epic! Appreciate the love you showing our work man.
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Re: Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers

Following. Love the work that the guys do, and love to see their work in use. I'm sure you will take the Lakers to glory

Lšhetetty minun LG-H440n laitteesta Tapatalkilla
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Re: Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers

Lakers Offseason Recap:

The Lakers were the 10th seed in the Western conference last year; a majordisappointment to say the least. With a super star like PF Cameron McKinney on the roster averaging 26.1ppg, 10.3rpg and 2.3bpg last year record was simply unacceptable for the fans in Los Angeles.Either the coaching staff needed to do a better job with the talent the Lakers had or the GM needed to surrounds better pieces around McKinney.

The Lakers organization felt like both their GM and Head coach were an issue as they fired GM Nick Walker and HC Kyle Waters at the end of the season. The Lakers held interviews with former Laker greats but in the end they hired Austin Stewart to be their new GM. After weeks of interviewing potential head coaching candidates nobody stood out. So GM Austin Stewart sat in the Buss Family Trust meeting room and offered to take on head coaching duties as well, and they couldnt say no. Sometimes the method of HC & GM pans out, most of the times it doesnít. Itíll be something to look out as the season gets under way. You can tell that the Lakers brass doesnít follow football because I would stay far away from this philosophy after seeing how Chip Kelly has plummeted the Philadelphia Eagles.

Can coach Stewart handle a full plate of coaching the Los Angeles Lakers and managing the roster and salary cap?

If getting rid of the whole coaching staff and management wasnít bad enough, Laker fans sure thought the sky was falling when Adam Miller and Kris Starks announced their retirement. Hiring a first time GM/Head coach probably wasnít the brightest of ideas if the Lakers had planned to keep them around for one more season. Austin Stewart definitely had his work cut out for him.


The Lakers headed into the draft with a lot of questions, but came out looking like winners when it was all said and done. In the first round, Michigan PF Raymond Dawson fell right into their lap at number 11.This was the first sign that things were actually changing in Los Angeles. In previous drafts the Lakers drafted for need, sometimes it worked out, most times it didnít. As stated earlier, the Lakers have the best power forward in the game, but that didnít stop them from drafting Mr. Dawson. This was a win/win situation. The Michigan big man could possibly play the 5 in a small ball situations, start the 4 while McKinney goes to the 5, or simply be a solid contributor off the bench.

In the second round the Lakers drafted Duke SG DíLondo Richardson. He probably wont get any playing time in the beginning of the season but down the stretch with injuries and fatigue playing a factor during a long 81 game season, he could have a chance to display his athleticism and possibly become a key role player for them. Coach Stewart showed in his first draft that the basketball Gods were definitely on his side and while the picks werenít the flashiest, most analysts would agree that they were smart and calculated.

Free Agency:

The Los Angeles Lakers biggest FA acquisition was SG Marcus Domino. Many pinned the Starks and Miller retirement on the hiring of Austin Stewart, but we have confirmation that Austin seeked them out and requested their assistance moving forward. When it was all said and done, Austin Stewart retained them as assistant coaches. Practices were still a few months a way but newly hired Assistant coach Kris Starks was contributing right away. Starks was the main reason Domino decided to join the Lakers. ďHe came out to Miami, visited the fam, worked out with me, got his butt kicked in 1 on 1 and said that I would be a great fit in LA. It just felt right,Ē Domino stated.

Well with all that money they offered him its no wonder it felt right. I personally donít believe he wasnít worth a max contract, but Cam (Batman) McKinney needed his Robin. Domino won Most Improved Player of the year on the Miami Heat last season tallying up 20.4 ppg, 4.8 apg, 5.8rbp, 1.1 bpg and1.4spg. The biggest question regarding Domino is whether or not he can continue his stellar performance next to the superstar likes of Cameron McKinney like he did with PF Stephen Braithwaite.

The Lakers also acquired PG William Jenkins and while he isnít talked about much in the basketball community due to the Domino signing, I believe that Jenkins completes the big 3 in Los Angeles. This was essential in order for the Lakers to keep up with Warriors out west if they wanted to be serious playoff contenders.

Sleeper FA acquisition of the FA period might just be C Jackson McCullough, he is up their in age (32), but he won a championship last season, and brings must needed veteran leadership to this team after the retirement of Starks and Miller. Everyone thinks it will be Jackson McCullough starting at center, but some of me would like the Lakers go younger and give their first round pick Raymond Dawson a chance at the 5. The previous regime traded for Armando Boyd during the middle of the season last year, but its obvious that Austin Stewart isnít sold on him after acquiring two more big men in Raymond Dawson and Jackson McCullough this offseason. Boyd could be a dark horse starting center later on in the season if he adapts to the system quickly. He is 27 years old and provides more longevity then Jackson McCullough.

Extra bits and pieces:

The Lakers starting 5 will only have 2 familiar faces in PF Cameron McKinney and 2015 2nd year all rookie SF Kyle Redfield. While he is only 22 and still learning how to play in The Leauge , I do not expect a sophomore slump with him. He showed loads of potential during the end of the season and while he wont be the primary scorer, his athleticism, defense and consistent hustle is what makes him the talented young player that he is. Redfield was the Lakers 2nd round pick last year, which makes this year a contract year for him. Maybe Marcus Domino can show him a thing or two about excelling in a contract year? I expect that the Lakers will find a way to resign him but if not, Iím sure he could be traded for a pretty penny before the deadline. While we are on the topic of trading, Ill just flat out say I think its best for the Lakers to go ahead and ship Carl Holmes elsewhere.

And last but not least lets talk PG Ramon Rivers. I am surprised that the 34-year-old shooting guard didnít join the Starks and Miller retirement party. Im sure Laker fans are glad he didnít, he showed that he can still run a offense and shoot well despite his age. Coming off the bench might take some time getting used to as Rivers has been a starter for most of his career. He has been a sound professional throughout his years in The League and I think itíll all workout. I would look for the Lakers to add another reliable shooter who can spread the floor and be Rivers sidekick off the bench.

The Lakers on paper look like a playoff team, but as we know, never trust the paper.

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Raiderz4eva Presents the New Era Lakers
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Re: Raiderz4eva Presents The New Era Lakers

Pre Season Starting 5:


6th: Raymond Dawson
7th: Ramon Rivers
8th: Jackson McCullough
9th: Antonio Montgomery/Orberta (I like Montgomery shooting, but that man Orberta is lightning fast.) D'londo richardon is going to ride the pine the first year with training intensity on high as he develops.


How do you feel about it? In all my pre season games I have had better luck with Boyd starting plus he is younger. McCullough off the bench isnt a bad gig either. Carl Holmes is the odd man out out of the big men but really hesitant to trade him. All it would take is one injury to my big men and he would be needed.


Plan on running the pace free lance on motion cuts with these boys as i have had the most success with it during my preseason games. I finally was able to beat the warriors today and it was huge for the teams confidence going into the season. Ive played them 5 times SMH. Any suggestions to what kind of other freelance I should run? Im trying to find a free lance for when mckinney is off the court and Dawson is in to better utlize his skills as he isnt a stretch 4.

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youtube: simworldtv
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Raiderz4eva Presents the New Era Lakers
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