The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft

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The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft


This is my first time jumping into the 2K Franchise/MyLeague world since 2K8, and needless to say, this mode and the game in general has drastically expanded since the last 10+ years. With the quality of roster edits and gameplay sliders done by CeltLG (Attention to Detail), I’ve actually found that the game plays CPU vs. CPU matchups pretty well. The approach I’m taking with this is focusing more on team construction from the GM/coaching point of view and having the games play out by the CPU (not directly Simmed). It’s a great way to see assess how the team plays, much like we all assess teams in real life, and at the same time, not playing the game frees up time for me to do other things while having the game on in the background. So let me set up the league for you guys:

Settings (PS4):
Rosters: ATD 2.0 No Injuries (CelticLG34)
Gameplay Sliders: ATD Sliders 2.0 (CelticLG34 + shadymike + youAldreadyKnow)
Draft Class: ATD Real DC 1 (CelticLG34 + DaInfamousNY)
MyLeague Sliders: BarnseyProgressions (Barncore)

Season: 29 Games
Playoffs: 3-3-3-5
Game Length: 12 minute quarters

Fantasy Draft:
I’ll be simming a fantasy draft of all the current NBA players. I’ve always loved the randomization element of it when starting the franchise mode (wish I could randomize the coaches and training staffs as well). I’ll of course be taking control of my home team, LA Lakers but I won’t actually be participating in the draft. I’ll let the CPU sim and then take the perspective of a front office “inheriting” whatever roster is set post-draft.


Los Angeles Lakers Depth Chart – 2019
PGMike Conley (84)Tony Parker (75)Matthew Dellavedova (73)
SGAustin Rivers (78)Avery Bradley (77)Jamal Crawford (75)
SFJoe Ingles (80)Andre Iguodala (77)Kyle Korver (75)
PFPascal Siakam (80) Mindaugas Kuzminskas (73)
CAnthony Davis (93)Aron Baynes (76)Amir Johnson (75)

We used our high draft position to draft one of the best building blocks in the NBA. Anthony Davis opens up a win-now window and at 25 years old, also serves as a building block for the future. Another key aspect of Davis’ game is that he fills the five spot, which is probably the weakest position in the NBA. His versatility is perfectly complemented by Pascal Siakam at the power forward spot. I envision the combined length turning the team into one of the best defensive teams in the league. The trio is rounded out by a third two-way player in Mike Conley. Overall I’m very happy with these three going into this season, and looking at the rest of the league, I think we’d be in that “contenders” tier, thought I wouldn’t call us the favorites (if one even exists).

Where the roster shows some weakness is in the rest of the supporting cast, which is aging and lacks any real dynamic playmaking. Joe Ingles and Aron Baynes are nice as supporting players, but outside of that, Rivers, Bradley and the aging role players (Iggy, Parker, Crawford, Korver) could be worrisome when it comes to depth. In terms of line-ups, I figure having at least one of Conley, Siakam, or Davis on the court at all times would be safest to keep the game balanced.

Los Angeles Lakers Salaries
Mike Conley (84)
Anthony Davis (93)
Andre Iguodala (77)
Joe Ingles (80)
Austin Rivers (78)
Avery Bradley (77)
Matthew Dellavedova (73)
Kyle Korver (75)
Aron Baynes (76)
Tony Parker (75)
Pascal Siakam (80)
Amir Johnson (75)
Mindaugas Kuzminskas (73)
Jamal Crawford (75)
Larry Nance Jr. (TE)

With big salaries committed to Mike Conley and Anthony Davis, the Lakers are well over the salary cap for the 2018-2019 season ($41M over). Both players are under contract through the 2019-2020 season, and it is likely that Mike Conley will opt into his $34.5M option for the 2020-2021 season. Anthony Davis also holds a player option for the 2020-2021 season, but would likely opt out if he isn’t extended before then. The Lakers are fully committed to locking up Davis for as many years as they can.

Surrounding Conley and Davis are the expensive contracts of Andre Iguodala, Austin Rivers, Avery Bradley, and Matthew Dellavedova. We’ll be hampered by the Iguodala and Dellavedova contracts at least through next season, though there will be some reprieve with the Rivers contract expiring and the team options on Avery Bradley and Kyle Korver not being picked up.

Joe Ingles has the longest term guaranteed contract on the books, deflating to $11M in the 2020-2021 season. Considering how valuable of a role player he can be, I’m not too upset over his contract. The real gem on the roster is Pascal Siakam, who will be earning below $2.5M in each of the next two seasons. After Davis, Siakam will be the long-term priority for the Lakers.

We’ll revisit the financial moves available to the Lakers as we get closer to the trade deadline and then the offseason.

Los Angeles Lakers 2019 Schedule
Nov 2at Utah Jazz (1-3)WIN, 90-76
Nov 6vs Atlanta Hawks (1-5) WIN, 116-94
Nov 8at New Orleans Pelicans (3-2) LOSS, 99-107
Nov 11at Orlando Magic (3-2) LOSS, 78-85
Nov 22vs Milwaukee Bucks (2-4) WIN, 110-70
Nov 25vs Sacramento Kings (5-1) -
Nov 30at Chicago Bulls (1-2) -
Dec 16vs Washington Wizards (2-2) -
Dec 19vs Memphis Grizzlies (0-4) -
Dec 27vs Toronto Raptors (1-3) -
Jan 3at San Antonio Spurs (0-2) -
Jan 6vs Houston Rockets (2-2) -
Jan 9at Minnesota Timberwolves (2-3) -
Jan 11at Denver Nuggets (2-1) -
Jan 12vs Cleveland Cavaliers (3-0) -
Jan 20vs Golden State Warriors (2-2) -
Jan 25at Los Angeles Clippers (1-2) -
Jan 27vs Brooklyn Nets (1-1) -
Jan 31vs Portland Trail Blazers (3-2) -
Feb 9at Detroit Pistons (3-1) -
Feb 21vs Boston Celtics (4-1) -
Mar 11at Charlotte Hornets (1-4) -
Mar 16at Miami Heat (2-1) -
Mar 17at Indiana Pacers (3-1) -
Mar 26vs Philadelphia 76ers (0-2) -
Mar 28vs New York Knicks (3-1) -
Apr 3at Phoenix Suns (2-1) -
Apr 5at Oklahoma City Thunder (4-0) -
Apr 14vs Dallas Mavericks (1-4) -

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Re: The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft


Power Rankings

League Standings

League Leaders

Injury Report

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Re: The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft

Matchup Preview | November 2, 2018
Los Angeles Lakers
(0-0, 0-0 Away)
Utah Jazz
(0-2, 0-0 Home)
Stats Comparison
N/APoints Per Game109.0
N/AField Goal %47.2%
N/A3-Point %34.5%
N/AFree Throw %68.0%
N/APPG Allowed125.0
Projected Starters
Mike Conley (N/A)Point GuardGoran Dragic (5.5 PPG, 8.5 APG)
Austin Rivers (N/A)Shooting GuardRodney Hood (11.0 PPG, 57% 3P%)
Joe Ingles (N/A)Small ForwardBen Simmons (20.0 PPG, 12.5 RPG)
Pascal Siakam (N/A)Power ForwardKyle Kuzma (19.5 PPG, 52% FG%)
Anthony Davis (N/A)CenterWendell Carter Jr. (14.0 PPG, 6.0 RPG)
Injury Report

Game Notes
The Jazz have already started off the season 0-2 and their roster make up suggests that they will struggle this season. The twins, Ben Simmons and Kyle Kuzma, are nice young pieces, as is Wendell Carter Jr., but there is very little veteran talent on the team. Goran Dragic and Rodney Hood are average players and the bench is made up of journeymen such as Dion Waiters and Lance Stephenson. Utah could find some optimism in the fact that their first two games were on the road, and this being their home opener could tell a difference tale, especially considering Utah’s strong home crowd. Even so, I expect us to take care of this team due to the talent disparity. I expect Anthony Davis and Pascal Siakam to feast on the young Wendell Carter Jr. and the defensively-challenged Kyle Kuzma.

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Re: The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft

First Half

The Lakers started the game imposing their size. Anthony Davis recorded 10 rebounds in the first quarter alone and caused Wendell Carter Jr. to start 0-6 in the game. The Jazz, as a whole, got off to an incredibly slow start, falling behind 30-15 in the first quarter. Ben Simmons had 8 of the teamís 15 points, but was then shut out in the second quarter. The second units of both teams went head to head in the second quarter and the Jazz went on a run to cut the lead to seven. But savvy pick and roll game by Tony Parker and Aron Baynes weathered the storm to keep the lead in double digits. The Jazz caught a second wind in the quarter, taking advantage of a Lakers cold-spell (thanks to some poor shot selection by Austin Rivers), and cut the lead to 39-36. The steady hand of Mike Conley provided a couple of jumpers and a nice assist to end the Laker half with a 45-39 lead. Considering that the Jazz shot a paltry 40% from the field compared to the Lakers 48%, the Lakers were disappointed to be up only 6 points. Davis finished the half with 16 points, 12 rebounds, 2 steals, and a block.

Second Half

Kyle Kuzma picked up three fouls in the first five minutes of the third quarter, which gave him four for the game. Coach Quin Snyder, desperate for offense, elected to keep him in the game. He responded with an immediate five points, but the Laker reserves put up a strong showing in the third quarter, producing timely buckets to keep the Jazz at armís length. Parker continued to display impressive pick and roll game for easy buckets, complemented by assists to Kyle Korver and Avery Bradley. The trio scored 13 points in the quarter to push the Laker lead to 70-61. In what was a perfect finish to a very balanced game for the Lakers, the team looked to veteran leaders, Joe Ingles and Conley, to finish off the game. Ingles was extremely quiet throughout the game, but drained three key jumpers in the fourth quarter to push the lead to 86-70 and finished with 10 points total in the quarter. Conley bookended Inglesí run with a couple jumpers of his own and the Lakers cruised to the finish line with a 90-76 win. After putting in 16 points in the first half, Davis finished with 20 in the game (all in the paint). Help from the supporting cast on the offensive side freed up Davis to dominate other aspects of the game, as was evident by his 17 rebounds.

Los Angeles (1-0)30152520-90
Utah (0-3)15242215-76
Los Angeles Lakers
Mike Conley344-121-60-02603915
Austin Rivers282-41-22-2140076
Joe Ingles294-72-32-242121212
Pascal Siakam346-70-12-291001415
Anthony Davis3510-180-10-0172322019
Tony Parker144-70-02-2120010-1
Avery Bradley202-80-30-0120048
Andre Iguodala181-50-00-0230025
Kyle Korver122-51-20-020005-5
Aron Baynes163-51-30-040207-4
Jamal Crawford00-00-00-000000-
Matthew Dellavedova00-00-00-000000-
Amir Johnson00-00-00-000000-
TEAM TOTALS4838-786-218-848226790+14
Utah Jazz
Goran Dragic316-131-20-032101315
Rodney Hood306-110-02-22220146
Ben Simmons316-140-10-065011212
Kyle Kuzma295-133-52-282011515
Wendell Carter Jr.313-100-10-02121619
Lance Stephenson211-60-41-212103-1
Dion Waiters203-61-20-0210078
Shabazz Muhammad150-50-12-2130025
Zach Collins181-10-00-071112-5
Deyonta Davis141-10-00-040002-4
Aaron Brooks00-00-00-000000-
Jerome Robinson00-00-00-000000-
Elie Okobo00-00-00-000000-
TEAM TOTALS4832-805-167-841197476-14

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Re: The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft

Matchup Preview | November 6, 2018
Atlanta Hawks
(1-1, 1-1 Away)
Los Angeles Lakers
(1-0, 0-0 Home)
Stats Comparison
99.5Points Per Game90.0
43.6%Field Goal %48.7%
33.3%3-Point %28.6%
84.0%Free Throw %100.0%
118.5PPG Allowed76.0
Projected Starters
Spencer Dinwiddie (13.0 PPG, 8.0 APG)Point GuardMike Conley (9.0 PPG, 6.0 APG)
C.J. McCollum (13.5 PPG, 31.0% FG%)Shooting GuardAustin Rivers (7.0 PPG, 4.0 APG)
Jayson Tatum (24.5 PPG, 62.5% FG%)Small ForwardJoe Ingles (12.0 PPG, 66.7% 3P%)
Ryan Anderson (3.5 PPG, 14.3% 3P%)Power ForwardPascal Siakam (14.0 PPG, 85.7% FG%)
Johnathan Williams (8.5 PPG, 2.5 BSPG)CenterAnthony Davis (20.0 PPG, 17.0 RPG)
Injury Report

Game Notes
The Atlanta Hawks entered the preseason at the very bottom of the Power Rankings and the obvious culprit is a very underwhelming frontcourt. Ryan Anderson and the little-known Johnathan Williams are expected to be heavily outmatched by the Lakersí Pascal Siakam and Anthony Davis, who combined for 26 rebounds and shot a combined 16 for 25 (64.0%) in the season opener. The Hawks, meanwhile, are coming off a 40-point beat down at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder. After opening the season with 34 big points in a surprising win over Lebron Jamesí Phoenix Suns, Jayson Tatum put up just 15 points in the last game. His running mate, C.J. McCollum, has yet to put up the big scoring games that he is known for. The Hawks are expecting an up and down season for the 20-year old Jayston Tatum, but are hoping C.J. McCollum can at least provide a solid 20 points, game in and game out, to keep the team competitive. What the Hawks do come equipped with, however, is a very deep bench that is capable of putting up big scoring numbers. The group is headlined by Carmelo Anthony, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Kelly Olynyk. Through the first two games of the season, the trio has struggled, shooting just 35.6%, but each player is still capable of putting up 15+ point games. While I do fear that this Hawks team is much more capable offensively than the Utah Jazz were, the Lakers should be able to handle this team and come away with a win in their home opener.

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Re: The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft

First Half

Anthony Davis finished with 21 points on 7-10 from the field (2-2 from three), 10 rebounds, and a whopping +18 plus/minus. And Iím only talking about the first quarter. I love the aggressive version of Davis and Iíve always kind of critiqued him for not showing it more often during his career. I always thought that by now he would be the undisputed best player in the league, but whether it was because of injury or lack of team success, he hasnít been able to sustain Top 3 status in the eyes of the majority. But the first quarter I saw today was a perfect snapshot of how unstoppable this guy can really be. For context, the Hawks in the first quarter scored 19 points and grabbed 7 rebounds AS A TEAM. Davis had 21 and 10 by himself. The Lakers dropped 37 points as a whole in the first quarter on 65% shooting. The second quarter was largely uneventful, though Ryan Anderson did get hot to make it seem like the Hawks could claw their way back into the game, but the points in the paint were just being poured on by the Lakers (34 to 20 advantage). Davis finished the half with 25 points, largely slowed down by a lengthy rest on the bench during the second quarter. The Hawks lost C.J. McCollum for a portion of the first quarter due to injury. It seemed as though he pulled a muscle or suffered a strain in his lower body, but he did return in the second quarter, though he was not very effective shooting just 1 for 7 from the field. Jayson Tatum and Ryan Anderson led the Hawks in scoring with 12 and 10 points, respectively. As a team, the Haws were held to just 37% shooting, including 4/15 from three.

Second Half

The second half picked up right where the first half left off. Davis played the entire third quarter and added 10 more points to his total. Tony Parker also had a big quarter off the bench, scoring 9 points on 4 for 5 shooting. Itís amazing how even at this age, and coming off the injury he had, he has still been able to find his way into the paint for crafty little layups. Tatum continued to play well, scoring in a variety of ways that included ISO jumpers, a three pointer, and hard drives to the paint. Unfortunately, he lacked any real kind of support from his teammates. The Lakers finished the quarter up 23 points and we headed into the final quarter looking at extended garbage time. The fourth quarter started with the crowd chanting for Tacos, and with the Hawks sitting on 68 points, it looked like tacos were on their way. But for whatever reason, nothing gets an opponent going like the satisfaction of killing a promotion for opposing fans. The Hawks went on a 15-4 run to pull within 13 points. The Lakers had to put Davis and Mike Conley back into the game to avoid having the game get any closer. Order was quickly restored and the fansí attention quickly shifted from tacos to Davisí numbers as they implored him to hit the 40-20 mark. Davis obliged, putting the finishing touch on a masterpiece of a game. Davis exited the game for good with 41 points, 21 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 blocks, all while shooting 15-20 from the field. The Lakers got solid games as well from Parker, Conley, and Pascal Siakam, all of whom topped 15 points as the Lakers cruised to a 116-94 win.

Atlanta (1-2)19232428-94
Los Angeles (2-0)37213325-116
Atlanta Hawks
Spencer Dinwiddie265-132-63-4460015-6
C.J. McCollum263-110-42-425108-22
Jayson Tatum299-161-42-2332121-30
Ryan Anderson317-123-50-0811017-6
Johnathan Williams263-101-50-062327-10
Bogdan Bogdanovic220-50-31-133001-2
Kelly Olynyk203-62-32-2321010-12
Carmelo Anthony192-70-20-030004-16
Tomas Satoransky181-30-03-6421056
Bryn Forbes172-52-40-011026-23
Milos Teodosic20-10-00-0000000
Jordan Crawford20-10-00-0000000
Sam Dekker20-00-00-0111000
TEAM TOTALS4835-9011-3613-19432610594-22
Los Angeles Lakers
Mike Conley307-141-50-01312157
Austin Rivers292-82-40-0171166
Joe Ingles234-71-10-05301915
Pascal Siakam327-111-20-010010157
Anthony Davis3815-202-39-10216334120
Tony Parker168-120-11-245001715
Avery Bradley151-20-10-01200216
Andre Iguodala212-60-10-0340141
Kyle Korver141-21-20-00000312
Aron Baynes162-60-00-05300411
Jamal Crawford20-00-00-0110000
Matthew Dellavedova20-00-00-0000100
Amir Johnson20-00-00-0100000
TEAM TOTALS4849-888-2010-12593469116+22

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Re: The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft

Lakers Injury Report - Andre Iguodala - Sprained MCL
Andre Iguodala suffered a sprained MCL in practice prior to the Lakers traveling to New Orleans to faceoff with the Pelicans. The team will likely give the veteran forward 1-2 weeks off rather than having him play through the injury. The 34-year old forward has transitioned his career into largely being a playoffs-only player at this point and the Lakers drafted him knowing this much. The team would rather have Iguodala healthy for a deep playoff run, and make no mistake, a deep playoff run this season is definitely the teamís ambition and expectation.

The Lakers have a formidable defensive starting lineup, bolstered by Anthony Davis, , and Mike Conley. What the group lacks, however, is a perimeter wing defender with size that can hold his own in a playoff series with the top scorers in the league. This is what the Lakers envision Iguodalaís role being. We are several years removed from the peak performance of Iguodalaís career that culminated in him being the MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals, where he was the major catalyst in driving Lebron James to an uncharacteristically inefficient series. But still, most coaches would feel much more comfortable having Iguodala take key defensive assignments rather than the average NBA player.

The graphic below gives a snapshot of what kind of perimeter players reside in the Western Conference, and considering the sheer quantity of tough matchups, it is a near certainty that Iguodala will play a pivotal role starting in May. Until then, the Lakers will monitor this MCL injury, and look to Avery Bradley and Kyle Korver to fill in the bench minutes until Iguodala is ready,

Western Conference Stars

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Re: The Reset - An NBA Fantasy Draft

Matchup Preview | November 8, 2018
Los Angeles Lakers
(2-0, 1-0 Away)
New Orleans Pelicans
(1-0, 1-0 Home)
Stats Comparison
103.0Points Per Game108.0
52.4%Field Goal %50.0%
34.1%3-Point %39.1%
90.0%Free Throw %83.3%
85.0PPG Allowed91.0
Projected Starters
Mike Conley (12.0 PPG, 4.5 APG)Point GuardMalcolm Brogdon (7.0 PPG, 10.0 APG)
Austin Rivers (6.5 PPG, 5.5 APG)Shooting GuardJimmy Butler (22.0 PPG, 10.0 RPG)
Joe Ingles (10.5 PPG, 57.1% FG%)Small ForwardBogdan Bogdanovic (13.0 PPG, 75.0% 3P%)
Pascal Siakam (14.5 PPG, 72.2% FG%)Power ForwardLauri Markkanen (21.0 PPG, 35.0% FG%)
Anthony Davis (30.5 PPG, 19.0 RPG)CenterJarren Jackson Jr. (6.0 RPG, 4.0 BSPG)
Injury Report
Andre Iguodala, Strained Left MCL (1-2 Weeks)

Game Notes
The New Orleans Pelicans come in looking like a solid team, with some Power Rankings even having them ranked first in the Preseason. The teamís starting lineup if incredibly well-balanced, led by Jimmy Butler and Bojan Bogdanovic on the wings and surrounded by young, emerging talent in Malcolm Brogdon, Lauri Markkanen, and the versatile Jaren Jackson Jr. This will be the first matchup that the Los Angeles Lakers see where the opposing front court matches up size wise with the Lakersí Anthony Davis and Pascal Siakam. The pair continue to scorch the league, shooting 65.8% and 72.2%, respectively through the first two games. Davis, of course, put up when the of seasonís early notable games in the last outing, dropping 41 points and 21 rebounds in the Lakersí blowout win over the Atlanta Hawks. The Pelicans come in winning their first and only game thus far, behind Butlerís 22 points and 10 rebounds. Markkanen shot a frigid 7 for 20 in the game for 21 points, but the team will continue to encourage him to shoot and hopefully establish him as an offensive force in the league. The Pelicans got strong performances off the bench from Elfrid Payton (18 points on 9 of 11 shooting) and Taj Gibson (10 points in 19 minutes).

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