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Madden 15 - Revolutionizing the Game on Xbox 1

Posted 12-19-2013 at 11:23 AM by LBzrule
Updated 12-19-2013 at 02:34 PM by LBzrule
So in my review I mentioned in passing how EA can really take this game to another level. It's going to take some programming work, but here is what I think they can do to actually revolutionize this game, at least on Xbox 1 anyways.

Madden NFL 25 has a few voice commands. On offense you can do your standard adjustments via voice such as audible, line protect left/right, call a time out, and hike the football. On defense you can audible, call a time out. Once I saw this my mind immediately went into expansion. They could do a great deal with this. After all football is a game of communication and here are the voice commands I would like to see them add to the game to make it a very deep and rich game. Let me do defense first then I'll move back to offense.

Defensive Stunts Voice Commands:
NOTE: When I say strong side I'm referring to the right side of the screen. When I see weak side I'm referring to the left side of the screen since that seems to be the way EA has designed the game rather than the formation determining strong and weak.

TEE - Line Twist between the Weak DE and the DT. In the case of 3-4 a line twist between the Weak OLB and the Weak DE.

NOT - Line Twist between the Nose and the DE in 34 and the DT's in 43.

NEWT - Line stunt between the NT, DE, and Weak OLB in 34. Both DT's and the weak DE in 43. The weak DE and weak OLB will crash down. Weak DE to the A gap and shoulder of the Center and the OLB towards the should of the guard. The idea is to pin these two players and influence the Tackle. The NT will loop around both the weak DE and the weak OLB and rush the QB.

NEE - Twist stunt between the NT and strong DE in 34. Twist between DT and strong DE 43.

White - Calls for the weak side inside linebacker 34 to loop through the A gap.

White TEE - Combo of White with TEE above.

WEEK - Defensive Stunt that calls for the NT, WDE, WOLB to crash down a gap, with the WILB looping and blitzing toward the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle securing C gap vs the run and containing the QB vs the pass.

WAXER - Stunt between the NT and the WILB. This time the NT will secure the weak side A gap. The WILB will loop and secure the strong side A gap.

WAXER NEWT - combo of WAXER and NEWT.

WAXER NEE - Combo of WAXER and NEE

SEE - Twist stunt between SOLB and SDE

MOE - single blitz of the Mike ILB into the strong side B gap.

SEE MOE - Combo of SEE and MOE

ME - Stunt between Mike, SDE and SOLB. SDE charges through the B gap. Mike loops around SDE and attacks the OT, while SAM blitzes off the edge.

MIX - Calls for Mike to blitz the weak side A gap.

SPEED - the basic speed rush that is in the game now that sends both DE's up the field.

Voice Commands Offense

The new voice commands on offense are all passing related. Rather than using the controller to hot route players, we can go with a number system, just like the old play calling in the NFL.

So what we would need to do is understand the route tree and the numbers designated for each route.

1 = Flat
2 = Slant
3 = Comeback
4 = Curl
5 = Out
6 = Dig
7 = Corner
8 = Post
9 = Fade/Go

Here is how I think this should work. If I call a play in the huddle that has my QB doing a 3 step drop then the depth of the routes should auto adjust to 3 to 5 yard routes. After all if you are dropping only 3 steps you should be looking to get rid of the ball quick. But if I call any play that has my QB dropping 5 to 7 steps the default route depth should be at 12-15 yards.

More voice command routes by Name.

POCO - Post Corner
COPO - Corner Post
DAGGER/SPOT - Angle and sit - Designed for zone

The way this would work is the user would get to the line and when he/she wants to call a hot route, the numbers would work from left to right on the screen. So let's say I am in Singleback Doubles, I look at the defense and then I call 982 COPO, 982 COPO.

My left outside WR will be running a Go, my slot will be running a post, TE a Slant and my Flanker on the right side of the field a Corner Post.

Now with this type of offensive system I would definitely like them to bring in the crowd noise from the old NCAA games and the louder the crowd, your WR's may not pick up your calls on the Kinect.

I think they can make some revolutionary moves with Kinect 2.0. What do you think?

These are just starter voice commands for defense. For the stunts, the user would need to figure out what stunts work best with the coverages. Let the user figure some stuff out. Give the game a learning curve.

Ohh yeah and Identifying the Mike. Make this a real feature. We should be able to see the numbers on the jersey's of the defenders and let us make the call and the Kinect pick it up. So if I see a Nickel Corner creeping then I can say 24 is the Mike and my line will slide there. Or if everything looks normal I look at the mike backer and say 52 is the Mike. Let us just call it ourselves and our line adjust based on who we identify as the Mike. So if 24 is a NB and he lines up to the left side of the offense and I say 24 is the Mike, the line at least 3/4 should be sliding to 24. OK cool. Get this done along with some more great animations and a ball physics engine and that could be enough for 15.
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Well thoughtout!
Posted 12-19-2013 at 11:53 PM by Tsuki Tsuki is offline
This is a great post, but we both know this will never happen.
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