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Greatest Sports Game Ever: MVP Baseball 2005

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Greatest Sports Game Ever: MVP Baseball 2005

One of the most frustrating things with monopolies is that they stifle competition and make the licence-holder complacent. This has definitely happened in the sports videogame space, as EA's grip on the lucrative NFL licence since 2004 has removed the successful and critically lauded 2K Sports football titles from the marketplace, and 2K Sports' retaliatory salvo of claiming the MLB licence has removed several competitors in that space as well (thankfully, not MLB: The Show). Unfortunately, one of these MLB casualties was a very, very good baseball simulation that had great features and memorable gameplay MVP Baseball 2005.

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Game: MVP Baseball 2005 Reader Score for game: 9.5 - Vote Now
Platform: PC / PS2 / Xbox Votes for game: 29 - View All

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MVP 13 or 14 I cant wait. The show is getting very bland. Its about time we had some variety and better competittion!!!
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Nostalgia is a hell of a thing.
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EnigmaNemesis -- great comment. I think MVP 05 is a great game but I'll still take MLB 12 The Show. On the PS2, I actually prefer MVP 07 NCAA Baseball over MVP 05. But on the original XBox with component video, MVP 05 is really good.
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I loved this game. Maybe its just me, but I felt like I could get through a full 9 inning game a lot faster in MVP05 than I can The Show. I remember being able to get through almost a dozen games or so when pulling an all nighter.

That said, I think the Show blows this game out of the water now. Not to say it couldn't use some competition down the road though.
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MVP 05 was the last time I actually played an entire season and playoffs on a baseball game. I agree Chi_hawks, although I wasn't playing all nighters, I was getting up before the future wife would get up and finish as many games as I could and I seem to remember getting through full offensive games in less then a hour and pitching gems in 25-35 minutes.
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MVP 05 for me was one of the best baseball videogames ever created. It was way ahead of its time. It introduced the meter pitching system and zone hitting where you hit the ball where it was pitched.
Smooth animations, realistic scores, a great amount of options, sliders, gameplay modes, it was so much fun.
Graphically it looked a little cartoony but the textures were great and the fluidity of the players were awesome. I dont know how but everything felt like there was weight behind it from the batter swinging, it felt like he was actually swinging hard, to throwing and catching, it didnt feel weight less.
This the first baseball that challeneged me and I actually had to crawl out of the cellar to make the playoffs.
The Show series has been on an amazing run and for good reason, its such a great looking and great playing game.
I play the show today and still wish it had certain aspects of MVP 05.
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This proves that the people on these forums are not EA haters but sports game lovers and will voice their opinion on a great or bad sports game which ever company makes it.
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