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Rick Dantoni - 40 Minutes of Chaos - College Hoops 2K20 Dynasty

Welcome to my first ever college basketball dynasty thread. Most of you have been following my Florida State College Football dynasty which can be found here: https://forums.operationsports.com/f...9-dynasty.html

This dynasty will be directed by using College Hoops 2K8, and then the games themselves will be played on NBA 2K20. So essentially, I will do everything game based using the College 2K8 engine. Such as recruiting, scheduling, roster changes, roster updates, top 25 polls, etc. The only thing I wont use 2K8 for is to play the actual games themselves. I will use the College Hoops mod for 2K20 to play the games out.


Currently, a 46 year old coach originally from Nashville, TN. He played collegiately at South Alabama and led the conference in steals 3 years in a row as a 6'5" Shooting Guard. His entire mantra is defense. He loves defense more than anything else in the game of basketball. His philosophy is if you work hard on defense, you can have fun on offense. "Hustling leads to opportunities, and Turnovers lead to points" in his words.

He is also a very strict discplinarian. Due to his "Alpha-Male" traits, he immediately garners the respect of kids all over the country, including the parents of the kids he recruits. He treats the kids more than just basketball players. But they are on the court, it's his way or the highway.

"Don't commit to my school if you aren't ready to run." he says all the time.

Dantoni ultimately believes that in-order to play his style of defense, you #1, cannot be lazy. #2 must be in shape. Most of his practices are rendered towards conditioning, than actual basketball. And when the basketball comes into play, his primary focus is defense, instead of offensive sets.

"Kids are taught their entire lives how to score. As a child, as a toddler, when your parents buy you that little Pre-School goal at home what do children do when you give them a basketball? They try to put it in the basket. From toddler aged children, kids are groomed to score. So if you don't know how to score by now, you may never know. No one grooms kids to play defense. And that's one thing kids will do with me. Play immaculate defense" he says.


Due to Dantoni's infatuation with Defensive basketball, he runs a helter skelter type style. His teams are taught to press the entire game. Pressure the ball at all times. On missed shots, made shots, free throws, the team will Full Court press the entire game. The entire goal is to create turnovers so the team can have fun on offense.

"I tell kids all the time, if you work hard for me on defense, have fun in transition. I'm getting them ready for life. If you work hard, you can enjoy the finer things. So sure, if you're getting turnovers, enjoy yourself in transition. Become the Globetrotters if you want" He said with a laugh "But you can't work hard when you want to. It must be every second of the game. We are causing chaos the entire game. If you want to have fun, work hard to do it. "

Simply put, find ways to get the ball in transition. More fastbreak opportunities, the better. Dantoni likes the basketball to be across half court in 2 seconds or less. Less dribbles, more passing. Get the ball up the court. Put pressure on the defense. Test their conditioning.


Because of the Helter Skelter style, Dantoni prefers rangy players. Tall, long,lanky, athletic. Dantoni could care less about "Star Gazing" players. Meaning, he doesn't care if you are a 5-star, 4-star.. he wants guys who are ready to put in the work. He likes long athlete because length helps with deflections and steals in the passing lanes. The best 5 athletes on the floor will play. Because he doesn't run a traditional offense, so traditional positions aren't required. Dantoni's best offense is defense, which means turnovers and missed shots are key to starting a fast break.


Dantoni got his first coaching job at the University of Radford, and served 7 years as the Head Coach. While there, Radford caught the College Basketball World by storm with an astonishing 251-17 record. Dantoni has never lost more than 3 games in a season. After his first season at Radford, Dantoni has went on to win 30 or more games in 6 straight seasons. And also went on to win 7 straight Big South titles. And he has taken Radford to four straight Final Four Appearances. He's done more with less than probably any coach in the history of College Basketball.

However, legend coach Roy Williams has retired, and the University of North Carolina has come knocking on the door of coach Rick Dantoni. Unfortunately, do to Dantoni's absolutely incredible resume, Radford did not have the funds to match UNC's offer to bring Dantoni on as the Head Coach for the Tar Heels.

And now here we are, Year 8, Season 1 of Coach Rick Dantoni of the North Carolina Tar Heels.


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Re: Rick Dantoni - 40 Minutes of Chaos - College Hoops 2K20 Dynasty


The North Carolina Tar Heels officially ink their new Head Coach Rick Dantoni after Legendary Coach Roy Williams announced his retirement. Dantoni joins Tar Heel nation with an astonishing 253-17 record in his first 7 years coaching. Here is a breakdown of Dantoni's 7 first 7 years at Radford.

Radford29-3 Elite Eight Finish
Radford30-2 Elite Eight Finish
Radford33-1 Sweet Sixteen Finish
Radford30-3 Elite Eight Finish
Radford37-1 Final Four Finish
Radford30-2 Final Four Finish
Radford33-3 Final Four Finish
Radford31-2 Final Four Finish

His resume is incredible considering the talent he inherited at Radford. He arguably did the most with the talent he was able to bring in at the school and finished no worse than the Sweet Sixteen each season, including four straight Final Four Appearances.

"I'm very humbled as I sit here today in front of all of you. I'm very excited to be apart of such a prestigous program. This program has a lot of history. And I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Couldn't be any more thrilled." said Dantoni

"We will have the hardest working group of young men in the country. As student athletes in the classroom, and most definitely on the basketball court. That is one thing I can rest assure." he said.

North Carolina signs Dantoni wtih the largest contract in College Basketball history. He signs a contract worth 11.3 million annually. Which is over 10 million more than he was making at the University of Radford. Dantoni takes over a struggling program where in the past 4 seasons, has saw a decline in production. In each of the 4 seasons, the Tar Heels have missed the NCAA tournament. And 3 of the 4 seasons were invited to the NIT tournament and did not make it past round two of any of them.

A school that thrives itself on its basketball prowess is thirsty for production and improvement on the hardwood. And Dantoni seems like the fit to make that happen in a hurry.


While also hiring Dantoni as his their Head basketball coach, Dantoni also brought in familiar faces with him to Chapel Hill. Assistants Chip Freeman and Matt Boxley

During his stint at Radford, Boxley more-over served as the recruiting Coordinator for Dantoni. Boxley is extremely charasmatic, and is also a defensive mind just like Dantoni. But he is a masterful recruiter as well. His recruiting efforts should help immensely in the ACC along with Coach Dantoni.

Chip Freeman is the on court assistant of the trio. With Dantoni focusing more of the defensive side of the ball, Freeman helps with offensive sets in the Half Court offense. He also assists with scouting of potential talent as he's worked with Dantoni for a number of years, he knows exactly what Dantoni is looking for to fit the '40 minutes of Chaos' scheme.
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Re: Rick Dantoni - 40 Minutes of Chaos - College Hoops 2K20 Dynasty


Dantoni's first year as Tar Heel Head Coach has an influx of a bit more talent than he did with Radford, atleast on paper. This season will definitely determine if the team buys in to the new approach. We expect to also see some turnover from that old roster as Dantoni's new roster definitely is more High Octane than before.

We already hear that there is potentially a rift between Junior F/C Lester Robbins. At 6'7" 265, he doesn't fit the Run and Gun style that Dantoni likes to run. He's more of a traditional post up Big Man that isn't necessarily a need for the style of pace the Tar Heels will be running.

Also, Four-Star Signee Joey Frandsden has already entered the Transfer Portal 1 month after signing his LOI to the Tar Heels. Frandsden isn't the ideal 'Ball Pressure' Point Guard required in Dantoni's Full Court Press scheme. So it appears he is also on his way out of Chapel Hill as well. We figured there would be some form of attrition due to the style of coach Rick Dantoni is, and it hasn't taken long to come to light.


G - Joey Frandsen* 5'11" 165 - Winston Salem, NC>

G - Kyle Belveins* 6'7" 190 - Birmingham, AL

F - Chris Mbyirukira 6'9" 210 - Camaroon

F - Dez Stephenson* 6'8" 213 - Charlotte, NC

F - Brennon Alloway 6'7" 210 - Lawton, OK

* - Denotes recruited by Roy Williams

Incoming Freshman Kyle Belveins

The Tar Heels had a pretty good recruiting class with two top100 recruits in the fold in Guards Joey Frandensen and Kyle Belveins. However, we already noted above how Frandensen has already entered the transfer portal. Belveins is a bit of a different story. He was heavily recruited by Dantoni while at Radford, but like most other high profile recruits, the opportunity to play at a power level school is hard to pass up so Belveins signed with the Tar Heels.

However, the two still are united in Chapel Hill.

"Belveins is such a high character player. He has all the tools to be a next level guy." Said Dantoni.

F/C Chris Mbyirukira

Mbyirukira from Camaroon is a guy that was headed to Radford with Dantoni, but when Dantoni made the move to UNC, Mbyirukira decided to follow suit. Dantoni does not care about stars, or rankings. He wants players that fits his style of basketball, and Mbyirukira does that for him. He has the ability to play multiple positions and guard multiple different positions as well.

F - Dez Stephenson

Stephenson signed with UNC after all signs pointed he was heading to East Carolina. But Dantoni was able to steal his signature in the final hour and Stephenson is a versatile player that can play Forward or Center and also guard multiple positions.

F/G - Brennon Alloway

The former Radford commit followed Dantoni to UNC. Dantoni called him "a Blue collar worker". Alloway checks all the boxes for Dantoni as a player and was an ultimate need in his eyes. At 6'7" he can play Guard or Forward. Dantoni was thrilled he decided to follow him to UNC.


When Dantoni met with the veteran players he was pleased with the following guys and feels his their transition from a half court team to a high octane team won't be a hard one for them.

G - Wesley Gastel - - 6'4" 195

Dantoni immediately fell in love with Junior Guard Wesley Gastel who was the Tar Heels leading scorer last season. This year his role will be completely different.

"Gastel is such a hard nosed guy. He's like a Pit Bull. He gets after you. He immediately bought in and he's already one of our leaders" said Dantoni

Which is a bright sign for Dantoni because Gastel will be the main player pressuring other players ball handlers trying to create turnovers. And at 6'4" he has great size as a combo guard.

Galen Upshaw - - 6'9" 215

The Former Five-Star was a Freshman All-American and a Freshman All-ACC player his first year in Chapel Hill. Last season he completely under achieved. Dantoni plans to revitalize him back to his old habits, and get the most out of the former McDonalds All-American.

"The guy oozes with talent. He does a lot. He can guard the 1 through 5. So much athletic ablity. So much talent. He can be a major contributor to this team." said Dantoni.

C/F Navonta Dupree- - 6'8" 220

Dupree might be the most athletic player on the roster, he'a an athletic specimen but so far in his collegiate career hasn't lived up to expectations. In the system with Dantoni he could flourish.

"He's a 44 inch vertical guy with excellent length. He can do a lot for us. He's athletically gifted. And we plan to bring every ounce of talent out of him" said Dantoni.

G/F Vandrell Patrick - - 6'7" 205

The former McDonalds All-American Four Star was the team's second leading scorer last season. He's another guy on the existing roster that fits the bill of prototypical hybrid players that he likes in his system.

"The guy can flat out score. Tall, Long, Lean..plays with great leverage. He's definitely one to watch out for." said Dantoni

The Tar Hells open the season against Binghamton in Chapel Hill.
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Re: Rick Dantoni - 40 Minutes of Chaos - College Hoops 2K20 Dynasty





#15 UNC vs #3 PITT



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