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Creation or Evolution?

Posted 01-10-2009 at 06:38 PM by RAZRr1275
Updated 01-10-2009 at 06:41 PM by RAZRr1275
What do you believe and why?

I believe in creation because of the beginning of life in the theory of evolution. How could cells just magically appear after the earth cooled down? Things like that don't just pop up out of no where. The theory of survival of the fittest and how a species can change over time is completly possible and has been proven to happen but the start of evolution just doesn't make any sense. Having a supreme being to put the cells there and oversee their evolution or just putting the earth and creatures there all together would make more sense to me than just having cells come from out of the blue.

Note : Posts that just say evolution or creation will be deleted. They must include a good reason. This blog will be open for debate on people's reasons. Any personal attacks based on beliefs however will be deleted. And I also don't want to see any them vs us type things
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This is an interesting topic for discussion on a sports gaming site. I've never really been satisfied with either, to be honest. I have done biblical studies and worked in Greek and Hebrew, and the biblical texts are fraught with all kinds of interpretive difficulties that make it difficult for me to take that creation story at face value. Among those difficulties are the authorship issue with the Pentateuch, the evolving but conflicted Yahwhistic theology in Genesis, and the fact that there are actually two different creation stories in that first book.

Still, the larger point is that things were made, not produced by chance. The narrative element of religious discourse is painfully obvious, but what leaves me unsatisfied about science is that it needs a narrative as well and the narrative of the Big Bang just isn't compelling to me. I'm no biologist (I study American literature), but the body is a marvel, and I'm not sure how chance could have produced it. Furthermore, I don't really find the idea of beneficial mutation that cogent; usually we call it deformity, and I've yet to meet someone with an extra arm/leg/eye that worked and put them ahead of their peers.

I don't think the debate will ever go away because we have an insatiable desire to know more than we can, and from my perspective, there's simply no way to know if there's a god or not, if we are all alone or have company in the universe, if we were fearfully and wonderfully made or just the product of colliding atoms.
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Well they allow religious and political discusion in arenas so why not? I'm sort of in the same place as you. Neither route makes that much since to me but creation makes more since to me as it actually explains the beginning. I would still call myself a religious man but I still don't get where the heck Cain's wife came from or why we're living on earth if god already knows who's going to heaven and hell. It's just extremely confusing. I just choose to put my faith in god and hope he will guide me to him and answers.
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I'd say something very eloquent but it's too late in the day; in any event I agree with you wholeheartedly...Just like a building must have an artitech to design, establish blueprints, create a foundation, etc. the same rule applies to creation. A building doesn't magically appear from a *Big Bang* so how would something as marvelous as Earth
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